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November 29, 2015

Star Wars’ Aurebesh joins Google Translate

by John_A

Google’s playful side is well known to the world: everything from the endless supply of Doodles to the very name of its new parent company, Alphabet, seemingly exist to shake up society from too much seriousness. The latest – and for some what may be the greatest – is none other than adding the language of Star War’s universe to Google Translate. Yes, that’s right, Aurebesh is now an officially recognized option:


According to Slash Gear‘s Chris Burns, “this set of letters works much like a standard 1:1 code, where each letter of our Alphabet has its own unique character in the Aurebesh. There are also characters for basic punctuation and the numbers 1 through 9 and zero, too.”

To use the new language option, simply navigate to Google Translate and select it from the drop down menu(s). Note that it does not seem to be available on the Google Translate app for Android.

The update is part of the larger plan Google has unveiled with the Star Wars universe: earlier this week the search giant announced a tie-in where users can select which side of The Force they feel an affinity towards and watch as Google-related apps and sites are altered accordingly. In addition, further cross-promotions with Cardboard and even an easter egg were also presented.

star wars

It is suggested that the Translate language will be removed once the promotion-at-large ends on February 8th, so now is the best time to start sending and amusing your friends with an “unknown” language, then asking them to literally put it in Google Translate and find out what it means, much to their surprise.


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