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November 24, 2015

Buy the OnePlus 2 with no invite during Black Friday, accessories also discounted

by John_A

oneplus 2 launch aa (36 of 93)

Every company is announcing its Black Friday deals, but we know many of you already have a good deal in mind… one that needs no special days to give you great value for your cash. Of course, by now you can assume we are talking about the OnePlus 2, a device with high-end specs and a price that is nearly impossible to beat.

never-settleSee also: OnePlus 2 review35

At $329 off-contract, the OnePlus 2 is a hell of a deal, so don’t expect to see an additional discount coming. Instead, OnePlus aims to take people away from the so-called “deals” and have them go with the OnePlus 2 instead. This phone is normally very hard to get, due to the invite system the company uses to control supply and demand. But this November 27th things will change, and OnePlus is hoping to have all of us blasting to its digital doors to buy OnePlus 2 devices.

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No invites will be needed from November 27th to November 30th! The company calls the event “Black Friday Unlimited”, a moniker that makes quite a bit of sense. In addition to having the privilege of buying a OnePlus 2, customers will also be able to enjoy “incredible deals” on other OnePlus products. Details on these offers haven’t been disclosed, but the Chinese startup tells us we should stay tuned to their Twitter account to learn about them as soon as news is released (always hyping things up!).

Are any of you considering getting a OnePlus 2 this Black Friday weekend? We know it’s not really a discount, but looking through our list of favorite Black Friday deals we can say that no comparable phones offer quite the same value, even when discounted. You might be better off just getting a OnePlus 2 during its first open sale event, now that you can actually put your name to one!

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