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October 22, 2015

HTC executive answers backlash to the HTC One A9’s design, saying “Apple copied us”

by John_A

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There’s been somewhat of an uproar after HTC announced the HTC One A9 a few days ago, primarily because of the appearance of the device – to the average consumer, it looks very much like HTC lifted the design of the One A9 from the iPhone 6. It’s been a sentiment that’s been echoed around the world, but a HTC executive has come out guns blazing, saying “Apple copied us”. The comments were made by Jack Tong, President of HTC North Asia, who said:

“We’re not copying. We made a uni-body metal-clad phone in 2013. It’s Apple that copies us in terms of the antenna design on the back.”

“The A9 is made thinner and more lightweight than our previous metal-clad phones. This is a change and evolution, and we’re not copying.”

The device in 2013 Tong refers to is of course the HTC One M7. However, while we agree with Tong that the concept of a uni-body metal phone may have been copied from Apple, the fact that the One A9 shares so much of its overall design with the iPhone 6 (and we’re talking about the detailed design, not the overall concept of having a metal phone) and was released a full year after the iPhone 6 is hard to swallow as a mere coincidence.

What do you think about Tong’s comments about the design of the One A9? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Want China Times via Phone Arena

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