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October 10, 2015

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge get Android 5.1

by John_A

Finally after being on Android 5.0.1 for many months, the AT&T Note Edge and Note 4 are now receiving Android 5.1. I can confirm this information as I just downloaded and installed the latest update on my own personal Galaxy Note Edge from AT&T.

Screenshot_2015-10-09-23-42-42 Screenshot_2015-10-09-23-42-50

Both of the Samsung Note devices were announced in Sept. 2014, and released a month later in October. Both came with Android 4.4 installed which was quite stable. In the Spring of 2015, AT&T pushed out Google’s Android 5.0 to both variants giving users a taste of Material Design. With new releases of software come bugs, and boy was Android 5.0 bad. It had memory leak issues, battery life drain, terrible performance, overheating and a whole host of other issues.

It didn’t take Google long to address those problems for their own Nexus devices, but with updates being pushed out to manufacturers and then to cell carriers, it took Samsung and AT&T almost half a year longer to address those issues on their most premium phones. As a customer who paid almost a cool grand for their Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, I felt ripped off because my phone ran like a Galaxy S2 and was given no timeline of when my issues would be addressed.

Well the day has come, and the AT&T Note 4 and Note Edge is now getting the updates over the air. If you do have an AT&T Note, you should get a notification that the update is ready to install but if not you can check in the settings for the update yourself.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the “General” tab
  • The scroll to the bottom and click “About device”
  • At the top of the screen you will see “Software Updates” which you need to click
  • Follow the prompts
  • Install Android 5.1
  • Celebrate

I haven’t used my Edge long enough since the update to know if it has fixed my battery issues, but I can tell you my phone is much quicker now. Now the next question I just have to ask Samsung and AT&T is, will the Notes get Android Marshmallow?

Let me know if the updates helped your Note’s performance and battery life in the comments section below.



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