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July 17, 2015

An early Cortana for Android has leaked which you can try today

by John_A

Microsoft-CortanaWe are all familiar with Google Now and iOS Siri, but Microsoft has been working on their digital assistant Cortana for a little while now and it’s getting closer and closer to launching on Android. Cortana is already available on some Windows phones, but Microsoft said it will come to Android as soon as July.

Those who don’t want to wait that long will be excited to know an early build has leaked. Do realize this isn’t a final build so things won’t look or work as nice as it will once the final version is released, but you can still try it today. You will need to log into your Microsoft account once you download it meaning Microsoft will know you are using an early version, but I don’t see why that would matter. Once that is done feel free to ask it whatever questions you want.

It’s basically the same thing as Google Now, you can ask it things like “what is the weather” and it will respond. What sets it apart from the other digital assistant apps is it has built in location reminders. You can tell it to remind you things once you get close to somewhere. Ask it to remind you to get milk once you arrive at the grocery store for example.

The layout is similar to Google Now as it is card based. It shows you the most recent or most important things at the top. Feel free to try it today, but do be aware it is a beta app and it isn’t officially from the Google Play Store. If not you can always wait until July when it is released in the Google Play Store.

Source: Suomimobiili
Via: Mobilesyrup

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