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May 15, 2015

HTC still considering taking a stab at the budget-friendly tablet market

by John_A

Nexus_9_LTEWe’ve heard multiple times that HTC wanted to get back into the tablet market with something based off of their recent Nexus 9. While the Nexus 9 fills a high end role, (and is mostly maintained by Google) HTC was planning on releasing something a little lower-end to try to appeal to the budget-minded consumers all while keeping some of the fantastic features of the N9. Nothing concrete has come out of those rumors yet, though.

On Thursday, HTC completely more or less side-stepped the question by saying that they’re looking closely at the tablet market, but the company is still focused on other markets where it’s easier to make money. Profit margins on cheap tablets are extremely thin, and it’s already a very competitive, saturated market, so that might not be a wise move for a company that’s still trying to right a sinking ship.

Not too long ago, HTC has said that they weren’t interested in making super cheap tablets, but they were open to the idea of more co-branding with companies like Google, and that they were planning on getting back into the tablet space at some point in 2015.

With how many rumors are swirling around about an HTC tablet, I think it’s only a matter of time before we hear something. The Nexus 9 has done relatively well, and a premium HTC tablet might be able to compete on the high-end of the tablet market, especially considering there aren’t any killer Android tablets that command market share like Apple’s iPad.

source: Focus Taiwan

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