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May 7, 2015

Flickr 4.0 update takes photo storage app a big step forward

by John_A


In 2012 when Marissa Mayer took the helm at Yahoo, there was a viral Internet campaign requesting that she ” please make Flickr awesome again!” Well folks, that day is here, and Flickr 4.0 has just launched, giving the app a major facelift on all platforms.

For Android users, Flickr 4.0 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, if you haven’t received the automatic update on your smartphone yet. The new update brings with it an entirely new engaging and elegant design, giving users a marvelous browsing experience.

Moving away from the completely overhauled interface, the new app brings with it a new feature called Camera Roll, which lets you manage all of your photos from different platforms, whether it be iOS or Android. Not only that, but Camera Roll has a lot of photo editing capabilities, such as filters, cropping, and much more.

Another feature you get is called Auto-Uploadr, which will automatically let you upload photos and videos from whatever device you’re using. It also stores these files in the cloud, so you can access your pictures and videos from any device! Be sure to remember that there’s no need to worry about space you have in the cloud, as Flickr does give you a terabyte worth of storage for free.

Be sure to hit the source link below to get the new update.

source: Play Store 

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