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April 29, 2015

Samsung adds two new products to Level line of audio equipment

by John_A

samsung level on wirelessSamsung has introduced two new products to its Level line of audio equipment, including a wireless pair of headphones and a Bluetooth connector for making your other devices wireless.

First up is the Level On Wireless, which is just a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The headphones have six microphones for excellent noise canceling, plus a simple touchpad for connecting them to your devices. They also fully integrate with your existing Samsung devices, allowing you to easily access things like S-Voice for using your phone. A cool trick is that they support Samsung’s Share Play, so you can easily share your music with other Level On Wireless users. You’re gonna have to know other people that actually buy Samsung’s Level headphones, though.

The second device introduced the Level Link. It’s a small Bluetooth receiver that you can connect to other devices that will allow you to wirelessly stream music. The interesting thing about the Link is that has both a send and receive mode, so you can connect it to just about anything and send audio both ways. Very convenient if you’re trying to reduce the amount of wires you have around your house. The device will also stream audio to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, so Samsung made sure to tick off as many boxes in the feature column as possible.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

source: Samsung

samsung level link
samsung level on wireless

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