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April 27, 2015

App of the Day: TapDeck

by John_A

Do you like HD wallpapers? Enjoy making your homescreen a visual representation of your inner soul? Maybe you just like switching out your wallpaper more often that other like to switch clothing. Whatever the case may be, finding a good wallpapers can be as simple as going on the internet and clicking on the first kitten wallpaper you see or as hard as researching for hours to find one that really speaks to you. For those of you that fall into the latter category though, we may be able to offer you something that will make that search a bit simpler, our App of the Day, TapDeck.

TapDeck is a wallpaper app that takes a different approach than that of similar apps in that it allows you to change the wallpaper with a simple click. So instead of having to launch the app itself to have to search and select a wallpaper, all you have to do is double tap and the wallpaper will change automatically. This is a fantastic feature for those that like to keep their homescreens fresh but do not like having to go and search for them. TapDeck has a great assortment of wallpapers so you don’t have to worry about getting one you don’t like, and if for some reason you do, all you have to do is double tap! If TapDeck sounds like something you have been missing from your life, then make sure to use the widget below to download the app or get some more

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