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April 20, 2015

Chrome team discusses latest Chrome 42 update for Android

by John_A


Last week Google released an update to Chrome for Android taking it up to version 42. At the time it was noted that a couple new features were added, including support for push notifications and quick home screen icon creation. The Chrome developers have followed up on that release with some more information about how and why they see these additions as a step forward for the browser.

One of the main goals the Chrome team is pursuing is to increase engagement between users and the companies or individuals behind the sites they visit. The Chrome developers recognized this created a balancing situation for developers who had to decide between the reach of mobile web site and the engagement provided by a native app. The addition of push notification support is meant to augment that second criteria by saving users the effort of manually checking a site for updates. Instead, the site can function more like a native app.

According to the Chrome team, users can expect to see some early adopters like Beyond the Rack, eBay, Facebook, FanSided, Pinterest, Product Hunt, and VICE News start to roll out support for push notifications over the next few weeks.

As mentioned when version 42 was released, the Chrome team also added some new capabilities so that users can quickly and easily setup an icon on their homescreen to launch the browser directly to a site. The browser developers felt this would be an easy way for users to get back into their favorite sites, especially when they are just passing time while commuting or waiting in line. The Chrome developers do indicate that sites have to be “modern, mobile-optimized” sites, like Flipboard or Medium, to have this option available for users. If present, the browser will provide the user with a one tap button that will create an icon on their device homescreen.


source: Chromium Blog

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