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April 6, 2015

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 now available with 80 Days, Riddick: The Merc Files and more

by John_A

Humble Mobile Bundle 11

The newest Humble Bundle for Android has just been released, bringing you a number of different games for just under $5. Six games are currently being offered and more will be added in the coming days. All of the games on the list usually sell for more than a few dollars each in the Google Play Store, so you may want to consider taking advantage of this deal before it’s too late.

Here are the games you’ll receive if you pay whatever amount of money you’d like:

  • Bounden
  • Auro
  • Avernum: Escape From the Pit

To get the next three games, you’ll need to beat the average price. Usually the average fluctuates a bit, but it’s currently hovering around $4.18. Once you pay more than that, you’ll receive:

  • 80 Days
  • Kingdom Rush Origins
  • Riddick: The Merc Files

Bounden is normally $2.99 in the Play Store, and 80 Days will run you $5. Kingdom Rush Origins is also $2.99, but this version comes with all of the premium content unlocked, so you’re saving a significant amount of money in this deal.

As always, all of these games are DRM-free and a portion of your money can also go to charity. This time around, you can choose to divvy up your money between the developers or two charities – Electronic Frontier Foundation and World Land Trust. If you don’t see anything that interests you, be sure to check back in a few days.

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