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February 25, 2015

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S 6 prototype spotted in bubble wrap

by John_A


Did anyone predict that the Galaxy S 6 would be photographed in bubble right? Probably not. Earlier today, the image above was posted on the XDA Forums. It shows the upcoming Samsung flagship in white while covered by pink bubble wrap.

The shot on the left shows the camera and LED flash. Nothing too surprising there. The center shot shows what looks like the metal that everyone has been waiting years to see Samsung utilize. And on the right is the front of the Galaxy S 6. The main portion to notice on the front is the home button. It seems slightly taller than previous Samsung devices and that could be to house the improved fingerprint scanner.

Hit the break for a description from the source.

The following is what the original poster, reefur, attached this to the image:

“Can’t say where it’s from but it’s from AT&T directly. Obviously a prototype or test model and it says not for sale on the package. Obviously a Samsung phone, I was scared to play with it much but seems a glass back and front with metal on the sides.”

Notice that the source said “prototype” and “test model.” That leads us to believe that this is not actually the Galaxy S 6. The final product could be this but it is much more likely that the Galaxy S 6 only resembles what we see here.

There is nothing to confirm the validity of the image, but the wait will not be long. On Sunday, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S 6 and perhaps additional products to the world at MWC 2015.

Source: reefur (XDA Forums)
Via: All About Samsung

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