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February 14, 2015

New Hi Locker app offers custom lock screen options

by John_A


A new lock screen app has hit the Google Play store offering users some of the feel and features of past lock screen apps combined with the Material Design of  Android Lollipop. Hi Locker gives users the ability to enter a name or favorite status to be displayed on the lock screen as well as some app generated greetings to help brighten your day, providing the apparent inspiration for the name of the app.

Like any good lock screen app, Hi Locker will display notifications on the lock screen. Users have the ability to delete the notifications with a left or right swipe. Hi Locker also provides some options for locking a device unless a PIN or drawing pattern is provided. Hi Locker will also give users the ability to setup their device so a double-tap or drawing a circle will unlock the lock screen. Users can also setup the password mode so a password is not required if the device connects to a known WiFi network that has been approved for the bypass.

From an aesthetic perspective, Hi Locker comes with support for custom wallpapers that can be set to rotate and will be blurred in the background when a new notification shows up.

If you want to give Hi Locker a try, hit the Google Play download links below. The app is free but offers in-app purchases to unlock some of the features.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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