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July 4, 2014

Is Google teasing an alternative on-screen buttons for Android “L”?

by John_A

on-screen buttons____

As you all know by now, Google announced a new version of Android, called Android “L” (for the time being at least). Along with that they announced a new design approach to Android, called “Material Design” in which they, amongst other things, introduced a new set of on-screen buttons.

Our current vanilla on-screen buttons are going to be replaced with a simple geometric forms which will trigger back, home and multitasking actions (for those who get the “L” update eventually of course). Those buttons at least in our opinion look nice and everything, but it seems there’s more to it than we thought. Google seemingly teased another set of buttons that may appear in “L”. While explaining transitions and animations on their official webpage they used on-screen buttons we haven’t seen before (featured in the middle on the image above). These buttons look basically like the ones we use now with some subtle changes. The most noticeable of which is on the multitasking button, instead of showing screen behind a screen at an angle, second screen is now centered behind the first one. This button actually fits nicely with the carousel multitasking design on Android “L”.

What do you think, will Google give us an option to use these buttons as a second choice? Does this mean developers will be able to create their own offering and we’ll be able to use those as well?

Source: Google
Via: Pocketnow

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