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June 30, 2014

The best paid RSS reader apps for Android

by John_A

RSS Featured

I have loads of different websites that I follow whenever I have some down time. Whether I’m at work, home, or out and about for the day, I usually always check out my RSS feeds, and I also check out anything else that I missed, right before I hit the hay for the day. On my iPad and iPhone, I use Unread, which is a new, but beautifully minimal designed RSS reader that is on the top of the list of my favorite iOS applications. When moving to my HTC One M8 or Nexus 5, I never really got settled into an RSS reader, due to how darn picky I can be. Upon joining AndroidGuys, I decided to revisit the situation, and am here to bring you a breakdown of some of the top paid RSS apps available on the Play Store today.

Please note that this post is split over multiple pages.


Press Feeds

Now before I get started, I must mention that while looking for an RSS reader, I look for Instapaper integration. That way if I want to read something at a different time, I can do so. When I was using Android exclusively, I remember taking a really long look at Press. It’s beautifully designed, the fact that a dark theme (I love dark themes) was included, and that it easily synced with Feedly after Google Reader went bye bye. After you have set up your Feedly account, and everything has synced up, you are presented with a unique “home” layout.

The Home “hub” is divided into the specific categories that you created within Feedly, where each of your feeds are displayed. The dots on the right hand side of the screen represent an estimation of how many articles are unread within each category. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see one dot representing the fact that I haven’t missed many articles within my Android section. However, within my Apple category I have a lot of articles that I haven’t skimmed through yet. This is the first instance where Instapaper comes into play. I will skim through my RSS feeds, and if I see something more in depth than a news topic, I will save it to Instapaper, and read it later in the day, or when time allows.

Press Article

There are also three different sections at the top of the Press hub, where you can view your unread RSS feeds, the feeds you’ve already read, and an specific articles that you’ve starred during your RSS adventures. When you’re within a specific article in your RSS feeds, there are a few more buttons to press and play around with. At the top, you can set the specific article to read or unread, favorite the article for later, share, and the menu overflow to access the settings of Press. At the bottom, there is an arrow pointing left to go to the previous article, a icon to view the article in Readability mode, and an arrow pointing to the right, to move onto the next article.

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