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June 14, 2014

Whatcha Playing? Minecraft PE by Mojang

by John_A

Plenty of times it has been proven that a game does not need to have fancy graphics; sometimes it just needs a good story, or fun mechanics i.e. how the game plays. One great example of this is Minecraft. With very simple graphics, no story, and a choose-your-own way of playing, this game rose to the number 1 sold app in the Google Play Store. This one game proved that even indie games can be on the same level as major labels like EA or Activision. This video game inspired even the greatest of video game creatures to branch off and make indie games.
What The Game Is About:
Nothing really. No joke you play as a character you can name and one day soon with an update change the way it looks, and just do what you desire in this game. This game has two modes of play styles. One for the creative type and the other for those who like to survive. In creative mode you are given every block in the game to create what you can imagine and with each update, it is like adding extra colors on your pallette. The other mode of play is survival. This is not for the faint hearted. Your are randomly placed with nothing and have to live however you want. Want to build a house, you have to gather the materials needed. Need to fight off monsters you need to create a sword to kill monsters faster. Want to play survival without the monsters? You can, there is an option for peaceful mode so no monsters will spawn.
Who Is This Game For?
Anyone who loves Lego toys. I can not explain it any clearer. I a full grown adult that still to this day plays with Lego toys. It is a good thing I have kids because it gives me an excuse to buy them. However they are expensive and create a big mess. Minecraft PE however is a digital version of this so the only thing that you have to worry about is battery life.
Final Thoughts:
I bought this game when it first released on the Android Market, now called Google Play Store. There is no other game that I have ever played in my life that would come close to the hours spent playing this game. The best part is once I get bored with the game it would get an update that adds more fun features to the game. One of the things I also enjoy about this is the local multiplayer. I can play with my kids and be amazed each time of what they build.
In conclusion, this is a great game that every once and a while gets better. Even though it is a mobile version it inches closer to the original PC version. Right now would be a good time to get into the game with the newest update coming soon, bringing plenty of goodies along with it. Even though it is an expensive game, it is one that is hard to put down once you start.

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