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April 18, 2014

Camera deals of the week: 4.18.14

by John_A

Snatching up a new camera can be a considerable investment, especially if you’re after a unit that combines stellar images with a host of features. Fret not friends: We’re here to help. Just beyond the break, you’ll find a handful of photo gadgets that are all available at attractive discounts for the time being.

If there are other cameras, lenses and the like you have your eye on that we haven’t included here — join us and add them to your “Want” list. Every time there’s a price cut in the future, you’ll get an email alert!

Canon EOS 7D (body-only)

Price: $879
Regular Price: $1,500
Engadget Global Score: 86
Buy: 42nd Street Photo

If you’re after a mid-range DSLR for that photo hobby, Canon’s EOS 7D is available at a handsome discount right now. Sure, you’ll have to shell out some extra cash for a lens, but you’ll likely want to nab up a couple of those anyway. The current price tag is the lowest we’ve seen in the last three months, according to our price history tool.

Nikon D600 (body-only)

Price: $1,429
Regular Price: $1,899
Engadget Global Score: 86
Buy: 42nd Street Photo

For those looking to invest a bit more in their snapshooting exploits, the full-frame Nikon D600 also has received a significant price drop. While it does require a bigger investment, the pro-grade features of this camera are going at a rate on par with the 90-day low.

Fuji X-Pro1 (body-only)

Price: $799
Regular Price: $1,300
Engadget Score: 82
Buy: 42nd Street Photo

It’s no secret that Fuji’s dapper retro stylings have caught our eye a time or two. And now, you can get in on the classic designs with the X-Pro1. This all-black model’s current discount brings the price down to the lowest our price history tool has seen over the past three months.

Samsung NX300

Price: $576
Regular Price: $800
Engadget Score: 89
Buy: Amazon

There’s a hint of classic styling to Samsung’s NX300, too — for those looking to make a more modest investment, and it’s one that includes some requisite glass (an 18-55mm lens, to be exact). The black version of the WiFi-equipped mirrorless offering is seeing the best rate, so you’ll have to pay extra if you’d prefer either the brown or white options.

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