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April 12, 2014

MTV Artists connects you to your favorite music artists [App of the Day]

by John_A


For a while now it would seem that MTV as a TV channel has all but lost its ties to music completely. However, this is not the case with the MTV Artists app, which proves that the company still has its music roots intact.

If you’re anything like we are, then you know that browsing Google and Wikipedia tirelessly when researching a musician or band can get pretty difficult. With MTV Artists, though, you have everything at your immediate disposal. They’ve taken everything and compiled it into one go-to app for anything related to your favorite musician or band.

MTV Artists lets you use Sound ID, and even a lyric search to find that one song that’s been on your mind since you heard it at a friend’s house or on the radio. It also lets you search through an abundance of free music videos/songs to stream, biographies, and even live concert pictures of the particular artist.

mtv2It has a couple of cool special features added in as well like the “top 10 songs in 90 seconds” which is pretty much what the name implies. It gives you the option to follow the artist on Twitter/Facebook as well, and includes a full list of tour dates, so you can catch your favorite artist when they’re in your area as well.

All in all the app is a must have for anyone who likes to have all the information on your favorite artists right in front of you, instead of scrolling through endless pages of search results that may or may not match what you need. You can get it at the Play Store for free, and be an expert on any musical artist in minutes!

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