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March 29, 2014

Colorem: Color Blocks Wisely is simple premise with increasing difficulty

by John_A

There is no shortage of puzzle games in the Play Store, but Colorem: Color Blocks Wisely offers a fresh spin on the familiar puzzle game concept.

The concept is simple. The player is given four colors, and one by one they must color blocks on a grid in an effort not to place two blocks of the same color next to one another. The name “Colorem” is extremely appropriate, because the user will find themselves tapping through the various colors attempting to find the perfect combination of brick colors. While this seems like a simple concept (and the first few levels demonstrate that quite well), the execution proves fun and addicting.

The puzzles get increasingly complex, and once the player selects a color for a block and moves on, they can no longer change that color. It can be frustrating being unable to change the color, but that just adds to the difficulty of the game.

There are currently 30 levels, which provides a couple hours of entertainment. The developer promises more levels are coming, which is great for players who appreciate the simplistic but strategic gameplay.

The game is free in the Play Store, but is a supported. The ads are not present during gameplay, but between levels they do appear and occupy the entire screen.

For a free game that offers a few hours of frustratingly fun puzzle-play, Colorem: Color Bricks Wisely is sure to please anyone looking to get their puzzle fix.


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