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Windows Phone’s third party Periscope app lets you watch live streams

Live streaming apps like Twitter’s Periscope and Meerkat are all the rage right now, but so far they’ve only been accessible to iPhone users. Enter Telescope, a third-party Periscope app for Windows Phone, which opens up the service’s live streams to an entirely new audience. You can’t actually broadcast your own streams from the app yet (the developer says it’s coming), but you can sign up for Periscope and view other live feeds from within the app. It’s not a complete solution, but it’s something until Twitter rolls out an official Windows Phone client. Expect to wait a while though — even Twitter’s own microblogging app for Windows Phone is still miles behind its iPhone and Android entries. Both Twitter and Meerkat say they’re also working on Android apps, but Telescope makes Windows Phone the first platform outside of iOS to get one of those live streaming apps.

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The first Apple Watch apps are already here

You can’t actually buy an Apple Watch for another month or so, but Apple has already opened the gate for apps. 9to5Mac points out a slew of freshly updated apps, including Twitter, WeChat, Evernote and the weather app Dark Sky (shown above), among others. While regular developers won’t be able to submit their wearable-ready apps until later, this select group is getting started early. There will be a section in the App Store just for the Watch, but if you can’t wait until April 24th you can start getting ready right now.

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Nuzzel for Android keeps up with the most popular stories from your social circles

nuzzelNuzzel is a service that takes a unique spin on curating content for you by crowd sourcing what your friends and social circles think is popular.

The app hooks into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then sees which stories and content are being tweeted and shared the most over a 24-hour span. Whichever stories are the most popular get dished up on your main feed in the app, from which you can share/tweet/link the stories again, thus completing the bloated cycle of viral news stories on social media. Seriously, though, if you have tons of Facebook friends and follow huge amounts of Twitter accounts, this is a great way to simplify things.

Nuzzel has a few other features, too, such as being able to simplify web pages and remove the bloat formatting you may not want to see, and it’ll give you easy ways to check out features feeds that may be sharing popular stories that aren’t floating around in your current social circles. It can also notify you whenever many of your friends are all talking about the same thing, whether it’s a tweet or new page. Definitely a useful tool for social media power users.

The app is free to download, so even if you’re on the fence about it, it can’t hurt to take it for a test drive.

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Enhanced location support coming to Twitter thanks to Foursquare

twitter_new_banner_620pxTwitter has announced that they’ll be bringing location support to tweets in the near future thanks to a collaboration with Foursquare. Users will be able to add specific locations, restaurants, and other areas directly into their tweets like they appear in Foursquare’s location hopping app.

Currently, you can only add locations like cities and states into your tweets, so being able to let your followers know exactly where you’re eating for a lunch is a step up. It could also be considered pretty creepy, depending on who you ask.

Either way, keep an eye out for the feature over the next few weeks.

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Twitter taps Foursquare for location-based features

Twitter wants to know where you are. The social media company has tied up with Foursquare so your tweets can carry your precise location. Twitter was already picking up on your whereabouts, but its in-house tagging ability has been restricted to data points from GPS, wireless networks and cellular tower signals. The update allows Twitter to tap in to Foursquare’s massive location database so you will be able to pinpoint your exact spot in a tweet.

The update makes Twitter more lucrative to brands that thrive on location-based user behavior. According to the support site, the tweet will include specifics like “the coordinates of the street intersection where you Tweeted” along with the location label selected. Users can also tap in to the chosen spot to read relevant tweets in the vicinity for a more personalized experience.

For geo-tagging enthusiasts who turn location on, all future tweets will automatically carry their coordinates. If you’re not keen on sharing your location all the time, you’ll have to remember to go back and opt-out.

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Cyanogen receives $80 million in funding from Qualcomm, Twitter, and others

New Cyanogen logo

Cyanogen is scaling up in a big way. The company led by Steve Kondik and Kirt McMaster announced it secured funding totaling $80 million from a group of investors including Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm, and Rupert Murdoch.

This series C round of funding brings the total investment that Cyanogen received so far to $110 million. The startup has not revealed its current valuation.

Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm Incorporated, Telefónica Ventures, Smartfren Telecom, Index Ventures, Access Industries, Rupert Murdoch, Vivi Nevo are among the investors, along “several” other partners that Cyanogen hasn’t disclosed.

Cyanogen said it would use the money to “hire talent and accelerate the development of its open OS platform.”

Conspicuously absent from the list is Microsoft, which reportedly showed interest in becoming a minority investor in Cyanogen, but ultimately backed out of the deal. Also, the funding round announced today is smaller than the $110 million figure reported by Bloomberg last week. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft may still strike a “commercial deal” with Cyanogen to pre-load its mobile apps on Cyanogen OS devices.

“Ecosystem Rallies behind Cyanogen’s Open OS Vision,” proclaims the press release announcing the new round, and while that may sound hyperbolic, it’s interesting to note that Cyanogen managed to draw the interest of a varied group of companies, including an Internet heavyweight (Twitter), a major mobile hardware player (Qualcomm), and a major international carrier (Telefonica), in addition to a slew of venture capitalists. That bodes well for a company whose stated goal is to replace Google services with apps and service developed by partners. It remains to be seen whether or not the interest shown by investors will ever materialize into such partnerships.

Twitter Ventures is perhaps the most surprising name on the list. While earlier reports claimed large players like Samsung, Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft expressed interest in Cyanogen, it’s the first time we hear about Twitter joining in the fun.

Show Press Release

Cyanogen Raises $80 Million in Series C Funding

Cyanogen Raises $80 Million in Series C Funding
Ecosystem Rallies behind Cyanogen’s Open OS Vision

Palo Alto, CA. March 23, 2014 — Cyanogen Inc., a leading mobile operating system pure-play, announced the completion of an $80 million round of Series C financing. With offices in Palo Alto and Seattle, the company will leverage the infusion of new funding to hire talent and accelerate the development of its open OS platform.

The financing was led by Premji Invest and includes participation from new strategic investors Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm Incorporated, Telefónica Ventures, Smartfren Telecom, Index Ventures, Access Industries (the US-based industrial group headed by Len Blavatnik), Rupert Murdoch, Vivi Nevo, and several yet to be announced partners. Existing investors Benchmark, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, and Tencent Holdings Ltd. also participated.

“We’re committed to creating an open computing platform that fundamentally empowers the entire mobile ecosystem from developers to hardware makers, and most importantly, consumers around the world,” said Kirt McMaster, CEO of Cyanogen Inc. “We’re excited to have the backing of an amazingly diverse group of strategic investors who are supporting us in building a truly open Android.”

“We invested in Cyanogen because we’re big proponents of what they’re doing in opening up Android and supporting global and local ecosystem players,” said Sandesh Patnam, Technology Sector Lead of Premji Invest. “Cyanogen is well positioned to become the 3rd leading mobile OS, and we’re excited to back them in growing their business on a global scale.”

To date, Cyanogen has received a total of $110 million in funding. Cyanogen is known for both its commercial distribution, Cyanogen OS, and open-source project CyanogenMod.


About Cyanogen Inc.
Cyanogen is reimagining mobile computing, giving power to the people to customize their mobile device and content experiences. The CYANOGEN® operating system is built on Android and known for its revolutionary personalization features, intuitive interface, speed, improved battery life, and enhanced security. With a rapidly growing global user base and a vibrant community of developers, we’re intelligently connecting smartphone and tablet consumers to people, apps, and things they love. For more information, visit Cyanogen’s website, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.



Glextor AppManager & Organizer Review

Glextor AppManager & Organizer is the organizer you never knew you needed. Android has endless ways to customize your phone and allow you to have key app access quickly. With home screens, widgets, folders, and phone search you are a short tap away from you favorite tools. Glextor takes this idea and adds even more personal customization. The stock app drawer in android is limited to a few organization features and is generally a place I hardly use. Many apps get lost in the mix of hundreds of applications on your phone. This organizer allows you to have multiple folders all in one place with personal tags to navigate your apps faster.

The saying ” I forgot I even had that” has been said numerous times by me as a power user. My phone has become my life with tie ins to home, finance, games, work, and fitness. Your phone allows for some organization with limited folders and custom home screens but they fall short on capabilities. Glextor takes custom organization to a whole new level giving you dozens of possibilities. The application allows for personal naming of groups but also has generic groups names. You can also tag your favorite apps to have them display first when you open the app. Taking customization into overdrive you can also add your groups on your home screen and change the icon color, size, border, and name. There is also options to back up your settings to keep everything the same when you upgrade your device or operating system.

This organizer lets you customize just about everything from the layout to the look making it easy to highlight important applications. You can also hide applications that you do not use often such as holiday themed programs or icons for wallpaper packages. To add even more to this useful tool you can also revert back to old versions of applications if you find the update is not to your liking.  At first glance this just seems like another organizer in the long list of organizers but Glextor has made it stand out among the rest by giving the user endless customization. The only negative found was the amount of options makes initial setup take a long time for picky users. The app has an auto setup at first to gives users a solid foundation to start with.  Glextor AppManager & Organizer is free from the play store but also has a paid version allowing for even more capabilities. This is a must have app for anyone using Android that wants to further enhance their experience.

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Vine will now load videos faster on iPhone — even when you’re offline

Vine’s iPhone app is getting some major speed upgrades today. With its latest update, Vine will now preload videos even before you launch the app, which also makes some videos available when you’re offline. Yes, that means you’ll actually be able to check out Vines even when you’re on the subway. To help make all of that possible, the company is now moving over to smaller video sizes (likely due to better compression), and it’s implemented network caching, which stores videos for offline viewing. Specifically, the Vine app will now preload videos from your timeline and the Explore section, as well as your activity notifications. And yes, Android fans, a similar update is coming your way soon.

We’ve seen apps like Pocket and Evernote automatically download text in the background, but Vine is one of the first video apps to offer something similar. Let’s just hope it doesn’t suck up too much bandwidth in the background.

Below, you can check out a comparison of how the old Vine app loaded when it was offline (left), and the new app on the right.

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Listen to full songs from Rhapsody through Twitter


Almost two years ago Twitter tried to jump into the online music streaming market with their own Twitter Music offering, a platform that never took off and was eventually shut down. Twitter appears to be ready to give it another go with the addition of Rhapsody to their Twitter Audio Card feature. Rhapsody users can now share what they are listening to via Twitter and more importantly, followers can listen to the full song provided by the Rhapsody service as part of the partnership.

Twitter introduced their Audio Card feature last fall as a way to make it easier for users to access audio content. The technology enables content to be played from within the Twitter client, which makes it less likely users will abandon their timeline browsing if they are not popped out into a new app. Rhapsody is hoping users who see how convenient the service is to access via Twitter may decide to check out a Rhapsody subscription.

As part of the new partnership between Rhapsody and Twitter, Rhapsody obtained deals with music providers to ensure any titles in the 30 million song catalog could be played through the Twitter Audio Card, whether the person accessing it has a Rhapsody subscription or not.

When Twitter first introduced the Audio Cards, Soundcloud was the only partner announced at the time. Although Rhapsody only boasts about 2.5 million subscribers, a far cry from a service like Spotify with 60 million paid users, this is still a nice addition for Twitter.

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Twitter introduces new rules against revenge porn

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo once admitted that the website sucked at dealing with trolls, but you’ve got to give the company credit for doing something about it. The micro-blogging platform has just launched more stringent rules against revenge porn after making it easier to report doxxers and impersonators in February. If you visit Twitter’s community rules and abuse policy, you’ll see language making it clear that any intimate content posted without the subjects’ consent isn’t welcome on the website. Under “Content Boundaries and Use of Twitter,” you’ll find:

Private information: You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. You may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent.

Meanwhile, you’ll see this under the “Abusive behavior policy:”

Threats and abuse: Users may not make direct, specific threats of violence against others, including threats against a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, or disability. In addition, users may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent.

Twitter used the questions Buzzfeed asked Reddit when the latter started requiring consent to post someone’s nude photos/videos to shed more light on this new policy. According to its replies, the ones reporting the photo or video will have to provide proof that they’re really the ones in it. Once Twitter verifies that the content was posted without consent, the website will not only hide the offending post, but also lock the offender’s account until the photo or video in question is deleted.

If the website determines that the user posted intimate images specifically with an intent to harass, he or she will be suspended for good. Posters can challenge those complaints, of course, but Twitter will first have to check whether the image/video they tweeted was truly misidentified before they’re off the hook. In case you’re reading this because you’re dealing with revenge porn right now, don’t forget to check whether the act is a criminal offense in your state or country, as well. While it’s great that Twitter now has these rules in place, it doesn’t hurt to know if you can do more to bring the perp to justice.

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