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Amid widespread diversity complaints in the tech sector, Twitter claims it will do better in 2016


A huge topic in the tech world the past few years is the staggeringly low percentages of women and minorities employed in these sectors. A few companies have committed themselves to addressing this issue and, now, Twitter joins them.

In a blog post today, Twitter Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Janet Van Huysse, wrote that Twitter intends to perform better in 2016 with its hiring standards and retention of female and minority prospects. This is done in a move that she claims will commit Twitter to having a more diverse workplace that is representative of the diversity present in the company’s consumers.

We considered simply setting company-wide hiring goals, but we don’t want to stop at that. If our aim is to build a company we can really be proud of — one that’s more inclusive and diverse — we need to make sure it’s a great place for both new and current employees to work and to grow. That’s why these new goals focus on increasing the overall representation of women and underrepresented minorities throughout the whole company.

Van Huysse hopes to increase the overall percentage of women employed by Twitter to 35% and hopefully get to 25% for women in leadership roles inside of the social media company by the end of 2016.

And if they don’t reach these goals? Van Huysse wants you to call them out. “We’re holding ourselves accountable to these measurable goals, as should you.”

Source: Twitter

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Talon for Twitter updated with Android 6.0 Marshmallow support, new Android Wear elements and more


Even the most loyal Twitter fans can tell you the social network’s official app is not the best around. There’s plenty of better options, but one of the best happens to be Talon for Twitter. It’s sleek and full of great features, but you can learn more about all that in our Talon for Twitter review. Right now we are here to talk about its latest update, which happens to come with a long list of improvements.

talon for twitter 2.0This update to Talon takes the software up to version 3.1.0. Plenty of additions have been integrated, so let’s start by telling you what could be the most important one – Talon for Twitter now supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow and its new permission system. This makes Talon among the first third-party apps which have adopted Google’s new mobile OS version.

  • Built for Android Marshmallow
  • Revamp of Android Wear app layout
  • Support for favoriting and retweeting statuses from Android Wear
  • Support for composing tweets on Android Wear
  • Support for replying to tweets on Android Wear
  • Show images on quoted tweets
  • Handle links to compose tweets
  • Direct Messages no longer have a character limit
  • Show images on user profile pages
  • Apply Android Marshmallow’s new runtime permission model
  • Don’t stream blocked users with Talon Pull
  • Don’t redirect to the external browser for translations
  • Show embedded tweets rather than links in more places
  • Some performance improvements
  • Some bug fixes for direct messages
  • Fix duplicate tweets occurring for some
  • Various Bug fixes
  • Update application dependencies

marshmallow-statue Evan Rapoport

Going down the change log one can also notice there are plenty of Android Wear improvements. For starters, the app layout has been altered. Talon now also supports multiple new smartwatch functions, such as favoriting, retweeting and even replying (via voice). Oh, and they finally got rid of character limits on Direct Messages!

The update is now available from the Google Play Store, so go catch the new software. If you haven’t purchased the app, you should take a look at our Talon for Twitter review and see if it’s to your liking. It’s certainly not cheap at $3.99, but many of your fellow Twitter enthusiasts believe it’s the best four bucks you can spend!

Buy Talon for Twitter from the Google Play Store



Twitter ditches 140 character limit on Direct Messages

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Twitters 140 character limit on posts keeps things short and sweet. It forces users to think carefully about their message and keeps your feed free from novels. However, that limit when conversing with someone via a Direct Message, or DM, can be a bit irritating if you have lots to talk about. Twitter has announced today that those 140 character limits have now been removed from the DM side of the service. At least on the Android and iOS apps along with, TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac.

Twitter DM character limits

Twitter also lets us know that nothing will change on the public side, meaning your character limit is still very much in tact on your average tweet. The change is rolling out now and will be globally altered over the next few weeks. I assume that means the US is the first locale to see the change.

Are you breathing a sign of relief with the change, or are you worried about your friends sending you books now?

Via Twitter


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Twitter officially removes 140-character limit from direct messages

Twitter logo Shutterstock

Since the service launched years ago, Twitter has always limited tweets and direct messages to just 140 characters. Roughly two months ago, the social network announced that it would be removing the 140-character limit for direct messages sometime in the near future, and that day has finally come. Starting today, you’ll no longer need to limit yourself to 140 characters when you send direct messages. There’s still a limit to them – 10,000 characters to be exact – but we doubt you’ll ever run into that boundary.

To be clear, this change only applies to direct messages, and tweets will still employ the same 140-character limit as they always have. For now, the change is taking place on Android, iOS,, Tweetdeck and Twitter for Mac, and will continue to roll out over the globe throughout the next few weeks.

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How do you feel about this change? Do you support larger DM limits, or are you sad to see the 140-character limit go? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Moto announces, then retracts, release date for Moto X Pure Edition

After the announcement last month of Motorola’s newest devices, there were questions surrounding the actual release date of the Moto X Pure Edition. All that we were told was that it would be released sometime in November. Talk about vagueness.

Well today, Motorola may have accidentally announced the release date of their flagship device for 2015. Motorola had tweeted out, stating:

On Sep 3, you’ll see what real love is like. Choose #MotoX for a more powerful connection.

After this tweet was found, it was quickly deleted, with no rhyme nor reason as to why. We can only hope that their mistake is our luck, and that the 3rd is really the release date for those in the US to get their hands on this device.

As a recap, let’s take a quick look at what the 2015 Moto X is bringing to the table for everyone:

  • 5.7″ QHD Display
  • 3000mAh battery
  • 21MP Rear-facing camera
  • 5MP Front-facing camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage with microSD card support
  • Snapdragon 808 Processor
  • Turbo Charging

Now, not many folks have been able to get their hands on this device, however, we can only hope that the device is as good as it looks on paper. What I’m looking forward to the most, is the camera performance. Hopefully the camera on the Moto X Pure Edition blows the one found on the Moto X 2014, out of the water. Time will tell, but now with an idea of a date, we have something to aim for.

Drop us a line in the comments below, and let us know if you’re looking forward to picking up the Moto X Pure Edition once it finally rolls out. If you aren’t getting the new Moto X, what device are you looking forward to?

Source: Droid Life

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Twitter Officially Removes 140-Character Limit From Direct Messages

twitterTwitter today announced a major change to the way Direct Messages work on the Twitter platform, removing the 140-character limit that restricted the length of private messages. With the change, Twitter’s Direct Message feature is on par with other chat and messaging apps, allowing for unrestricted conversation.

Twitter first announced its plan to remove the 140-character limit from Direct Messages in June, but the change began rolling out to users around the world today and will continue to become available to users over the next few weeks. The 140-character limit has been removed across the Twitter platform, which encompasses the Twitter app for iOS, the Twitter app for Android,, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac.

While Twitter is largely a public experience, Direct Messages let you have private conversations about the memes, news, movements, and events that unfold on Twitter. Each of the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent across Twitter every day is an opportunity for you to spark a conversation about what’s happening in your world. That’s why we’ve made a number of changes to Direct Messages over the last few months. Today’s change is another big step towards making the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.

There are no plans to remove the limit from the public side of Twitter, so tweets will continue to be restricted to 140 characters. To get access to Direct Messages that have no character limits, Twitter advises users to upgrade to the latest version of the company’s apps.

Twitter for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Twitter for Mac can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for free. [Direct Link]

TweetDeck can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for free. [Direct Link]


Twitter update raises the character limit for sending private messages from 140 to a whopping 10,000


twitter_logo_blueTwitter fans rejoice! After years of having a low character limit when sending private messages, the company is finally dropping the limitation. The new limitation will be set at 10,000 characters which is much higher than the previous limit of only 140 characters per message.

Twitter’s product manager for DM’s, Sachin Agarwal said

“It’s the No. 1 request we get from folks. They want to be able to say what’s on their mind and be themselves. We want to make sure you can really fluidly move between public and private”

The well overdue feature will take affect on mobile apps, desktop apps, the web and some third party apps. One of them being Tweetbot. Twitter says the new character limit will allow businesses to conduct customer service lines for their company all over DMs much easier . In addition, the company will also allow sending links and now lets twitter users share tweets inside their group messages. All the new features will be welcome enhancements.

Via: The Verge

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Twitter hires developer of Falcon Pro to help improve the official Android app

Falcon Pro 3 AA

The official Twitter application for Android isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not the most intuitive or attractive option in the Play Store. There are a multitude of great third party Twitter apps available, most of which bring some handy features to the social network that aren’t available through the official app. So if you’ve been disappointed with the progress of Twitter’s official app, here’s some good news – Joaquim Vergès, the developer behind the popular Falcon Pro app on Android, has just been hired by Twitter itself.

In a series of tweets, Vergès explained to his followers that he’ll be joining the Android core UI team at Twitter, which means he’ll be working on the official Twitter app from here on out.

He goes on to say that he’s “grown tired of all the third party limitations”, and that he wants to “make a killer official app with full API and a modern UI.” He also clarifies that his own application, Falcon Pro, isn’t going anywhere. In fact, he plans to use Falcon Pro for experiments without getting slowed down by a big company.

Falcon Pro 3Related: Joaquim Vergès explains how he created Falcon Pro 3 in only three weeks7548

Falcon Pro is arguably one of the best third party Twitter apps for Android, so it will be really interesting to see what comes of the official app in the years to come. If you haven’t yet tried Falcon Pro, now is a good time to do so. Head to the Play Store link below to check it out!

Download Falcon Pro 3 from Google Play


Falcon Pro developer moves to Twitter to improve its Android app

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Any heavy Twitter user would be hard-pressed to deny that the native Twitter app is pretty terrible – it’s not catastrophically bad for the average user, but for those with multiple accounts and business needs, it leaves something to be desired. That’s where third-party apps like Carbon, Plume, and Falcon Pro come in, however in a weird turn of fate, the developer of that last app is going to be moving to Twitter. Yes, Joaquim Vergès, Falcon Pro developer, announced on Twitter that he is joining the Android team at Twitter and is going to be actively improving Twitter’s first-party app.

However, if you’re using Falcon Pro, don’t be alarmed: Vergès says he will continue to update Falcon Pro because he says “I’ll be a great place to try new experiments without the slowness of a big company” – we may have to see what Twitter’s intellectual property department has to say about that, though. Regardless, this is great news for Twitter users as Vergès’ tenure at Twitter will hopefully bring us significant improvements to the Twitter Android app which sorely needs an overhaul.

What do you think about the Falcon Pro developer moving to Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter via engadget

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Falcon Pro developer Vergès joins Twitter


In years past, third-party apps used to access Twitter were a hotbed of development with all sorts of perspectives on what the user experience should be like. The developers also tended to produce lots innovative features being requested by users, frequently at a much faster clip than what Twitter was capable of doing. Eventually Twitter started to take steps to put an end to this, much to the chagrin of the developers of these independent apps. Now, one of those developers, Joaquim Vergès, who developed the hugely popular Falcon Pro app has officially joined the Twitter development team.

Vergès was frequently in the crosshairs of Twitter when they were actively taking steps to start limiting access to the information and posts being generated by their users. At one point his Falcon Pro app even used a hidden mode to register a non-existent app to help Falcon Pro users get around limitations put in place by Twitter.

Vergès indicates in some tweets that he plans to continue development of Falcon Pro as a private side project to get around any corporate limitations and “slowness” that come with employment at Twitter. This will give him a method to experiment on the Twitter interface. Vergès also says part of his justification for moving to the official Twitter team was frustration over the limitations Twitter has in place on what third-party developers can do with the platform.

source: Joaquim Vergès (Twitter)
via: The Verge

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