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Sprint HTC One M9 getting Android 5.1 Lollipop update on July 1st!


It can take manufacturers a while for carriers to approve updates, a burdensome fact we have had to learn to live with. Even brand new devices like the HTC One M9 have us waiting for the latest updates, but today we have good news for those who have the Sprint version of said handset.

Android 5.1 Lollipop will be hitting the Sprint HTC One M9 starting July 1st! This information comes straight from Mo Versi,  HTC’s VP of product management. Versi recently published a post on Twitter, mentioning the update received technical approval from Sprint and it was ready to head out the door.

Mo Versi goes on to mention the update will include important camera improvements. Other Android 5.1 additions include better device protection, better contact-specific notification settings, improved screen pinning, better WiFi and more. You can read all about Android 5.1 in our detailed article on the software version.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured the Android 5.1 will hit your device soon if you ar eon Sprint. HTC One M9 users in other carriers will have to wait a bit. People asked about the AT&T and T-Mobile versions, which Mo Versi answers with: “in the lab – will advice once we have approval”. We are sure it won’t take too long for other carriers to follow suit, though. Or at least that is what we are hoping!

Lollipop statue Android Google straight on


Startups can ask investors for cash through Twitter

Twitter on a Galaxy S6 Edge

Your favorite internet startup might not just be using Twitter for business news and sales pitches in the near future — the US Securities and Exchange Commission has greenlit using the social network to drum up interest in future stocks and debt offerings. This only works for small outfits raising less than $50 million per year, but it should do a lot to help these young companies get funding when many venture capitalists thrive online. While this probably won’t be a make-or-break matter for many companies, it shows that the SEC is aware that stuffy official filings will only get you so far in the internet era. Besides, it’s fun to think that a 140-character Twitter spiel may be enough to jumpstart the next big tech firm.

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Source: Bloomberg


Twitter’s Wimbledon emoji will let you ace your tweets

Wimbledon Towels

Twitter knows it plays a big role in delivering sports news, but it also hosts millions of conversations around the biggest events. To help get users in the spirit, the company has launched emoji for World Cup 2014 and the NBA in the past, but with Wimbledon just around the corner, it’s now turned its attention to tennis. Helped by Serena Williams, Twitter has unveiled four new Wimbledon-related “hashflags,” giving users the opportunity to adorn their tweets with a racket emoji or images relating to #TheQueue, #TheHill (also known as Henman Hill) and #TheWorld.

Although organisers are touting this year’s Wimbledon as the most social yet, many tools have been outlawed. Spectators have been banned from livestreaming on Periscope and Meerkat, even though the apps will be used by official Wimbledon staff to interview players and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the event. There’s also a block on selfie sticks, but we suspect the majority of spectators will back that decision.

[Image credit: Marianne Bevis, Flickr]

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Samsung UK say’s the Galaxy Ace 4 won’t be updated to Lollipop

Galaxy Ace 4

It’s something that many of us with flagship smartphones take for granted – firmware updates to the latest version of Android. Granted, we still complain when they don’t arrive as soon as we would like them to, but we do expect the update to arrive, at some point. But what about the lower budget smartphones? Sadly, handset makers aren’t quite as diligent in updating their cheaper phones to newer versions of Android. Today we have news that one of Samsung’s more budget-conscious offerings, the Galaxy Ace 4, might not be receiving a helping of lollipop goodness.

Twitter user, @reubenupstone got in touch with Samsung UK’s Twitter team to ask when the 1GB version of the Galaxy Ace 4 would be receiving the Lollipop update because of issues with how KitKat handles the phone’s MicroSD card. Samsung UK simply replied that the Galaxy Ace 4 will not be updated to Android 5.0. There were no further details or explanations, it’s unknown if it’s just that the Ace 4’s specifications aren’t up to the job of handling Lollipop and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, as the S4 mini before it.

At the time of writing Samsung France, Russia and Poland have all given non-committal answers as to whether the Galaxy Ace 4 will indeed receive a lollipop update, so there is still some room for hope, but not much I fear.


Source: YouMobile

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Artist paints a 328-foot-long line of code at Twitter’s office

Qinmin Liu's 328-foot code painting at Twitter

Qinmin Liu, the tech-savvy artist who offered replica kidneys in exchange for gold Apple Watches, is back with a new project — and this one is every bit as audacious and full of social commentary as her last. She recently finished painting a line of code (translated into binary) on a 328-foot scroll of paper in Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. The piece took 10 days to complete at a solid 8 hours per day, and virtually dominated the company’s hallway.

It’s all worth it for Liu if the message gets across, though. She believes that the painting addresses the imbalances created by programming, where a handful of people who know how to code have an edge in an increasingly tech-focused society. Art like this theoretically bridges the gap between the techies and the public at large. Whether or not you agree, there’s no doubt that Liu’s work is ambitious.

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Source: Qinmin Liu (YouTube)


Meerkat reminds users that it has a points system

Did you know Meerkat has a points system? Yup, it’s been around since launch, and there’s even a Leaderboard that shows streamers with the highest scores, similar to the ones you see in games. Since it was pretty easy to miss unless you went live at least once — or if you quickly jumped ship to Twitter-owned rival Periscope — Meerkat has decided to make its score system available to all its users. Now, it’s not just streamers who can earn points: viewers can, as well, by participating (commenting, Liking, retweeting, et cetera) in live broadcasts. The announcement’s wording also makes it sound like the team is retroactively awarding points for previous interactions. Will this entice old users to ditch Periscope and come back to Meerkat? Probably not. But it’s a fun little feature for people who decided to stick around.

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Twitter says that running a company is a full-time job, tells us absolutely nothing


It’s been a little over a week since former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced stepping down from his position, effective July 1, and Jack Dorsey took over as interim CEO. And now, Twitter’s board of directors is letting everyone know that being CEO of Twitter is a full-time job. You know, just in case you thought it was a part-time job.

It’s interesting that Twitter’s board of directors took a little over a week to come out and say what most people already know–running a company is a full-time job.  Even more thought-provoking is that this update tells us absolutely nothing beyond what we already know: a search committee is actively searching out a new CEO to present before the board.

Thanks for rehashing the hash, Twitter.

Twitter Board of Directors Provides Update on CEO Search
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – June 22, 2015 – The Board of Directors of Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) today provided an update on its CEO search process.

On June 11, 2015, Twitter announced that current CEO Dick Costolo would step down effective July 1, 2015. The Board has established a Search Committee to identify candidates to become Twitter’s next CEO. The Committee has retained Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search firm, to assist in a thorough search process that will include both internal and external candidates.

The Committee will only consider candidates for recommendation to the full Board who are in a position to make a full-time commitment to Twitter. The search is proceeding with a sense of urgency but the Committee will take the time necessary to find the right CEO to lead the next phase of Twitter’s growth.

Peter Currie, Twitter’s Lead Independent Director and Chair of the Search Committee, said, “The Board has the utmost confidence in the strong management team Dick has assembled and in Jack Dorsey’s ability to lead the company on an interim basis while we identify a permanent CEO. We are confident in Twitter’s product roadmap and excited by the current pipeline. We also believe much more can be done to realize Twitter’s enormous unmet long-term potential. In our next CEO, we are looking for a bold thinker and proven leader capable of helping Twitter fully capitalize on its unique platform for the benefit of users, advertisers and employees, and to maximize value for investors in the years ahead.”

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Twitter is testing new ways to better discover relevant products and places


Twitter today announced its initiative to dish out “timely and relevant” pages, products, and places on your new feed. These new pages will feature video and images about the product, along with other helpful information, such as a description, price, and an avenue of purchase.

Products and places work differently, actually showing you a top curator’s collection over a full blown ad like pages seem to do. Twitter says you will be able to “browse rich collections from influencers you care about and get more information about the products or places you find interesting.”

Twitter invited a few top curators on the social networking service to demonstrate how it works, such as HBO’s Game of Thrones and Nike’s LeBron Elite collection. From the looks of it, these collections wont pop up in your Twitter feed, but are something you can find on your favorite curator’s profile.


Twitter said in its blog that users will be able to view collections like these on Android, iOS, and the web. There’s only a handful of top curators that have been invited for testing this new avenue for advertising, but more will be added over time.

These new features seem to be apart of Twitter’s new initiative to enhance the users experience over catering to advertisers, which it has done very blatantly in the past. However, between the Project Lightning announcement and what they’ve revealed today, it seems like they’re truly going back to focusing on the user.

The beautiful thing about these new features is that Twitter is integrating in a way that isn’t intrusive to the user experience. If you’re interested, make sure you’re running the latest version of Twitter for Android.

What do you think of this new way to curate content? Sound off in the comments!

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Twitter tests pages that collect tweets about places and products

Twitter started life as a way to let your friends know what you were doing and thinking. But everyday the glorified status update service evolves in an attempt to be all things to all people and, more importantly for its bottom line, all companies. Twitter is experimenting with pages dedicated to specific products and places. This is a little different from the new event specific feeds and the dedicated buy button that debuted last year. Rather than just a button a company can embed in a tweet, this is basically a profile dedicated complete to a product. That includes a photo or a video about it, plus a description, price and, obviously, the option to buy it. But, just as important, below that you’ll find a bunch of relevant tweets, including posts about the product from people you follow, news updates from the company itself or other related content. And of course, similar pages can be built for places such as restaurants or museums. Twitter is also allowing tastemakers and brands to curate their own collections of places and goods. So, if you needed to find all of the products that Demi Lovato has endorsed you could in one quick trip to Twitter.

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Twitter reveals Project Lightning in demo


Twitter has a big, new feature in the works called Project Lightning that is scheduled to be released later this year. The idea behind Project Lightning is to bring event-based curated content to Twitter along with the ability to embed this content around the web. According to Twitter’s Katie Jacobs Stanton, who runs the company’s global media operations, 

“the challenge we’ve had over the years is, although we have the world’s greatest content, it’s like having a television without a channel guide or even a remote control. There’s no way to really find it or contextualize that content. So [Project Lightning] is this beautiful vessel for us to surface great content and make it more delightful.”

Stanton will be leading a team of editors who will put together the curated collections at the heart of Project Lightning. The content could be composed of images and videos, including Vines and Periscope videos, to go with tweets. All fo this will be packaged up and accessible via a new button on the Twitter platform. Users will then be able to swipe through this content separate from their timeline. One of the benefits Twitter thinks the collections will afford users is the ability to access tweets without having to follow a user they may not otherwise be interested in following.

Analysts watching the company will likely see this as a way for Twitter to bring new users to the service. Twitter says Project Lightning has been in the works for a long time and is not in response to any pressure from Wall Street.

According to outgoing CEO Dick Costolo, the long-term goal of the project is to open it up to other organizations to be able to build their own collections. Until then, Twitter hopes to produce seven to ten collections per day to plant the seeds of interest for users.


source: BuzzFeed

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