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Twitter’s doing well now, but its growth days might be numbered

By all accounts, Twitter’s doing what it’s supposed to: coaxing more people into using its high-speed social snark service… just maybe not as fast as some would like. According to Twitter’s third quarter financials — in which the company met or exceeded most milestones Wall Street types were hoping for — 13 million people started using the service over the past three months, bringing the total to a whopping 284 million monthly active users. Not too shabby, right? That’s up pretty substantial over last year, too. The potentially hairy issue is that Twitter brought 16 million people onboard last time it dropped numbers, and 14 million the time before that. Couple that with the fact that Twitter expects to rake in slightly less money next quarter than analysts expected, and you’ve got more than a few people concerned that Twitter’s growth is winding down.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo remarked to CNBC after the results dropped that those user numbers are “priority number one” but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that big gains in user growth can’t keep up forever. He also added that the company is focusing on trying to improve the “new user experience,” and broadening the kind of content you see in your Twitter feed.

That’s perhaps why the company’s been so keen on adding new bits to the experience — Twitter’s product team keeps pushing to expand what was once a fast-paced chatting tool into a jack of all trades. Now you can listen to SoundCloud tracks without leaving your tweet feed. The company figured out a way to more elegantly shoehorn videos into its mobile app. Speaking of mobile, a full 80 percent of Twitter’s active users like using the service on the go, which makes its push to make it easier for developers to embrace the service make even more sense. Hell, pretty soon you’ll be able to buy stuff from, and transfer money with, a tweet. Oh, and there’s the looming spectre of a redesigned feed that could feature organized tweets instead of the full firehose we’re used to (naturally, some people are especially wary of that last bit). Every one of those seemingly disparate additions is yet another way for Twitter to try and make itself invaluable to your daily life… and, you know, turn a heftier profit too.


Source: Twitter Investor Relations


Twitter removes itself from the MyGlass store

Google Glass

It would seem that Twitter has pulled the plug on their support for Google Glass. At least in the fashion that it was implemented. When Twitter launched support back in May of 2013 it came through to your Glass through a mirror API that mirrored your Twitter data to your eye-balls. It wasn’t an actual APK. To set it up you needed to visit the MyGlass store and turn it on. It now appears that Twitter has since pulled the plug on the service that brings your Twitter information.

According to Glass support Twitter is no longer developing their Glass app. This was one of my favorite and most used apps on Glass. If you remove Twitter from your Glass it disappears from Glassware and there is no option to reinstall it. -Reddit user and Glass Explorer pete716

As you can see from Pete’s information, if you remove Twitter from your Google Glass, you won’t be able to get it back. Cruising through the MyGlass app hub you can see that it has also been removed. That isn’t the end for Twitter though, reading through the comments from the Reddit post we get some more details from a Glass Community Member who points out that just last week the Glass Team released Notification Sync that uses Wear API’s and brings your Twitter notifications to Glass.

I am not privy to the Glass world, but I suspect there are a number of other ways to get Twitter to your Glass. If not, there are sure to be a slew of 3rd party apps on the horizon.

Source: Reddit via 9to5Google

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Twitpic’s last-minute deal with Twitter keeps your old photos safe

Twitpic on a Moto X

Twitpic may not have avoided an untimely demise, but you won’t have to worry about some of your older Twitter photos disappearing into the void. The defunct hosting company has reached a last-minute deal that will have Twitter take over both the Twitpic web domain and its photo archive, keeping all those legacy images intact. It’s not a revival; Twitpic is no longer taking new pictures, and all that you can do now is delete or download your collection. There’s also a chance that those snapshots will go offline, since Twitpic can only promise that your library is safe “for the time being.” Still, the pact will give you at least a temporary place to go when you’re feeling nostalgic about that first selfie.

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Jawbone’s Drop lets you build music playlists using tweets

At Twitter’s Flight mobile developer conference, Jawbone just announced a new app called Drop, which lets you and your friends create and manage playlists with tweets. Hosain Rahman, Jawbone’s CEO, says that this would be very useful in party situations, where each guest wants to add a different song to the party playlist. Once you’re in the app, you can “drop” a song in a playlist by sending a tweet to a specific username. Further, you don’t need the app to add songs — your friends can just mention you on Twitter and the word “drop” followed by the name of the song or artist. According to Jawbone, the list is comprised of songs on Spotify or Rdio, so you’ll need a premium or paid subscription to either of the two music services to use Drop. It should be available for iOS today, with no word on an Android version just yet.

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Twitter trades passwords for phone numbers with Digits login

At its mobile developer conference in San Francisco, Twitter just announced Digits, a brand new way to login to apps with just your phone number. Instead of going through the tedious process of signing up with an email and password or using one of many different social logins, all you need is to enter in your number. When you do, you’ll get a confirmation code via SMS. Enter that in as well, and away you go. Digits is not based on your Twitter account at all; it’s actually an entirely new product that developers can incorporate into their apps. It’s a key part of Fabric, Twitter’s new mobile development kit that it’s rolling out today. Digits is available for iOS, Android and the web, and it’s available in 216 countries in 28 languages from day one.

Aside from Digits, Fabric includes several other tools that Twitter hopes developers will incorporate into their existing apps, such as Crashlytics, the crash reporting tool that the company bought last year. Especially of note is that developers can now not only embed tweets in their apps, but also the ability to compose and post tweets inside of them without having to launch the dedicated Twitter app.



Source: Digits


Xbox One’s next update adds custom backgrounds, Twitter for TV and game clips

Microsoft only just unleashed its October update for the Xbox One, and now it’s talking about what to expect next month. The update will hit consoles for those in the preview test group soon, and adds many features Major Nelson and crew say the community has been asking for, including custom backgrounds (with the PS4 getting themes soon, it’s Blu-ray 3D all over again), and extra details for profiles. The custom backgrounds will launch with a selection of pictures and the ability to post based on achievements, and after a media player update later in the month, gamers will be able to import any image they want. A returning feature from the Xbox 360 will put details like your location and custom bio back on the profile page, plus a self-curated selection of game clips and achievements. Oh, and those game clips? You’ll be able to share them with the masses easily, because the update adds the ability to share any of your favorites directly to Twitter. Check after the break for a video demo and more details on what’s coming.

The Twitter integration won’t stop there either, as the OneGuide adds trending lists for what users are watching on live TV, what people are tweeting about, or what Xbox One owners specifically are watching the most. There is even space to see what people are tweeting about a show in the MiniGuide itself. The integrated Internet Explorer browser can switch from full screen to Snap with a button on the address bar now, and a number icon to let users know when “Featured Sites” have updates. The second screen SmartGlass app has more support to see what’s going on in the Store and what your friends are playing, while the Preview dashboard app for testers has some new gamified features.

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Source: Xbox Wire


Engadget Daily: unlimited clean power, why there’s no Retina MacBook Air and more!

So, why hasn’t Apple updated its MacBook Air line with a Retina display? Here’s our two-word answer: battery life. That’s not all we have on deck though — check out the rest of our news highlights from the last 24 hours, including a breakthrough in fusion power, further decline of the record industry, a Comic Sans typewriter and more.

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Twitter adding suggested Tweets to the timeline based on user interest


Twitter has been updating and adding features like crazy, and usually before they roll out new features they experiment by rolling them out to select users and observing the outcome. One such experiment involved inserting “suggested” tweets into the timeline to make Twitter more relevant to users. While this may distress long-time users of the service, the social media site claims that most people seemed to enjoy the extra tweets during initial experiments and is now rolling the feature out to all subscribers. Could this help the service grow at the rate they hope or could this ruin the experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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Twitter: Yes, you’re all going to see tweets from people you don’t follow

Remember when tweets started appearing in your Twitter feed from people you weren’t even following? Well, it’s no longer an experiment. In a post outlining Twitter’s “spirit of experimentation”, the social network says it’s happening across all accounts now, in the interest of surfacing tweets it “think(s) you’d enjoy.” While many of Twitter’s power-users might sigh collectively, Twitter is likely hoping it’ll offer up faster follows, a richer experience and (possibly) boost activity, especially for those users that aren’t already following hundreds of accounts. Alas, it’s not an optional thing, and is now an integral part of everyone’s Twitter timeline — alongside those occasional promoted tweets and retweets.

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Twitter adds new audio feature to mobile client


Twitter has announced the addition of a new option to their mobile client to make it easier for users to access audio content. With a single click on a link provided in a tweet, users will be able to launch the Twitter Audio Card. The Audio Card will pop up a display with information about the linked music like album art and other info and it will start to play the content. The Audio Card can be left maximized or it can be minimized so users can continue to browse their Twitter timeline while listening to the audio content.

Access to audio content will be determined by partnerships Twitter is able to establish with streaming audio services. The first, and thus far only, service to get on board with Twitter is Soundcloud.

Twitter indicates they are still testing the Audio Card, so not all partners and content creators can take advantage of the feature yet. However, Twitter seems to think they will bring more artists and creators into the fold in the near future.

source: Twitter

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