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Google announces many apps that now support Android TV

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The American Fall is a good time to be a couch potato – and Google is helping to continue this tradition. It’s just announced a whole host of  apps that now support Android TV, including HBO Now,  SHOWTIME, CBS All Access for all those TV itches that you’ve been wanting to scratch. It goes beyond just TV shows, however, with support for Disney Movies Anywhere – Disney’s streaming offering – as well as WWE and UFC app support too. If that doesn’t keep you busy till the end of time, as well as everything that already has support, then you probably have waaaay to much free time on your hands.

Google also used this opportunity to announce that it has some new Android TV hardware partners in Hisense, TCL and “several other smart TV manufacturers”, joining Sony, Sharp, Razer and Nvidia in the Android TV corner. We’re assuming as more manufacturers join the Android TV ranks, the TV heavyweights like LG and Samsung are going to start paying attention.

What do you think about these apps that now support Android TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Android Blog

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Roku’s next-gen player surfaces at the FCC

Roku's new player at the FCC

The evidence that Roku is near launching a 4K-capable player just got decidedly stronger. A fresh FCC filing (spotted by Zatz Not Funny) has revealed an upcoming Roku “4400X” that looks like it should be the company’s next streaming hub. The entry doesn’t confirm the presence of 4K video playback, alas, but it does point to a big wireless upgrade: the future set-top box will support faster 802.11ac WiFi (helpful for 4K) and Bluetooth peripherals that might include headphones or remotes. Roku is reportedly shipping its new device as soon as early October, so you’ll likely get the full story in a matter of days.

Via: Zatz Not Funny

Source: FCC


Sling TV shows off its improved guide for the Xbox One

As great as Sling TV is, the user interface isn’t the best. One of the biggest problems is that it isn’t easy to find the content you’re looking for, but the company’s well aware of this and has been working on a fix. Today, Sling TV announced the first of “several” planned updates to its UI, starting with the app for Xbox One. Aside from bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements to the streaming quality, Sling TV is refreshing the guide on Microsoft’s entertainment console — which should make it less tedious for you to quickly come across the live and on-demand shows you want to watch. For example, when you’re browsing the guide and set on a channel, hitting up on the Xbox One controller’s d-pad or joystick now brings up all the content available for each network. You’ll also find better imagery throughout the app, with a focus on cast, crew and episode artwork.

Ben Weinberger, head of product at Sling TV, said in blog post that these changes are the direct result of customer feedback, noting that there are more on the way. For now, Xbox One owners who have a Sling TV account can expect to see this new interface this week.

Source: Sling TV


TBS will broadcast eSports in 2016

Call of Duty European Championships Final At The Royal Opera House

From 2016 TBS won’t just show Conan and Big Bang Theory re-runs, as the channel has revealed that it’s launching its own eSports league. Turner Broadcasting has signed a deal to broadcast bouts of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which’ll air on Friday nights for 20 weeks of the year. At this early stage, details are thin on the ground, except to say that qualifying rounds for the main events will be streamed online. Successful teams will then be handed a ticket to TBS HQ in Atlanta where the live show will be recorded.

It’s not the first time that eSports has graced the lighted stage of basic cable, since ESPN showed off a Heroes of the Storm tournament earlier this year. As The AV Club reports, however, the move angered “real” sports fans who felt that activities where people don’t get life-threatening injuries aren’t suitable for a primetime broadcast. Those objections probably won’t be around for long, however, since the sound of traditional sporting institutions like gambling and big-money sponsorship deals will drown out any lingering haters.

[Image Credit: Getty]

Source: WSJ


Amazon discounts Prime subscriptions to celebrate its Emmy wins

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

If you haven’t heard, Amazon original series Transparent won five Emmys over the weekend, including Jeffrey Tambor nabbing Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. To properly celebrate, the online retailer is discounting the cost of Prime for new members this Friday. From 12:00 AM ET to 11:59 PM PT, signing up for the annual subscription will set you back $67 instead of the usual $99. Of course, opting for Prime gets you access to Transparent (season 2 starts in December) and other movies and TV shows in addition to music streaming, free two-day shipping and more.

[Image credit: Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Source: Amazon


The new Apple TV is surprisingly easy to tear open

The new Apple TV in mid-disassembly

It’s practically a cliché to say that Apple’s products are difficult to repair yourself, but that isn’t universally true. The crew at iFixit has managed to tear down the new Apple TV before it even ships, and the biggest surprise is simply that it’s easy to pry apart. This is a very modular set-top box, and it’d be relatively trivial to replace components like the motherboard or power supply. Even the remote, despite being sealed by adhesive, isn’t that hard to dissect. iFixit’s only major gripe is that the most crucial parts are integrated on the main board, which could lead to a costly fix if you’re just trying to replace a damaged port.

That’s not the only mystery laid bare. While it isn’t a secret that the Apple TV is using an A8 chip like you find in the iPhone 6, it shares a few other parts in common with other Apple gear. The remote uses the same touchscreen controller you find in the iPhone 5c and iPad Air, and the box itself is using a memory controller that’s largely similar to what you see in the 12-inch MacBook. The upcoming Apple TV is something of a patchwork product, then, but you might not mind if it’s dramatically more powerful than its predecessor.

Source: iFixit


Samsung’s bringing back the TV ‘set’ with the Serif TV

The humble television wasn’t always the ultra-thin, wall-mounted “appliance” we know today — it used to be a piece of furniture, wrapped in an elegant case of wood, plastics and metal. Now, Samsung is bringing the idea of a stylized ‘TV Set’ back, introducing a an expensive, font-inspired television called the Serif TV.

The name is a wildly overt nod to the television’s shape — a thick chassis with ledges that jut out from the top and bottom of the screen. When viewed in profile, these ‘serifs’ give the TV the distinct shape of a capital letter ‘I.’ This charming design can stand up on its own, but add a pair of retro-looking legs and the design becomes shockingly nostalgic. It’s all about looks: there’s even a fabric panel on the TV’s backside to hide connectors and ports.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the design firm behind the Serif TV, also revamped Samsung’s Smart TV interface into something it calls “curtain mode.” This pulls a fabric-like filter over whatever the TV is showing and offers a simple menu with Bluetooth speaker functionality, apps, a photo gallery and a simple clock mode.

Samsung says the Serif TV will come in three models: a large UHD model (about 40-inches) a medium sized Full-HD model (30-inches) and as well as a smaller 24-inch set. All of the sets will have built-9in WiFi and Bluetooth, as well. They’re fancy, but not cheap — when the 40-inch set hits stores in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and France on November 2nd, it’ll cost £1,199 (about $1860). There’s also no word yet if these TVs will be hitting the international market at all, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

Via: Engadget Germany, Daily Mail

Source: Samsung


The new Apple TV works with your wireless headphones

The new Apple TV

The new Apple TV is still weeks away from launch, but that isn’t stopping a few people from getting their hands on it… and discovering a few pleasant surprises in the process. Dom Esposito at 9to5Mac has learned that the device’s improved Bluetooth support extends not just to the controller, but to audio equipment like headphones. Yes, much like on the Fire TV or Roku 3, you can watch movies late at night without waking your housemates or connecting your headphones to another device. If that’s not an option, you’ll still have access to a “night mode” that turns down the volume for everything but speech.

As for other tidbits? There isn’t a whole lot to know beyond what what we got to try earlier in September, although it’s notable that the Apple TV will regularly download new video screensavers to keep things fresh. The one certainty from this early look is that Apple has addressed many of the gripes with previous-gen hardware, including the addition of smaller but nice-to-have features that you might have missed.

Source: 9to5Mac


New Amazon Fire TV announced with 4K streaming, Alexa and is up for pre-order

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Amazon came out of the gates this morning with a slew off announcements regarding nearly everything in their product line up. Among the announcements is a newly beefed up Amazon Fire TV. The set-top box has been beefed up with 75% more processing powers that is provided by a MediaTek 64-bit quad-core processor. It offers up a dedicated GPU as well as 2GB of RAM to help. It sits with 8GB of internal storage, but does offer up support for expandable storage up to 128GB.

Along with the spec bumps Amazon also added in Alexa support. Alexa is the brain behind the Echo. Basically she is a cloud-based voice command search/action companion. She is easily accessible via the voice remote and voice gaming controller.

Amazon has also beefed up the Wi-Fi with 802.11ac MIMO for added throughput and range. Which will certainly help with its ability to now stream 4K content.

Amazon Fire TV NewThe new Fire TV does sound quite a bit better than its predecessor. Amazon kept the pricing the same with the new Fire TV landing for $99.99. They are also offering up a Gaming Edition package, which includes Amazon Fire TV, Game Controller, a 32GB microSD card, and two games—Disney’s Ducktales and Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight—all for $139.99. Not a bad deal.

Hit the link to get a pre-order in for the New Amazon Fire TV, which is expected to start shipping by October 5th.

Full press release.

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Skype’s new ‘Mojis’ feature lets you send short clips of your favorite TV and movie moments


If you’ve ever had a difficult time expressing your true emotions through a simple text or emoji, Skype has just introduced a new feature that might help. Now when you’re sending text messages to your friends and family, you can use a new feature called Mojis. Mojis are short animations of popular television and movie clips that you can easily send to whomever you’d like with just a few taps. It’s basically like sending your friends an animated GIF, but with sound.

To send a Moji, simply tap on the emoticon button from within Skype. You can browse by movie or by expression, preview the Moji and drop it in the chat from there.

The Skype team says they’ve handpicked some of the funniest and most iconic moments from some of the best television shows and movies out there. They’ve teamed up with Universal Studios, Disney Muppets, BBC and other studios to bring new Mojis to the platform. The first Moji release will consist of clips from Despicable Me, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Jurassic Park, The Muppets and many more. To get a good look at what Mojis can offer, check out the short Muppets clip below:

The new Mojis feature is rolling out to Skype for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS as we speak, so head to the Play Store link below to grab the latest version.

Download Skype from Google Play


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