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AMC’s channels come to PlayStation Vue

The Walking Dead

If you were intrigued by PlayStation Vue as a substitute for cable TV but refused to sign up until you could watch The Walking Dead, it’s time to hop aboard. Sony has added AMC Networks to Vue’s channel roster, giving you AMC proper as well as IFC, Sundance and WEtv. Be prepared to pony up if you just have to catch Portlandia, though — while you’ll get AMC and WEtv in the base Access package, IFC and Sundance are only available if you’ve subscribed to Core or Elite. This certainly isn’t the best deal if you care about AMC or IFC above all else (Sling TV offers it as part of its $20 bundle), but it’ll make Vue a better value for your cord-cutting dollar.

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Last chance for our 50″ LG TV & Sound Bar Giveaway

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‘The X-Files’ is coming back to TV as a six-episode series

Mulder and Scully tackle a case in 'The X-Files'

Yep, it’s happening — if not quite in the way you might expect. After a flurry of rumors, Fox has confirmed that it’s bringing The X-Files back to TV as a six-episode “event series” arriving this summer. It won’t be the full-on relaunch some fans were hoping for, then. However, show creator Chris Carter will once again take the reins, and both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will reprise their signature roles as paranormal investigators Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. It’s not clear what prompted the return to TV after a 13-year hiatus, although it wouldn’t be shocking if actor Kumail Nanjiani’s X-Files Files podcast helped rekindle interest in the show. For us, the real question is whether or not it’ll be as good as the original run. Carter thrived while X-Files and Millennium were on the air, but his 21st-century projects haven’t had as much success.

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You can now watch TED Talks on your Apple TV

TED Talks app on Apple TV

If you like the idea of watching thought-provoking presentations from the comfort of your couch, you’re in for a good time. The Apple TV now has a dedicated TED Talks app, so you can watch discussions of public shaming or the future of image recognition on the big screen without streaming from another device. And don’t worry if you’re in the mood for lighter fare — Apple has also brought in apps for Tastemade’s food and travel network as well as Young Hollywood’s eclectic cultural mix. All of the newly available services are free, so you’ll have plenty to check out while you’re waiting for Apple’s long-fabled TV service.

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Nintendo quashes talk of a live-action ‘Legend of Zelda’ series

'Legend of Zelda' TV series intro

We hope you weren’t planning your Netflix viewing schedule around that rumored Legend of Zelda live-action series… you’re about to have your hopes dashed. Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata tells Time that talk of the game-based show is “not based on correct information.” There’s “nothing new to share” about any Nintendo brands showing up in movies or TV, he says. The executive isn’t outright denying things, but you probably don’t want to count on seeing a gritty portrayal of Link’s adventures any time soon. It’s probably just as well if the series never comes to pass — the last time Zelda got a series, it didn’t get a warm reception.

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Google Fiber starts testing targeted, trackable TV ads

For all of the other things it does, Google is still a company that makes a ton of money from advertising, and now it’s turning that focus to TV. This week the company announced that it’s testing a new kind of ad-tracking system for Google Fiber TV customers in Kansas City. Just like any other local cable company, they’ll air during ad breaks reserved for local advertisers (that crappy ad for the car dealership around the corner that comes on during The Walking Dead). Where it’s different is that advertisers will only pay for the number of ads actually shown, as monitored by the Fiber set-top boxes. Google can insert fresh ads in DVR’d programming too, and target viewers based on their viewing history. Users can opt-out of the viewing history tracking, but that’s it.

According to a source quoted by Adweek, the tracking at this point is “unsophisticated”, and Google is trying to focus on user privacy. Of course, the entire system sounds like the beginning of what we’ve seen from internet banner ads (just like the ones on this site) and we’ve seen how deep that rabbit hole can go.

Connected devices have the ability to spit back much more details about viewer activity than what we’ve seen before, and companies are obviously going to try to take advantage of that. TiVo has had targeted ads on its Pause Menu and elsewhere for years, Microsoft tried Kinect-powered NUads on Xbox 360, and rumors suggest Apple is including viewer data in its pitch to networks for an Apple TV subscription service. Apple just flicked on targeted advertising for iTunes Radio, so however Google’s “test” progresses, the trend will probably continue.

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Holy sh*t snacks! Redditors find massive ‘Archer’ Easter egg

I’m not sure which is more impressive: the fact that the Archer series creators went through so much trouble to create such an elaborate Easter egg or the fact that someone was actually able to crack the multiple mind-bending puzzles needed to reveal it. And from the looks of things, we haven’t even come close to the bottom of this rabbit hole.

The mystery began when eagle-eyed Redditor aglidden noticed what appeared to be a hex code in a scene from the popular animated spy spoof. Translating that code generated a URL that in turn led to a YouTube video. Running the YouTube video’s audio channel through a spectrogram then uncovered a hidden message encoded with a Vigenère cipher. Deciphering that message revealed another URL to a Craigslist ad (clearly posted by Kreiger) looking for medical experiment volunteers. The Craigslist ad contained another cypher revealing another URL, this time leading to Kreiger’s personal Reddit page. Decrypting the Reddit page revealed a link to Kreiger’s Flickr account, which linked to the mad scientist’s personal website, And that’s where things get really weird.

Logging into the Algersoft website (the password is, of course, “guest“) uncovers as many new questions as answers. Users can play games, view images and attempt to access restricted files such as (though nobody’s managed to crack that passcode yet). Presumably future episodes will provide further hints for unraveling this intricate conundrum. Head over to Reddit for a complete listing of both the known Archer Easter Eggs and many more potential surprises.

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A bookmarlet mends Netflix’s annoying horizontal scrolling on the web

Netflix on the web can be a tiresome experience, because the homepage’s horizontal carousels show only a smattering of titles at once. To see more, you have to patiently hover your cursor over the arrow buttons on either side, which slide in new movies and TV shows at a glacial pace. Offering a perhaps temporary fix, developer Renan Cakirerk has created a free bookmarklet that automatically expands all of the titles in each listed category. Once it’s activated, you can scroll vertically at your own pace and quickly find something to watch. There’s a good chance Netflix will take notice and shut it down, but hopefully in the process it’ll recognize the error of its ways and offer a similar option officially.

Here’s how Netflix looks on the web normally:

Here’s how it looks with ‘God Mode’ turned on:

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Apple is reportedly willing to share viewing data to clinch TV deals

Tim Cook talks about the Apple TV

Apple is apparently bending over backwards to make sure that its oft-rumored streaming TV service gets off the ground. New York Post sources claim that the company is willing to share viewer data with the networks, including demographics and viewing habits, if it means getting channels ahead of its service’s reported fall launch. It’s not clear just how much info broadcasters would get, although there’s talk of letting them run ads if they don’t think the subscription fees are enough.

No matter what, Apple would be breaking from tradition to grant this kind of access to its customer base. The company often likes to brag about how it doesn’t share your data, and once told magazine publishers that they couldn’t collect subscriber details unless they asked readers directly. If the rumor is at all true, though, it suggests that Apple is willing to make exceptions if it can prevent rivals like PlayStation Vue or Sling TV from getting an early lead.

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WSJ: Apple’s TV service due this fall with about 25 channels

With the thawing of the spring we have a renewal of an old favorite: Apple TV rumors. After Re/code suggested a month ago that Apple might go its own way Sling TV-style instead of working with cable companies, the Wall Street Journal is reporting similar details. According to WSJ, Apple is negotiating to launch a “slim” package of 25 or so channels for streaming this fall for $30 – $40, but there’s a twist: there’s no negotiations so far with Comcast-owned NBCUniversal, because of a falling out between the cable giant and the tech company. The rumors go so far as to claim Apple felt Comcast was intentionally stringing it along while it developed its X1 cable box. So far Sling seems to be doing ok without Syfy and the rest, but we’ll see if that changes after The Expanse launches. With an Apple TV price drop and similar services either launched or on the way, we’ll move the Apple TV rumor alert level up to a still-skeptical (see my reasoning here) chartreuse.

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