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T-Mobile now rolling out Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)


If you own a T-Mobile-branded Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) today could just be your lucky day as the operator has just started rolling out the much-anticipated Android 4.4.4 KitKat update to all its LTE variants of the slate currently located in the United States.

When perusing the device’s update history page on Samsung’s website we were somewhat flabbergasted to say the least as, historically, tablet updates rarely happen in the US due to the sheer amount of carrier involvement that’s entailed in adapting the SDK to suit their requirements.

Unfortunately, neither the operator or the manufacturer provided a changelog for the upgrade, but seeing as it’s a bump to the latest version of Android we presume it will bring all of the usual changes, including: faster multitasking, smart caller ID, SMS-to-Hangouts integration, Cloud Print and QuickOffice.

To see if your tablet is eligible for the update, head into “Settings,” then “About Device,” and select “Check for Updates”. If a pop-up window doesn’t appear prompting you to upgrade, don’t worry. It means that the update is not ready to be pushed out to your device, just yet. But when it is available, you will receive a push notification requesting you to download and install it.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 receiving minor update

note4-update-660x391With today being the day that the Note 4 is launching in the United States officially,  and T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 getting a nice surprise earlier this week when they started receiving their orders, users on the uncarrier network are seeing a minor update pop up. The 65MB update looks to fix performance problems and increase battery performance. The carrier’s web site has nothing yet regarding details on the new update but if you’re on T-Mobile and have a Note 4, you should see a notification pop up. If not you can manually check for the update in the settings menu.

source: T-Mo News

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Apple’s new iPads choose LTE at will from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or EE

After years of rumors that Apple would introduce its own type of SIM card, it appears to have snuck the tech into today’s new iPad announcement (there’s a history here, the original iPad introduced the Micro SIM). The Apple website says LTE-equipped models of its new tablets (sold in the US and UK) have a built-in Apple SIM that lets owners switch between short term plans across a variety of participating carriers, right on the tablet itself (you can see a picture of the new option under settings after the break). That list includes AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in the US, and EE in the UK, ut notably not Verizon.

During the presentation Apple didn’t discuss its SIM card, just mentioning the new iPads have even faster WiFi and LTE support with support for up to 20 LTE bands and 150mbps connections. Adding a cellular modem to the slate adds about $130 to the price, whether you opt for the Air 2 or mini 3 version. So far the carriers are mostly quiet on the new tech — other than John Legere tweeting about how T-Mobile is #datastrong, of course — but we’re hoping the one SIM for many carriers idea is a trend that catches on.

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Source: Apple


Carrier details on the Nexus 6 “When is my carrier getting the Nexus 6?


Today Google announced Android Lollipop, and with it a round of new devices including the Nexus 9, Nexus Player, and Nexus 6. While they announced information on when you can preorder the Nexus 9 and Nexus player, they didn’t have any firm information regarding the Nexus 6. However, it seems that this is because it’s up to the carriers.

This page will provide all the updated information we have about the carriers and the Nexus 6, so check back to see updated info regarding Google’s newest handset.

T-Mobile announced on their newsroom page that they will carry the Nexus 6 starting November 12 for 0$ down, and then an equipment installment plan payment of $27.08 for 24 months.

AT&T announced on their newsroom page that they will carry the Nexus 6, noting it’s the first one ever. However, no information is given regarding availability or price at this time.

Sprint announced on their newsroom page that they will be carrying the Nexus 6 available on their Sprint $60 unlimited plan or their Sprint Family Share Pack. There are no specific dates, just that it will be available before the “before the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear”.

US Cellular says “To follow up on the announcement that Google made earlier today, U.S. Cellular will carry the Nexus 6 in November. We are looking forward to bringing the next great Google device to new and existing customers, and we will share additional details as soon as we can”.

No word yet from Verizon, however Google mentioned them in their announcement of the devices here. We’ll be sure to update this when we get that info.


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T-Mobile starts pre-sale for Sony Xperia Z3 today with free PS4 game, DRIVECLUB, offer

In non Nexus related news, T-Mobile stayed true to a previous announcement are beginning to take pre-orders for the new Sony Xperia Z3. The Xperia Z3 offers a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, has 3GB of RAM, a 3,100 mAh battery, 32GB internal storage with SD card slot, 20.7MP rear camera, 2.2MP front shooter, Wi-Fi calling and is waterproof IP65 and IP68 rated. The Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile will set you back a monthly payment of $26.25 for 24 months.

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3

The camera is one of the biggest selling points in my opinion, at least from a hardware standpoint. The Z1s/Z2 cameras took some really stunning photos. The real push behind this device over the competitions is PS4 Remote PLAY software though. That is what gives current Playstation 4 owners the ability to continue laying their games on their phone’s screen using a PS4 DUALSHOCK controller. It is that specific function that is also allowing for a rather interesting pre-order perk from Sony and T-Mobile. If you pre-order the Xperia Z3 between today and October 28th, the day before it official releases in stores, then you will get a free PS4 copy of DRIVECLUB.


The title is showing up on the Playstation Network for $49.99 to download, so it isn’t all that terrible of a free perk if you plan to buy the phone anyways. To get your pre-order on, head over to

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Nexus 6 lands Oct 12th, confirms Wi-Fi calling feature for early 2015

Nexus 6 T-MobileHey, did you hear? The Motorola Nexus 6 has been announced. In case you missed it. Doing our part to keep up with the information, we have now heard from our favorite Magenta UnCarrier T-Mobile. We knew they would be stocking the Nexus 6, we just weren’t sure when. Now we know that it will be available for purchase on November 12th. Keeping to tradition, it will be $649 at $0 down and monthly payments for $27.08 for 24 months.

T-Mobile also made sure everyone is aware that the new Nexus 6 will also support their Wi-Fi calling feature. While it won’t do so right out of the box, it will get picked up via an expected OTA that is said to go out to the device early in 2015. This will make it the first Nexus device to offer the ability. I am hoping that it will also become available on the Nexus 5 once the Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA’s start rolling to the carrier version too.

Fall is a wonderful time of year; the leaves begin to change colors, families come together, and most importantly, there’s yet another awesome new smartphone coming to T-Mobile. The Nexus 6 by Motorola will join T-Mobile’s stellar device lineup on November 12 for $0 down (and $27.08 a month for 24 months on our Equipment Installment Plan).

The Nexus 6 sports a beautiful 6-inch Quad HD display that was made for streaming music, movies and more on T-Mobile’s Data Strong™ Network. And with a 3220mAh battery and Turbo Charging, customers can get up to 6 hours of battery life with only 15 minutes of charging – so instead of spending time tethered to a wall, you can enjoy the freedom of being on-the-go.

Shipping with Android 5.0, the new Nexus 6 gives customers the latest and greatest Google mobile experience, and seamless integration with the apps they love. Plus, this hot new smartphone is expected to support Wi-Fi Un-leashed  beginning in early 2015 with an over-the-air update– making it the first-ever Nexus device that will support Wi-Fi Calling thanks to enhancements in Android 5.0.

And only with the Un-carrier™ can customers use the latest, super-sized devices the way they were meant to be used – with no annual service contract, no domestic overages and unlimited music streaming all on the nation’s fastest LTE network, plus unlimited data and texting in 120+ countries and destinations − and now, Wi-Fi Un-leashed.

To learn more about the Nexus 6, please visit

Device Pricing for Well-Qualified Customer: $0 down + $27.08/month x 24/mos. If you cancel wireless service remaining balance on phone becomes due. Total price $649.92. 0% APR; O.A.C. Taxes & fees addit’l. See for device and offer details.

T-Mobile has a sign-up page live already on the system for people to register for news when the Nexus 6 becomes available. They also have a second tab for the Nexus 9 tablet too. I haven’t caught a press statement release about its availability or pricing. If the 16GB is $399 though, that would make it $16.62 a month and leave the 32GB, which is said to be $499, at 20.79 a month. I’ll keep watching for a release since the Nexus 9 is supposed to start pre-orders on the 17th.

Source: T-Mobile | T-Mobile Nexus 6 & Nexus 9 sign-up pages

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Nexus 6 to be available on all major U.S. carriers


With Google’s official release of the Nexus 6 earlier today, buyers may be trying to figure out whether it will be available on their network. The good news for customers on the five major U.S. carriers is that Google is going to make the Nexus 6 available on all of those networks with the initial release. The networks include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. This is a welcome change in strategy from Google as they try to get the latest Nexus smartphone into the hands of as many users as possible. The biggest impediment could end up being the price, which at $649 off-contract, puts it right up there with other high-end devices. By not backing off on specs and the corresponding cost of the unit, Google is also employing a new strategy compared to previous releases.

Anyone interested?

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France’s Iliad calls it quits on trying to buy T-Mobile USA

AT&T wanted to buy T-Mobile USA. That fell apart. Then, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son wanted Sprint to merge with it. No dice. Most recently, Iliad (the owners of a French wireless carrier called Free) wanted to acquire a 67% stake in it. You can probably guess what happened: Iliad announced that it’s officially dropping its bid for T-Mobile, despite repeatedly claiming it’d “accelerate T-Mobile US’ transformation”. If we’re being honest, Iliad never had the cash on hand to counter Sprint’s coffers — that may explain why neither T-Mobile’s board nor folks at Deutsche Telekom didn’t really give them the time of day. The Ilium team must be bummed, but no matter: T-Mobile’s on the upswing now as it is. At last count, the magenta-hued carrier picked up over 2.5 million subscribers over the first half of the year, enough to let it crow about being the country’s fastest growing carrier. Thought’s not to say that Deutsche Telekom won’t still try to offload it, though — now it’s going to wait for a spectrum auction later this fall before it decides what to do next.

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Source: Iliad (PDF)


Iliad moving on after T-Mobile declines acquisition offer


In July, French telecommunications giant Iliad expressed interest to purchase a majority stake in T-Mobile. The offer at that time was roughly $15 billion for 56.6%. Recently, Iliad upped that number to take 67% at $36 per share. It was going all-in to get its foot into the United States wireless industry.

It all comes to an end today because T-Mobile’s parent, Deutsche Telekom, has “refused” to entertain the new offer. Iliad has announced its pursuit of T-Mobile is over and will move on. In somewhat of a jab at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile, Iliad said in a press release that it will “continue its profitable growth policy as it has been conducted over the last 15 years in the interest of subscribers, employees and shareholders.”

This means that the door is still open for SoftBank to hop in and merge Sprint with T-Mobile.

Souce: Iliad (PDF)
Via: Bloomberg

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T-Mobile officially announces the Sony Xperia Z3 with pre-orders for Oct. 15th, available Oct. 29th

Last week Sony took to the stage in New York to announce their latest flagship, the Sony Xperia Z3, was headed to Verizon Wireless as the Xperia Z3v. We had evidence from T-Mobile back in September that they would indeed be carrying the device later this fall. T-Mobile has now officially announced the Xperia Z3 pricing and launch date.

Xperia Z3 T-Mobile

The T-Mobile Xperia Z3 will be launched first as a pre-order option starting October 15th before finally becoming fully available on October 29th. Pricing details place the device at $630 with $26.25 paid per month for 24 months. If you jump on the pre-order bandwagon you should get the device prior to its official launch in stores.

“Our Data Strong™ network was built to support devices that can do it all, and the gorgeous Sony Xperia Z3 is no exception,” said Jason Young, Senior Vice President, Marketing at T-Mobile. “From the mind-boggling content experience with vivid colors and sound, to 4K video recording and more, the Xperia Z3 and T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network are a perfect pair.”

A small recap of the devices specs (from Sony) include a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM,  20.7MP camera that can record in 4K, 3100 mAh battery rated for 920 hours standby time, and is IP65 and IP68 water and dust proof rated. I can’t forget to mention PS4 Remote PLAY that lets you use your PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller and Xperia Z3 to play your PS4 games over WiFi. T-Mobile doesn’t offer up too many device details so I assume they will be the same as Sony lists without any alteration or modifications.  They also don’t list out color options. I am sure we will all find that out on the 15th.

Anyone been waiting to see if this was going to make it to T-Mobile? You going to be buying it?

Source: T-Mobile / Xperia Z3 sign up page

IMG: T-Mobile Twitter

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