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[Deal] T-Mobile discounts flagship Samsung and LG phones for Cyber Monday


John Legere, who has essentially become Santa Claus for the wireless industry, is spreading more holiday cheer with T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday deals. The carrier is actually hosting what it believes are Cyber Monday Steals. Devices from both Samsung and LG that have high-end specifications are being discounted today only. This comes one week after T-Mobile announced its strategy to lure competitors’ customers towards Team Magenta.


Expect more deals throughout the month of December as T-Mobile is celebrating the holidays with existing and new customers.


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T-Mobile rolling out messaging improvements to Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge


While many smartphone device owners anxiously wait for Android 6.0 Marshmallow to come to their devices, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on T-Mobile are starting to receive a slightly older update. T-Mobile is updating those devices to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, which may seem like a disappointment for owners of devices that are just over a year old since release. Nevertheless, the update does include some new features from T-Mobile that may be welcomed by owners of the devices.

The update includes T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging solution that utilizes a standard called Rich Communications Services (RCS) for text messaging. With Advanced Messaging, users can experience “near real-time chat,” they can see when others are typing and when messages are delivered or read, and photos or videos up to 10 MB in size can be sent.

The other addition is the availability of T-Mobile Video Calling. This feature does not require any additional app to make a video call. All that is needed is a compatible device on both ends of a call in order to make a video call. The dialer on a T-Mobile device with Video Calling will display a small camera on a contact’s entry to let users know the service is supported and available.

The latest updates can be installed over Wi-Fi or through Samsung Smart Switch or Samsung Kies. If you own one of these devices on T-Mobile’s network, you can hit the source links below for instructions on how to check your current version and start the process to install the update.

source: T-Mobile (Samsung Galaxy Note 4), T-Mobile (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge)

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T-Mobile will give you an extra $200 to switch from Sprint

T-Mobile’s ongoing feud with Sprint continues to have some benefits for your bottom line… and this time, T-Mobile is trying to tempt you with cold, hard cash. As of November 26th, the carrier is running a month-long promo that promises an extra $200 (on top of the existing credit) for every phone line you bring over from one of Sprint’s networks, whether it’s a prepaid Boost plan or a full-fledged subscription. You don’t need to trade in your old gear, either. The move is a bit sneaky given that T-Mobile just hiked its unlimited data rates — you may well be paying more per month if you truly need unlimited access. If you’re already interested in jumping ship, though, this should make the transition that much easier.

[Image credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Source: T-Mobile


AT&T, Verizon and Sprint add gold platinum colored Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy-Note5_back-with-spen_Gold-PlatinumNearly two weeks ago, T-Mobile added a gold color option Galaxy Note 5. Now, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have done the same.

If you’re on any of the four major U.S. carriers and want to buy a Galaxy Note 5 in gold, you can now do so. The gold colored Galaxy Note 5 adds to the white and black color options already available. With it, you’re getting the same 5.7-inch Super AMOLED Quad-HD display, octa-core Exynos 7420 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 16MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and 3000mAh battery. The device’s price will vary on your choice of carrier and storage capacity, however all color variants cost the same.

Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are all offering deals for the upcoming holiday weekend, all in which include discounts on the Galaxy Note 5. Be sure to check those out before buying.

Source: Sprint, Verizon, AT&T

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T-Mobile is giving Sprint customers who switch an extra $200 bill credit for the holidays

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Just a few days ago T-Mobile kicked off its Un-carrier Unwrapped holiday promotion, which gives the majority of the carrier’s Simple Choice postpaid customers unlimited data for free for three whole months. Now the Un-carrier is back again, this time taking a shot at Sprint.

For its second gift, T-Mobile has announced that it’s giving an extra $200 to Sprint customers for every line they switch to T-Mobile, no trade-in required. Both Sprint prepaid and postpaid, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers can get in on this promotion. Once you switch your line over, T-Mobile will give you a $200 credit on your bill. The promotion begins Thursday, November 26th, and there’s no limit as to how many lines you can switch to T-Mobile, either, which is also a nice touch.

This bonus cash is in addition to the money Sprint customers can already save by switching to T-Mobile and qualifying for Carrier Freedom, which will get customers up to $650 per line to cover early termination fees and phone payment balances.

For additional details on this new promotion, follow the source link at the bottom of this post. Looking to save even more money this holiday season? Don’t miss our roundup of the best technology deals available this Black Friday!

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T-Mobile giving Sprint customers transferring to the Uncarrier an extra $200 for free


T-Mobile this morning announced that Sprint customers will get an extra $200 for every line they switch over to T-Mobile. This comes as the second gift in T-Mobile’s month of holiday giving, otherwise known as Uncarrier Unwrapped.

In addition to this holiday promotion, Sprint customers still qualify for T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom promotion, where the Uncarrier will give you up to $650 per line to pay towards Sprint’s early termination fees (ETFs) and other remaining balances.

T-Mobile announced its first holiday gift earlier this week, revealing that existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customers will get unlimited 4G LTE data through March 2016.

With this second holiday gift, Sprint customers transferring four lines to T-Mobile could get as much as $800 extra on top of the Carrier Freedom promotion.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more T-Mobile gifts, as the Uncarrier still has a few more holiday surprises up its sleeves for AT&T and Verizon customers.

source: T-Mobile Newsroom

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T-Mobile Offers Sprint Customers $200 Credit Per Line to Switch

sprinttmobileT-Mobile has announced a second “Un-carrier Unwrapped” promotion that offers Sprint customers a $200 bill credit for each line switched to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting Thursday, November 26.

The offer is valid for Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile postpaid and prepaid customers, with no device trade-in required for the bill credit.

Sprint customers can still take advantage of T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom offer, which provides up to $650 towards a balance owing or to pay off early termination fees (ETFs) with an eligible device trade-in.

Just switch any Sprint number – including postpaid, prepaid, Boost and Virgin Mobile – over to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting this Thursday, November 26 and you’ll automatically get a $200 credit on your bill. That’s $200 multiplied by as many lines as you switch. For a family of four, that could mean $800 extra, and for a business with 10 employees, we’re talking about a $2,000 credit!

This limited time offer is part of T-Mobile’s monthlong “Un-carrier Unwrapped” holiday promotion that began with three months of free unlimited LTE data for all Simple Choice postpaid customers earlier this week.

T-Mobile plans to unveil additional “gifts” over the next month, with a new gift coming at least once per week. T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed on Twitter that gifts are coming soon for AT&T and Verizon customers.

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T-Mobile gifts subscribers three months of unlimited data

T-Mobile this week announced that all of its postpaid Simple Choice customers will receive three months of unlimited high-speed data. Specifically, anyone who has one of the postpaid plans as of November 23 are eligible.

As part of its Black Friday and Holiday deals, T-Mobile is giving subscribers a whole host of savings. Be it on smartphones, accessories, or something else, there’s likely something that will interest you. According to T-Mobile, the promos will change over the coming weeks and new stuff will be continuously introduced.

On December 1, 2015, the special holiday gift will simply appear under the tree—that is, in their existing T-Mobile plan. And, they’ll keep that free Unlimited LTE smartphone data as long as they’re on the same T-Mobile plan with Binge On active until March 1, 2016.

As to how the unlimited data works, well, that may be in name only – for average users. Why? Because the unlimited data doesn’t actually kick in until you’ve exhausted your normal data and then the unused Data Stash you’ve accumulated. It’s even harder to get to that data when you factor in Music Freedom and Binge On. In other words, the unlimited data is great, but it’s going to be tough to tap into it. Not really a problem, if you ask us.

For the next three months, everybody…has Unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data once you use up all your data and your Data Stash.

Click here to check out the T-Mobile Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Sales.

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T-Mobile is giving the gift of unlimited data to all Simple Choice postpaid customers

T-Mobile logo Shutterstock

T-Mobile has been really nice to its customers lately. Not too long ago the carrier announced Binge On, a video streaming service that lets customers stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go/Now and more for free without taking up any mobile data whatsoever. Now, as part of its Un-carrier Unwrapped holiday promotion, T-Mobile is giving the gift of unlimited data to the majority of its customers. That’s right, if you happen to be an existing Simple Choice postpaid customer, T-Mobile is giving you unlimited 4G LTE data for the next three months. Pretty awesome, right?

From Tuesday, December 1st until March 1st, 2016, you can enjoy free, unlimited 4G LTE data as long as you keep your existing T-Mobile plan with Binge On active. The promotion applies to all personal and business accounts. It should be noted that your unlimited data will only kick in after you eat up all of your existing data and Data Stash pool, so you don’t get to keep your stored data after the unlimited promotion is up. Even so, this is a great deal, and we wish more service providers would offer its customers promos like this.

T-Mobile says we can expect a full month of holiday gift-giving as part of Un-carrier Unwrapped. There will also be a number of discounts on smartphones and tablets starting later this week. For more info, follow the source link attached below.

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T-Mobile stuffs stockings with unlimited 4G LTE data


John Legere & Co. are at it once again. T-Mobile announced today that all Simple Choice customers are being given unlimited high-speed data at no extra charge. From December through March, customers will be able to use as much data as they’d like without T-Mobile slowing down data speeds. With the carrier’s network experiencing a 10% spike in usage around the holidays, T-Mobile wants data speeds to be the last thing their customers worry about.

Carriers usually target new customers during the months of November and December, but this promotion shows that T-Mobile is loyal to those that have given it growth in recent years. T-Mobile CEO John Legere proclaimed the following:

“We’ve had a fantastic year, and we’re going to spread that T-Mobile cheer by starting with the most important people first… our existing customers!”

So how do you know if you’re eligible for the carrier’s three months of unlimited high-speed data? By the end of today, November 23, you need to be an active Simple Choice customer.

Later this week, T-Mobile will be launching deals on phones and tablets for Black Friday with more to follow throughout December. Among them will be “special holiday gifts” for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers. T-Mobile will target one carrier per week starting next week.

T-Mobile Amps the Holidays, Starts with Gift of Unlimited LTE for Existing Customers

Un-carrier announces Black Friday offers and kicks off ‘Un-carrier Unwrapped’ — four weeks in a row of surprise holiday gifts — starting with three full months of unlimited LTE data for T-Mobile customers — at no extra charge!

Bellevue, Washington — November 23, 2015 — T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is kicking off the holidays in style with Un-carrier Unwrapped, a full month of holiday gift-giving, with one special gift coming each week. First up, the Un-carrier is giving the gift of unlimited high-speed data for your smartphone – for the next three months – to every single one of its postpaid Simple Choice customers. But in true T-Mobile fashion, we won’t stop there. T-Mobile is also delivering special holiday gifts to Sprint, AT&T and Verizon customers starting next week – one carrier per week. Plus, T-Mobile is serving up a banquet of holiday offers, including a free tablet, $0 down $0 per month on the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB with JUMP! On Demand, and more.
“We’ve had a fantastic year, and we’re going to spread that T-Mobile cheer by starting with the most important people first… our existing customers! Now you get Unlimited LTE data on our blazing fast network for three full months as a gift from the Un-carrier to you,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “But that’s not all….we know that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint customers need some holiday cheer, too – so we’ve got presents coming for them. Just wait!”
The holidays are for connecting with family and friends. In fact, data usage on T-Mobile’s network jumps more than 10% in December. The last thing customers want to worry about is their data, so T-Mobile is taking that worry away. For the next three months, everybody – all active Simple Choice postpaid customers as of end of day November 23, including business customers – has Unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data once you use up all your data and your Data Stash.
And, as the Un-carrier so often does, they’ve done the hard work to keep things simple for customers. Simple Choice postpaid customers don’t have to do a thing to get their Unlimited LTE gift. On December 1, 2015, the special holiday gift will simply appear under the tree—that is, in their existing T-Mobile plan. Which is how gifts ought to be given, right? No stress. No hassles. And, they’ll keep that free Unlimited LTE smartphone data as long as they’re on the same T-Mobile plan with Binge On active until March 1, 2016.
More gifts – for the carriers’ mistreated customers – will start arriving next Monday, one carrier per week. Stay tuned.
Black Friday: Get a Tablet on Us – and a Whole Lot More
On top of this unprecedented customer gift, Black Friday is starting early at T-Mobile.  Beginning this Wednesday, November 25, you can get the popular Alcatel Onetouch Pixi™ 7” Android-powered™ 4G LTE tablet for $0 with any qualifying data plan at participating T-Mobile stores across the country and online. That’s right: $0 down, $0 payments; you pay only the sales tax.  With Binge On and a new tablet this holiday season, the entire family can watch all the holiday movies they want from top video services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and SlingTV and never worry about the Grinch gobbling up your high-speed data.
More Black Friday Deals:

  • T-Mobile customers can get the popular Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB for just $0 upfront and $0 per month with JUMP! On Demand with an eligible trade-in. $0 + $0 = $0.  You pay only the sales tax!
  • When you buy ANY Samsung smartphone, you get $100 off a Samsung tablet! Combined with the Black Friday Weekend offer on the Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s a helluva deal!
  • Get the popular UE Boom Bluetooth speaker for $100 off (retail price $199) and enjoy all the holiday tunes you can handle – without ever using your high-speed data bucket thanks to T-Mobile’s Music Freedom.

For more about this and other special T-Mobile holiday offers, please visit:
Limited time offers; subject to change. Plus taxes and fees. Participating locations; while supplies last. For well-qualified customers. Promo device prices after bill credits; qualifying plan and finance agreements required. Unlimited LTE: Does not include tethering. Other benefits of Unlimited LTE plan (e.g., Vudu movie rental) not included. Service may be restricted or terminated for misuse. See Open Internet page for network management practices. Galaxy S6: 18-mo lease; must maintain valid lease agreement. At lease end you must return working device or pay it off to keep it. You are responsible for insurance/repairs. No device security deposit required. Samsung tablet: $100 as a T-Mobile® Prepaid MasterCard® card. Must be active and in good standing when processed; allow up to 8 weeks from receipt of 2nd device. Tablet on us: If you cancel wireless service, remaining tablet balance at full price becomes due. Binge On: Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better) from included services while on our network. You may disable Binge On at any time, but will lose Binge On benefits. Not avail. on certain BlackBerry devices/plans. Third party content and subscription charges may apply, See streaming services’ terms & conditions.
About T-Mobile US, Inc.
As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company’s advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to more than 61 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. For more information, please visit

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