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The extended Nexus family: Google’s golden Android standard

Google’s Nexus line has long stood as the company’s ideal vision of its widely adopted, open-source Android operating system. The devices, be they smartphones, tablets or even one-off media streamers, are built in conjunction with select hardware partners and represent an ideal marriage of tech specs with an unadulterated version of Android. It’s Google’s way of dealing with fragmentation (read: skinned versions) in the mobile OS market it created; a reference mark for manufacturers to aspire to, so to speak.

On the tail of the original Android handset’s sixth anniversary and in the run-up to whatever new Nexuses come next, we take a look back at the hardware path that’s been Google’s gold standard for Android.

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Engadget giveaway: win a ZMAX smartphone courtesy of ZTE!

Vast swathes of display real estate are hitting the market at lower prices than ever — unlike those glass towers springing up in Brooklyn — and one of the latest in the “phablet” set is ZTE’s ZMAX. This 5.7-inch smartphone boasts an expansive 720p screen, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip and a 3,400mAh battery. If you’re in the market, this solid slab of smartphone arrived at T-Mobile on Wednesday and can be had for just $252 outright (or $10.50 per month over two years). But for two Engadget readers this week, the ZTE ZMAX will cost a whole lot of nothing. Yep, ZTE has handed over a pair of these handsets for a couple of lucky winners, and they’re ready to run at up to 4G LTE speeds on the Uncarrier’s network. All you need to do is head down to the Rafflecopter widget below for up to three chances at winning one of these big-screen devices.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Entries are handled through the Rafflecopter widget above. Comments are no longer accepted as valid methods of entry. You may enter without any obligation to social media accounts, though we may offer them as opportunities for extra entries. Your email address is required so we can get in touch with you if you win, but it will not be given to third parties.
  • Contest is open to all residents of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so direct your anger at our lawyers and contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly. Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) ZTE ZMAX smartphone (ZTE Olympia Kit).
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen. Make sure that the account you use to enter the contest includes your real name and a contact email or Facebook login. We do not track any of this information for marketing or third-party purposes.
  • This unit is purely for promotional giveaway. ZTE, T-Mobile and Engadget / AOL are not held liable to honor warranties, exchanges or customer service.
  • The full list of rules, in all its legalese glory, can be found here.
  • Entries can be submitted until September 26th at 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

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T-Mobile now taking pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Just a quick heads up that T-Mobile is now accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you’re interested in picking up the new 5.7-inch hotness from Samsung you can expect to pay $749.76 for the device outright. The Un-carrier is also offering the Galaxy Note 4 for zero down and $31.24 per month for 24 months. Shipments are expected to begin on October 17.

What will it be, Charcoal Black or Frost White?


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Samsung’s no-phone-necessary Gear S watch is coming to the US this fall

Samsung gave us a glimpse at its next smartwatch (there have been a few) during IFA, and tonight there’s news that, surprise, you’ll be able to buy and use the Gear S in the US this fall. This one is special because unlike most other watches, it can connect to 3G data by itself when the wearer’s phone isn’t around. There’s little in the way of details, but it’s coming on all four major carriers — AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile — and the company promises more information “soon.” You can check out our experiences at typing out emails on its two-inch AMOLED screen right here, and decide if it’s worth picking up this Tizen OS device instead of the Apple Watch (or any of the other wearables either coming soon or already here).

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Verizon isn’t getting WiFi calling until next year, either

AT&T isn’t the only carrier not getting WiFi calling until 2015 — a certain red-branded network’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus won’t, either. Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference, Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo said that his company has some back-end work to finish up before the feature goes live. This is something he predicts should happen around halfway through next year. What’s more, he said that WiFi calling was never a top priority, either, as spotted by FierceWireless.

Taking a jab at the the carrier that does support the feature this year, T-Mobile, he said Verizon built its network “extensively” so that the firm doesn’t need to offer it just yet. “There was never a need for us to tell our customers, ‘Oh, our network is not good enough so you need to go default to WiFi to complete your call,’” he said. Citing similar reasons to AT&T, Shammo continued that it can’t guarantee the quality of a WiFi call, thus Verizon’s deliberate pace to adopt the tech. It’s a slight delay, but at least we’re getting the feature faster than, you know, a Big Red voice-over-LTE handset.

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Source: FierceWireless, HotHardware, Verizon

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T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon also confirm Galaxy Note 4 pricing details and pre-order dates

Seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has received a rather well-timed set of announcements from all the major carriers. Some are a bit more up front and open about details than others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Colors

T-Mobile will start pre-orders on September 24th at 9 a.m. Pricing is set at $0 down with $31.24 a month as your payment for 24 months.

AT&T is a little more convoluted in their announcement and availability, especially since they multiple purchasing options. They are the first to offer pre-orders though with the date being September 19th. That is tomorrow. With expected shipping on October 14th. They don’t go out of their way to say it will be launched officially October 17th, but rather that  “Full retail sales will be announced at a later date.” I wonder if they are banking on pre-order to deplete stocks. Pricing will depend on you. Next 18 will be $34.42 per month and Next 12 will be $41.30 per month. A new two-year contract puts it at $299.99 and full retail is $825.99.

Verizon is about as forth coming with information as ever. Basically they don’t say much of anything in their news releases. What they do let us know though is that the Note 4 will be available for pre-order starting September 19th.  Pricing offers up the same $299.99 two-year contract price as AT&T. They don’t offer the monthly details on the Verizon Edge program. Assuming they are pricing the device at $825.99 like AT&T, then on the Edge program is should be in the neighborhood of 41.29 for 20 months. That is just a guess though.

I heard from Sprint prior to thinking that I should think about the other guys. Sprint is putting the Note 4 up for pre-order on September 26th with a launch date set for October 17th. Pricing is $0 down and $30 a month for 24 months. However, they list the SRP at $720 (excluding tax).

None of them detail any color options. However, Samsung’s press release mentions Charcoal Black and Frost White. They also state that the Note 4 launches October 17th. While a few of the big guys above didn’t want to push that date out just yet. Samsung also tosses in US Cellular in their news, but US Cellular hasn’t published anything official yet. I think it is pretty safe to assume that they will be launching on the 17th of October also.

Source: T-Mobile | AT&T | Verizon | Sprint | Samsung |

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T-Mobile: pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 24


T-Mobile was among the first wireless providers to announce specific details as it pertains to the upcoming availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Pre-orders for the device begin at the Un-carrier on Wednesday, September 24 at 9AM PDT. Pricing is listed at $0 down and $31.24 monthly for 24 months which equates to a total cost of $749.76 when it’s all said and done.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile promises the best trade-in price in the industry; keep that in mind if you’re thinking of switching service providers and dumping your old phone.

T-Mobile | T-Mobile

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Where in the world is your iPhone 6?

UPS Delivers Terra Cotta Warriors

If you checked your iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus)’s shipping status before making coffee, walking the dog or catching up on your favorite tech site this morning, you’re definitely not alone. With a record number of pre-orders this year, there are thousands of soon-to-be iOS 8 users doing exactly the same thing. If you want to take your obsession to new heights, however, the aircraft tracking service FlightAware is eager to help. Once you receive a UPS tracking number for your precious cargo, you can head on over and track the exact location of your phone, be it in China, Anchorage (for a re-fueling stop), the Louisville (Kentucky) distribution center, or somewhere in between. Or you could just wait patiently for the doorbell to ring.

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T-Mobile to soon carry the ZTE ZMAX


Whenever people think about getting their hands on a phablet, the thing that stops them is the price tag. Smartphones with huge screens are really expensive, just look at the Note 4. But it seems ZTE has a solution for you. The Chinese giant has decided to release the ZTE ZMAX along with T-Mobile, with a 5.7-inch screen, the smartphone will cost only $252 without any contract.

nexus2cee_carousel-zte-zmax-all-380x380-11The huge display features a 1280×720 resolution, other than that, it is running on Android 4.4 KitKat, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, Adreno 305 GPU, GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera with a 1MP front-facing shooter, 16GB of internal memory and a MicroSD card slot, NFC, and a gigantic 3400 mAh battery. The phone has a slim plastic body, and the best thing is that the user interface it is on is really close to the stock Android. 

If you want to get the phone through T-Mobile’s installment plan, then it will cost you $10.50 on a 24 month plan. It’s definitely not a bad phone, and it will be a good choice for people looking for a cheap alternative of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It will be available at T-Mobile starting from Wednesday, September 24th.

Are you looking forward to grab it?

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 plan is here, check it out before the 23rd!


Today is the day! T-Mobile’s new Wi-Fi CellSpots are available in stores, and the other facets of their Uncarrier 7.0 plan are in full effect!

T-Mobile – Canton, OH

After a week of waiting, I walked into my local T-Mobile corporate store to see about picking up a new Wi-Fi CellSpot. They had them in stock, but barely knew what the devices were, let alone how they would process an order for one, so I waited for the kind representative who had the bad luck to have to assist me to read up on what exactly the device is, does, and how to sell it.

Insert 10 minutes of Jeopardy theme music.

The representative disappeared behind the employee doors and re-emerged with the coveted Wi-Fi CellSpot. I began to salivate, idly thumbing the raised numbers on my debit card, ready for throw my $25 at T-Mobile. He placed the box on the counter before me.

T-Mobile CellSpot

Another five minutes of reading followed by a confused “I’m not sure I can sell this yet” and the near hospitalization of the representative, were I not a praying man.

After another 20 minutes of listening to the salesman talk to customer service he redirected his attention to me with bad news, and some unexpected good news.

The bad news was that I wouldn’t be paying the $25 deposit required of post-pay customers to take home my very own CellSpot today, I would have to wait seven business days for the router to be shipped to me. The good news, however was that because I came in before September 23rd, I wouldn’t have to pay the deposit at all.

T-Mobile CellSpot receipt


If you want one of these bad-boys, get to a store before the 23rd so you don’t have to pay the deposit.

If you’re interested in reading the specifics on T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 strategy check out their page here

Or watch this video for the highlights:

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