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T-Mobile’s next-gen network map is the first crowdsourced customer-verified network coverage map

Static coverage maps are so 20th century. T-Mobile is moving from that traditional model of static coverage map that can often times depict where coverage “should” be, but in many cases isn’t. Now the Magenta Un-Carrier has launched a new coverage map that is called “Verified Coverage.” This is the first network carrier coverage map […]

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T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ship out, with 177MB OTA update on arrival

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-4

T-Mobile has already begun shipping out pre-orders for its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, according to an email sent out to earlier buyers. Smartphones could arrive in consumer hands as early as today and should arrive throughout the week, well ahead of the official April 10th retail launch date in the US.

Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will also arrive with a day one 177MB over the air update ready to download. The change-log for update UVU1AOCG suggests a range of bug fixes, performance improvements and a few minor feature enhancements, but doesn’t appear to make any major changes to the software, from a user’s point of view, or to the interface.

Usually we wouldn’t expect carriers to be so quick with the updates, so it’s nice to see T-Mobile and Samsung teaming up to squash bugs before users even have a chance to complain about them. T-Mobile seems determined to nail this launch, as the carrier has also thrown in a one year free subscription to Netflix when customers order the S6 or S6 Edge before April 12th.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yours yet, T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy S6 starting at $679.92 and has contracts ranging from $0 to $199.99 down with 24 monthly payments of around $27.50. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a little more expensive, starting at $779.76 for the 32GB model or upping the contract price to around £32 per month.


T-Mobile introduces real-time, customer-verified coverage map


T-Mobile, in an effort to provide even more transparency, has announced a new coverage map that it claims is more accurate than anything used by other carriers. Called “Verified Coverage”, the new map is updated twice per month and includes data that is generated by its user-base. Utilizing information provided by third-party apps, prospective customers can see what sort of coverage they might expect and what the data speeds might be.

According to T-Mobile, the LTE footprint now blankets more than 265 million Americans; the expectation is for 300 million by the end of 2015.

The new Verified Coverage map is now live on T-Mobile’s website.


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T-Mobile’s new ‘Next-Gen Network Map’ offers a more accurate look at the carrier’s coverage

T-Mobile new coverage map

If you’ve ever signed up for service with a different wireless carrier in the past, there’s a good chance that you’ve checked out the carrier’s network coverage map for your area. The problem is, wireless carriers usually produce network maps based on predictive coverage estimations, not real-time customer experiences. That’s why T-Mobile has just announced its new “Next-Gen Network Map” that uses customer-verified coverage instead of estimates.

The new network map incorporates more than 200 million customer usage data points from actual T-Mobile customers, as well as additional customer data from third-party sources such as Inrix. Just like the old map, the new one shows all levels of coverage in specific locations including 4G LTE, 4G, 3G and 2G. The carrier has also added a Verified Coverage icon, showing where the majority of data is provided by actual T-Mobile customers reporting their network experience.

Additionally, T-Mobile explains that the map will be updated twice every month, unlike data on other carriers’ maps that’s basically outdated by the time it’s printed and published. The map will also provide speed test data from third-party applications that shows the average download speeds customers have achieved in the last 90 days.

If you’re interested in checking out the new coverage map, it’s now live on T-Mobile’s site.


T-Mobile introduces the Next-Gen Network Map


T-Mobile with its uncarrier approach has kind of positioned itself as the people’s carrier. With a variety of uncarrier moves, the carrier has gained quite a lot of customers and garnered a lot of attention. Today, the company is tackling something, perhaps, minor, but something we see constantly: carrier maps.

You know, those maps Verizon and AT&T show us in their constant commercials? Well, according to T-Mobile, those maps that we see are produced by carriers based on “predictive coverage estimations.” As such, you’re just getting the carrier’s best guess at their coverage. So T-Mobile decided to do something about it and today it’s introducing maps that are “based on the actual experience of real customers, like you and your family.”

The maps are said to reflect near real-time customer experiences on the network, based on 200 million actual customer usage data points. The kicker is, it’s not done one a year, once a quarter, once a month or even once a week, but rather, once a day. To further bolster the mapping, the uncarrier isn’t just relying on its own data, but is also pulling usage stats from trusted third-party sources including Inrix, among others.

Features include:

  • Customer-verified coverage based on actual customer usage, resulting in a vastly more transparent and accurate map, showing, for example, exactly where you can expect 4G LTE, 4G, 3G or other levels of coverage.
  • A Verified Coverage icon indicating where the majority of data is provided by T-Mobile customers reporting their actual network experience, providing an added layer of confidence.
  • Data that’s updated twice monthly − compared to data presented on the carriers’ maps, which is already dated by the time it’s printed and published and may be months or even years old.
  • Speed test data from trusted third party apps showing average download speeds from customer speed tests over the last 90 days.

Those interested in checking it out can head here and take a look. T-Mobile says it will continue to push 4G LTE service to over 300 million Americans this year, and the Next-Gen coverage map will continue to evolve based on billions of data points. So if you’re using T-Mobile or are thinking about switching to the uncarrier, you can sleep easy knowing the coverage you’re getting is based on real-time usage rather than a best estimate practice.

source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go on pre-order March 27th with 1-year of Netflix

The competition between carriers to get your business is a cut throat one. AT&T announced this morning that they will be putting both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge up for Pre-Order on March 27th. Along with their announcement they are also tossing in $50 off a set of Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth […]

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AT&T and T-Mobile reveal Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pricing

samsung galaxy s6 editor's choice (1 of 1)
This morning Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will arrive in the United States on April 10th, with pre-orders beginning March 27th. Now T-Mobile and T&T have chimed in with a few other details, including how much they will sell the handsets for.

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T-Mobile’s pricing details

As expected, the premium design on the Galaxy S6 means pricing is going up, but not dramatically so. The 32GB model will cost $679.92, the 64GB model for $759.99, and the 128GB version for $859.99. For those interested in T-Mobile payment plans, the 32GB model can be yours for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $28.33, the 64GB model for $99 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.50, and finally the 128GB model for $199.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.50.

The Galaxy S6 Edge’s pricing has also been revealed, coming in at $779.76, $859.83 and $959.83 for the 32, 64 and 128GB versions respectively. Monthly payment rates will begin at $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $32.49, with the 64GB and 128GB models costing $31.66 a month, with the former requiring a $99.99 down payment and the later requiring $199.99 down.

Keep in mind that all of these devices also come with a free year of Netflix for those buying from the Uncarrier, a value of $107.88.

samsung galaxy s6 28

AT&T pricing details

While T-Mobile breaks down the pricing for all models, AT&T isn’t quite as clear. The carrier will carry the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options in black, white or gold but only has outed pricing for the 32GB Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The Galaxy S6 start at $22.84 monthly on Next 24, which assuming that’s zero down, as Next pricing usually is, comes to only $548.16. That’s significantly cheaper than T-Mobile’s listed price. The Galaxy S6 Edge starts at $27.17 on Next 24, once again looking to be noticeably cheaper at a total cost of $652.08. The AT&T Galaxy S6 offerings don’t come with a year of free Netflix, but they are offering $50 off on the purchase of a Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth Stereo headset through AT&T Next.

Anyone planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge through T-Mobile or AT&T? For those interested in other carrier pricing, we’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn more! Also, be sure to check out our full review:


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T-Mobile offers 1 year of free Netflix with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge


Looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge but don’t yet know which wireless provider to choose? Perhaps T-Mobile’s latest promotion might be enough to convince you to choose it.

According to T-Mobile, its version of the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will come with one year of Netflix free of charge. Worth roughly $100, it’s a limited time deal that credits users with twelve months of the 2 Stream service.

It’s not clear whether this is necessarily exclusive to T-Mobile; looking at the fine print we see language that indicates Samsung may be offering the Netflix. If that’s actually the case then it’s possible that other carriers might soon announce a similar deal.

Samsung is no stranger to throwing together bundles of apps and services with its products. We would be surprised if there weren’t other freebies given out with its 2015 flagship.


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[Deal] T-Mobile will give you one year of Netflix for Free with the purchase of the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge


Well here’s an interesting deal for you. T-Mobile will give you one full year of Netflix for Free with the purchase of the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge. That totals $107.88 in savings, assuming you’re not already grandfathered with the old $7.99 per month rate.

T-Mobile hasn’t specified if existing Netflix accounts will be eligible, but we assume so since a lot of people are already signed up with Netflix. It’s likely they will provide you some sort of code that you can redeem just like what Google did when they launched the Chromecast. Again, this is speculation since no details were announced.

Here’s the full text from the site…

When you buy the powerful new Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and Galaxy S® 6 edge from T-Mobile you get 1 year of Netflix on us with access to their entire streaming library – a $100+ value! Want the Galaxy S® 6 from T-Mobile, but trapped by your current carrier? Now T-Mobile will pay off your phone payments. Stuck in a contract? We’ll pay that too. So you can switch to T-Mobile and trade-up to the Galaxy S® 6 as soon as it’s available. Register today and we’ll let you know when you can buy your Galaxy S® 6 and get a year of Netflix on us!

Are you more likely to grab your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from T-Mobile with this deal in place?

source: T-Mobile / Image credit – @JohnLegere



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MetroPCS debuts $30 rate plan with unlimited talk, text, and data


T-Mobile and MetroPCS on Tuesday announced a new promotional rate plan for its prepaid customer base with a very affordable monthly fee. Starting immediately, customers can take advantage of a $30 option which includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of high speed data.

Although the plan includes 1GB worth of 4G data customers do actually receive or have access to unlimited data. Once the threshold is reached the speeds are simply throttled back for the remainder of the month.

Anyone with a MetroPCS phone can jump on the new plan; both 3G and 4G handsets are eligible for the promotion. According to MetroPCS, the promotion plan is only available in stores and that LTE phones are not eligible.

It’s not clear how long the deal will last or if this is an ongoing option.


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