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Facebook quietly redesigns site logo with new font

Facebook logoIf you use Facebook often, you might notice some slight changes to the site’s logo over the next few days. The company has (very quietly) announced a redesign of the word “Facebook” on their site, which now uses a slightly more rounded font. Is it a major change? Not at all. But Facebook is almost synonymous with social media at this point, and their previous font has become pretty iconic for the company.

The standard lowercase f you’re used to on the app logo and everywhere else on the web should remain the same, so if you hate change, at least that’ll stay the same.

Any thoughts on the new logo? I’m not a big Facebook user, but I think the new font looks a little more modern and friendly. Combined with the newer tablet interface Facebook is working on, it looks like the company is going to spend 2015 revamping their image.

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Christophe Tauziet (Twitter)

via: The Verge

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Hootsuite’s Android app receives update bringing better image sharing and content publishing

hootsuitelogoHootsuite’s Android application has been updated with several new features, mostly focused on image sharing and scheduled content publishing. The update brings the app to version 3.1, marking the first iterative update since it’s massive 3.0 update not too long ago.

Most of the new features are noticeable in the tweaked interface. The UI for composing tweets has been moved around a bit, making the send tweet arrow more prominent while hiding scheduling options behind a drop-down menu. When placing images within a tweet, Hootsuite now also shows a live preview of those images, which it didn’t do before. There are a few other slight changes, including Hootsuite being able to send out images to social media as opposed to just links, and a menu for looking at your scheduled content before it goes live.

You can grab the update from the link below.

qr codePlay Store Download Link

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Stephen Colbert introduces ‘The Late Show’ to social media

65th Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Stephen Colbert’s no stranger to the internet or technology, but you can’t exactly say the same for the show he starts hosting in December. Well ahead of his first night behind the The Late Show desk, CBS has launched an iOS app, new website and a rash of social media accounts bearing Colbert’s moniker. Sure, Conan and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon have their fingers in this pond already, but this move showcases a pretty big generational change when you compare this to the environment David Letterman debuted to in 1993. No disrespect to Letterman, but it’s rather refreshing. Oh, and there’s a teaser video below in case you’re curious about what the former Daily Show correspondent has been up to for the past few months. Spoiler: he has a beard.

[Image credit: Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP]

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Third-party Twitter apps will display quoted tweets properly soon

Quoted tweets

It’s been six weeks or so since Twitter revamped its “quoted tweet” function, saving users valuable characters and generally improving the experience for everyone using the site or the official apps. Now, it’s updating its API to support the changes, which will allow third-parties to properly display the quotes in their apps. To be clear, that’s all the update will allow for: displaying quotes correctly. Actually quoting tweets, according to Tweetium for Windows, is not supported by the API change, and it’s unsure if or when that’ll happen.

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Twitter’s Periscope app pops up on the Play Store

Periscope Icon

Twitter’s live-streaming video app, Periscope, has been exclusively available on iOS since its release earlier this year, but that is about to change. The app that celebrities, sports stars and content pirates love is about to hit the Google Play Store.

Periscope (2)
Periscope (1)
Periscope (3)

In case you are wondering what exactly this Periscope’ app is, it’s a method for both watching video broadcasts from (hopefully) interesting people as well as creating your very own broadcast from your mobile device. You can log in to the app with your Twitter details if you like, allowing your followers to view your broadcast live. Broadcasts are stored for 24 hours, allowing your followers to view via replay. Visually, the app follows Google’s material Design guidelines.

The Android version has an exclusive perk called ‘return to broadcast feature’, which lets you jump back to the stream you were viewing before you attended to a different task. You can log into the app with your Twitter details if you choose, which gives you the ability to broadcast live to your followers.

Periscope (5)
Periscope (4)

Periscope for Android is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. You can download the app by scanning the QR code below or just clicking on the Play Store link.
qr code

Google Play Store Get it Here

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Twitter introduces new tweet quoting system, rolling out to Android apps soon

twitter_new_banner_620pxTwitter has taken the wraps off of a new system for quoting tweets that makes it a little easier to add your own comment to others’ tweets. With the current quoting system, the contents of a tweet are literally “quoted” and posted to your followers. For longer tweets that hit that 140 character limit, that doesn’t really leave you much room to say anything.

The new system for quoting actually links the original tweet to your tweet, and you’ll get 116 characters to talk about it. It may not be the full 140 characters, but it’s way better than only having enough room for a few words.

This system is currently rolling out to the web version of Twitter, but you can expect it to hit the Android client soon.

source: Twitter

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Nuzzel for Android keeps up with the most popular stories from your social circles

nuzzelNuzzel is a service that takes a unique spin on curating content for you by crowd sourcing what your friends and social circles think is popular.

The app hooks into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then sees which stories and content are being tweeted and shared the most over a 24-hour span. Whichever stories are the most popular get dished up on your main feed in the app, from which you can share/tweet/link the stories again, thus completing the bloated cycle of viral news stories on social media. Seriously, though, if you have tons of Facebook friends and follow huge amounts of Twitter accounts, this is a great way to simplify things.

Nuzzel has a few other features, too, such as being able to simplify web pages and remove the bloat formatting you may not want to see, and it’ll give you easy ways to check out features feeds that may be sharing popular stories that aren’t floating around in your current social circles. It can also notify you whenever many of your friends are all talking about the same thing, whether it’s a tweet or new page. Definitely a useful tool for social media power users.

The app is free to download, so even if you’re on the fence about it, it can’t hurt to take it for a test drive.

qr codePlay Store Download Link

nuzzel 3
nuzzel 2
nuzzel 1

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Snapchat introduces Discover

Snapchat announced yesterday on their Tumblr blog a new service called Discover.

The way the blog post describes it is that a user would be able to view a gallery of posts selected every 24 hours. This galleries would contain snaps that editors and artists deem worthy.

Team Snapchat makes it very clear that this is NOT a social media service. They claim that social media is marked by showing the user what is popular based on likes and reshares.

Discover will be different in that it will display photos like a curated gallery. Here is a quick preview:


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Keeping up with Engadget on the ground at #CES2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And if you look at the lyrics to the Andy Williams classic, it can easily be adjusted for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (and despite impending sleep deprivation, we’ll still do our very best to “be of good cheer.“) We’re perched up in a gorgeous trailer (with plants!) and broadcasting live from our delightful stage right in the heart of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Engadget is sharing the news on nearly every social media platform out there, so pick your poison: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, RebelMouse and But for the most important updates, @Engadget on Twitter is your best bet and we’re also going to pop additional content onto @EngadgetEvents including our stage happenings and other miscellany as we run around.

In addition to the official channels, you can keep up with our team on Twitter. Use this list or individually follow the folks below for an unfiltered look at CES through our eyes. If you’d like to see all the conversation surrounding #CES2015, check out our Tagboard!

Aaron Souppouris – Senior Editor (@engadget)
Ben Gilbert – Senior Editor (@realbengilbert)
Billy Steele – Associate Editor (@wmsteele)
Blake Hamilton – Video Producer (@blakehamilton)
Chris Velazco – Senior Editor (@chrisvelazco)
Christopher Trout – Executive Editor (@mr_trout)
Dan Cooper – Associate Editor (@danielwcooper)
Dana Wollman – Managing Editor (@danawollman)
Devindra Hardawar – Senior Editor (@devindra)
Edgar Alvarez – Associate Editor (@abcdedgar)
James Trew – Deputy Managing Editor (@itstrew)
Jamie Rigg – Reviews Editor (@jmerigg)
John Colucci – Engagement Editor (@johncolucci)
Jon Turi – Associate Editor (@jonturi)
Jonathan Hall – Video Producer (@jmhall_)
Joseph Volpe – Features Editor (@jrvolpe)
Mat Smith – Senior Editor (@thatmatsmith)
Michael Gorman – Editor-In-Chief (@numeson)
Nicole Lee – Senior Editor (@nicole)
Richard Lai – Senior Editor (@richardlai)
Richard Lawler – Senior Editor (@rjcc)
Terrence O’Brien – Managing Editor (@terrenceobrien)
Tim Seppala – Contributing Editor (@timseppala)
Will Lipman – Photographer (@lipmanphoto)



Twitter’s “While You Were Away” feature going live for some users

Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateTwitter has been working on implementing a new feature for the social network that displays the most popular Tweets at the top of a user’s feed so they don’t miss anything important while they weren’t checking Twitter. The point is to drive up user engagement on the site, similar to how Facebook implements its Timeline feature. The feature is aptly called “While You Were Away” and it looks like it’s starting a slow roll out to some users.

The recapping feature is one of the first moves Twitter is making in 2015 to keep users on the site and posting. The tricky part will be finding the right balance between displaying tweets in the app that people actually want to see, and not just junk that takes up space at the top of a Twitter feed.

If you use the official Twitter app, keep an eye on it to see if the feature is live for you yet. If not, you can probably expect to see it by the end of the month.

source: Tech Crunch

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