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Instagram snags Kevin Weil after Twitter departure


The last few days have been tumultuous for Twitter after news broke that several executives were leaving the social platform’s management team. At least one of them appears to be headed to a competitor as multiple sources are reporting that Kevin Weil, the former vice president of product at Twitter, is on his way to Instagram as the Head of Product.

Weil’s move comes on the heels of Instagram’s former head of product, Peter Deng, moving over to the Oculus portion of the Facebook collective earlier this month. According to sources, Instagram has actually been courting Weil for several months now and Deng’s move helped things fall into place. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey may have gotten wind of that development as reports indicate Weil’s responsibilities at Twitter had been scaled back after a round of layoffs last October. Weil is slated to to officially stay on as a Twitter employee until January 29th, so no official word from Instagram is likely to be released until after that date.

Along with Weil, Twitter also lost their VP of Engineering Alex Roetter, their VP of Global Media Katie Stanton and VP of Human Resources Skip Schipper. Despite some initial reports, all of the executives left of their own accord rather than being let go by Twitter. Some sources indicated that Roetter alerted Dorsey to his imminent departure late in 2015 after a reorg. No word has surfaced yet on where these individuals may be heading.

source: Re/code

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Snapchat set for new features, including audio/video calling and improved interface

Snapchat-logo-e1406582518655Snapchat is quickly growing as one of the most popular social media services in the world, but it looks like the developers want to try and tackle some other markets while they’re at it. Some new code was found in the Android Snapchat application that hints at some new features, including audio and video calling, that would put the time-sensitive photo sharing app in direct competition with things like Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Snapprefs, a customizable Xposed module for root users, is an extension that gives the Snapchat app some extra functionality. The development team behind it dug around in the latest Snapchat app and found some of these new features tucked away, ready to be rolled out to the masses. This includes the previously mentioned audio and video calling, but also includes some interface tweaks that show if the other party is listening to or watching your messages. There are also stickers, because what’s a social media messaging service without a ton of weird stickers?

Snapchat hasn’t announced any of these features as official, but if they’re already mostly present in the app, it’s very likely that they’ll be rolled out to everyone soon.

source: XDA

via: Phone Arena


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A flock of Twitter employees leave the nest amid shakeup


The last eight months at Twitter have been nothing short of dull. Dick Costolo, the company’s longtime CEO, left in July 2015 with an unplanned successor. Founder Jack Dorsey assumed the role on an interim basis with the intent to set Twitter on a course to revamp its board, get everything on the right track, and name a new leader for 2016 and beyond. That new leader was never named because Dorsey permanently became the CEO once again in October, just one week before Twitter announced it would be letting go of more than 300 employees. But the reshuffling isn’t over yet. Dorsey himself announced a whole bunch of moves as The New York Times went public with Twitter’s decision to overhaul high-level positions throughout the company.

Alex Roetter (SVP of Engineering), Kevin Weil (VSP of Product), Katie Jacobs Stanton (VP of Global Media), and Skip Schipper (VP of Human Resources) are all leaving Twitter on their own terms. Dorsey stated that they are “taking well-deserved time off” before thanking them for their service. Each of their roles will be filled, at least on an interim basis, with existing Twitter executives. COO Adam Bain will handle revenue-related product teams, media, and human resources. The engineering, consumer product, design, research, and user services wings will be folded into one group overseen by CTO Adam Messinger.

Vine, which is owned by Twitter, also lost someone important to its operations. GM Jason Toff confirmed that he’s leaving the struggling video sharing service to assist Google in its virtual reality efforts.

Here’s what the head honcho sees for the future:

“Twitter will become the first thing everyone in the world checks to start their day and the first thing people turn to when they want to share ideas, commentary or simply what’s happening.”

Dorsey will also continue searching for new people from the outside to join Twitter’s board.

Source: The New York Times, Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

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Tumblr gets new option to send posts as messages

tumblr messagingTumblr is rolling out a new feature to users that will allow you to send any post on the site as a message to another user. There’s a new “paper airplane” button on the site that composes a message that you can fling to any of your friends, so you can carry on a conversation in nothing but Tumblr posts.

The update is live on the web right now, with the Android update rolling out over the next day or so.

source: Tumblr

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Facebook’s offline news feed lets you continue your obsession even in the subway

360 in News Feed facebook

Anybody who uses public transport on the regular knows the frustration of having to stop obsessively scrolling through their Facebook news feed whenever they’re underground. Folks living in places with sketchy internet access are all familiar with the irritation that comes with composing a well-articulated political argument, only to have their internet go out right as they hit the “Post Comment” button. Facebook is working on a solution to this problem by giving you access to your news feed even if you’re offline.

facebook-breakup-managerSee also: Facebook makes its best effort at being a shoulder to cry on post-breakup11

Although they’re still testing this feature, the concept seems very workable. The idea is that your Facebook app will keep a cache of recent stories posted to Facebook. If it detects that you don’t have an internet connection, instead of just showing you an error message, the app will shuffle through the cache and pick out some stories you haven’t read yet. Whenever you get even the barest trickle of internet, Facebook will attempt to grab new content for you.

Facebook AA watermark

The update also gives you a little bit of interactivity as well. You can post comments or statuses even without internet, and the app will store them for the next time you’re online. Once you get data service or a wifi connection, Facebook will post the content for you. I guess you just have to cross your fingers that what you had to say will still be relevant to the conversation.

We’re not sure yet if Facebook is rolling this feature out for all app users or if they’re just testing it with a limited audience. It seems like a feature with more pros than cons, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing offline news feeds pretty soon either way.

Gimmick or useful update? Let us know in the comments!

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Google tests teen waters with social media app Who’s Down


Google is dipping their toes into teen social media with a new app called Who’s Down. The app serves as a way to broadcast one’s availability and interest so as to bring together equally free and similarly inclined people. The app is currently invite-only, and the sign-up form for Who’s Down asks only for your email address and school, meaning the app is specifically targeting a younger demographic.

Google seems tentative to re-enter the social media scene after their previous experience with Google+. Although the Facebook alternative has attracted a number of hardcore fans who were more than ready to leave their Likes behind in favor of +1’s, the social media platform has failed to garner the same level of mass-market appeal enjoyed by its rival and has arguably become more of a niche platform (though one many of us love). Of course, Who’s Down likely isn’t seen by Google as a replacement for Google+, just a way target a different audience. 

Who’s Down looks to be a new angle on the increasingly valuable instant messaging environment, an area of interest where Google has been consistently trailing behind services like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Although Google Hangouts is a very effective messaging platform, it hasn’t really ever snared the massive younger messaging audience that it’s low-key name seems to target.

Who’s Down is currently available in the Google Play Store. You need an invitation to use it, but if you don’t have one, you can request one from the app upon signing up.

Get it on Google Play!


Use Tribeway to share your favorite moments in life (App Review)

With a plethora of social networks that are cropping up everyday, and those that have already found the graveyard, it’s a tough field to get into nowadays. In order to make a name for yourself, you need to do something that is different than the norm, or make sharing your social status easier than what’s already available. With Tribeway, this is somewhat of a different take on social networks. From the “Trails”, to built-in messaging, Tribeway is one of those alternative options out there.


Tribeway is a social media platform that offers a different experience for sharing your favorite moments, and chatting with your friends. In order to get started, you’ll need to head over to the Play Store and download it for free. Once you’ve opened it up, you’ll need to sign up with either a Facebook or Google+ account. A little redundant, but necessary nonetheless.


After your account is set up, you’ll more than likely want to test the waters to see if any of your other friends have signed up with Tribeway. To do this, hit the Friends tab, and ‘Add Friends’. Chances are, you’re the lone wolf here, but there are some recommendations for folks you can follow. If you want to invite some of your friends to try out Tribeway with you, there is an option to invite as many people as you’d like, and it will invite them through Facebook or Google+, depending upon what you used to sign up with.

Once you’ve got your account set up, and your friends invited, you’ll want to head over to the main screen. From here, you’ll see a few tabs, a few other buttons as well. What you are presented with, is called “Trails” and is essentially your news feed. Here is where folks you follow can post groups of images and videos, and you can react to those with a thumbs-up, comment, or you can “Boost the post, which will make the post appear on your trails for all of your friends.


In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you’ll find a Floating Action Button(FAB), which takes you into your friends panel. From here you can select friends to share your trails with, as well picking which images you would like to have posted. Posting a trail is actually a bit tedious.

In order to post a trail, you’ll need to hit that FAB, and once you select the images, you’ll need to create choose a cover image. Now, in order to even post the trail, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account, so that you can attach your Google Drive account. We aren’t exactly sure why this is the case, however, it’s just another step that needs to be taken for posting simple images.

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken just to post a simple Trail, so it’s a little off-putting, but once you get used to the process, it’s just a matter of tapping a few times. Not as fast as Instagram or Facebook, but hey, it’s another way to share your favorite images with folks on the interwebs.


Tribeway also includes the ability to chat and/or call your contacts. It’s like having Facebook Messenger built into the Facebook app again. Simply tap a contact, and open up the conversation. There’s no cost associated with the messaging service, so this is another alternative to something like Telegram or WhatsApp.

What We Like

  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Trails are laid out in an attractive fashion
  • Messaging is built-in and doesn’t require any extra downloads

And Not So Much

  • Too many taps to share a single image
  • Not many people using Tribeway
  • Doesn’t do anything that isn’t already available elsewhere

Overall, Tribeway is just another social network, and although it’s not as intuitive as others, Tribeway may be something worth considering. If you’re tired of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+, and want to give something else a shot, Tribeway is deserving of a look or two. However, remember that you can’t sign up without a Google+ or Facebook account, and chances are, none of your friends are on there. So you’ll need to invite them before anything else.

If you’re interested in Tribeway, drop us a line and let us know. We love connecting with our readers, so let us know if you’re using it, and we’ll definitely do some connecting.

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Trends Today: the social media world of #hashtags (App Review)

In today’s world of technology, we are able to communicate faster than ever. A simple #hashtag, like, or comment can help keep us informed of all that is happening around us. Unfortunately, it can also mean we may miss something important we want to know. With the Trends Today app, you can now keep up with all the top stories in one spot.


Trends Today is an app that opens you up to a world of #hashtags. It allows you to see top trending stories on five of the most popular social sites: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Vine, all in one location. Other social sites are planned to be added with future app updates.

You can also receive notifications of new trends, though I didn’t seem to have that happen too often. You can turn off notifications in the Settings menu if you prefer not to receive them. This is also the only settings option you will find. It would be nice to have different theme options and the ability to select what social sites you want to see in the app.



Each site will have its own tab. I found this made it very easy to navigate between the different social sites. For Twitter and Facebook, lists are generated by trending topics. Once a topic has been selected, you will see the different tweets and posts on that topic, from which you can click on to read, comment, or share. You can also view posts by most recent or most popular. The Reddit tab will be organized by trending posts, instead of by topic,and Instagram and Vine will show thumbnails of the trending photos and videos.

Other features include a built-in web browser, so there is no jumping out of the app to view a post, and the ability to see what is popular worldwide, or by selecting a specific country. The current list of countries is USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India.



When you first open the app, you will be asked to select which country you want to view posts from. You can change this, later, by clicking the menu button, at the top left of the screen, and selecting whichever location you prefer.

From the same menu, you can choose to create a profile as well. This is not required, nor is it clear as to what it’s for. Skipping the registration will not hinder your viewing experience, so I would just skip it.

When you select a post, you will be taken to the social media’s mobile site. To like, share, or comment, you will have to sign into your respective accounts. However, with Vine and Instagram, these will not open in the browser, instead, you’ll be taken to your default browser, or the app. You can view the pictures and videos, but there is no sign in option, so you cannot like or share within the Trends Today app. Hopefully, the developer will change this in future updates.


What we liked

  • One app to view trending posts from multiple social sites
  • Easy navigation
  • Built-in browser

What could be better

  • Needs more social sites, like Google+
  • Sign in options for Instagram and Vine
  • Options to select which sites you want to be displayed


For any of you who have multiple social media accounts, Trends Today is a great way to keep you up-to-date with the trends of each one. So, browse, comment, and #hashtag away with Trends Today.

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Peeple app will let everyone you know rate you like a restaurant, whether you like it or not

For a long time, my roommate has been threatening to create a Yelp page for me, just so that he can give me a low rating on my cooking ability. Now he won’t have to do that, because a group of insane people have actually gotten together and made a Yelp for human beings, it’s an Android app called “Peeple.”

According to the Washington Post, this startup company has already raised $7.6 million in venture capital. Peeple, which lets anyone with a phone or Facebook account assign star ratings to other people whether they are signed up for the app or not, is still in its beta stage. So far the notion has received a largely negative response from social media.

If you are friends with someone on Facebook or know their cell phone number, you will be able to give that person a rating out of five stars in three different categories: personal, professional, and romantic. The creators of Peeple are marketing it as “a positivity app for positive people,” but many have expressed concerns regarding the already-rampant problem of online shaming. Some have even gone so far as to call it “an app for bullying.”

Peeple app

Co-founder Julia Cordray believes that Peeple’s “integrity features” will help nip such problems in the bud. These “integrity features” include a 21-and-up age limit, the fact that the reviews you post are publicly tied to your Facebook account, and that your Facebook account must be at least six months old. You must also affirm that you know the person, and if they aren’t in the database, you must provide Peeple with their phone number before posting a review. Any negative reviews you receive will have a 48-hour pending time during which you can dispute them.

If this doesn’t sound like a can of worms to you, I don’t know what would. The team, who call themselves “bold innovators” on their website, believe the app will be a way for underappreciated people to get the positive feedback they deserve. They’ve posted a kind of manifesto called “An Ode to Courage” on their front page in which they proclaim that they won’t apologize for the “big waves” they are making because “we love you enough to give you this gift.” 

“You never tell people how great you really are,” they say in a documentary covering the app’s development, “but maybe the network that loves you would.” Just my two cents here, but maybe one of the traits of a great person is that they don’t need everyone to think they’re great.

In a totally unforeseeable twist of irony, Peeple temporarily set their Twitter account to Private during the peak hours of negative backlash not long after announcing the app. We only hope that they have learned something of how unforgiving the internet can be, and apply that to Peeple before official launch. 


Instagram is now adding Direct Messages with Instagram Direct

Instagram has been around FOREVER, and it just seems to gain popularity all the time. Even with “competitors” like Vine and SnapChat, people still opt to go to Instagram to post their favorite pictures, even if it’s of their dinner every day.

Back in 2013, Instagram introduced a way for users to share images and comments with either just one person or a small group of users. Instagram Direct has been a way to not have to deal with the slew of different users that you already follow, instead you can focus on sending that embarrassing vacation photo with just your close-nit friends.

Now, Instagram has added the ability to Direct Message another user from Instagram Direct. The move makes sense in light of the fact that Instagram is still growing, and has really been turning into a hybrid of both Twitter and Facebook, while maintaining a smaller profile.

Today’s updates also bring a brand new way to start conversations around what you see on Instagram. When you find something inspiring or funny, your first instinct is often to share it with friends who you know will appreciate it. Today, people do this by @-mentioning friends in comments, so much so that nearly 40% of comments include an @-mention. This update has made it easier to share content that you love.

It seems that Instagram is trying to kill the “@” action that everyone performs just about every other social media platform uses. It will be interesting to see whether this catches on, and if this will influence any changes to other social media platforms.

Let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below, and whether you actually use Instagram Direct, or if you just Instagram to look at those dinner pictures from two days ago.

Source: Instagram

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