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Samsung debuts limited edition Iron Man variant for Galaxy S6 Edge

As we’ve come to expect over the last few weeks, Samsung has announced a limited edition of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. Making its debut today, the Iron Man variant features a red and gold design with the titular Avenger etched into the back of the device. Additionally, the Iron Mad edition ships with a wireless charging pad that looks much like an arc reactor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Those of you hoping to get your hands on the limited run Samsung smartphone might not want to hold your breath. Unfortunately, there’s no indication that we’ll see the device launched in the United States. As it stands now, the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition will be offered in Korea, China, and Hong Kong.


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Samsung unveils 10nm FinFET manufacturing plans

samsung logo x x mwc 2015

Samsung may have only recently rolled out its own 14nm chips in its new Galaxy S6 smartphone, but now the growing semiconductor company has revealed a few details about its plans to shrink processor manufacturing down to 10nm.

Samsung says that the processing node will be in full production by the end of 2016 and will offer “significant power, area and performance advantages” over existing nodes. No other specs, details, or product plans were given.

10nm FinFET waferTSMC, the largest player in the industry, is also planning to have its own 10nm manufacturing ready late next year, and is likely keen to edge out any advantage it can gain after been beaten by Samsung to 16/14nm this year. Intel is also in the race to 10nm and is expected to be ahead of the rest in development, but has remained silent about its plans.

As well as producing smaller versions of its Exynos mobile SoC line-up, Samsung may also pick up large 14nm orders from other companies later this year. By beating TSMC to market this year, both Apple and Qualcomm are rumored to be turning to Samsung’s foundries for their new chips. Similar orders could carry over to 10nm too, so long as Samsung has the capacity to cater for multiple major device launches.

“Samsung made a big gamble on 14nm FinFet… they’ve closed the gap significantly with TSMC,” – International Business Strategies CEO Handel Jones

Just last month Samsung gave out further details about its 14nm roadmap. Samsung now has two fabs in South Korea, one in Austin Texas, and a Global Foundries fab in New York State up and running using its 14nm process. Although the company still hasn’t given out any numbers on yields, volumes or the number of designs planning to use the process.

The time spent on 14nm and 16nm nodes is expected to be relatively short, as foundries look set to move over to the cheaper, more efficient 10nm process so quickly.


Samsung’s latest patent describes a dual-booting machine (again)

Samsung ATIV Q

Despite the best of intentions, often times intellectual property laws may get in the way of potential products. Such was the sad fate that befell the Samsung Ativ Q, a device from 2013 that turned many heads for its high resolution screen and dual-booting of Windows 8 and Android. While this promising pipe-dream might be yesterday’s listful lament, it would appear Samsung is not done with the convertible form factor. Thanks to the team at Patently Mobile, the following is now upon us:

Samsung dual boot Patently Mobile

The schematic seen here is supposedly for a dual booting device. The premise is quite simple in theory: the computer runs Windows, but if you place a compatible Samsung mobile phone (the “phablet”) into the docking area, the OS would switch to Android. Interestingly enough, this is far from the first attempt at such a product, as Asus had the Transformer Book V last year, and a similar idea was employed way back in 2011 with the Moto Atrix 4G Lapdock (minus the inclusion of Windows of course).


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As Patently Mobile rightly mentions, the potential gain for Samsung here would be quite high, all the more so if Apple will truly bring a 12 inch+ ‘iPad Pro” to market this year. By developing a product like this, the company could instantly be established in the business productivity segment, something that it arguably tried last year with the release of the Galaxy Tab PRO series. This would be a much more aggressive take however, when you factor in the presence of Windows in-and-of-itself, as well as Samsung’s recent partnership with Microsoft to pre-install Office apps onto Galaxy phones and tablets in key markets. Microsoft would, in turn, also stand to benefit as well as it could potentially be selling Windows licenses to every single Galaxy Note owner.

While a patent application might be nothing more than an idea put down on paper to protect, Samsung’s commitment to reinvent itself this year is clear (see the Galaxy S6/TouchWiz) and there is the aforementioned fact that it has already sought to release a dual-booting device to begin with.

With all this said, there’s a rumored reason dual-booting Android/Windows were announced, but not actually released. Both Google and Microsoft were reportedly unhappy with the idea, and that may be the biggest obstacle in transforming this patent into a commercial product.



The Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition has landed, check out the unboxing video

samsung galaxy s6 edge iron man

After a brief teasing, the Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge has arrived, and it’s every bit as flashy as we expected it to be.

The Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge features a Tony Stark approved red and gold paint scheme, complete with the likeness of the titular hero on its back. Other than the new colors, this limited edition appears to be identical to the regular version of the S6 Edge (64GB), while the device comes preloaded with the Iron Man theme from the Samsung store (you can switch to the default one if you think it’s too much).

The Galaxy S6 Iron Man limited edition comes in a red box that looks nice enough to keep around as decoration, and the box includes an “arc reactor” wireless charger and a clear plastic case.

Now for the bad news: Samsung only mentioned South Korea, China, and Hong Kong in its official announcement. The limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man will land in South Korea tomorrow, May 27, and in the other two markets next month. It’s possible that the lack of info on other countries is just an omission, but it’s more likely that Samsung hasn’t planned for a wide release for the Iron Mad-themed device. No details on the price yet.

So, now that it’s here, what do you think of the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge? What other Avengers would you like to get their own limited edition?

Show Press Release

Samsung Introduces Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition

Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition in collaboration with Marvel. Samsung and Marvel have come together in celebration of the technological innovation and creative visual storytelling in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to introduce this limited edition of the Galaxy S6 edge.

We are excited to be able to offer our world-class Galaxy S6 edge smartphone designed especially for Iron Man fans through our continued collaboration with Marvel,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics. “The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge embodies the power of the iconic Avenger with a dual-curved edge design and advanced features that will provide Marvel fans with the ultimate entertainment experience.”

The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition package is equipped with a vibrant red and gold Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 edge including 64GB of storage and matching wireless charger, as well as a clear cover that enhances the device’s exclusive design.

The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition will be available in Korea on May 27, 2015, with China and Hong Kong in June.

Full details and product images are available at or


Samsung’s Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge lacks J.A.R.V.I.S.

With Samsung being an active promoter of Marvel’s latest Avengers movie, it’s no surprise to see the tech giant releasing some sort of special edition product to sweeten the deal. Why yes, it’s an Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge with matching red-and-gold color theme! This 64GB device is quite a looker, and the special package even comes with an “arc reactor” wireless charger, but you’ll have to make do with Google Now instead of the more entertaining J.A.R.V.I.S. Here’s the real bad news, though: right now Samsung is only releasing this phone in South Korea on May 27th, followed by China plus Hong Kong in June, so while you’re searching for the earliest flights to Asia, feel free to keep yourselves entertained with the official unboxing video after the break.

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Iron Man edition of Galaxy S6 Edge due this week

Late last week, Samsung Mobile Korea confirmed on its Facebook page that the Iron man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge is coming this week.

Currently, it is not known if this is coming to the United States, if this will be available for the regular Galaxy S6, or if other Avenger models are coming. We may find out more later this week.

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‘Buy Buy’ BlackBerry? Microsoft could make offer for sleeping phone giant, rumors say


Rumors have been circulating recently that companies are lining up to acquire Blackberry. The shortlist includes Microsoft, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo for now —  last month, Samsung was reportedly also on the list but backed out after getting a $7.5 billion asking price.

As of now, Microsoft seems to be preparing a $7 billion offer for the company — that’s a 26 percent premium for the stock.

While BlackBerry continues to struggle on the sales end of its operation, it still does have a great reputation in mobile security as a part of its enterprise/business-class devices — the U.S. government still lists BlackBerry as its preferred smartphone OEM. (This, of course, is the valuable asset these suitors wish to gain in any purchase of the company.)

Via: PhoneArena
Source: MobileBurn

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Samsung’s new wireless headphones are a worthy contender

Samsung's new wireless headphones are a worthy contender

Last summer, I spent some time getting to know the first four entries in Samsung’s “Level” audio line. There’s a new item this year, though: a wireless version of the original Level On headphones. In case you missed the first roundup, this model is an on-ear option, and it ended up being my favorite of the bunch. But with the bulk of the features being the same, is the extra $80 worth it to go wireless?

In terms of aesthetics, the Level On and Level On Wireless are identical. The only way to tell the difference — save for the expanded color options — is the “Level” branding on the outside of the wireless model’s earcups. Aside from that, you’re looking at the same plastic construction and metallic accents. Speaking of colors, this new model comes in red, blue, white and sapphire — the last of which is the one I’ve been testing. Unlike on the original, the earpads and headband match the rest of the unit. On the older wired model, Samsung went with a white and tan color scheme, a design that made the Level On look a bit more high end. The headphones also still fold up nicely for easy storage in a backpack pocket. That may be table stakes for audio gear these days, but the ability to fold up a set is still much appreciated.

As you might expect, the addition of Bluetooth connectivity means a few extra buttons as well as a charging port. The two sliders that power on the headphones and toggle the active noise cancellation are on the edge of the right earcup. In particular, they’re toward the back, which makes them easily accessible with your thumb. Honestly, it’s kind of the perfect location for those. Touch controls reside on the outside of the right earcup for controlling volume, skipping tracks and pausing songs. The touchpad works quite well, though in practice I only used a vertical swipe to adjust the volume.

The charging port uses micro-USB for powering the wireless and sound-enhancing tech. There’s only a cord included for that task, though, so you’ll have to use your own plug or free up a port on your laptop to get the job done. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze, and after my recent issues with Sennheiser’s Momentum wireless headphones, I’m quite grateful for that.

I mentioned last time how comfortable the Level On is, and the wireless option thankfully carries the same degree of wearability. The headphones feel light and nice padding on the earcups keeps things comfy, even during longer listening sessions. The headband has nice flex to it, too, so unlike the Beats Solo2, you won’t have to worry about feeling like your head is being pinched. Extended listens are possible thanks to an internal battery that easily made it through a full work day. Samsung claims 11 hours of battery life with both Bluetooth and noise cancellation on. Indeed, in a typical 9-hour day, I didn’t get a single low battery warning. Most of the time I switched off the active noise cancellation while listening to podcasts, though, as it seemed unnecessary in the confines of my home office.

Let’s discuss sound quality, shall we? Like I said before, I thought the original Level On was the best-sounding of the original bunch, and I really like the sound of the wireless model, too. Everything is crisp and clear, and the headphones are tuned well by default. When testing cans, I usually run through a gamut of genres to properly put the accessory through its paces. Rock, metal, bluegrass and jazz all sound great, but when it comes to styles that demand a little more thumping bass, the Level On is lacking. There is a Level Audio app for making tweaks, and while it does offer some improvement, it doesn’t add enough kick for my liking. What can I say, I favor a solid dose of bass when it comes to hip hop, especially while listening to tracks like Ace Hood’s “Bugatti.” Just like the regular version, these can get painfully loud, too. I kept that level about halfway on my MacBook Air and it was plenty, but there’s a bit more gas in the tank for those who prefer to listen at a deafening volume.

Is the Level On Wireless worth the extra cash? If you haven’t already splurged for the wired model, go for it. To me, it’s a better option than the Beats Solo2 Wireless just for how comfortable it is. I kinda dig the sound of the newer Beats gear, but in this case, I’d rather not feel like my head is in a vice after 15 minutes or so. For folks who think Dr. Dre and co. pack in too much bass, you’ll probably like the sound here. Unfortunately, having to look elsewhere to tweak the EQ won’t entice me to give up my B&O H6s even though I still have to use a cord with them.

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Google heads list of 16 companies trying to kill passwords

Stock password photos are fun

People don’t put enough thought into passwords because it’s a pain, but that creates security problems for the whole internet. Google, Microsoft and others in the FIDO Alliance want to replace passwords with fingerprint scanning and other techniques, and just unveiled 31 products from 16 companies that conform to the new standard. The most recognizable of those is Google’s login service, which implemented USB key locks that eliminate mobile phones in 2-step identification late last year. Others on the list include Samsung’s PayPal authorizing fingerprint system, and Nok Nok, which allows Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner to work with third-party apps.

FIDO also announced a certification program for its version 1.0 specification. Conforming apps will authenticate using biometric data like voice prints and fingerprints, while never storing them to ensure privacy. In addition, certified apps will theoretically work with any biometric system, depending on what a vendor wants to implement. The standard makes it easier for companies to incorporate FIDO into apps, while the official logo assures consumers that a product is conforming. Despite that, lots of companies still haven’t boarded the alliance, and some are still waiting — like Microsoft, which won’t certify Windows 10 for FIDO until the next spec is released.

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This is the limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge coming next week

samsung galaxy-s6-iron-man-edition-

In a new teaser Samsung is giving us the first look at the red-and-gold Iron Man limited edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

samsung galaxy-s6-iron-man-edition-lighter

Lighting up the image reveals a few more details

Samsung’s marketing deal with Marvel has so far spawned consistent product placement in Avengers: Age of Ultron, several Avengers themes in the Galaxy S6 store, and, of course, a range of Avengers-themed accessories for Samsung’s top devices. But the highlight of this marketing extravaganza is the Iron Man edition of the S6 Edge, which looks like something Tony Stark would approve and use.

The image above was teased by Samsung Korea earlier today; the Iron Man S6 Edge appears to feature a vibrant red and gold finish, complete with a totally unsubtle depiction of the titular superhero.

One of the hashtags accompanying the picture translates to “1000 limited edition,” so it’s very likely that the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge won’t be a mass product. Then again, if demand is high enough, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung doubled down on the idea and even brought more Avenger editions of the S6 Edge. More details next week.


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