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Samsung reducing smartphone lineup by up to 30% next year


Times are getting a little tough over at Samsung. Profit is declining and executives are seeing their pay slashed. The company relies heavily on its mobile division and that is where changes are going to be made. Next year, Samsung confirmed it will be reducing its smartphone lineup by 25% to 35%. Samsung would like to streamline everything in an effort to be cost efficient.

Demand for Galaxy devices is in limbo and Samsung would like to focus on select models. Right now, there are far too many Galaxy devices available in various names, sizes, colors, and markets. It is undeniably messy and confusing for consumers. Focusing on select models will provide proper attention and promotion across the board. It clears confusion for consumers because there will be actual differentiation.

Samsung remains as dominant as ever in markets like the United States. But in markets overseas, competitors are pushing back. Low-cost devices, from hardware manufacturers such as Xiaomi, are giving Samsung a run for its money. Reducing its smartphone lineup will give Samsung’s low-cost devices the push they desperately need to be competitive.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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No surprise: Samsung will cut number of models released by 25 to 30 percent

Samsung will cut number of modelsIn case you hadn’t heard, Samsung isn’t doing too great. Sure, it’s still top of the Android ladder, but its poor financial performance this year has it harshly assessing its strategy going forward. Now one of the things that Samsung is often associated with is inundating the market with an assortment of devices at different price points, effectively saturating all parts of the market and vastly increasing its chances of profit. While this didn’t work in 2014, Samsung will cut number of models that it produces, aiming to create more components that can be shared across models, so that the economies of scale work more in their favour.

In this way, Samsung will need to cut down their number of released models by 25 to 30 percent, which is a pretty big number when you think about how many mid and low range devices they release on a yearly basis – the Galaxy Core, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy Mega just to name a few. And with the news that Samsung intends to make the Samsung Galaxy S6 from scratch, perhaps we shall see Samsung create an innovative flagship device like the one that saw it rise to prominence in the first place.

What do you think about Samsung cutting down on its yearly offerings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Wall Street Journal via engadget

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge coming to Carphone Warehouse


According to a new leak picturing the device on an internal system, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be coming to Carphone Warehouse soon.

Whilst original reports indicated the device would be available for pre-order on the 14th November, which has clearly past, the presence of the device on the system means that it cannot be too far away.

Although it’s not definitive, it looks as if the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available to pre-order soon, with Clove currently listing it with a guide price of £650.


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Check out our laptop buyer’s guide for the best in portable PCs

Tablets are great, but if you’re really looking to get some work done, a laptop is still one of the best for the job, especially if you need flexibility and portability. With the variety of Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and slimmed-down gaming laptops on offer, you don’t even have to weigh yourself down anymore. So if you’re looking for an upgrade, it’s definitely worth checking out the laptop section in our buyer’s guide or the gallery below for a few suggestions. We’ll also be adding new items in the months to come, so let us know (in the comments below) if there’s something you’d like to see listed.

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Samsung’s mobile chief takes a huge pay cut after slowing sales

Samsung’s mobile head and co-CEO JK Shin is feeling the company’s tumultuous performance right in his wallet. The exec earned around $630,000 last quarter (a combination of salary and bonuses), which is less than half of the $1.5 million he took home in the previous quarter, the WSJ reports. While the news only makes Shin slightly less of a millionaire than he was before, it’s a clear sign of Samsung’s shifting fortune. The electronics giant is still the largest smartphone maker in the world, with around 24 percent of total market share (according to IDC). But it’s been steadily losing ground to inexpensive Chinese brands like Xiaomi. And Samsung has reason to be worried — Xiaomi is now the world’s third-largest smartphone company after its shipments more than doubled last quarter.

Shin likely won’t feel the pay dent much, though. He’s already earned significantly more this year than his co-CEOs after a massive $8.8 million payout in the first quarter (which likely included bonuses from the previous year). And Samsung is still trucking along with massive revenues and profits. But unless the company finds some way to take on the cheap competition, or crafts another high-end hit to rekindle the glory days of the Galaxy S3 (the S4 and S5 have sold well, but not nearly as much as the S3), it may end up losing the mobile crown in a few years.

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Source: Wall Street Journal


DirecTV rolls out 4K programing, but only for those with Samsung TVs

Early last year, DirecTV registered a slew of 4K-branded trademarks to slap on its eventual UHD content roll out. None of those trademarks bubbled to the public eye, but the content, at least, is finally here: starting this week, customers with the Genie HD DVR will be able to stream 20 movies from Paramount Pictures and K2 Communications in 4K. The list is a mishmash of blockbusters and documentaries (including things like Forrest Gump, Star Trek (2009) and Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs) but there’s a catch: you can only watch them if you own a Samsung 4K TV.

DirecTV’s announcement lists Samsung as its exclusive 4K UHD launch partner, explaining that the content is only available to customers with the aforementioned DVR and a supported UHD 4K-ready Samsung device. Kind of odd, considering most content is manufacturer agnostic. Still, choosing Samsung as its first official partner is hardly a surprise: the manufacturer has always worked closely with DirecTV, and is among the brands that supports RVU natively. The company didn’t say how long the manufacture exclusive deal would last, but told Engadget it expects to see more TVs that are “DirecTV 4K Ready” launching throughout next year. Check out the source link for the provider’s official announcement.

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Source: DirecTV


Galaxy Note Edge now available in the US


Starting today, residents in the United States can pick up the curved variant of Samsung’s flagship phablet of 2014, the Galaxy Note Edge, from three out of five of the largest carriers.

First up we have AT&T, who is listing the handset for $399 on a two-year contract and $945 upfront. Next plan customers can grab the handset with nothing down, and twelve monthly payments of $47.30, eighteen monthly payments of $39.42 or twenty-four monthly payments of $31.54.

T-Mobile is offering the Note Edge for $0 down with twenty-four monthly payments of $36.25. If you don’t feel like entering into a two-year contract, the carrier is giving you the option to pick one up for $870 outright.

Sprint is the third and final operator currently cataloguing the device. On a two-year tariff,the handset is priced at $429 or $840 as a one-off payment. You can, however, choose to spread the cost over twenty-four months, which works out approximately $35 per month.

Big Red and U.S. Cellular are also set to join the party in the not too distant future, and we’ll be sure to let you know as and when they do.

Now that the Galaxy Note Edge is finally available, are you eager to pick one up?

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Samsung modifies Gear VR hardware to make it run cooler


When the Gear VR arrives in the United States next month, owners will not have to worry about it producing excessive heat. Developers and consumers both reported that the headset was getting very hot when used for more than twenty minutes. The company modified the hardware so that the Gear VR runs at a lower temperature. Andrew Dickerson, Samsung’s director of software development in Dallas, clarified by saying “We turned the cores back to a more reasonable level.” People reporting the overheating issues had been using older units. However, the hardware modification does sacrifice performance for developers. Samsung claims it has picked up improvements in other areas to counter the change.

Via: Re/code

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Samsung’s decline in performance affects top executive’s pay


Although Samsung has seen its financial performance decline recently, it still generates a massive amount of money. That decline, though, does affect the earnings of top executives. J.K. Shin, the man in charge of the company’s mobile division, saw his pay fall in the third quarter to $630,000 after earning $1.5 million in the preceding quarter. While Shin is not the only Samsung executive affected, he felt it the most because he leads the largest arm. The operating profit drop from 20% in the first quarter to 7% in the third.

Still, Shin has earned more this year than any other executive within the company at $10.9 million. And there is the entire fourth and final quarter of the year to work with.

Via: Digits (The Wall Street Journal)

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Chromecast’s Cast Screen feature now supports the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Slow and steady wins the race. The Cast Screen feature found in the Chromecast app is available to only select devices. As of late, Google has been adding support for new devices. It was most recently Sony that saw a slew of devices receive Cast Screen support. Now, another Samsung device gets the special treatment. The Galaxy Note 4 is compatible with the Cast Screen feature. This allows a user to mirror their device’s display to a television connected with a Chromecast.

Don’t have a Galaxy Note 4? Then just use your Tesco hudl2 or TrekStor SurfTab xintron i 7.0 for the Cast Screen feature. Because you definitely own one of them.

Source: Google Support
Via: Android Police

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