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Accessory of the Day: Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case $39.99


Combine the your wallet, S4, and leather case into one portable solution with this Wallet Case. Easily fitting 3 credit cards or ID’s along with cash, this case features a soft-touch finish to help you comfortably retrieve it from your pocket. Plus, your screen is protected by the built-in Lay-flat Screen Guard. The reviews for this case are phenomenal and can be yours for $39.99 (Prime eligible).

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Sprints Samsung Galaxy S4 gaining International Wi-Fi calling OTA

Sprint International Wi-Fi Calling

Sprint released some news this morning pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Spark that resides on their network. Owners of the device will start to see an OTA update coming through that will focus primarily on Wi-Fi calling. More importantly though, the Wi-Fi calling aspect is geared towards international travelers and will allow users to call and text abroad on Wi-Fi networks for no additional cost.

“We are excited to roll out International Wi-Fi Calling as part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and expanding the calling reach for our customers,” said Wayne Ward, vice president-Business & Product Development, Sprint. “As this international capability becomes available on more of our devices, Sprint customers won’t have to think twice about calling home while on vacation or away on business. This is one more tool we are giving our customers to stay easily connected with those who matter most.”

The ability will cover you in more than 100 countries around the globe on private, office and public Wi-Fi networks. It is only free to message and call back to the US, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico though, so don’t expect to make reservations at Al Covo in Venice. Sprint plans to add the international Wi-Fi calling ability to more device throughout the rest of this year.

On a side note, Sprint does offer Wi-Fi calling on 11 total devices currently available on the market, but those don’t have the international aspect activated just yet.

Source: Sprint

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How would you change Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and we’d wager that a hefty proportion of our readers use it as their daily driver. When we placed the device in front of our mobile expert Brad Molen, he was full of praise, with one or two exceptions. In his mind, the only thing that kept the Galaxy S4 from a perfect score was a tired design and some user interface decisions that didn’t really work. But what about you? Did you love this device as much as he did, and if not, why not tell us? You can share your opinions by crafting a product review of your own, or why not discuss what you’d have done differently on our forum?

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Accessory of the Day: OtterBox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S4


Protect your beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 with one of the best-selling cases around. OtterBox, a trusted name in this space, has a variety of models to choose from, but the Defender series is among the most popular.

Available in a number of colors, the Defender case provides shock absorption and protection against drops, scratches, bumps, and dust. Designed with a multiple layers of materials, the case also keeps your screen from getting scuffed up.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million units in 25 days, beats Galaxy S4 by 2 Days

Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million units in 25 daysThe Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of expectation to live up to; it’s predecessors have been the best selling smartphones of all time and for it not to join that list would make it one colossal failure for Samsung. To put it in perspective, the Galaxy S4 sold 10 million units in its first 27 days, easily eclipsing the Galaxy S3 for the fastest mark. Well, the Galaxy S5 has now been out for a month now, so how fast exactly did it reach the mark? Korean news website Hankyung is reporting that the Galaxy S5 actually reached 10 million sales after just 25 days, narrowly (but still impressively) beating out its predecessor.

If true, this figure is an incredibly impressive figure considering the already existing saturation of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. What’s unusual is that Samsung itself isn’t reporting this news as the Korean tech giant is often first to boast about its sales figures, though that might just be because they are preparing a formal statement about it. Regardless, it looks like the general public aren’t as critical of the device as the critics have been and it looks like the Galaxy S5 still has a very bright future ahead of it yet.

What do you think about this news? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Hankyung via SamMobile

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Android 4.4.2 for the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and Many More! – Device Updates


Alright friends, time to see if you got an update headed your way. Pretty much all the updates are Android 4.4.2 related, and you T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and Note 3 users should be you are finally getting it. If you haven’t gotten you update yet, don’t worry, these update rollouts take time. Just be glad that they are coming.

Device Updates
T-Mobile Galaxy S4 gets Android 4.4.2
Android 4.4.2 for the HTC Butterfly S
Huawei Ascend P6 gets Android 4.4.2
KitKat hits the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3
Android 4.4.2 rolls out to the Sprint Moto X


Android 4.4.2 Hits the AT&T Galaxy S4 and T-Mobile LG G2 – Device Updates


Let’s see if your device is getting updated. Well if you have an AT&T Galaxy S4, you might be enjoying some Android 4.4.2. Hopefully you are, and you T-Mobile LG G2 users will be getting yours shortly. Let us know if you got any updates.

Device Updates
Android 4.4.2 for the AT&T Galaxy S4
Android 4.4.2 for the T-Mobile LG G2
Android 4.3 for the T-Mobile Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint now getting Android 4.4 KitKat

Though Samsung kindly bestowed Android 4.4 KitKat onto the Google Play edition of its Galaxy S4 late last year, the TouchWiz variants of the same phone have not received the same attention, at least in the US. That ends today, however, as Sprint is finally rolling out said update to the Galaxy S4, making it the first US carrier to do so. This means that GS4 users on Sprint will finally get to enjoy the benefits of KitKat, such as better security, full-screen mode and of course, the new Hangouts. Sprint’s changelog also indicates that the update will add Zact Mobile compatibility to the phone. There’s been a sizable user demand for KitKat from GS4 owners, so hopefully this update shows that their phone is still relevant. Especially, you know, as there might be a successor coming up any day now.

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STM cases for Galaxy S4 review: the STM grip and STM harbour 2

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewSTM Bags is a name that most people will associate more with premium quality laptop bags and sleeves than with smartphone cases, but STM does have a few cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which we’re going to take a look at today. The cases in question are the STM grip and STM harbour 2, both hard shell cases with slightly different characteristics, so let’s ive in and see what’s what.

STM grip

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewAs its name suggests, the primary characteristic of the grip is, well, for superior gripping purposes. It’s back is covered in ridges which create a much better surface for getting a good hold on your device and the material is a plastic which has a rubbery finish making it the perfect texture for something that needs to be grippy. The case itself is made from polycarbonate which ensures that the case is rigid and tough, but also very light.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewThe grip is extremely easy to apply as the Galaxy S4 just slips in and clips into place. Ample room has been given to all ports and access points, though I did notice the volume and home buttons are a little close to the edge of the alcoves they’re in. Even so, there’s enough room to operate the buttons correctly.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review

The grip also has enough of a lip on its front to protect the screen in the event of a screen first drop. While the grip looks sturdy enough to protect your Galaxy S4 from normal daily rigours and the occasional waist-high drop, it probably isn’t a prime candidate to protect your device from an earth-shattering leap of faith. That said, the grippy nature of the case will hopefully help in that respect to stop that eventuality even occurring.The price of the STM grip is $19.95 AUD which is a fair amount for a solid, protective case and one which shouldn’t break the bank.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review

Rating: 4/5


STM harbour 2

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewThe harbour 2 is a slightly different case to the grip, and yes, as you might have guessed from the spelling of “harbour”, STM Bags is actually an Australian-based company that has now gone global. The name “harbour” actually refers to the ability of the harbour 2 to still allow your Galaxy S4 to dock with other devices; how it does it is devilishly simple.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewAs you can see in the above image, the harbour 2 has a hinged section which allows it to bend away. Being able to do this has multiple benefits including being able to use it as a makeshift stand, or being able to dock your Galaxy S4 with whatever specialized device you have. Since the harbour 2 is made from thermopolyurethane (TPU), it is a little bit stiffer than the grips polycarbonate shell, so the hinge actually acts as an aid when putting your phone into the case, allowing you to slip in in the bottom and closing it to seal the device in. That said, as functional as the hinge is, I do worry that over time that the hinge point will eventually wear out and simply separate the bottom section from the case.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 reviewUnlike the grip which had open button ports, the harbour 2 utilizes closed button covers. These seem to be well made and don’t appear to put too much pressure on the buttons as some cases are liable to do. The remainder of the ports have plenty of clearance and aren’t impeded by anything, though if you have a set of headphones that has a particularly chunky audio adapter, you might not be able to fit your adapter into the jack of the harbour 2 as it leaves only a small diameter gap for use.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review

Much like the grip, the harbour 2 also has an extra lip on its front to prevent any screen damage during falls, and it feels like more of a heavy duty case than the grip courtesy of its thicker case and greater coverage of the phone. I also think it’s a better looking cases thanks to its two-tone colour scheme; both cases are available in 4 different colours. The STM harbour 2 is slightly more expensive than the grip at $29.95 AUD, but obviously it does offer a little more protection and a little more functionality than the grip.

STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review
STM cases for Galaxy S4 review

Rating 4/5



So there you have it: two very solid cases from STM Bags which do the job admirably depending on what you’d prefer your case to be able to do. The grip is a great, light case for the people who are a bit prone to letting their phone slip whereas the harbour 2 is a slightly more functional case which is a bit more protective.

If you’re interested in either of these cases, you can visit their respective product pages (links below), or if you wanted to find out about STM Bags or any of their other products, you can visit their website here.

STM grip product page

STM harbour 2 product page


KitKat coming to Galaxy S4 and Note 3 in January

French carrier, SFR, which is the evleaks of software, has reaffirmed past suspicions by stating that the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 will receive its Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade in late January/ early February.

All of you Samsung fanatics should be jumping for joy, but take a deep breath and lets break it down. Once Samsung pushes the update to its carriers, it is only a matter of time before the carriers push it to their consumers.  However, this “matter of time” could take months!

Feel free to vent your frustrations and tell us how you really feel!

Source: Sammobile

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