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Fan mashup of ‘Mario Kart’ and ‘Star Wars’ is a gaming dream

If you’re like me, you spent your youth imagining what it’d be like if your favorite fictional universes got together — heck, Aliens vs. Predator and Kingdom Hearts are practically kids’ dreams made real. Well, some fans weren’t willing to keep their fantasy locked in their heads. YouTube team Dark Pixel made Star Kart, a video mashup of Mario Kart and Star Wars that’s pretty much the blend you’d hope it would be. The project (which took a year to produce) has Mario, Yoshi and crew racing Star Wars ships across a galaxy far, far away, complete with cute touches: shells replace laser cannons, getting knocked out means leaving hyperspace… and of course there’s a Death Star trench race. Frankly, we wish Disney and Nintendo would find a way to make this a proper game, even if it’s just a Mario Kart 8 add-on.


Source: Dark Pixel (YouTube)


I broke my DS and it broke my heart

I never really loved my first Nintendo DS. It was gray, plastic and chunky thanks to its weird angular shape. It didn’t have a lot of interesting games at launch. That first DS (aka the “DS phat”) was a corporate gift from my bosses at The Pokémon Company, and that initial transaction always tainted my interactions with the thing, because it wasn’t something I’d have bought for myself. It never really felt like it was “mine.”

I warmed up to the DS a little over the next two years, if only for games like Phoenix Wright and Animal Crossing. But still, I resented having to carry around the DS phat in my bag because it was so damn big and ugly. It also wasn’t a spring chicken anymore, accumulating a collection of dents and dings despite my (admittedly weak) efforts to keep it safe.

But then the announcement came: Nintendo was going to release a sleeker, smaller version of the DS — the DS Lite. It was pretty. It was damn sexy. So first chance I got, I snapped a glossy black model up and brought her home. That’s right: HER. This was my new lady and our relationship was a dream.

I spoiled my baby. I got a snazzy blue case to carry her around in. I bought an extendable stylus all the way from Japan. I put a Pokémon decal on her lid and it was a bit tacky but I didn’t care. She was my DS and I was gonna gussy my darling up. And I took her everywhere. I played her at the office on a daily basis (I did work at Pokémon, after all). I had her with me at comic and anime conventions. I brought her on bus rides and long flights. She was my main source of portable entertainment, my co-worker and just flat out one of my favorite companions for eight years.

Oh, I played her a little less when I was unemployed some years ago, since I wasn’t exactly riding the subway to an office every day (especially one where my job involved playing games). My “pile of shame” started to grow thanks to all the DS games I was still buying for my girl but not playing. But I still loved her, even as I eventually upgraded to a 3DS XL. It wasn’t a clean break for me: I still chose to play DS titles exclusively on the old gal, and even some Game Boy Advance games (my pile of shame runs deep).

And that’s ultimately what led to her downfall.

Lunar Knights

I was muscling my way through Lunar Knights about two years back — which admittedly, is not a very good game — when I decided to take a break. I put my beloved DS on top of a pile of books near me and thanks to her glossy plastic underside worn smooth by years of constant use, she slid right off and… boom, crashed to the ground.

I frantically rushed to her side, but the damage was done: a small crack in her case had now blossomed into a full-on break. The right corner (where the indicator lights and the hinge live) came completely off. I was devastated.

I attempted emergency surgery, sliding the broken segment back into place and adding a touch of super glue. It didn’t take at first, and in my grief I went a little crazy, reaching a level of super glue application that practically mummified the plastic. Sure, the shoulder button stays in place now, but it’s pretty stiff. And there are spots of glue splattered pretty much everywhere. (I should not be trusted with super glue.)

I had another DS Lite at my disposal, so I decided to change devices rather than play with a mangled system. I charged up the newer one and started playing again. At the time it made perfect sense: in addition to the now-stiff ‘R’ shoulder button, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons on my original DS Lite were loose, and the screen was scuffed up to the point where parts were unresponsive. But, even though the newer DS Lite works perfectly, it doesn’t feel right. It feels like… cheating.

I haven’t finished Lunar Knights. I haven’t finished any DS game since. It’s just not the same. It can never be the same.

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Super Bowl 50: the ads, not the football

You’ve probably seen plenty of this year’s Super Bowl ads already, especially as YouTube offered many companies the option to get their videos out in advance, hopefully ensuring more views during the barrage of The Big Game itself. So, we’ve already covered Pokemon, PayPal and Amazon, but if you’re looking to fly to Gotham with Turkish Airlines, musing on a Walken closet, or need a Marvel universe trailer (or two), here’s our highlights. Yes, there’s Drake too.


5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

varagesale Android Apps WeeklyVarageSale

[Price: Free]
This week’s Android Apps Weekly show is brought to you by VarageSale. VarageSale is a Craigslist kind of application where people can post things they want to sell and you buy them. Unlike Craigslist, you’ll be required to create an account before you can interact with the site which is a mechanic we liked a lot. From there, you simply search around, find the stuff you want, and then buy it.
During our testing, we found all kinds of stuff from cloths to electronics and even an engagement ring. You can browse various categories in areas near you and you can even leave seller feedback which helps show which sellers are the most reliable. It has a lot going for it and it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re getting ready to sell stuff or just want to look around. It’s totally free so check it out and show your support for the Android Apps Weekly show!
Get it now on Google Play!
varagesale Android Apps Weekly

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Let’s take a look at the biggest headlines from the last week:

  • We managed to get a hold of the official Reddit beta application last week and wanted to show you what it was going to look like. It seems to have a modern design full of Material Design along with a few other fun features. We don’t know when it’ll be released but it seemed to work pretty well to us.
  • SoundCloud announced a new stations feature that will give users a chance to listen to music similar to how they do on Pandora. This comes not long after announcing signing deals with a couple of major labels and announcing that they’ll be turning into a legitimate streaming service to battle the likes of Spotify.
  • Nintendo has announced that people can start signing up for the closed beta of Miitomo, their first Android game, starting on February 17th. We know a lot about the game already and how it will emulate social media to an extent. However, we won’t know everything until we get our hands on it and that may be sooner than later.
  • Even though most of Apple’s apps have received a slew of terrible ratings in the Play Store, they seem to be doing pretty good. How good? Well, Tim Cook announced this week that even more Apple apps will likely be making their way to Android. We don’t know which ones yet, but our guess is likely iCloud and other productivity apps.
  • Perhaps the biggest app news from the last week was Microsoft purchasing SwiftKey for $250 million. There hasn’t been a lot of information from either company but the popular guess is that Microsoft is after SwiftKey’s legendary predictive algorithms and AI. For now, nothing is changing, but after seeing what happened to Sunrise Calendar and Accompli, we wouldn’t blame you if you were a bit worried.

For even more Android apps and games news, don’t forget to check out this week’s newsletter! We had a metric ton of news there that we didn’t have time for here. If you want to sign up, use the form below and we’ll send you the Android Apps Weekly newsletter every Sunday!

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sundance vr Android Apps WeeklySundance VR

[Price: Free]
Sundance VR is a newer application released with the idea of showing you full VR content including short films, music videos, and other types of VR stuff. It’s a newer app and there aren’t a lot of selections yet so you may not find the app overly enjoyable right now. However, if you own Google Cardboard or you’re interested in VR, I would keep this app in your crosshairs because it should get a decent selection of unique VR content eventually.
Get it now on Google Play!
sundance vr Android Apps Weekly

lego ninjago skybound Android Apps WeeklyLEGO Ninjago: Skybound

[Price: Free]
The latest LEGO game has hit the Google Play Store and like many were before it, this one is entirely free with no in-app purchases. This one continues the Ninjago series where the prior game left off and includes a lot of the same graphics and mechanics as prior Ninjago games. There is a stealth element where you can hide in the shadows instead of engaging in fights and the controls are very simple. It’s a great title for kids or adults and is especially great if you’re low on money.
Get it now on Google Play!
lego ninjago skybound Android Apps Weekly

marvel avengers academy Android Apps WeeklyMarvel Avengers Academy

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Marvel Avengers Academy is the latest adventure/simulation game out of TinyCo. They are the same developers who did Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. The game lets you play as your favorite Avengers as teenagers who are just beginning to find their abilities. You’ll battle bad guys, level up your characters, and even do teenager stuff like go on dates. It’s a mixture of adventure and simulation so there will be some management here and there and then some action here and there. It’s free to download but does have in-app purchases.
Get it now on Google Play!
marvel avengers academy Android Apps Weekly

promo codes Android Apps WeeklyPromo Codes

[Price: Free]
Promo Codes is a new application that is meant to take advantage of the new promo codes feature in Google Play. It’s very simple. Developers sign up for the service and once per day, people using the app can check and see if they get a free promo code. If they do, they get a paid app for free. If not, well, better luck tomorrow. It’s a fun and unique way for developers to utilize their promo codes and even if the users lose out, they get to see a fun new app every day. This should be on every smartphone. Get it.
Get it now on Google Play!
promo codes Android Apps Weekly

adventures of mana Android Apps WeeklyAdventures of Mana

[Price: $13.99]
Adventures of Mana is a classic RPG that was originally released on Game Boy in the early 1990’s. Don’t worry, though, because Square Enix has updated the graphics and soundtrack to make it look way better than it did back then. The story line and content remains intact and you’ll play once again as the hero trying to keep the Dark Lord Glaive from reaching the sacred Mana Tree and destroying all life. It has simple, touch-based controls. There is also a steep price tag but at least there are no in-app purchases.
Get it now on Google Play!

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If we missed any big Android apps or games news, tell us about them in the comments!


See the new tricks in ‘Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD’

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD lands on the Wii U on March 4th, complete with a lineup of new gameplay treats. The first is a new item, the Ghost Lantern, which lights up when it’s near an evil spirit known as a Poe. The Ghost Lantern should make the game’s Poe soul-seeking quest much easier, Nintendo says in a press release. This is different than the standard Lantern from the original Twilight Princess, which lights the way and wards off nasty beasties throughout the game.

Twilight Princess HD also features Hero Mode, a new difficulty setting that makes Link take double the damage, removes all heart drops and changes how Rupees operate — Link’s wallet will hold more currency, but if he hits his limit and finds more Rupees in a treasure chest, the gems won’t return to that chest any longer. The Wii U Gamepad displays the map and inventory.

The Wolf Link amiibo opens up the Cave of Shadows challenge arena, as we learned in January, and some of the data stored in that figurine will transfer over to the new Legend of Zelda Wii U game set to drop this year.


Nintendo reveals new details on its first mobile app

After months of speculation, Nintendo have unveiled its launch plans for its first ever mobile app, Miitomo.

The app, which will be available on Android, will allow users to create Mii avatar characters and use them to communicate with friends.

In Miitomo, users can issue and answer questions like “What song has been stuck in your head lately?”, “Do you believe in aliens?” or even more hilarious ones like “If you saw a nose hair sticking out of your friend’s nose, what would you do?”

Miitomo is a uniquely entertaining mobile experience that only Nintendo can deliver… users will be able to interact with their friends in an entirely new way that transforms communication into a form of play.

Nintendo of America Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt

Nintendo will also launch a new rewards program to accompany the app, My Nintendo.

The company promises My Nintendo to be more than a ‘traditional’ rewards program, but did not elaborate on what rewards will be offered and how.

Miitomo will launch in March in 17 territories, including North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia, however pre-registration will open on February 17 via the Nintendo Account service.

Those who pre-register will receive an unspecified special bonus from Nintendo.

In addition to Miitomo, Nintendo plans to release at least four more mobile apps by March 2017.

What do you make of their first foray into smartphones? Will we ever see a Mario game on our Android devices? Have your say in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo/Polygon

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Registration for Nintendo’s first mobile ‘game’ begins February 17


We’ve known for awhile now that Nintendo has plans to release a handful of mobile games in the next few years, and the first of which is slated to arrive sometime in March. While we still have no exact release date for the title, called Miitomo, we now have some new information regarding a registration date. Interested players will be able to register for the game beginning Wednesday, February 17th. To register, you’ll need to sign up for a Nintendo Account using your Nintendo Network ID, one of your various social network accounts or email address. If you register, you’ll be among the first to know when Miitomo becomes available in March.

Miitomo will launch in the following countries: the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Miitomo will launch in 16 countries in March 2016

For those unaware, Miitomo is much less a video game than it is a “social experience.” You’ll be able to use your Mii character to communicate with friends in a social setting, share your experience using a new Mii Photo feature, and even purchase new clothes for your characters.

The video game company says its new My Nintendo rewards program will also launch alongside Miitomo in March. Nintendo says this new service will be “much more than a traditional rewards program”, where it’s actually more of a service that rewards users for interacting with Nintendo products and other services in a variety of ways. According to Engadget, the rewards users can receive will be separated into two tiers: Gold Points, which can be earned from buying Nintendo games, consoles and digital content, and Platinum Points, which you’ll earn by logging into your My Nintendo account, playing games on your phone and other non-transaction based methods. Platinum Points can be spent on wallpapers and other downloadable content, while Gold Points can be used as discount vouchers for buying more Nintendo stuff. My Nintendo will be available in the same 16 countries as Miitomo in March.

We’ll be sure to update you when registration goes live. Will you be signing up, or are you taking a pass on Nintendo’s first game?

best Android gamesNext: 15 best Android games of 2016157


Pre-registration for Nintendo’s first mobile game, ‘Miitomo’, to open later this month


Nintendo’s first ever mobile game, ‘Miitomo’, has been hotly anticipated for months now. Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the game would be launching this upcoming March, and now we have it that Nintendo will open up a pre-registration on February 17th so you can get your hands on the game as soon as it launches.

‘Mittomo’ is an interactive chatroom, blending game and communication portal into one fun application. If you have ever created and/or used a Mii on the Nintendo Wii or Wii U consoles then you will feel right at home here. The app takes advantage of these Mii’s to put players in a playful and welcoming social environment. Users will be able to chat it up with their friends, family, and loved ones, and then take advantage of the ‘Miifoto’ feature to share real life moments with everyone.

Right along side ‘Miitomo’ Nintendo will be launching its ‘My Nintendo Rewards’ program. Nintendo claims that this program will be a more comprehensive reward program then others you may be used to. The more you interact with Nintendo products and services the more you get rewarded in a variety of ways. For instance, ‘Miitomo’ users with a ‘My Nintendo Rewards’ account will be able to further enhance the app to get a more personalized and enjoyable experience. On top of this if you create a Nintendo account between February 17th and when ‘Miitomo’ is released in March, you will receive a special reward for use in ‘Miitomo’ free of charge.

For those of you excited for Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile world, as I noted above, you only have one short month to wait! In the meantime just hang tight, and be sure to check back with us February 17th so we can update you on how/where to register so you can grab that free reward.

Source: Nintendo

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Second Nintendo mobile game will feature a “familiar” character

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Nintendo is a company in flux at the moment with its traditional means of sales (i.e. consoles and associated video games) slowly faltering. 2016 promises to be a year full of surprises from the Japanese game company as it embarks on its foray into mobile gaming, the opening chapter of which is going to be Miitomo, a game focused on interactions between people and the avatars people have created for themselves. Speaking about the second Nintendo mobile game that will be released (of a known 5 games being developed with DeNA), Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said that “we plan to adopt one of our characters that fans are very familiar with.”

What exactly that means is up for interpretation, but note that Nintendo probably isn’t going to bringing said character to mobile in the format you might be expecting. In fact, Nintendo is far more likely to put its well-known characters into a game format that better suits mobile – this probably won’t have hardcore gamers cheering, but it makes a lot of sense given that a game about Kim Kardashian can make $200 million. Miitomo isn’t expected to be released till March 2016, so you can probably expect this second Nintendo mobile game to come out sometime in the second half of 2016.

What do you think about the second Nintendo mobile game featuring a familiar character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: WSJ via VG247

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Nintendo explains its rewards program and that smartphone app

Nintendo’s first smartphone entry is gradually, actually, happening. During investor call earlier today, the company showcased what is actually going on, how it’ll make attempt to make most of your smartphone. You can also start registering for the game (and its corresponding “My Nintendo” online service) starting February 17th. This dovetails with the company’s new rewards scheme, which was also elaborated on further today. You’ll have to ensure you have your “My Nintendo” account ready for all the above when it launches globally in March, but until then, here’s what the gaming company had to say.

Rewards will be separated into two different tiers: Gold Points (received from buying Nintendo games, consoles and digital content), and Platinum points that you’ll get from logging into your “My Nintendo” account, playing games on your phone, and other non-transaction based things.

How you earn the points differs, as does how you use them. Platinum points can be exchanged for digital contents (wallpapers, game DLC), while gold points will change into discount vouchers — for buying more Nintendo stuff. Wait, no more Mario caps and frivolous Nintendo toys, a la Club Nintendo? Not quite: Nintendo’s investor briefing slides add that you will be able to swap Platinum points for “original goods”, mentioned separately to digital swag.

The “My Nintendo” service will launch in full in 16 countries when it starts mid-March, coinciding with the release of Miitomo, the company’s first smartphone title, what it’s calling an “entertainment app” — and not a game. I think Nintendo’s splitting hairs, because Miitomo still looks very similar to the 3DS’ Tomodachi Life title, with your own avatar living alongside other similarly-made Miis — presumably your real-life friends.

The app will come to both iOS and Android next month, and it’ll be the first of at least five smart device launches that Nintendo will make between now and March 2017. To make the most of its smartphone home, a feature called Mii Photo will allow you to blend together your Mii character with photos and captions, ensuring Nintendo’s first smartphone gambit is easily shared on social networks — outside of just the app itself. Until then, you can show your support for all things Nintendo on your phone with this (Japanese only) Mario Maker Wallpaper… Maker.

Source: Nintendo UK


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