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Google pulls the Nexus 7 tablet from its online store

In case you were on the fence about grabbing one of Google’s affordable Nexus tablets, you’d better jump off it pretty soon. The Nexus 7’s been pulled from the Google Store, as spotted by TalkAndroid, and it almost assuredly isn’t coming back — especially since the Nexus 9 exists. That means if you still want one of the consistently updated 7-inch slates you’ll have to hit places like Amazon while supplies last or wallow in regret for all that could’ve been. Namely, owning a tablet that (to me at least) is more comfortable to hold than the IPad Mini 2 and is essentially just as capable.

Unless you go for the most expensive configuration — 32GB with LTE — most models will run you less than half what one of Google’s newer, bigger tablets will, too. That sound you hear? It’s opportunity knocking. We’ve reached out to Google for additional info and will update this post should we hear back.

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Say goodbye to the Nexus 7 as Google pulls listing from store page

Nexus_7_White_OfficialThe Nexus 7 was Google’s initiative to kick start affordable, well-performing 7-inch Android tablets. The first N7 was a fantastic device, and its 2013 successor was every bit as good at an affordable price point.

After releasing the Nexus 9 and not even mentioning the possibility of a refreshed 7-inch tablet, though, most of us could see the writing on the wall about the Nexus 7’s fate. Today, it’s finally happened, as Google no longer offers the Nexus 7 on their online store. Finding a listing for the Nexus 7 specifically says that it’s no longer for sale.

Google’s Nexus program has changed over the past couple of years, moving away from extremely affordable devices to more high-end devices that offer a flagship caliber experience without sacrificing development options and quick updates. Unfortunately, that move comes with flagship caliber price tags, too, which is evident in the Nexus 9’s doubled price tag over the Nexus 7.

It’s a sad day, but there are no shortage of excellent 7-inch tablets on the market right now. They may not be Nexus tablets, but plenty of them are still excellent, affordable options, so in that sense the Nexus 7 did exactly what it set to do before slowly fading away.

source: Google Store

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Google admits that Nexus devices aren’t selling so well, but that’s not what they said 3 months ago


Well how things can change in 3 months time. In an earnings conference call back in January, Google CFO Patrick Pichette stated that they couldn’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand. That implied that the demand was so unbelievably high, but as we have learned with supply and demand, even if demand is low, supply could still be an issue. When I reported that story, I titled the post….They have to be kidding: Google admits they can’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand….because it was obvious that the Nexus 6 couldn’t be selling that well.

Fast forward three months to yesterday and Patrick Pichette is singing a different tune. He is now saying that there has been a “decline in Nexus” year over year. He didn’t call out any specific device so it doesn’t mean the Nexus 6 is the culprit. The Nexus 6 is probably part of the issue becsause I seriously doubt the Nexus 9 is lighting any fires either. The Nexus 6 is priced $300 over ($649 vs $349) what the Nexus 5 went for and the Nexus 9 is a big square 4:3 tablet that is also overpriced. There is also the Nexus Player, but let’s not even talk about that because those sales figures have to represent no more than a pimple on someone’s ass.

Here’s his full statement…

“Other revenues grew 23 percent year over year to $1.8 billion, but were down 2 percent quarter over quarter, driven really by year over year growth in the Play Store, offset by decline in Nexus, and the currency fluctuations. Year over year it hasn’t been as strong given the strength of the Nexus 7 last year.”

I have been saying it for a long time and I know I am in the minority for Android hardcores, but the Nexus line has always been overrated. Everyone goes gaga over stock Android, but it’s just as buggy as anything else. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had a great experience with any Nexus device. They are supposed to be reference devices, but the batteries and cameras generally suck on them as well.

source: 9to5Google

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Nexus Player Wins the Android 5.1.1 Contest, Factory Image Now Available


Remember the Nexus Player? We won’t fault you if you don’t. To many, Google’s first entry into the digital media player space is an exercise in futility, with similarly-prices competitors sporting stronger specs and better UIs. Like many Nexus devices, the Player hasn’t quite made the splash Google (and Asus) might have intended, but how many Nexus devices go mainstream, anyway? The closest we’ve really come to that is the Nexus 6 and (maybe) the (subjectively superior) Nexus 5.

But now, the Nexus Player is also the first device to receive the Android 5.1.1 update. Yes, what is arguably the least-used of all Nexus devices (we’ve got our eye on you, Nexus 10) is now leading the pack in software updates. The now-passé Android 5.1 has been rolling out to a handful of devices over the past number of weeks, but now that progress has been torn asunder by proof that there is more to be had from Lollipop than mere single-decimal nomenclature.

Specifics surrounding the features of the download are scant at present, which might be further evidence that no one really owns the Nexus Player, but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume 5.1.1 consists of a handful of refinement tweaks to 5.1, but please don’t hold our feet to the fire in the event we are totally wrong and it represents the biggest Android update since Donut.

Incidentally, slower sales often result in more tantalizing offers for consumers, and it appears Amazon is selling the Nexus Player for $78.72 instead of the MSRP of $99. So if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the underpowered media box, we’re practically in the same territory as the cost of two Chromecasts now.

Factory images are now available and ready for you to install, so get to it.

And seriously, call this an informal poll: Who owns a Nexus Player and are you glad you do? I worry the Player will go down in history as besmirched yet beloved as the Pontiac Aztek. But at least Walter White drove the Aztek.

Source: Google Developers

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5 reasons why your next smartphone should be from HTC.

Unparalleled Build Quality


HTC has been in the Android business for quite some time now (more on that later), and during that time, they have learned a great deal about what makes a great smartphone, well, great. You of course have the software,  sound quality (it is a phone after all), radio quality, screen technology, camera capabilities, the list goes on and on. One of the most important features though, is the design of the smartphone itself. I mean, come on. The phone might be able to do a hundred things, and then some, but if it looks hideous and is uncomfortable to use, no one is going to want to use it. Well, almost no one. Anyway, HTC took that into account when they designed their latest smartphones, and it shows. The metal unibody of the HTC One M7, M8, and soon to be released, M9, has made HTC one of the leading exemplars of how a smartphone manufacturer should design their devices.

A Company of Firsts

When the first Android device came out, guess who manufactured it? If you guessed HTC, then you guess right. (Not too hard, since this article is primarily focused on HTC). The HTC Dream was the first commercially available smartphone to hit the market back in 2008 with the Android operating system on board.  One of the biggest hits of the year, and the beginning of what would be one of the largest mobile operating systems in the world. All thanks to a Dream shared between Google and HTC. (Pun intended.) HTC was also the chosen carrier for Verizon when they decided to release their 4G LTE network to the country, and so they created the HTC Thunderbolt. It able to download and upload at speeds that, at the time, were unheard of. And lets not forget the Nexus One. After so many manufacturers took the Android OS and made countless adjustments to it, Google wanted to create something that would run vanilla Android, with no OEM tweaks whatsoever. HTC was again chosen to be the leader of the pack, and they released the Nexus One, which would be followed by various other Nexus devices in the upcoming years.

HTC BoomSound

One of the things that has befuddled many a user is the fact that OEM’s (which stands for original equipment manufacturer) have always placed the phones media speakers on the back of the devices. When you are watching a video, the sound can sound distorted, since it is moving away from you instead of towards you. HTC decided to make a change, and they moved not one speaker, but two, to the front of the device. As a longtime Android user, I can definitely notice the difference it makes having the speakers face you, instead of facing away. Sound is clearer, louder, and more defined, and makes any media experience better because of it.

No Gimmicks


After so many years, OEM’s have run into the issue of what they can do to differentiate them from the crowd. While one can say it has only made Android devices better in the long run, it has also lead to some not so useful features that look and function like they were scrapped together in an attempt to just add them into the Android OS. We wont name any names, but HTC has managed to say clear from that policy of some of its competitors and instead has focused on making features that are useful, such as HTC BoomSound and HTC Sense, which we will discus in more detail later on.

HTC Sense

HTC Sense was born of out a need to stand apart from the other smartphone makers. When everyone was scrambling to make what really were just skinned versions of Android, HTC was busy trying to compliment it, not detract from it. So out of that came HTC Sense. Though I will say it was a bit buggy and laggy when it first came out, it is now one of the best features about owning an HTC device. Most notably, BlinkFeed, which shows you FB posts, twitter posts, and news right on the homescreen. There were also some UI tweaks that just made the overall experience of owning an Android smartphone all the better.

Final Thoughts

While this is by no means a complete list of why owning an HTC smartphone is a great experience, it does cover some of the more notable features that has made the smartphone company one of the best for so many years. I have owned devices from Motorola, Samsung, Asus, and some others, and I always come back to HTC. It’s hard not too when they make such great devices. For more information regarding the various smartphones manufactured by HTC, you can can head over to Amazon using the link provided.



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Is LG going to make the next Nexus smartphone? Visits from Google engineers point to “Yes”

The Nexus 6 has barely been out for 6 months and rumours are already swirling around who is going to manufacturer Google’s next Nexus smartphone. While Huawei appeared to be the leader in the early going, attention has shifted to LG, who allegedly had Google engineers visit their headquarters and factories in Korea this month. […]

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LG could be making the next Nexus phone

The next Nexus phone faces a bit of a naming dilemma – where do they go after the Nexus 6? Can’t go Nexus 7 because that already exists, and any reduction in number would seem like a step back in generation. Whatever Google decide to call the next Nexus, a new report suggests that the manufacturer behind the device is LG.

Codenamed ‘N000′, sources report that Google engineers recently visited LG headquarters in South Korea to discuss the device, which also reportedly carries the name ‘Nexus 7′, but take that with a pinch of salt.

If true, this would be the third Nexus device made by LG in the lineup. Would you like to see a third LG Nexus device?


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Android 5.1 factory images are live for Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012), and Nexus 10

Nexus_5_Android_L_Developer_Preview_Home_Screen_01_TAGoogle has posted brand new Android 5.1 factory images for several Nexus devices, including the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and the slightly older 2012 version of the Nexus 7. If you’re ready to start flashing them on your device, hit the right link below and follow our guide to flashing factory images on your Nexus device.

Nexus 5

Nexus 7

Nexus 10

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Huawei confirmed to make the next Nexus phone


Last week we told you that not one, but two Nexus phones could get launched this year,and it was rumored that LG and Huawei would be the makers. Today we are getting further confirmation on Huawei as the Director of China Research at iSuppli, Kevin Yang, has confirmed it.

If you look at this in hindsight, it can’t be a surprise since Huawei is so up and coming right now, it’s ridiculous. They are sitting as the 3rd phone manufacturer in the world in terms of market share and they made a huge splash with a very nice looking Android Wear smartwatch. It will be interesting to see if Huawei utilizes their own Kirin processor in the phone.

It still hasn’t been officially confirmed if there will indeed be two Nexus handsets, but as I said before, it makes the most sense to offer new versions of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 since Google cannot offer a Nexus 7 phone for obvious reasons.

source: Weibo-iSuppli
via: GizmoChina

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Serious talk: What is the next Nexus smartphone going to be named?

The Nexus 6 is a great, but flawed, device. It had every hallmark of being a standout, but lack of availability has relegated it to the realm of guilty pleasures. For Google, it appears that the Nexus 6 filled a logical hole in its Nexus device line-up, perching its new ‘phablet’ device squarely between the […]

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