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More leaks point to a Motorola-made Nexus device

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A few days ago we shared a rumor with you regarding the Motorola-made Nexus device. According to the rumor, that device, codenamed “Shamu”, is supposed to be launched later this year and sport a 5.9″ screen. That sounded really hard to believe, however, additional info points in the same direction. The Information reports that Motorola… Read more »

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Google’s next Nexus device is reportedly a super-sized phablet

Don’t get too excited, but rumors are starting to break regarding Google’s sixth Nexus phone: an oversized handset codenamed “Shamu.” According to Android Police, the device is rumored to be a 5.9-inch handset made by Motorola — leveraging Google’s tradition of naming Nexus devices after sea creatures as a clever way to hint at the phone’s size. Supposedly, this device will surface in November with a fingerprint scanner. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of evidence floating around for this one: just an Google error report and a bit of good faith.

While Android Police says it’s not comfortable with showing its source information in its original form, the rumor get some credit for appearing in Google’s issue tracker: “Shamu” is listed in the build number for a Android L HTTPS bug. It’s probable that this really is the code name for a new Nexus, but the specifics are still unclear. That said, The Information is also reporting a phablet-sized device between Google and Motorola — one that may even include always-on voice control. Neat rumors to mull over — just keep it salty until we hear something official.

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Source: The Information, Android Police


Shamu, the mysterious Motorola Nexus 6, is definitely a thing. Android Silver, not so Much

Motorola Nexus 6More information about a possible Motorola Nexus 6 has been slowly trickling out today. After hearing the first suggestion that such a device might exist, The Information apparently has it on good authority that Motorola is indeed working with Google for a new 5.9-inch Nexus device, and has been ever since Motorola’s sale to Lenovo. But why is this collaboration only happening after the sale?

Separately, Motorola is also getting a boost from working on an undisclosed phone-tablet project with Google—the type of initiative which, ironically, it could not pursue as a Google subsidiary due to concerns about favoring the house-owned Android vendor over others

After Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola, Google’s Android unit began working with Motorola to develop a co-branded “Nexus” phone that’s considered to be a “phablet,” or phone-tablet, because of its large screen size, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

The more we hear about the secretive world of Android manufacturers, the more it sounds like the Bold and the Beautiful. But what about Android Silver, the program that was famously rumoured to be ending the Nexus line of devices, including the aforementioned Nexus 6?

According to the report, Google Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora, was to head up the Android Silver initiative, however he is said to be leaving Google soon:

Some in [Arora's] camp wanted Silver to supersede the Nexus phone program. But with Mr. Arora’s absence, there are questions about how much firepower Google will give to the Silver program.

This isn’t to say that the Android Silver program won’t still go ahead and somehow coexist with the Nexus line, or even still replace it, but it does leave open the door for a few more Nexus devices to escape should it go ahead at some point. There’s definitely more going on behind Google’s closed doors than is being reported, so we’ll see how this pans out at the end of the year when Google traditionally releases a new Nexus device.

What do you think about the possibility of a Motorola Nexus 6 and Android Silver devices? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: The Information via Android Police

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Next-Gen Moto E or G Leaks, thinner body and budget price


What could be the second generation of either the Moto G or Moto E has leaked out, showing a much thinner profile for the budget device. Whilst it’s uncertain if the leaked casing belongs to the Moto G or Moto E, the specs for the device are also believed to pack a full 1080p HD… Read more »

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A Motorola Nexus 6 Reportedly in Our Future


A new report has come about that is suggesting Motorola will be the manufacturer of the Nexus 6. Speculation from the community pointed to LG giving another go at the the Nexus phone, but according to Android Police, Motorola and Google have a phone in the works with the codename Shamu. Why Shamu? This phone is going to be HUGE is my guess.

The Moto Nexus 6 from this report says that it will rock a 5.9-inch display, and will be due out this November. That is usually the time when Google announces their new Nexus devices, and the report also mentioned it will be available on all major carriers. The evidence is there, and we know that Google hasn’t given up on their Nexus line, so let us know what you think about a 5.9-inch Moto Nexus 6.

Source: 9to5google

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Upcoming Nexus device to be made by Motorola?


The title got you intrigued? You’re not the only one, same goes for me as well. Many people would like for something like this to come to fruition. Motorola is allegedly working on yet another device we didn’t know about, as you know Moto X+1 is expected to launch soon, this summer in fact. According… Read more »

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The Motorola Moto X+1 gets the leaked photo treatment, still available with wood Back

Motorola Moto X+1If the Motorola Moto X’s August release last year is anything to go by, its successor, rumoured to be called the Motorola Moto X+1, should be released within the next month or so. Accordingly, the number of leaked sightings of the device has increased, and today we get a really nice look at it from all sides courtesy of Android Police (for even more pictures, hit the source link below). As expected, it’s looking a lot like the original Moto X, and looks like the Moto X+1 will also be available with wood back covers as shown in today’s pictures.

Motorola Moto X+1Notable differences on the Moto X+1 include the addition of a speaker on the bottom edge of the front face, giving the Moto X+1 a dual speaker arrangement. This additional speaker on the front appears to have replaced the speaker which resided on the back of the Moto X as there is no speaker grille on the wooden back cover. The leak also reports that the edge around the sides of the device are actually going to be alumnium, for those who like the metallic feeling. Previous rumours about the Moto X+1 say that the device is likely going to be 5.1-inches with a 1080p display and a Snapdragon 800 processor, and based on its predecessor’s performance, should be a very zippy device.

What do you think about the changes to the Motorola Moto X+1? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Android Police via TalkAndroid

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Alleged Moto X+1 poses for the camera

moto x+1 poses for the camera_featured

Motorola did a great job with the Moto X last year. That phone offered great user experience for a relatively affordable price. We say relatively because of its specifications, but that’s the thing with Moto X, despite not being at the very top as far as specifications go it offered so much for the price…. Read more »

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Back-to-school: Motorola slashes Moto X prices yet again


Motorola has discounted the Moto X smartphone for U.S. customers yet again, this time as part of a back-to-school promotion. As of today, and for what we presume is a limited time, you can pick up the 16GB Moto X for $299, the 32GB for $324, and the 64GB for $374. To take advantage of… Read more »

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Republic Wireless offering free Chromecast with purchase of Moto X


For a limited time Republic Wireless is throwing in a free Chromecast with the purchase of a Moto X smartphone. Starting from yesterday, July 22 and running while supplies last, anyone who picks up a white or black 16GB Moto X will get the Google HDMI media device at no cost. The Moto X retails for $299 through Republic Wireless and can be paired with a number of rate plans that start as low as $5 per month. 

Republic Wireless

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