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Apple and carriers will donate free devices and broadband to US schools

iPad textbook

The White House won’t be going it alone as it brings US classrooms into the internet era through its ConnectED initiative — it just revealed that a host of technology firms will also lend a hand. Apple plans to donate $100 million in iPads, MacBooks and software to underprivileged schools, while Autodesk and O’Reilly Media will give away free software and content. Microsoft, in turn, will heavily discount Windows to lower educational PC prices. Carriers are getting in on the action, too. AT&T and Sprint have both pledged to offer free wireless broadband to schools for multiple years; Verizon isn’t giving away service, but it will donate up to $100 million in cash and other commitments. The combined efforts aren’t going to fix the American education system by themselves, but they could create a level playing field for schools across the country.

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Source: The White House Blog, AT&T, Sprint


Study proves that you can secretly hijack an older Mac’s webcam

iSeeYou MacBook webcam control

If you believe common wisdom, it shouldn’t be possible to take over most webcams without alerting users. The indicator LED is supposed to be hack-proof, after all. However, a pair of Johns Hopkins researchers have recently published a research paper showing that it’s possible to control the camera while keeping the indicator dark. Their proof-of-concept app, iSeeYou, reprograms a controller chip on pre-2009 Macs to separate the camera and LED functions; users can flick the light on and off like a switch. Apple is aware of the issue with its own systems, but it hasn’t said whether or not there will be a fix. It’s also unclear how many newer Macs or other PCs are at risk. Regardless of the exact threat, the study isn’t very reassuring in an era of widespread surveillance — if a pair of academics can stealthily record your activity, it’s likely that professional spies can do the same.

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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch mid 2011 hands-on



Apple has just released a new range of MacBook Air laptops and weve already grabbed the top of the range 13-inch model to put it through its paces. Before we start work on the full review of the new thin laptop from Apple, we thought it would be wrong not to share a stack of hands-on photos of the new model. Now the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that there is very little change to the design of the laptop with most of the changes happening

via Apple MacBook Air 13-inch mid 2011 hands-on – Pocket-lint.


Apple MacBook Air Review

It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it’s thin, it’s like a supermodel. That is probably the best way to describe the MacBook Air to anyone asking. But should you be buying the thinnest MacBook on the planet? We’ve been living with the new model to find out.

Cast from aluminium, the MacBook Air is “cake cutting” thin with a design that tapers from 17mm at the back to just 3mm at the front, although you’ve got to also take into account the feet and general sitting on the desk form factor. If you’re wondering how that stacks up against a MacBook Pro – that 17mm is roughly the same height as the side of the bigger more powerful laptop, while the thin end when on a desk is the height of a CD jewel case. Read more »


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