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LG Ice Cream Smart flip phone announced with Android 4.4.4 KitKat


Remember the LG flip phone that leaked early last week? That device, the Ice Cream Smart, is indeed real and the company announced it. The Ice Cream Smart is the successor to 2008′s Ice Cream that did not ship with Android. Yes, the Ice Cream Smart has a full version of Android and 4.4.4 KitKat to be exact. The 3.5-inch display has 320×480 resolution. Inside, LG opted for a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage with an microSD card slot, and a 1700mAh battery. The rear camera is 8MP and the front-facing one is VGA.

Expect the LG Ice Cream Smart to stay in Korea or a just a few other markets. It is highly unlikely that the device arrives in the United States. The retail price converts to around $277.

Source: LG
Via: Phone Arena

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Ice Cream Smart is LG’s Latest Smartphone Addition

Flip phones are not as common nowadays as they were in the days of yore but that has not stopped LG from releasing their latest flip phone the Ice Cream Smart. Coming in with a 3.5 inch LCD display, 1.2 Quadcore processor, 8GB of storage and LTE connectivity, the Ice Cream Smart is a mid range device that is quite suitable if you don’t use your phone for intensive tasks.

What does make the Ice Cream Smart stand out is its many physical buttons that allow you to quickly dial numbers, bring up the messaging app and access the camera. There nothing revolutionary about the Ice Cream Smart but if you miss having your old flip phone but also like having the added capabilities of an Android powered smartphone then this is the phone for you. Also, nothing beats the added dramatic effect of flipping your phone shut when you reach a disagreement with someone.

The Ice Cream Smart does not shows signs of coming over seas but you might be able to pick one up via eBay when the phone rolls out. For more information regarding the Ice Cream Smart you can use the following link.

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Survey finds 50% of phones activated last quarter came from Apple, 26% from Samsung


Apple trumped all other smartphone manufacturers last quarter based on consumers activating a device. The usual Android foes were all far behind Apple with Samsung leading the way. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) conducted a survey with five hundred subjects in the United States and aimed to find which phone brands were most popular among activations. The devices, both old and new, were activated between October and December of last year.

Samsung trailed Apple by 24% and that was the closest any company came to catching the clan in Cupertino. After that, the numbers dropped off significantly. The third place company was LG with 11% and Motorola finished fourth at 4%. Rounding out the bottom was HTC (2%), Nokia (2%), Amazon (1%), and “other” with 4%. BlackBerry, who may or may not be facing an acquisition in the near future, had no activations from the survey.

Josh Lowitz, the co-founder of CIRP, explained that the loyalty of Apple customers is far greater than that of Samsung and LG’s. He said:

“iPhones drew from loyal Apple customers, with 86% of buyers upgrading from an older iPhone. Samsung and LG saw far lower loyalty rates, with 25% of Samsung owners and 18% of LG owners who activated a phone in the quarter switching to an iPhone.”

Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (PDF)
Via: Phone Arena

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LG takes to Twitter to tease Lollipop for G3


LG wants you G3 owners to know that soon, you too will have the latest flavor of Android in your pocket or purse. Or wherever you store it, I don’t judge…

This afternoon, LG posted the above image on its Twitter account, with the message: “Introducing Lollipop: a sweet treat for your #LGG3.”

Source: LG via Twitter

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LG smartphone sales grew 25 percent in 2014

lg g flex first look aa (8 of 49)

2014 was a tough year for some smartphone manufacturers and a prosperous one for others. LG has managed to squeeze itself into the latter category, having seen its smartphone sales grow by 25 percent year-over-year, according to industry sources.

LG is estimated to have sold around 59.6 million smartphones throughout 2014, up from 47.6 million units in the previous year. This matches up pretty closely with the 60 million unit estimate mentioned several times in the third quarter of last year and brings LG closer to taking third spot in the global smartphone market.

LG and Huawei are both contesting fourth place, based on third quarter 2014 sales figures, with Xiaomi beating both companies into third place, behind market leaders Apple and Samsung. Although not rising as quickly as the explosive Xiaomi, LG has seen smartphone shipments consistently increase at a strong pace since 2011. According to Strategy Analytics, LG shipped 20 million smartphones in 2011, 26.3 million in 2012, and has now risen close to 60 million this year. We should see official figures for Q4 and yearly 2014 smartphone sales within the coming month.
Industry commentators are attributing LG’s strong growth to the rising popularity and competitive price point of its G smartphone line-up. From its flagship G2 and G3 smartphones, to lower-end G3 Stylus and the G3 Beat, LG has managed to cater to a range of budgets and consumer needs.

With LG making use of its own cutting-edge technology, such as its in-house flexible display found in the new G Flex 2, the company is in a strong position continue to compete with its rivals throughout 2015 and beyond.


LG Electronics says no heat issues with new Qualcomm processor

You may have been aware of a comment Samsung made when it came to the new Qualcomm 810 processor regarding the chip overheating during testing, in which LG have no replied denying any such claim.

The new Snapdragon 810 processor is powering the curved-display LG Flex 2, which LG say has had no heat issues during its internal tests.

“I am very much aware of the various concerns in the market about the (Snapdragon) 810, but the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory,” Woo Ram-chan, LG vice president for mobile product planning, told reporters at a press event for the company’s G Flex2 smartphone.

Samsung have insisted on issues with the chip and will instead opt for their own manufactured processor in their next Galaxy S device.

Could it be something else attributable to the heat of the chip in Samsung devices, or are the company simply trying to big their own chip up?

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AnTuTu reports most popular smartphones of 2014

AnTuTu, one of the most trusted and stable benchmarking app recently released a report on the top most popular smartphones of 2014. What can be a better way to bid adieu to 2014 than knowing how smartphones performed against each other? We got to see some new names in this year and though being new, they too didn’t fail to amaze.


So, we will kick off with how smartphones are ranked globally first. Xiaomi, currently in the lead, snatched the global market share by 16.90% with its Mi4. Last to last year that is in 2013, Xiaomi was in second place and so, indeed it has progressed since then. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 being the second and third in the list also got a market share of 15.69% and 15.55% respectively. Not bad Samsung. Some notable runner ups were the Asus Zenfone 5, Meizu MX4 and OnePlus One.


Comparing 2013 with 2014, we see that only Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Google Nexus 5 are the ones which really progressed. On taking a deeper look at the smartphone rankings country-wise, it was the newest OnePlus One that has managed to capture global interest more than Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s large global market share is mostly because of its popularity in Mainland China. It also stands to prove that China is growing to become a big smartphone market.

Keeping these statistics in mind, I noticed a new trend. That is the rise of Chinese OEMs. Definitely, if we group all the Chinese firms together, they will form a large market share. Also, Samsung held the largest global market share with four of its devices in the top 10. And where the hell are you? Sony? LG? HTC? I don’t see them anywhere on the global list. They sure need to pump out some serious efforts or else this year will also go in vain.

Source: AnTuTu

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LG denies G Flex 2 and Snapdragon 810 overheating issues

lg g flex first look aa (42 of 49)

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 hasn’t even arrived in a commercial product yet, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of rumors and reports appearing which suggest that the new chip is suffering from overheating problems. The LG G Flex 2 will be one of the first devices powered by the new chip and has therefore landed itself in the center of the controversy, with performance throttling the most commonly reported issue.

The alleged problem is not limited to LG’s new flexible smartphone though. Yesterday, reports suggested that Samsung, after testing the chip itself, would be opting to make wider use of its own brand of Exynos mobile SoCs, in order to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm’s overly-hot Snapdragon 810. However, some analysts believe that the issue may be overblown and others suggest that Samsung couldn’t ditch the 810 for its own Exynos line-up so quickly, even if the company wanted to.

Cowen analyst Timothy Arcuri noted that there had been an issue with the base layers in the Snapdragon 810, rather than the metal layers as previously rumored. Apparently, this issue had been fixed months ago, resulting in a slight delay in Qualcomm’s roadmap. BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long pointed out that use of Exynos chips in Samsung’s products had declined from 70 percent in 2012 to 20 percent in 2014, a situation that could not be reversed in just a few months. Instead, Samsung may end up deploying a similar strategy to previous years, with Exynos powered smartphones destined for Korea and Snapdragon devices appearing elsewhere.

“our best guess is that Samsung will likely launch the Galaxy S6 in Korea with its own Exynos but slightly delay shipments in other regions to accommodate Qualcomm’s delayed schedule.” - Timothy Arcuri, Cowen Group

Earlier today, LG vice president for mobile product planning, Woo Ram-chan, told reporters that the Snapdragon 810 is performing at “satisfactory” levels, based on the company’s own experience, and that the G Flex 2 was actually emitting less heat than other devices currently on the market. So, does this mean that the Snapdragon 810 is in the clear?

“I am very much aware of the various concerns in the market about the (Snapdragon) 810, but the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory,”

“I don’t understand why there is a issue over heat,” - LG VP, Woo Ram-chan

It is still hard to tell, given that “satisfactory” doesn’t lend us any indication as to LG’s initial expectations for the SoC. Even if the product isn’t overheating as such, it’s the performance throttling effects of the chip being pushed close to its thermal limits that have apparently caused the most concern. Then again, surely LG could have changed orders for some more Snapdragon 801s or 805s if there really was a massive flaw with the 810? Qualcomm may also have already fixed any problems in time for mass production, these concerns could simply be dating back to an old issue.

This certainly isn’t the launch run up that LG had planned for its first handset of the year. With only a few days to wait until the G Flex 2’s South Korean launch on January 30th, it won’t be long until these rumors are either confirmed or debunked.


Samsung Galaxy S6 to launch at MWC 2015, but no LG G4

samsung galaxy logo 2

Mobile World Congress 2015 will be upon us before we know it, and plenty of big names in the industry are preparing to launch new smartphone and wearable products in just over a month’s time.

For starters, Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S6 flagship in Spain on March 2nd, as it did in previous years for its Galaxy S2 and S5 smartphones. Apparently, Samsung is still undecided about the final design of the Galaxy S6 and is mulling over a number of prototypes. A Note Edge style curved screen on one or both sides of the display is potentially on the cards and an employee from one of Samsung’s contractors has recently restated the likelihood of a metallic case for the Galaxy S6.

With Samsung smartphone shipments taking a hit last year, the company has some tough decisions to make about this year’s flagship. Samsung is also rumored to have some smartwatches and possibly Tizen related technologies to show off at this year’s event as well.

One company that won’t be unveiling its next flagship at MWC 2015 is LG. A company executive has ruled out a G4 launch so soon, as LG typically launches its flagship smartphone around early May time. Not to mention that it has recently unveiled the high-end G Flex 2 as well.

“We rolled out the G3 in May last year so we do not plan to unveil the G4 at this year’s Mobile World Congress and spend more time perfecting the new phone.”

However, LG will be present to show off some new wearable and IoT devices, possibly in the area of internet connected appliances and more TVs. There is also the potential for LG’s mysterious webOS smartwatch, which was spotted at CES 2015, to make another appearance, perhaps in a more official capacity this time.

Don’t forget, HTC is also expected to unveil its latest flagship on March 1st, along with the company’s first smartwatch. There will be plenty of other gadgets and mobile products unveiled in Barcelona too, and we’ll be there to bring you coverage directly from MWC 2015.


LG G4 rumor roundup

LG Logo

During CES 2015 LG brought us a new flagship device, the LG G Flex 2. Featuring bleeding edge specs and improvements to flexibility and self-healing when compared to its predecessor, the G Flex 2 is a stunning device to say the least. Of course that doesn’t mean LG is standing still when it comes to pushing the bar forward.

It’s only a matter of time before the LG G4 rears its head, and while we haven’t heard a ton of rumors yet, enough details have surfaced to give us a least a small peak at what the next-gen LG G series phone will offer. For the rest, we fill in the blanks based on speculation and invite you to talk about what you’d like to see different with the LG G4. Keep in mind that this rumor roundup is subject to change, and so take everything you read with a grain of salt.


lg g flex first look aa (32 of 49)

The G Flex 2 is the most recent LG flagship device, will the G4 follow this same G3-inspired aesthetic, or are we in for bigger changes?

Since the arrival of the LG G2, LG has been incorporating the rear-button power/volume design into just about all of its devices. With the LG G3, LG took this iconic and unique design and infused some major refinements into the aesthetics while also introducing a metal-looking plastic back that gave the phone a more premium look.

While there haven’t been many rumors on what to expect from the LG G4’s design, we would imagine that LG won’t be giving up on its thin-bezel, no side-button design language anytime soon. Like the LG G3, LG will instead likely just refine the overall setup.

As for the build materials? It’s hard to say for sure. With rumors that Samsung is finally going metallic, we wouldn’t be too shocked if LG follows suit, that or they’ll risk being one of the few major manufacturers that still pushes plastic builds. This could mean a metallic back that’s somehow removable or yet another unibody design.

That said, perhaps LG will instead continue to drive down its flagship’s pricing (something we saw with the G3) and focus less on trying to compete when it comes to build materials.


It seems likely that the G4 will have a similar size and resolution to the G3.

It seems likely that the G4 will have a similar size and resolution to the G3.

Considering LG already packed a large 5.5-inch display with a QHD resolution, we’re not sure how much they can really improve things here. Going higher than QHD would be more than overkill, and much larger than 5.5-inches would make it harder to reach the volume/power buttons on the back of the device.

If we had to take a guess, LG will keep the display similar to the LG G3, though it could focus on improving brightness, viewing angles and other aspects.


The rumor mill suggests the LG G4 will offer a Snapdragon 810 with 3GB RAM. Considering the LG G Flex 2 is already packing a Snapdragon 810, nothing about this rumor seems unbelievable.

Aside from this, there’s really been little talk about the sensors and other features that might be featured in the device. While LG has yet to avoid the fingerprint scanner craze, with more players coming onboard that train, perhaps LG will finally join the likes of Samsung and others.


lg g3 hands on (8 of 31)

While we don’t know any specifics as to the exact sensor the LG G4 will deploy, the latest rumors claim the G4 will offer a 16MP wide rear camera that will offer an improved experience over the 13MP snapper found within the LG G3. The front camera is also allegedly getting an upgrade, moving from 2.1MP on the G3 to 5.1MP with the G4.

In addition to better camera hardware, we imagine that the software will also see at least a few minor tweaks and improvements, but we really know very little about that at this stage.


When it comes to OEM skins, LG offers one of the more bloated, feature packed experiences on the market. Although Touchwiz typically has even more bloat, the rumor mill claims that this situation could be changing with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy A3 and A5’s more minimalist Touchwiz implementations seem to back up the notion.

With Touchwiz hopefully scaling down a bit, will the Optimus UI follow suit? Unfortunately it appears to be too early into the G4 rumor game for us to know for sure.

For now, the only thing we can say for certain is that the skin will almost undoubtedly run on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Will LG end the G Pro line in favor of simplifying its product line?

Will LG end the G Pro line in favor of simplifying its product line?

Back in early December a trademark filing showed up for a G Pen and G Scrawl, and while the descriptions were pretty open-ended and vague, there has been speculation that the G Pen could be a special stylus designed to better compete with Samsung’s S Pen from the Note series. As for G Scrawl, it seems plausible that this could be some kind of software feature that works in conjunction with the G Pen.

With rumors of the G Pro series death and the fact that no one has given the world a real Note competitor, what if LG is planning to position its main flagship line as a true Note-worthy alternative? Obviously this is just speculation at this point, but adding a more functional stylus to the LG G4 could give it a way to compete with both the Galaxy S6 and the Note 4 all in one swoop.


Unlike most other flagship lines, LG hasn’t been that consistent with the release timeframe for the G series. The Optimus G arrived in November of 2012, the G2 in September of 2013 and the LG G3 on May 28th of 2014.

So when can we expect the LG G4? From what we’ve gathered from various sources, the April/May timeframe seems likely for at least an announcement if not actual retail release but we really don’t know for sure.

Turning to pricing, again there’s not really anything concrete to report. Still, it’s worth mentioning that the LG G3 debuted at pretty aggressive pricing for a high-end flagship device so we wouldn’t be too surprised to see the LG G4 follow suit. This means a $500 – $650 launch price wouldn’t be too unexpected.

Then again, if LG does introduce special technology like the G Pen, they might want to position the G4 as an ultra-high-end device and that could mean the price might be even higher this time around.


G2 and G3 compared, how will the LG G4 differ?

G2 and G3 compared, how will the LG G4 differ?

Okay, so a lot of this post was early rumor and a good dose of speculation. The fact that so little is known about the LG G4 either means that LG is doing its best to keep this monster under wraps, or the launch of the next-gen flagship is still many months off. We created this post to serve mostly as a first stop for those looking for news on the LG G4 as it evolves, so be sure to check back weekly as we’ll be regularly updating and expanding this rumor roundup as we learn more details about the upcoming LG G4.

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