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AT&T to carry LG G3 Vigor on September 23


AT&T on Monday announced that it, too, will soon offer the LG G3 Vigor. As a lower-cost and lesser-powered take on the flagship G3, this one features a 5-inch display, an 8-megapixel rear camera (with Auto Laser focus), front-facing 1.3-megapixel snapper. Powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, the G3 Vigor also features LG’s signature apps and UI tweaks including Knock Code, Gesture Shutter, and QuickMemo+.

The G3 Vigor is capable of HD Voice from AT&T and will be offered for $49.99 with a two-year service agreement. Alternatively, customers can opt for an AT&T Next plan and spread payments out. With a total off-contract cost of $334.99, options are $13.96 a month with Next 18 (24 months), $16.75 a month with Next 12 (20 months). AT&T is also announcing a limited time promotion which sees the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE selling for $.99 with a two-year service plan. Yes, you’ll have to sign both up for their own plans, but that’s essentially a free, 4G LTE-connected tablet in the process.

As is the case with other smartphones under Ma Bell, the G3 Vigor qualified for the $100 bill credit for new activations.



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LG’s Wine Smart is an Android flip phone for the messaging elderly

Friends (“The One Where the Monkey Gets Away”) is on TV, Alanis Morissette is angrily screaming “You oughta know” on the radio, your bff messages you on WhatsApp. What’s this misfit in this picture? Nothing if you’re rocking LG’s Wine Smart — a rare smartphone flip phone. Nostalgia from the 90s (or, really, 2007) aside, the Wine Smart isn’t all that unusual. Flip phones are still popular in certain markets, and why wouldn’t you want one with the latest version of Android, a 1.2GHz processor, 8-megapixel camera and expandable memory? Well, that’s exactly what the Wine smart has, although if you were hoping LG’s 2K display might filter down from the G3, you’d be fresh outta luck (3.5-inch, 480 x 320 is what you’ll have to settle for). The inclusion of a “safe keeper” function that alerts friends or family if you fall suggest this is pitched at an older crowd. But, then there’s a dedicated button for a instant messaging app, too. We’re sure LG knows its market though, so who are we to question? Oh, there’s an FM radio too. Perfect for that Morissette revival, whenever and wherever LG decides to release it.

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Going large: LG G3 billboard gets Guinness World Record awarded for largest outdoor advertising structure ever

LG G3 billboardLG really wants you to buy a LG G3. How much, you ask? Well, they just got awarded a Guinness World Record for a LG G3 billboard that they put up next to the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. The 240 metre wide and 12 meter high structure is the largest outdoor advertising structure in the world, and allegedly uses 1,800 tons of steel in its almost 3000 square meter construction. The real question is whether the billboard will be worth it and LG is so far saying yes, quoting the 20 million visitors that pass through the airport every year which they expect will result in $25 million more revenue every year.

LG G3 billboardLG says it’s also going to reuse the billboard in the future – while it’s advertising the LG G3 now, future devices may take up all or some of the billboard’s space. The LG G3 is of course LG’s crown jewel for 2014, and its no small wonder that it has been so popular globally. For quite awhile, it was the only major flagship device with a Quad HD display, making great use of its 5.5-inch display, powered by the equally impressive Snapdragon 805 – or 801, depending on your region – which puts it in very unique company at the top of the Android device charts.

What do you think about LG’s giant LG G3 billboard? Do you think manufacturers really need advertising this big? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: LG via Phone Arena

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The 10 phones that fueled the big-screen revolution

Dell Streak

It’s safe to say that Steve Jobs was off the mark when he declared that no one would buy big smartphones — they’ve become popular enough that Apple itself is now making large iPhones. But how did these supersized devices escape their niche status to become the must-haves they are today? The transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took a succession of ever-bigger phones to spark the public imagination and prove that huge screens were here to stay. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most important examples — head on over to our gallery see how enormous became the new normal.

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LG to Supply Apple Watch Displays, Apple Aiming to Sell 50 Million Units in 2015 [iOS Blog]

LG Display will supply the AMOLED displays for the Apple Watch when it launches in 2015, reports Digitimes. According to the report, Apple is also expecting to ship five million units of the wearable device a month, and is aiming to sell more than 50 million Apple Watches in 2015.

Apple was also said to be in talks with Samsung to provide AMOLED panels for the device, however the company ultimately decided that all displays for its smartwatch would come from LG. The news is similar to a report last October from The Korea Herald, which noted that Apple was close to striking a deal with LG to supply panels for its wearable after talks with Samsung were said to be “not productive.”

The Apple Watch will begin shipping in early 2015 and come in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm (1.5 and 1.7 inches), with six available casing materials and six different bands. The Apple Watch will be also organized into three editions, including the entry-level Apple Watch Sport collection, the stainless-steel Apple Watch collection, and the high-end luxury Apple Watch Edition collection. Pricing will start at $349.

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Sprint dials up LG G3 Vigor for September 19


Sprint on Monday announced the forthcoming arrival of the LG G3 Vigor, an affordable 5-inch take on the flagship experience. Due on Friday, September 19, the handset will carry as full retail price of $299; Easy Pay breaks out to 24 payments of $12.50 per month.

Powered by Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the LG G3 Vigor packs a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 8-megapixel rear camera, and front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera. In terms of apps, LG has loaded its suite of custom features: Knock Code, Knock On, QSlide Apps, Quick Memo, and Smart Keyboard.



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Early details emerge for LG G Flex 2

lg g flex 2 evleaks leak_featured

LG G Flex was introduced in October 2013. That was definitely an experimental device which either people loved or hated. It didn’t exactly have top of the line specs and many people hated the 6-inch 720p display the device was sporting. It seems like LG is preparing to launch G Flex’s successor, though this time it will come with a higher resolution display.

Gizbot reports that LG India’s executive said that the G Flex 2 will have a sub-6″ screen and the display resolution will be higher than in the original version. So it’s either 1080p or QHD display, I don’t even want to guess which one will LG use. They used the QHD panel in their latest G3 flagship, perhaps they decide to do the same thing with this device. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more details about this.

LG India executive didn’t say anything about a launch date of this device. If I have to guess, I’d say we’ll see it launch in South Korea sometime in the next two months, but who knows. Do / did you own the original LG G Flex by any chance?

Source: Gizbot
Via: Phone Arena

Side note: featured image shows LG G Flex, not LG G Flex 2.

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LG’s first 4K OLED TV comes to the US next month for $10k

LG just announced its first two curved 4K OLED TVs, perfect for high-end buyers that don’t want to compromise on contrast or resolution, and now we know when they’re going on sale in the US. The 65-inch version will start shipping next month, with a $10,000 MSRP. Rumors have put the eventual price as low as $7,000, but for now the MSRP is all that’s listed at retailers like B&H Photo and Video & Audio Center. The 77-inch model will be much more exclusive however, arriving in November at “select retailers” with a $25,000 pricetag. OLED promises higher picture quality than we’ve seen so far from LCD, although not all manufacturers are ready to switch over. LG’s WRGB tech has garnered wide praise however, and its existing model shared in a victory at the recent Value Electronics 2014 TV shootout. Hopefully the price drops on these follow an arc similar to the 55-inch 1080p version, which went from $15,000 to $3,500 in about a year.

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LG’s superwide 105-inch 4K TV is $100,000, but there are cheaper options

Remember that massive 105-inch Ultra HD TV LG brought to CES earlier this year? Today at the custom installer show CEDIA, LG has revealed it’s going on sale, but fitting it into your budget will be tougher than squeezing one into your house. That’s because this giant will cost $100,000 when it ships in November. Prefer mild over wild? You can get the 98-inch version (which still stretches more than 8 feet diagonally) for a mere $40,000 around the same time. For the rest of us, LG is introducing three new series of 4K TVs, with the 40-inch 40UB8000 available as the cheapest model for just $1,000.

The new TVs are all going on sale this year, and fill out several tiers, depending mostly on how big of an Ultra HD experience you’re seeking. Every one has LG’s webOS Smart TV platform with access to 4K content from services like Netflix, support for HEVC / h.265 decoding and “the latest HDMI connectivity.” Joining the 98-inch version at the high end are 84-, 79- and 65-inch models in the UB9800 tier, which cost $10,000, $8,000 and $4,500, respectively. The next step down is the UB9500 series with 65- and 55-inch versions for $3,500 and $2,500, and a 65-inch UB9200 for $3,000. The next series are the UB8500 and UB8200 lineups, with a 60-inch 8200 for $2,500, down to a 49-inch for $1,350. The real question is how useful the extra pixels are in these smaller sizes, but by the time they hit store shelves and are discounted from the MSRP, we’ll have a number of new choices at more reasonable prices than ever.

Series, Models and Suggested Prices:

UC9 Series

  • 105-inch class Model 105UC9, $99,999.99

UB9800 Series

  • 98-inch class Model 98UB9800, $39,999.99
  • 84-inch class Model 84UB9800, $9,999.99
  • 79-inch class Model 79UB9800, $7,999.99
  • 65-inch class Model 65UB9800, $4,499.99

UB9500 Series

  • 65-inch class Model 65UB9500, $3,499.99
  • 55-inch class Model 55UB9500, $2,499.99


  • 65-inch class Model 65UB9200, $2,999.99

UB8500 Series

  • 55-inch class Model 55UB8500, $1,999.99
  • 49-inch class Model 49UB8500, $1,499.99

UB8200 Series

  • 60-inch class Model 60UB8200, $2,499.99
  • 55-inch class Model 55UB8200, $1,799.99
  • 49-inch class Model 49UB8200, $1,349.99

UB8000 Series

  • 40-inch class Model 40UB8000, $999.99

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Back to School 2014: The 8 best HDTV devices

Even if you aren’t hauling a 55-inch smart TV with you to campus, you can do better than watching Netflix on your laptop. Our picks include an affordable Blu-ray player, set-top boxes and a few big-screen stunners. There’s more where that came from, too — check out the rest of our guide here.

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