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Will the Galaxy S6 be able to compete with the iPhone 6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 (52)

The iPhone 6 took the world by storm when it was launched late last year. Collectively, the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus took away a significant chunk of the Android device market share. And now with Samsung launching the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, industry sources have started to wonder whether the Korean manufacturer has done enough to stop the behemoth that is the iPhone 6.

The answer will not be clear until the 10th of April when the smartphone is expected to be available in 20 countries around the world including the U.S. Initial response for the smartphone has been very positive, so Samsung is certainly hopeful that this is the game changer it so desperately needs at this time. And we think Samsung is right in assuming that given the amount of changes we’ve seen on the Galaxy S6.

For the first time since the Galaxy S3, Samsung has taken bold decisions with the design of the handset. Taking this into account, it’s not really a surprise that the company spent more than ever on R&D. The Galaxy S6 packs an all metal design with a unibody enclosure, something we thought was limited to HTC and Apple devices.

The company has also made brave choices with regards to the processor, going with the home grown Exynos 7420 chip instead of the Snapdragon 810 which is expected to be used on all variants of the flagship. Of course, Samsung had its reasons to shy away from the Snapdragon 810, but it tells us that the company was not looking to sacrifice in terms of quality.

The list goes on and on really and Samsung has truly impressed everybody with the Galaxy S6, be it in terms of the camera or the cutting down of unnecessary TouchWiz bloatware. These factors tell us that the Galaxy S6 poses a serious threat to the Apple iPhone 6, although we feel the iPhone has already made significant damage to its Android rivals. The more important question that is upon Samsung is whether it will be able to continue on this path when the competition gets tougher later in the year with the likes of the LG G4 and the new breed of handsets break cover.

Do you think Samsung has done enough to make a comeback in the mobile industry? Sound off below.

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HTC One M9 versus iPhone 6

With the HTC One M9 now officially unveiled to the world, how does the latest flagship device from HTC stack up against its Apple counterpart? We’ve lined up the two unibody handsets against each other to see how they compete as inevitably the comparison will arise from the Android vs iOS world given the similarities in build quality and design of the devices. We’ll be updating the comparison as more specs and impressions begin to surface, as well as when the benchmarks begin to surface for the new device.

The HTC One M9 clearly wins hands-down if specs are anything to go by, but ultimately it comes down to what operating system is preferred since both Android and iOS utilise the hardware differently to provide different experiences. So it’s not just a simple spec-race since it’s long known that iOS can be run on my lower hardware to give the same smoothness and experience

The device which will be right for you purely depends on which ecosystem you want to tie into, or are currently tied into; although it’s easier to bring Google to iOS than it is to bring Apple to Android.

Both devices adopt the premium unibody shell and are top phones, and if operating system wasn’t a deciding factor, would you prefer the iPhone 6 or HTC One M9? Drop us a comment below.

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Engadget giveaway: win an iPhone 6 and 5TB of cloud storage courtesy of MediaFire!

Finding enough space to house your worldly possessions in a place like New York City can be a bit pricey, but unlike a hulking vinyl collection, stashing digital files is more affordable than ever. MediaFire currently offers a free cloud storage option (15GB) and its Pro (1TB) and Business (up to 100TB) accounts are currently 50-percent off, making it a simple and affordable way to organize your digital self. Those files are readily accessible through the MediaFire website or its dedicated desktop and mobile apps. You get unlimited downloads as part of the service, too, so you can share files to your heart’s content. The company wants to get two lucky Engadget readers started right away, so it’s provided an iPhone 6 and a 5TB (for life!) MediaFire account for each of them. Plus, five additional winners will each get a Pro account with one full year of cloud storage. Just make your way to the Rafflecopter widget below for up to three chances at winning one of Apple’s latest and some online acreage for all your digital stuff.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Entries are handled through the Rafflecopter widget above. Comments are no longer accepted as valid methods of entry. You may enter without any obligation to social media accounts, though we may offer them as opportunities for extra entries. Your email address is required so we can get in touch with you if you win, but it will not be given to third parties.
  • Contest is open to all residents of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so direct your anger at our lawyers and contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly. Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) iPhone 6 (AT&T, MG4P2LL/A, Silver, 16GB) and a 5TB MediaFire cloud storage account for life. Five (5) additional winners will each receive a 1TB MediaFire Pro account for one year.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen. Make sure that the account you use to enter the contest includes your real name and a contact email or Facebook login. We do not track any of this information for marketing or third-party purposes.
  • This unit is purely for promotional giveaway. MediaFire and Engadget / AOL are not held liable to honor warranties, exchanges or customer service.
  • The full list of rules, in all its legalese glory, can be found here.
  • Entries can be submitted until Feb 11th at 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

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Apple’s iPhone gaining on Samsung sales

samsung_vs_appleThe iPhone 6 is doing abundantly well when it comes to sales. So well, in fact, the phone is closing in on Samsung‘s top smartphone maker title. It’s a title that the Korean company took from Apple in the third quarter of 2011 and one that it has held onto since. However, given the iPhone’s strong sales and Samsung’s market share decrease of 34 percent in 2013 to 25 percent this past year after only shipping 78 million smartphones in the third quarter, it appears that Samsung may not hold the title for that much longer.

Apple’s success is in large part to the larger screened iPhone 6 and 6 plus with analysts believing that Apple sold 66.5 million iPhones in the quarter that ended on Dec. 27, an increase of 30 percent to the year before. Exact numbers won’t be known until Apple releases its iPhone sales tomorrow but the company is forecasted to post a revenue of $67.5 billion, up by 17 percent from last year. Coupled with options for larger amounts of internal memory the phones have also benefitted from being released with new carriers in China that included China Mobile LTD and NTT DoCoMo Inc.

As a result of the falling shares and sales for Samsung, the company is looking at restructuring management and design aspects in order to curb the loss of sales. Even so, Samsung is expected to see a drop in sales, but not one as drastic as 2014. That said, as always, we’ll just have to wait and see.

source: Wall Street Journal

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Xiaomi to launch their own “cash for clunkers”: trade in your iPhone for a Mi Note


Got a device with specs two years old? Specifically, are those devices the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6? Good news if you live in China, Xiaomi is working on starting up a trade-in system that will allow you to pitch your lemons Apples for shiny, new Mi Notes or Mi Note Pros.

If all goes according to plan, Xiaomi would like to take your iPhone 5s and replace it with a Mi Note. If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you can receive a Mi Note Pro. Xiaomi is claiming that they’ll take any functioning iPhone 5s/6/6P in any condition for this trade-in program.

Further reading: Xiaomi announces the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro

No word on whether this will stretch beyond the Chinese borders or what they plan to do about the retail price discrepancy between the companies’ devices.

Source: GSM Arena via Weibo (in Chinese)

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Size does matter: larger iPhone 6 brings the smartphone war to Samsung’s home ground


For years, consumers have been demanding larger screens and have placed their buying power behind original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) willing to give them what they want. Apple, slowly accepting the consumer demand despite the vocal minority’s laments, has finally delivered a modern screen size to its iPhone products with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

This news is old and has been talked about for months now, obviously. What is new, though, is the data showing that Apple’s size upgrade with the iPhone has hit Android OEMs in an unlikely location: their home countries. Counterpoint Technology Market Research, an Asian-based consulting firm that delivers data-driven analyses of market trends, has released a report detailing Apple’s newest attack on the Asian front.

If you’ve ever wondered where Android OEMs get their huge competitive strength from despite Apple’s dominance in western markets, it’s due to their widespread popularity in the eastern and emerging market regions. Apple has been fending off the likes of Samsung in places like the United States, while not being able to make much headway against them, because the iPhone simply wasn’t that desirable of a product on the other side of the Pacific. Until now, that is.


Counterpoint reports that from May 2014 to November 2014, Samsung’s presence in Koreans’ pockets dropped nearly 20%, while Apple saw a huge boost of nearly 25% especially after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ release. Tom Kang, Counterpoint’s research director in Korea had the following comment: “No foreign brand has gone beyond the 20% market share mark in the history of Korea’s smartphone industry. It has always been dominated by the global smartphone leader, Samsung. But iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made a difference here, denting the competition’s phablet sales. Korea being the world’s highest penetrated phablet market (handsets with 5” above screens) earnestly needed a large screen iPhone for quite a time and now this thirst has been quenched. If there was a better supply of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus 64GB & 128GB models during the month then Apple’s share could have climbed to the 40% level.”


An even bigger jump for Apple took place in Japan, a location where Apple sales have generally done better historically than in other Asian markets. In November 2014, it finished out with a record 51% in sales.

In China, iPhone sales rose sharply as well, but still fell behind Chinese favorites Xiaomi and Lenovo. It took the two combined, however, to stay ahead of the singular Apple entry.

Perhaps Apple took a page from Samsung’s playbook: don’t listen to the old-guard technology junkies and look to what real people want. Apple die-hards in the blogosphere might rail against the larger screens and other new technology, but at least half of the US segment owns a large-screen Android device and an unfathomable percentage of the population overseas owns one as well. So Apple ditches the squeaky wheel in order to compete directly across all fronts and, apparently, it’s working.

As I mentioned back in December, I expect Android OEMs to have a tough 2015 unless they pull their collective heads out of, well, you get the idea.

Source: Counterpoint Technology Market Research

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Must have been an Android fan: Man gets rejected despite using 99 iPhones in proposal

99 iPhones in proposalPeople do some pretty kooky things for love, and while some attempts end up outrageously romantic, others fall flat on their face. This is one case where the attempt has failed pretty spectacularly when a Chinese man purchased 99 iPhones, specifically the iPhone 6, in his proposal attempt to a young lady. The young lovestruck fellow, who proposed in the city of Guangzhou, even arranged the 99 devices in a heart shape (see above) and gathered friends around the heart to witness the supposedly romantic event.

99 iphonesUnfortunately, the lady in question didn’t feel the same way, leaving the young man standing in the middle of $85,000 USD worth of Apple products – I wonder if Android devices would have been cheaper/more successful. The unsuccessful proposal apparently cost the gentleman ¥500,000 in local currency, though he shouldn’t have too many issues finding buyers – the iPhone 6 is in hot demand in China. In fact, people have offered body organs in exchange for Apple products in the past so the man shouldn’t be short of lifestyle choices should he engage in bartering instead of cash.

Just remember kids: you can’t buy love.

What do you think about this man’s proposal with 99 iPhones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Weibo via BGR

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Chinese store makes sure that iPhone 6 Plus fits in your pocket

Let’s face it: When it comes to the iPhone 6 Plus, size really does matter.

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Source: Sina Weibo (Amakura)


Dropbox’s iOS 8 app adds support for Touch ID

Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s recent refresh of OneDrive, Dropbox has now made its iOS app compatible with Apple’s fingerprint-scanning technology, Touch ID, as well. You’ll need iOS 8 in order for the feature to work, but chances are you’re already running the latest and greatest software from Apple anyway. Aside from adding the ability to unlock the application by way of Touch ID, Dropbox also updated it to support the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — something that owners of Apple’s newest smartphones will definitely appreciate. Now someone tell Google to hurry and do the same for Drive.

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Source: Dropbox


Dropbox for iOS Updated with Touch ID Integration, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support [iOS Blog]

File-sharing service Dropbox has updated its official iOS app with a number of new features, including full optimization for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well integration with Touch ID for more convenient unlocking. The app also includes a fix for previewing rich text format format files and general stability and performance improvements.

Dropbox saw its last major update last month after the release of iOS 8 which brought a new Notification Center widget, a new Share extension that allows files from other apps to be opened and saved, and the ability to manage shared folders in the app. A number of other apps have also included support for Touch ID since the release of iOS 8 last month.

Dropbox is a free app for the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store. [Direct Link]


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