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LG targets Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus with the G4’s display


There is no better way to be promote your device than targeting competitors negatives. And that is exactly what the site for the LG G4 does. In the display section that highlights its Quad HD (2560×1440) resolution, LG calls out Apple and the iPhone 6 Plus. The smaller iPhone 6 has 1334×750 resolution while the bigger sibling is Full HD (1920×1080). That pales in comparison to the G4, but, as we all know, resolution is not everything. Apple typically creates sharp and accurate displays. Regardless, the G4 does beat the iPhone 6 Plus pixel for pixel.

Source: LG
Via: Phone Arena

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Rubix’s wireless battery sticks to your phone with magnets

When you’re spending most part of the day out and about, chances are at some point you’ll have to whip out your portable battery to juice up your smartphone. This usually means stacking your phone on top of a cable-wrapped power bank, and then clumsily holding everything together with one hand. Doesn’t sound very 2015, does it? It’s annoying enough for a startup called Rubix to come up with a solution: slap a magnetized Qi wireless charging case (aka On Case) on your phone, and then let it snap onto a magnetized wireless charging battery (aka On Charger). Look ma, no cable!

The 13.9mm-thick On Charger consists of a 5,000 mAh battery with two output options: a fast 2A current over a USB cable or a standard 1A over close-proximity wireless transmission. Better yet, the charger also has a wireless power receiver at the bottom (as indicated by the circular groove to fit the ring on the top side), which means not only can you plonk it onto any Qi wireless charging station, you can also stack one On Charger on top of another that’s plugged in to charge them up simultaneously, albeit taking twice as long — theoretically five hours — if you give the bottom charger a 2A current over USB.

As for the On Case, Rubix’s Kickstarter launch will do the iPhone 6 first, followed by stretch goals to bring the magnet-only On Cases for the already Qi-enabled Galaxy S6 plus Galaxy S6 Edge, as well as the bigger On Case for the iPhone 6 Plus. The charger is designed to be flush with the iPhone 6’s case, and it isn’t far off from the Galaxy S6 cases’ shapes, so you should have no problem holding them together. And even if you hold just the phone part, the magnets are plenty strong to hold the battery, as we found out on a couple of prototypes. But is this battery-and-case bundle worthy of $89 and up? We’ll let you be the judge.

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At some point in life, you’ll want a marble iPhone case

Wood and leather are so yesterday. What you really want is some genuine marble on your precious gadgets. At least that’s the pitch from Native Union, which has recently announced its Clic Marble iPhone 6 case, available in matt black or glossy white — the latter consisting of the nice Carrara white marble from Italy. Don’t be fooled by its simple look, as the company took a year and a half to figure out how to carefully slice marble at just 0.8mm thick, and then reinforcing it with fiberglass to keep it flexible plus shatter-resistant. The case does add 2mm of bulk onto your device, and it does ask for $79.99 in the US or £69.99 in the UK, but these are the kinds of sacrifices that some are willing to make in return for that cold luxurious feel.

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Source: Native Union


Here’s how the Galaxy S6 can help Samsung overcome the iPhone 6

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The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are by far Samsung’s best devices to date. It all started out as “Project Zero”; that’s when we found out Samsung was serious about revamping their design. What sets the S6/S6 edge apart from their predecessors is not only their high-quality build construction, but what’s on the inside powering the devices. The S6 is the features the highest specs of any Samsung device to date, which includes a beast of a processor in the Exynos 7420, 3 GB of RAM, and a best in class 16 megapixel rear-facing camera that sports optical image stabilization.

What makes the Galaxy S6/S6 edge so different is that Samsung has a full-on premium device. Not only that, but with Samsung pushing full force into marketing, they have a legitimate chance at taking down Apple and the hugely successful iPhone 6.  The iPhone has long held the throne over Android phones as a premium manufacturer. While companies, such as HTC, have a premium Android device, they don’t have the marketing ability or the money that Samsung has. Now that Samsung has a premium device that they can tout, it’s their time to assume the throne. Here are five ways for Samsung to make that happen.

Keep the device in stock

When new devices come out that are extremely popular, the easiest way to be successful is keep the device in stock. Nothing can kill a devices buzz more so than lack of availability. For example, the Nexus 6 received wide demand, but Motorola had a tough time keeping the device in stock. This led to consumers (sans die-hard Nexus fans) to choose a different device. There is nothing worse than waiting for a new phone, only to find out it is backordered.

For the most part, Samsung is doing a swell job. They have already sold more devices than they expected and have already surpassed Galaxy S5 sales. Most carriers continue to have the devices available, and only some outlets, such as Best Buy, have the S6 edge on backorder.

This is by far the easiest solution for Samsung to overtake Apple. With the latest reports, the Galaxy S6 edge demand has risen much higher than Samsung expected, so they have to up production. The Galaxy S6 buzz is in high gear and the last thing Samsung wants to do is let that die off. Samsung hasn’t received this much attention since the Galaxy S3, so they are definitely on to something. Easiest solution: keep making the Galaxy S6 and MORE Galaxy S6 edges.

Fast updates

This has been a sore spot for users of Samsung devices in the past. Google would come out with the latest version of Android, but Samsung wouldn’t push out updates for quite a while; sometimes upwards of six months in between updates. There is only one thing worse than waiting for a backordered device, and that is waiting for it to receive the next major Android update. If you pay for a premium device at a premium cost, you expect for it to receive timely updates.

Galaxy S6 Lollipop

This is something that always shied die-hard Android users away from the South Korean giant, but they have been making strides to improve that. Nearly every Galaxy device from the past two years has already received Android Lollipop, which is amazing when coming from Samsung. The newer devices, such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note 4, all received the update within 90 days, give or take.

If Samsung wants to take another shot at Apple, they need to continually improve their update times. One thing that Apple has over Android is that they make the device and the operating system. This expedites the process; one update applies for all devices; whereas there are thousands of Android devices on the market and they all have to wait until Google pushes out the newest version. Once that happens, the smartphone manufacturer needs to tailor the upgrade to their device and their specified hardware.

If Samsung can continually deliver Android updates in 90 days or sooner, they will be well on their way to making consumers happy. The Galaxy S6 has changed many things about Samsung, so let’s hope update times follow suit.


If there is one area where Apple phones, specifically the iPhone 6 are criticized, it’s in the hardware department. It’s 2015 and the latest iPhones run dual-core processors and 1 GB of RAM. Now, I will add it is quite a feat to get the performance they do out of those phones, but Apple is definitely behind the times. Enter Samsung.

Samsung has always put the top of the line equipment in their devices. They have always used the latest processor on the market and packed it with ample amounts of RAM. What makes the Galaxy S6 so special is that they went with the “top of the line” equipment that was available, which just so happened to be their in-house processor. That in-house processor is the octa-core Exynos 7420, which tops the benchmarks through and through. The Exynos 7420 coupled with 3 GB of LPDDR4 RAM brings out a blazing fast device.

Galaxy S6 edge benchmark

One of the most used features on a smartphone in 2015 is the camera. Everyone loves taking pictures, whether it is of themselves, others, or even the scenery around them. Smartphones have turned everyone into professional (or so they claim to be) photographers.

Not only does the Galaxy S6/S6 edge blow the iPhone away in the performance category, it also features the best camera in a smartphone on the market… yes on the market. Once again, Apple is behind the times with an 8 megapixel camera whereas the S6/S6 edge touts a 16 megapixel monster that has optical image stabilization. Although, megapixel count doesn’t necessarily mean better picture it sure helps.

Galaxy S6 camera shot

The Galaxy S6 may have twice the megapixels as the iPhone 6, but it also has a larger aperture. The S6 has an f/1.9 aperture compared to the smaller f/2.2 aperture of the iPhone 6. This means crisper shots in lower light, which is a challenge for most phones.

Market, market, and… market!

The standard Galaxy S6 is definitely a well-crafted device, there is no denying that. The S6 edge on the other hand is more than just a well-crafted device, it is an innovative device. Samsung needs to continue to market the device and not let up. The more people see the device, the more they will realize how premium the devices actually are.

Galaxy S6 ad

The timing is perfect for Samsung to take hold of Apple defectors as well. Everyone knows that a year after the latest iPhone comes out, the next year an upgraded device comes out touting the ‘s’ moniker. Many people are waiting to see what Apple has in store for the iPhone 6s, but there is little to no hype surrounding the device. Not only that, it usually gets released sometime in early Q4, so there is a lot of time to sway potential customers.

Apple has had marketing down to a science and definitely knows how to ‘woo’ potential customers. For example, look at how many people are buying a $350+ Apple Watch.; it’s all in marketing. All Samsung needs to do is market the aforementioned categories about how it is better than the Apple iPhone. If Samsung can channel Apple’s marketing genius, they will be well on their way.

Don’t stop here

If there is one thing Samsung has learned is that once you make a great device, you can’t sit back and let other companies pass you by. They’ve done it in the past by being complacent with their new devices and their designs. The Galaxy S5 was just a slightly updated Galaxy S4, so much that it could have been called the Galaxy S4s in my opinion.

If Samsung really wants to take down the Apple giant, they need to continually build off their strong performances. The Galaxy S6/S6 edge are one of a kind devices and it will definitely be hard to build upon the strong showing the devices have made so far.

The Galaxy S6 edge is innovative, but there is so much potential for it to be improved. If the Galaxy S6 edge shows Samsung anything, it is that there is room for devices like that on the market. Hopefully, Samsung will put more time and effort into making it more usable and practical than ever.

According to analysts, the Galaxy S6 edge makes up for 50% of the S6 sales, so come this time next year, we may be looking at only a Galaxy S7 edge; you never know. It is feasible, and if that’s the case, the edge must bring along more defining features.

Samsung has definitely come a long way and their fate is completely in their hands. They have a ‘hit’ device on their hands and it is completely up to them where they are headed. If they have learned anything, they need to continue to push forward.

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The Galaxy S6 is more durable than the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, and even the Galaxy S5


SquareTrade already started a swarm of speculation that the Galaxy S6 Edge is more bendable than the iPhone 6 Plus, but this new video is a little more positive for Samsung.

It pits the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus against each other to find out how they compare as far as durability. The Galaxy S6 took 1st place overall, which is surprising in that I would have figured that the S5 would win this one. The S6 was found to be the least bendable at 110 pounds of pressure, and all three Galaxy phones survived the drop test with flying colors.

The S6 came in with a Breakability Score of 4, which is considered medium risk. Here’s the complete rundown of the results….

  • Galaxy S6  4.0
  • Galaxy S5  4.5
  • iPhone 6   4.5
  • Galaxy S6 Edge  5.0
  • iPhone 6 Plus  6.0

Check out the video below showing the above mentioned tests as well as a slide test and dunking test, in which each phone was submerged in water for 10 seconds.

Click here to view the embedded video.

source: VentureBeat

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HTC USA’s new ad with Robinson Cano involves smashing the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 [Video]


HTC USA has marked the official arrival of the baseball season by posting a new commercial with its recently acquired star campaigner Robinson Canó who plays for the Seattle Mariners in the MLB.

While it’s completely different from the mildly crazy Robert Downey Jr ads we’ve seen recently, it’s certainly not better. The ad involves Canó taking his position with a baseball bat in his hand and literally smashing the iPhone 6, the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 into pieces.

This is followed by the following text – “It takes focus and power to compete at the highest level. It takes precision to excel. It’s about playing the game for a bigger cause. And sometimes you just have to challenge convention. Let’s play ball.”

While we don’t mind the good natured ribbing against industry rival, it seems a little too extreme to be smashing phones to get your point across. What do you think about this new ad? Sound off below.

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Raw speed test pits the Galaxy S6 Edge against the iPhone 6

The latest flagship device from Samsung boasts the most powerful processor on the market, enough RAM to equal some consumer computers, and a state of the art curved display; but how does it stack up against the competition? Sure, it’s one of the best Android devices on the market, but what about the offering from Apple?

The video below puts the Galaxy S6 Edge up against the iPhone 6 with the same set of apps installed in a battle of raw speed.

Opening all 16 apps took 2 minutes 9 seconds on the S6 Edge while it took 2 minutes 17 seconds on the iPhone 6. Perhaps the tests weren’t fair since the apps could have been loaded in memory running in the background thanks to Androids’ multitasking, or maybe it really is the fastest out of the two.


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Will the Galaxy S6 be able to compete with the iPhone 6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 (52)

The iPhone 6 took the world by storm when it was launched late last year. Collectively, the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus took away a significant chunk of the Android device market share. And now with Samsung launching the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, industry sources have started to wonder whether the Korean manufacturer has done enough to stop the behemoth that is the iPhone 6.

The answer will not be clear until the 10th of April when the smartphone is expected to be available in 20 countries around the world including the U.S. Initial response for the smartphone has been very positive, so Samsung is certainly hopeful that this is the game changer it so desperately needs at this time. And we think Samsung is right in assuming that given the amount of changes we’ve seen on the Galaxy S6.

For the first time since the Galaxy S3, Samsung has taken bold decisions with the design of the handset. Taking this into account, it’s not really a surprise that the company spent more than ever on R&D. The Galaxy S6 packs an all metal design with a unibody enclosure, something we thought was limited to HTC and Apple devices.

The company has also made brave choices with regards to the processor, going with the home grown Exynos 7420 chip instead of the Snapdragon 810 which is expected to be used on all variants of the flagship. Of course, Samsung had its reasons to shy away from the Snapdragon 810, but it tells us that the company was not looking to sacrifice in terms of quality.

The list goes on and on really and Samsung has truly impressed everybody with the Galaxy S6, be it in terms of the camera or the cutting down of unnecessary TouchWiz bloatware. These factors tell us that the Galaxy S6 poses a serious threat to the Apple iPhone 6, although we feel the iPhone has already made significant damage to its Android rivals. The more important question that is upon Samsung is whether it will be able to continue on this path when the competition gets tougher later in the year with the likes of the LG G4 and the new breed of handsets break cover.

Do you think Samsung has done enough to make a comeback in the mobile industry? Sound off below.

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HTC One M9 versus iPhone 6

With the HTC One M9 now officially unveiled to the world, how does the latest flagship device from HTC stack up against its Apple counterpart? We’ve lined up the two unibody handsets against each other to see how they compete as inevitably the comparison will arise from the Android vs iOS world given the similarities in build quality and design of the devices. We’ll be updating the comparison as more specs and impressions begin to surface, as well as when the benchmarks begin to surface for the new device.

The HTC One M9 clearly wins hands-down if specs are anything to go by, but ultimately it comes down to what operating system is preferred since both Android and iOS utilise the hardware differently to provide different experiences. So it’s not just a simple spec-race since it’s long known that iOS can be run on my lower hardware to give the same smoothness and experience

The device which will be right for you purely depends on which ecosystem you want to tie into, or are currently tied into; although it’s easier to bring Google to iOS than it is to bring Apple to Android.

Both devices adopt the premium unibody shell and are top phones, and if operating system wasn’t a deciding factor, would you prefer the iPhone 6 or HTC One M9? Drop us a comment below.

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Engadget giveaway: win an iPhone 6 and 5TB of cloud storage courtesy of MediaFire!

Finding enough space to house your worldly possessions in a place like New York City can be a bit pricey, but unlike a hulking vinyl collection, stashing digital files is more affordable than ever. MediaFire currently offers a free cloud storage option (15GB) and its Pro (1TB) and Business (up to 100TB) accounts are currently 50-percent off, making it a simple and affordable way to organize your digital self. Those files are readily accessible through the MediaFire website or its dedicated desktop and mobile apps. You get unlimited downloads as part of the service, too, so you can share files to your heart’s content. The company wants to get two lucky Engadget readers started right away, so it’s provided an iPhone 6 and a 5TB (for life!) MediaFire account for each of them. Plus, five additional winners will each get a Pro account with one full year of cloud storage. Just make your way to the Rafflecopter widget below for up to three chances at winning one of Apple’s latest and some online acreage for all your digital stuff.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Entries are handled through the Rafflecopter widget above. Comments are no longer accepted as valid methods of entry. You may enter without any obligation to social media accounts, though we may offer them as opportunities for extra entries. Your email address is required so we can get in touch with you if you win, but it will not be given to third parties.
  • Contest is open to all residents of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so direct your anger at our lawyers and contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly. Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) iPhone 6 (AT&T, MG4P2LL/A, Silver, 16GB) and a 5TB MediaFire cloud storage account for life. Five (5) additional winners will each receive a 1TB MediaFire Pro account for one year.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen. Make sure that the account you use to enter the contest includes your real name and a contact email or Facebook login. We do not track any of this information for marketing or third-party purposes.
  • This unit is purely for promotional giveaway. MediaFire and Engadget / AOL are not held liable to honor warranties, exchanges or customer service.
  • The full list of rules, in all its legalese glory, can be found here.
  • Entries can be submitted until Feb 11th at 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

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