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Typo’s iPhone keyboard is back and it still looks a lot like a BlackBerry

Auto-correct fails can be pretty hilarious, but if you’d rather avoid them altogether (boo!) maybe a litigious phone case’s second coming is up your alley. See, earlier this year Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone accessory company, Typo, found itself on the wrong side of the law when BlackBerry filed suit against it. Why? Because, well, its product looked an awful lot like something you’d find on one of the Canadian outfit’s devices. But, that copyright infringement applied to Typo, not the almost identical Typo 2. As iMore tells is, the American Idol host has added a few new bits and bobs like a lock key, backlight and battery indicator to the keyboard that’ll hopefully distract Chen and Co.’s attorneys. The accessory starts shipping this September, but you can pre-order now for $99 — whether its maker is back in court by then is anyone’s guess.

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Distiller builds a social network for whiskey lovers

Distiller's whiskey social network

If you’re a whiskey drinker, finding the perfect bottle can be a daunting quest; just because something is well-rated doesn’t mean that it suits your tastes. You’re about to get some help from your friends, though, as Distiller has turned its recommendation service into a full-fledged social network. You can now follow others with similar palates to see what they say about that Colonel E.H. Taylor or Lagavulin you’ve been meaning to try. You can also leave comments, and everyone has a “top shelf” in their profile to reflect their absolute favorites. Distiller can’t promise that others will share your love of Bulleit Bourbon, but it should be easier to find that like-minded connoisseur. Swing by Apple’s App Store or Google Play to give this social spirit service a try.

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NomadPlus turns your iPhone’s wall plug into an external battery

NomadPlus external battery

If you’re tired of lugging around both an external battery pack and a power adapter to keep your iPhone running, today’s your lucky day. Nomad (the company behind the ChargeCard) has started taking pre-orders for the NomadPlus, a 1,500mAh external battery that takes advantage of the Apple’s official power plug to save space. Slide the charger in and you can top up your iPhone (or other low-power USB devices) with one peripheral, whether or not you’re anywhere near a wall outlet. Logically, it will also recharge its own battery when plugged in. The gadget doesn’t provide much energy on its own — it will only bring an iPhone up to 70 percent — but it should be enough to get you through a typical day.

Yes, you can technically buy external batteries that have their own plugs built-in. However, Nomad’s bring-your-own strategy is not just efficient, but cheap — the Plus will cost $39 ($20 if you use the code “nomadplus” within the next few days), or considerably less than a dedicated external battery like Mophie’s $50, 1,350mAh Power Reserve. You’ll have to wait until the end of November before you can pick one up, but it might be worth waiting if you don’t need the additional electricity right away.

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OneNote on iOS and Mac now lets you attach files

Microsoft OneNote on iPhone

Like it or not, school is fast approaching. However, Microsoft thinks it can make the fall semester a little more bearable with big updates to OneNote on both iOS and the Mac. Both apps now let you attach files to your notes; you can include audio recordings from a lecture to add some context to what you wrote, for example. If you add a PDF printout, you can also jot down annotations.

There’s more than just attachment support in this upgrade, as you might expect, and some of the improvements are meant as much for the corporate crowd as students. You can now open and edit OneDrive for Business notebooks, and it’s possible to both lock and unlock password-protected sections if you don’t want everyone peeping your content. Other updates let you shuffle the order of pages in a notebook, and (on the Mac) share them as email. The refinements probably won’t improve your grades if you’re headed to class in the next several weeks, but they may help you make sense of hastily-written notes when you’re studying for a big exam.

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Spotify’s iOS app gets equalizer feature with custom settings and 22 presets

Spotify’s latest iOS app update rolls out today and adds a new equalizer to playback functionality. “A lot of our users have been asking for a built-in equalizer for a while now and it’s currently one of our most requested features on iOS,” says Sten Garmark, VP for Product at Spotify. The update also folds the Discover function into the Browse tab on iPhones and adds a redesigned Artist page to the iPad iteration, featuring musicians’ latest releases and… merchandise. Android users have been able to add third-party equalizers to music playback on dedicated music apps for years, although there’s no word from Spotify as to when these new feature will hit Google’s mobile OS. We’re hoping that equalizer will help even out music playback — even if you’re only packing underwhelming in-box buds.

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Homer for iPhone lets you peek at the apps your friends use

Homer app for iPhone

Ever had the urge to peek at your friends’ phone screens, whether it’s to learn about their favorite apps or simply pry into their digital lives? Well, you can now do that without having to either strike up an awkward conversation or get overly nosy. PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and the HVF crew have launched Homer, an iPhone app that lets you share your app picks with fellow users. All you do is take screenshots of your home screens and submit them; Homer scans the pictures and identifies the apps, making it easy to compare them with pals in your contacts or on social networks.

As you’d hope, there’s some privacy features baked in. Besides the voluntary nature of screen captures, you can hide individual apps you’d rather keep a secret — you don’t have to share your Tinder addiction with the rest of the world. There’s no mention of Homer versions for other platforms (or people outside the US, for that matter), but you can try it today if you have both an iPhone and an unquenchable curiosity about your buddies’ mobile habits.

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Apple Launching 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 After 4.7-Inch Version to Avoid Competition Between Two Models

Apple will launch the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 several months after the 4.7-inch version to avoid competition between the two models, according to a new report from DigiTimes citing supply chain sources.

The different timetables have been set as Apple does not want to repeat the mistake it made in 2013 when it launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c simultaneously, said the sources.

Prior rumors have pointed out that production issues with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would cause Apple to delay its release a few months after 4.7-inch version, however this newest report claims that isn’t the case for the launch delay. A report from Bloomberg last month suggested that Apple would be launching both versions of the iPhone 6 simultaneously, noting that the company had begun preparing the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch for manufacturing.

iphone_5s_6_grass 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 mockups compared to iPhone 5s
Apple is expected to unveil the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 at a September event, although a report yesterday noted that the company is unsure as to whether it will show off the 5.5-inch version at the same time. The company is said to be preparing between 70 and 80 million iPhone 6 units to meet anticipated customer demand, as the larger screen could cause a massive spike in upgrades from both iPhone upgraders and those switching from Android.

In addition to a larger screen, the iPhone 6 is expected to feature a faster A8 processor, a thinner profile, an improved camera, and Apple’s new iOS 8 mobile operating system.


KeyPoint wants you to try its multilingual smart keyboard for iOS 8

There’s soon going to be a glut of custom keyboards for iOS 8, many of which will have word suggestions in multiple languages. However, they might not be as well-versed as KeyPoint Technologies’ upcoming Adaptxt for iOS. Besides supporting over 100 languages, the keyboard touts 30 dictionaries targeted at specific industries; it shouldn’t be flummoxed when you’re chatting with your accountant or lawyer. It will also be aware of both your location and the apps you’re running, so word predictions should change when you go on vacation or check out a favorite social network. KeyPoint is only taking sign-ups for a beta test at this stage — not surprising, since iOS 8 isn’t out yet — but it’s already promising that Adaptxt will be free on iPads and iPhones alike.

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4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Set to Begin Mass Production This Month, 5.5-Inch in August

Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is set to begin mass production on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 this month, according to local media cited by Reuters. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will begin production a month later, in August.


Mass production of a 4.7-inch successor to the wildly popular iPhone 5 series of smartphones will begin during the third week of July, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News said, without citing sources. Production of a 5.5-inch version will begin during the second week of August, it said.

Foxconn is also set to hire around 100,000 additional workers to help meet future demand for the device, according to a Chinese state-run news agency. Fellow Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron is also ramping up hiring, recruiting over 10,000 for its own facilities to help manufacture the iPhone. Additionally, it was reported last week that Foxconn was planning on deploying 10,000 robots to help employees with less intensive tasks like tightening screws.

Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone 6 in early September, with a release coming a couple weeks later in late September. While it’s unclear whether both the 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models will launch at the same time, the one-month delay in mass production could mean that the 5.5-inch is either available in lower quantities at first or will be announced at the same time as the 4.7-inch model and launch shortly after. Previously, it’s been rumored the 5.5-inch model had been experiencing production issues.

Other than larger displays, the iPhone 6 is expected to include a thinner, iPod touch-like design, an A8 processor, and an improved camera, potentially measuring 13 megapixels. The larger model is expected to come with a $100 price increase, optical image stabilization and greater storage capability.


Wico and Goophone Beat Apple to Market with Android-Based iPhone 6 Clones

Months before Apple is expected to release its next-generation iPhone, functional iPhone 6 clones already are starting to appear in China’s mobile phone marketplace. One of the first clones, the Wico i6, is profiled by 86DIGI (via in a two-part hands-on video.

(Note: Contains fairly loud soundtrack of The Carpenters’ “Top of the World”)
Like most clones, the Wico i6 is quite detailed for a fake, with authentic-looking FCC labeling and the characteristic Apple branding. The phone also closely mimics the rumored styling of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with a thin chassis that houses a side-mounted power button and elongated volume buttons.

Wico isn’t the only clone maker ready to enter the mobile phone black market, however. Chinese clone maker Goophone has also announced (via that it is preparing the Goophone i6 for release in August, ahead of Apple’s expected September iPhone launch.

The GooPhone also borrows its styling from the rumored schematics of the iPhone 6 and pairs it with a quad-core Mediatek MT6582 chipset, 1GB RAM and 13 megapixel rear camera. Similar to previous Goophone clones, the i6 model is powered by the Android operating system.


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