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Apple’s revenues soar thanks to iPhones and China

Well, it’s that time again. Apple has just released its latest batch of quarterly earnings, and wouldn’t you know it — the folks in Cupertino once again sold more iPhones than it has in any other quarter. We’re talking 74.5 million phones changing hands since October, up just about 50 percent from its last utterly insane holiday quarter. Apple doesn’t break down sales numbers by model, but its smartphones’ bang-up performance helped push company revenue to new heights; the company raked in a cool $74.6 billion in revenue, along with $18 billion in pure profit. That is crazy.

So the iPhones did extremely, ridiculously well – what about iPads? Apple only sold about 21.4 million, and while that’s not exactly a number to sneeze at, it’s significantly lower than the more than 26 million the company moved during the last holiday season. There are plenty of possible culprits here, from the less-than-game-changing upgrades the iPad Air and Mini lines received earlier this year, to the growth in demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, a device that not only closes the gap between phone and tablet, but also nets Apple more cash than the bog-standard 6. That sort of dip in performance doesn’t come out of the blue though — we saw it last quarter too, a phenomenon CEO Tim Cook referred to as a “speed bump”.

Bear in mind, we all expected this quarter to be a blow-out. After all, the last few months represent the first full quarter of sales for the company’s new iPhones and iPads, a big push into the holiday buying maelstrom and a more aggressive mobile stance in China. As usual, people are fingering that last, region-specific reason as a big, big reason for that growth. A quick look at Apple’s data reveals why: Greater China accounted for about $16 billion of the company’s overall revenue over the past three-ish months. That’s just about twice the number the region put up last year, making it only slightly less valuable than Apple’s business in Europe. Factor in a new report from analysis firm Canalys proclaiming Apple the victor in Chinese smartphone sales (beating Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei in that order) and it’s not hard to see just how crucial China is to Apple’s future growth.

Noticeably absent from this first information blast is any word on Apple Pay, which is – among other things – is being baked into some 200,000 self-serve kiosks across the United States. Apple gets a tiny cut from each Pay transaction that gets processed, which could ultimately mean big bucks falling into the company’s coffers when phone and tablet sales slip into slightly more reasonable territory. Here’s hoping it’ll get a detailed shout-out in the customary earnings call, set to kick off shortly.

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Samsung-made chips tipped to power the majority of Apple’s next iPhone

Samsung will reportedly power the majority of the next-generation iPhone according to Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper. The report says that the Korean company will claim 75 percent of processor chip production for Apple’s next smartphone: Samsung one of a few companies that have the scale to provide high-end processors in the numbers that Apple needs for its iPhones. The Korean company was the one responsible for crafting the A7 SoC powering the iPhone 5S two years ago, although an apparent exclusive deal with TSMC meant that wasn’t involved in Apple’s two new phones in 2014. It’s unlikely that Samsung and Apple are all-of-a-sudden BFFs, but, well, business is business. We’ve reached out to both companies for a response.

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What is a fanboy?

In almost any phone article on any website, you will find people fighting over what phone is better. These arguments range from iPhones vs Android phones to different Android manufacturers and every spot in between. Some of the people in these debates have good points while others do not, but regardless of the validity of each person’s opinion, you will see one word thrown around more than any other. That word is fanboy. You will see commenters say this to each other and to the writer of the article. However, people do not seem to understand what the term means and just attribute it to anyone who does not share the same opinion they do. This is completely wrong and we need to stop the overuse of fanboy towards those who do not share the same characteristics.

Who is a fanboy?

To decide whether to call someone a fanboy, we first need to figure out what exactly a fanboy is. The first sign you are talking to a fanboy is that they only buy a certain phone brand and do not have any reasons for that. Apple fanboys will often say that iPhones are the best because there is an apple on it. This same characteristic is also seen in fanboys of Android OEMs such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola. They buy their phones because it is a certain brand and nothing else. Another key sign that you are talking to a fanboy is that they think every other phone is terrible. Regardless of how good another phone is or how awesome a new feature on it is, fanboys of other phones will not say anything good about it. If a fanboy does compliment another phone, it will be backhanded. They will say something like, “That 2K screen is really nice, if you like a phone that cannot fit in your pocket,” or, “The thinness of that phone is cool, but you are just going to put a case on it”. The biggest giveaway that you are talking to a fanboy is that they will never admit that their brand makes a mistake. No matter how blatantly obvious the mistake is, fanboys will defend it as long as they can. Whether this is a protruding camera, large bezels, laggy software, or poor build materials, fanboys will not recognize these as flaws and rather commend them or say they do not exist or matter. If you are talking to someone who is exhibiting these traits, then you are probably talking to a fanboy.

Who is not a fanboy?

Now it is time to look at those who prefer a certain brand but do not fall into the fanboy category. While these people may only buy a certain phone, they actually have respectable reasons for doing so. Examples include people buy iPhones because they are integrated into the Apple ecosystem, or people who buy HTC phones because they love music and the HTC One speakers are fantastic. If they have good reasons for owning the phones they do, then they are not a fanboy. These phone users also respect other phones and are able to accept when another manufacturer does something better than their preferred company. It is also possible for them to like other phones even though they prefer a certain brand. Odds are, you will never hear someone like this claim that their brand is the best at everything. Another characteristic of these non-fanboys (for lack of a better term) is that they can accept it when their company makes a mistake. They do not try to overlook it or hide it because they know that all companies make mistakes. If you are talking to someone like this, then they do prefer a certain phone but are not a fanboy.

What kind of fanboys are there?

Now that we have determined who is a fanboy and who is not, we can move on to the different types of fanboys. The most common form of fanboy seen on tech sites is a phone fanboy. These are the ones that prefer a certain phone from a certain maker. You have iPhone fanboys, Samsung Galaxy Note fanboys, HTC One fanboys, Nexus fanboys, Moto X fanboys, and every fanboy in between. You can easily find them in the comment section of almost every article on every tech site. A less common type of fanboy is an operating system fanboy. These are people who prefer Android or iOS but do not have a certain phone that they are loyal to. Instead, they argue that their operating system is the best and every other one is terrible.

When is the word fanboy appropriate?

We have discussed who are fanboys, who are not fanboys, and what kind of fanboys there are, and now we are on to when the term fanboy is okay to use. The answer is simple – never. Sure, people are fanboys and they are relatively easy to spot; however, nothing good will ever come from calling someone else a fanboy. People should not be criticized because they prefer a certain type of phone or type of operating system regardless of their reasons. Be together. Not the same.

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Hulu’s former CEO lets you try his YouTube alternative

Vessel on an iMac and iPhone

Hulu’s ex-CEO Jason Kilar has been extolling the virtues of Vessel, his would-be YouTube rival, for weeks. Today, though, you can finally find out whether or not it’s all that it’s cracked up to be — Vessel has launched an invitation-only public beta. You’ll have to watch on an iOS device or the web (Android is coming “soon”), but you’ll otherwise have a month’s worth of unfettered access to the service’s early, professional-level content. There’s no word on when Vessel will be available invitation-free. Even so, the beta is at least proof that the video hub exists as more than just a well-meaning concept.

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What does your phone say about you?

As a new year begins, we are anxiously awaiting the successors to the phones we came to own and love in 2014. Before you start yearning for the phones of 2015, let’s take a look at what your current phone says about who you are and what you are like. Indeed, we’ll have a little fun here and some of what you’ll read is definitely delivered with tongue firmly planted in the cheek.

Moto X

moto_x_black_bambooWe will start with the Motorola Moto X. If you are the proud owner of this phone, it would be easy to say that you are a realist. You do not care about the newest specs or fastest processor because we have been shown that it is not the specs but rather the experience that matters. And with the Moto X, that is what you get. The specifications are much less than any other flagship phones released last year, but the fluidity and experience of the phone is on par with, if not better than, the highest specced phone you can buy.

As a Moto X owner, you are also very trusting. Since your updates come almost straight from Google and have no skin, you have to trust that Google will always do what is best. You are also trusting in Motorola, a company that has been bought twice in the last few years and does not have the best track record (until recently). Your trusting nature can either be viewed positively or negatively.

Lastly, you are a unique person. This especially goes for those who have customized and named their Moto X. Many of you have chosen the Moto X because you can make it whatever you want and separate yourself from the crowd of black, silver, and white slabs that so many phones today look like. Not everyone may agree with your decisions for your phone, but you do not care. You are different, and that is what makes you you.

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 on Motorola.comGoogle’s Nexus 6 is up next on the list. If you own a Nexus 6, you have a desire to always have the best of the best. When designing this phone, Motorola packed every flagship spec they could into it, and people love that. This desire is seen throughout all of your life, from having the best car, to the best house, to the best job. Not everyone understands, but who cares because they do not have the best stuff. Also as a Nexus 6 owner, you are severely lacking in patience.

While other phone owners are excited to see their OS updates coming a few months after the release, Nexus 6 owners get upset if they have to wait a week. But of course, this could be traced back to their constant desire for the best of everything. As an owner of this phone, you are extremely trusting. This is the only phone updated directly from Google, and you have trust in them that they will provide you with the best user experience of any phone. You trust them to work out bugs quickly and keep things running smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

note4-631x450Next, we move on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As a Note 4 owner, you crave as many options and features as you can get. It does not matter if you use them or not, what matters is that those features exist.

In life, you also crave options. You hate saying no to anything or getting rid of anything on the off-chance that you may need it one day. You are also a patient person. We all know that Samsung is not the fastest when it comes to updating even their latest flagships, but that does not bother you. You are content with waiting for months and even living without an update if Samsung stops supporting your phone for some reason. This patience is an admirable as we will soon see that not all phone owners have this trait.

Finally, you are productive. The Note 4 is arguably the most productive smartphone out there with many features such as multi-window allowing you to do as much as possible as quickly as possible. This productivity is respectable, although it may often be hard for you to slow down.

Samsung Galaxy S5

galaxy s5 mini_1Next comes the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you own an S5, you could be described as a crowd follower. Samsung is the most common android manufacturer and the Galaxy S series is its most popular phones. You do not care much about standing out, but rather you long to blend in. Everyone has an S5, so you want one, too. It may not be a bad trait since good products tend to get a lot of users, but you may be missing out on better options.

The other two traits of S5 owners are the same as those of a Note 4 owner. Since both are made by Samsung, S5 owners are also patient because they have to wait a while to receive the latest updates and that does not bother them.

Also as an S5 owner, you have a desire for options. You want them for the same reason the Note 4 owners want them…just in case you need them. It may not be the best idea, but when that feature is needed, you will have it and no one else will. That is, of course, if that feature is ever needed.

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Silver 3Now we are on to the HTC One M8. As an M8 owner, you are materialistic and often care about form over function. While many criticized HTC for keeping that black bar at the bottom of their screen, you defended them to the end. This trait is not to be viewed negatively. All it means is that you want things that look nice. And for a phone, something that most people look at every day, this is something very important.

You are also a musically oriented person if you own the M8 because it provides the best sound quality out of any flagship in 2014. You love listening to, and possibly playing, music and you want the best phone for the job. Optimistic is the final trait of an m8 owner. After constantly disappointing sales, you are still confident that HTC will stay in business and provide you with updates and new phones.


LG G3 Press PhotoNext comes the LG G3. As an owner of the G3, you also yearn for the best and newest things you can get. When the LG G3 came out, it came with insanely fast specs and also one of the first 2K displays on a flagship. You knew that 2K would soon become the standard and you wanted to be ahead of the trend. This desire could be bad though, because many bought the G3 without knowing how the high-resolution display would affect battery life.

If you own the G3, you are also a creative person. The camera on the G3 is fantastic and odds are many of you picked it up with the desire to take amazing pictures. The camera technology in the G3 is also incredible, with laser autofocus and OIS promising even better pictures than you could imagine. Lastly, you are open-minded and welcome new things and ideas. You were not afraid to get the G3 even though you did not know how the display would affect performance and battery life. It was a new idea and you wanted to try it. The same goes for its laser autofocus. You did not know if this new addition to phone camera technology would provide better photos or make them worse, but you knew that you would give it a shot. You have this same attitude towards new things in your life.

OnePlus One

One of the most talked about flagships in 2014 is the OnePlus One, and it has a loyal following. If you own a One, you are thrifty. Of course you wanted a brand new phone, but why spend $700+ when you could get the same specs for half of that. You constantly look for ways to save money without compromising in quality in all aspects of your life, even if it involves going with a new company or different idea. Sure, it may not be the best trait, but you do save a few bucks if you have it.

As a One user, you are also persistent. You do not give up easily, and if you were able to buy one of these phones, that shows. The OnePlus One was one of the hardest phones to buy because of their controversial invite system and other contests. But you persevered and now you have your prize.

Finally, you enjoy customization. On the One, you could not only change the physical look of the phone with different back covers, but you could install different themes right from the OS thanks to Cyanogenmod. In life, you also like to be able to decide how you want the things you own to look and work.

Apple iPhone


This year, Apple had a huge change in terms of size and design with their newest iPhones and they were a huge hit with consumers. If you are an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owner, one of your traits is being a crowd follower. The iPhone has more sales than any other phone out there and many people buy them because their friend or family member has one. This is not a bad thing because people tend to buy things that work well.

As an iPhone user, you are also creative. There is no doubt that there are more photo and video editing apps for iPhones than other phones and iPhone cameras are some of the best smartphone cameras out there. Also, you will find more photo, video, and audio accessories for iPhones than you will for other phones, too. The last trait iPhone users have is being materialistic. You often prefer to buy things that look and feel better regardless of anything else. This is not necessarily a bad thing since build quality is important, but you may overlook better products because they might not look fantastic.

So now you know what your phone is saying about you. Now you can make a decision on what phone to get this year with all that knowledge. I would like to conclude this article by saying that is was solely written for fun and to get a few laughs. Not all owners of a particular phone will act the same way, and just because you own a certain phone does not mean that you have the traits above.


Chrome for iOS plays nicely with Mac browsers, big iPhones

Chrome 40 on an iPhone 6

At long last, Google has overhauled its Chrome browser for iOS to fit into the company’s Material Design language — and thankfully, it’s a lot more than a fresh coat of paint. The newly released Chrome 40 gives you the expected bright colors, flat surfaces and fancy animations of Google’s latest interface philosophy, but its big deal is rich support for iOS 8. The app is now fully compatible with larger iPhones, and it’ll hand off web links to the preferred browser on your Mac (if you’re running OS X Yosemite, that is). If you’re a fan of Chrome but wish that it fit better into Apple’s world, you’ll want to swing by the App Store for the update.

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Here’s how the Apple Watch companion app works

Apple Watch in action

It’s no secret that Apple is making customization a big part of the Apple Watch, but there’s apparently more to it than meets the eye. The folks at 9to5Mac claim to have details and images showing how a pre-release version of the wearable’s companion iPhone app works, and there’s a fairly extensive range of tweaks. For a start, you can create your own watch face monogram if you just have to remind everyone that it’s your wristwear. You also don’t have to embrace Apple’s fitness model if you don’t want to. You decide how often it gives you progress updates, and you can turn tracking off altogether if you’d rather not let the watch quietly judge your lifestyle.

Other noteworthy examples? You can customize the app grid from the phone, and limit when you get messages to prevent strangers (or just overly chatty friends) from buzzing your wrist non-stop. It’s not clear that this represents everything the app will do by the time it’s ready, and there’s certainly more customization on the watch itself, but this at least gives you an inkling of the control you’ll have when you strap this device on your arm.

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The original iPhone was announced eight years ago today, something everyone should be thankful for

History was made when the original iPhone was announced eight years ago. When Steve Jobs took the stage in his patented garb that fateful day in 2007 to announce the iPhone, he couldn’t have known the effect it would have on the smartphone market, spawning a battle between iOS and Android that has yet to see […]

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Hangouts for iOS now shows your Google Voice messages

Google Hangouts for iOS

If you rely on your iPhone for Google Voice, Hangouts just became much, much more useful. As on Android, the messaging app’s iOS version now shows your Google Voice texts and voicemail — you won’t have to switch apps just because you’re embroiled in an online conversation. There are a few tangible upgrades even if you live well outside of Google Voice’s service area, for that matter. You now get smart suggestions for sharing your location when it’s relevant, and you can set status messages if you’re eager to let everyone know what you’re doing. All told, it’s easily worth swinging by the App Store for an update.

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Must have been an Android fan: Man gets rejected despite using 99 iPhones in proposal

99 iPhones in proposalPeople do some pretty kooky things for love, and while some attempts end up outrageously romantic, others fall flat on their face. This is one case where the attempt has failed pretty spectacularly when a Chinese man purchased 99 iPhones, specifically the iPhone 6, in his proposal attempt to a young lady. The young lovestruck fellow, who proposed in the city of Guangzhou, even arranged the 99 devices in a heart shape (see above) and gathered friends around the heart to witness the supposedly romantic event.

99 iphonesUnfortunately, the lady in question didn’t feel the same way, leaving the young man standing in the middle of $85,000 USD worth of Apple products – I wonder if Android devices would have been cheaper/more successful. The unsuccessful proposal apparently cost the gentleman ¥500,000 in local currency, though he shouldn’t have too many issues finding buyers – the iPhone 6 is in hot demand in China. In fact, people have offered body organs in exchange for Apple products in the past so the man shouldn’t be short of lifestyle choices should he engage in bartering instead of cash.

Just remember kids: you can’t buy love.

What do you think about this man’s proposal with 99 iPhones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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