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Instagram updates guidelines on nudity and harassment

If you’ve been using Instagram to post photos of your butt, it’s time to stop. Today the social network updated its Community Guidelines with stronger language concerning harassment and more details on images with nudity. The “don’t be rude” section of the guidelines has been completely revamped with more definitive rules that state, “it’s never OK to encourage violence or attack anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.” On the nudity front, bare buttocks, genitals, “some photos of female nipples” and intercourse are a no-go for posts, but images of breastfeeding and mastectomy scarring are allowed.

Instagram also states that there are times when it will remove photos of partially or completely nude children from the service for safety reasons. It’ll be interesting to see how comedienne Chelsea Handler pushes the limit on the “some photos of female nipples” guideline. She’s has been posting images of her breasts and butt on the service in response to how Instagram treats male and female nipples differently.

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Facebook owns three of the top four most regularly used apps

developer interview

The Google Play store is full of app these days, but not all of them manage to retain active users over a long period of time. To do so requires offering a uniquely useful service, and Facebook owns three out of the four most long term popular apps, according to data collected from Quettra’s study of 75 million Android phones and published by The Information.

Before we delve into the data, it’s worth noting the geographic distribution of the devices. Half of results came from the Asian market, while the rest were evenly distribution through other territories.

The data found that Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp users stay very active after the first 90 days, while the average app loses close to 70 percent of its user base after the first three months. Instagram came in fourth with around a 50 percent retention rate after 90 days, followed by WeChat, Snapchat and Twitter propping up the bottom of the list with a 31 percent rating.
Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and of course its own social platform, along with its own Messenger service, which did not rank nearly as highly. Interestingly, BlackBerry Messenger is proving particularly popular in Asia’s emerging markets, possibly because of its preload deals with manufacturers in these regions. Western favourites, such as Snapchat, Skype and Twitter, lose most of their active users within weeks in the Asian market.

The apps which tend to retain users appear to be the ones which see the most interactions per day and some apps are better at encouraging continual use than others. The results suggests that multiple features and larger contact pools help to prolong activity, while usage of more specific and limited apps, such as Snapchat, fade with time.

Love it or hate it, Facebook definitely has an eye for services and features that keep users coming back for more.


New test reveals that BBM users stick around longer than Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp


In a recent test carried out on 22 messaging apps, including Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp, BBM retained the second most amount of users after 30 days.

According to the data, 93% of all people who registered at the beginning of February, continued to use the BBM application through March. That’s pretty astonishing for an app that most would consider to be dead.

Here’s what BlackBerry had to say:

“As reported by The Information and CNBC, BBM held onto more than 93% of its users after 30 days, more than double the 43% average user retention after 30 days for all apps measured. After 60 days, 89% of BBM users remained loyal, and 82% after 90 days. Only Facebook Messenger ranked higher than BBM.”

If you’d like to see the full report over on BlackBerry’s website — hit the source link below.

Source: BlackBerry

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Instagram update version 6.19.0 brings Color and Fade customization tools

Instagram update

Instagram is rolling out a new update to its Android application that will bring a few more customization tools to users. The update to version 6.19.0, which is now available in the Google Play Store, brings two new sliders: Color and Fade.

With the Fade slider, you can soften the colors in the image which is similar to reducing the saturation. The Color slider, which is arguably the more handy improvement, allows you to tint the highlights or shadows in your photo. Available colors include yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green. Take a look at the screenshots below for some more clarification.

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Although there is no shortage of filters and customization features available on Instagram, perhaps these new additions will help to drive users away from other competitor apps like VSCO Cam and Snapseed. The new update is now live in Google Play, and the Instagram for iOS version 6.10.0 update will be available in the App Store. If you’re interested in checking for the update, head to the Play Store link below.

Get it on Google Play


Instagram v6.19.0 introduces Color and Fade tools


There are new tools rolling out today to Instagram users with Android devices. The latest update, version 6.19.0, introduces the Color and Fade tools. The Color tool puts color — yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan, or green — over highlights and shadows of a photograph. Surprising, right? Didn’t think so. Neither is the Fade tool which provides a cooler look to photographs by softening colors. These tools join the filters and Adjust tool that arrived late last year.


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Instagram adds new features to its Android app, so now your friends can experience your lunch in a different ways.

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Instagram has long been a staple in social media. While it may not be the largest, nor the most widely used, many people are slowly beginning to make the change over. It’s easy to see why though, as Instagram has done a great job in trying to stay current and offering new features. Back in December of last year, they introduced some new filters and features as part of their creative tool update. Today, they are adding two new tools: Color and Fade

The Color tool allows you to tint the highlights or shadows in your photos. The color choices are yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan or green, which are more than enough to make any picture you post a memorable one. The other tool that was added is the Fade tool. This allows you soften the colors in a photo to make the picture appear to be more tranquil and mysterious.

Source: Instagram

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Have you noticed: The Instagram app for Android is extremely prone to closing without notice

Maybe I just have bad luck or social media companies just haven’t figured out Android apps yet. After noticing that Facebook app devours battery life for breakfast, lunch and tea, I’ve also started noticing that the Instagram app for Android is extremely unstable. And not just in the conventional “this app is not responding” type scenario […]

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Want some apps for that Apple Watch? You’ll need iOS 8.2

We already got the big Apple Watch reveal last fall. But today, Tim Cook took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to let us all know what wonders that very Apple smartwatch can perform, like make and receive calls! Oh yes, and there’s also a host of apps to take advantage of Apple Watch, but to get them, first you’ll need to download the new iOS 8.2 software update for your iPhone. Good thing it’s available today.

iOS 8.2 adds the Apple Watch app to your iPhone, so you can pair it to your Watch. A crucial thing you’ll need to unlock the pricey power of the multi-tasking watch on your wrist. It also adds a specific section to the App Store dedicated to the Apple Watch where users will find tailored versions of apps from the likes of Uber, Instagram, MLB and Shazam to name a few. You’ll have to wait until Apple Watch goes on sale in April to see them action. So for now, content yourselves with the demo shots below.




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Daily Roundup: Pebble Time, GTA V delays and more!

In today’s Daily Roundup, Pebble turns to Kickstarter to announce its new watch. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V on the PC has been delayed again, Google is working on a new Chromebook Pixel and Apple’s latest iOS and OS X betas include more diverse emoji. Catch up on all these stories and more, past the break.

Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch

Pebble is an amazing Kickstarter success story raising over $10 million dollars for its first e-ink smartwatch. Now, the company is back for another go with the Pebble Time, its latest wearable that features a color e-ink display.

The PC version of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is delayed… again

Grand Theft Auto V on the PC was originally slated to come out on January 27th. Then it was pushed back to March 24th. Now, it’s been pushed back to March 24th. The good news? Folks who preordered the game will get some extra in-game cash to reward them for their patience.

Google employee reveals a new Chromebook Pixel’s due out soon

The first Chromebook Pixel wasn’t exactly a huge seller, what with its hefty price tag and all, but Google’s apparently still preparing to release a second version. OMG! Chrome! spotted a video of Renee Niemi, who’s in charge of Android and Chrome for Work and Education, at the recent Google Teamwork event, where she revealed that the company’s working on the next-gen Pixel that will soon be slated for release.

Apple’s newest iOS and Mac betas let you use diverse emoji

If you’re disappointed that current emoji characters don’t reflect your skin tone, don’t worry: Apple is getting ready to accommodate you. Both the latest betas of iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 include modifiers that let you choose the skin color of some icons.

AP: Lawmaker’s Instagram account proves he’s misusing taxpayer money

Republication Rep. Aaron Schock from Illinois has been spending taxpayer money on renting private jets, getting massages and taking his staff to sold out concerts, according to The Associated Press. And, get this: AP says it has confirmed all those times he rented a private jet, thanks in part to his Instagram posts.

Ad outlet tries using drones to track your phone’s location

Irked that advertisers are already trying to pinpoint your phone’s location? It might be even harder to escape their grasp if AdNear is successful. The ad intelligence group is experimenting with location-tracking drones that profile audiences in harder-to-reach areas by triangulating cellular and WiFi signals.

Google’s banning sexually explicit content from its blogging platform

Many X-rated Blogger accounts might cease to exist in the near future, as Google will no longer allow anyone to post sexually explicit or nude videos and images starting on March 23rd, 2015. It doesn’t end there, though: Mountain View also wants old account owners to delete any content that violates that rule.



Accessory of the Day: Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick, $19.99

While they might not be the hippest looking things on the market, you can’t deny the effectiveness of a selfie stick. This one, from Mpow, features a Bluetooth controlled shutter button so you can easily snap that wide-angle shot of you and your friends for Instagram. At only $19.99 (Prime), this makes a perfect gift!

Join Prime and get this deal with FREE two-day shipping!

Also worth checking out:

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