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Flickr wants to become your new Instagram with its latest app update

​Today Yahoo is rolling our Flickr “3.0,” a completely redesigned approach to its photo-sharing apps on Android and iOS. In addition to offering improved sharing through Dropbox and Google+, Flickr on mobile now features Instagram-like filters and in-depth editing tools. We especially like the new option to view each photo’s metadata, including which camera an image was shot with, aperture setting and more.

Download the new Flickr app, and you’ll see that it looks very much like Instagram, even beyond the new filters feature. You now have the ability to comment on, like and share photos, and there’s a feed view that echoes the experience of scrolling through your friends’ latest uploads on Facebook’s ultra-popular acquisition. Finally, you can also shoot and edit 30-second video clips and add filters.

Should you drop Instagram or your other photo app of choice for Flickr, though? That depends on how willing you are to create a Yahoo account — previously you could sign into the app through Facebook or Google, but the latest update eliminates those two options. In any case, you’ll find the download links below.

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Source: Flickr (iTunes), Flickr (Google Play)


Google Keep, Newstand, and Movies Update! Yelp Gets One as Well! – App Updates

Google Keep Update

Happy hump day everyone. Time to see what popular apps updated in the past week. It almost was a Google update day, but we only got three of the Google apps updated today. Google Keep is probably my favorite out of the bunch that were updated today. Instagram actually got a tiny one, helping out those Samsung devices. Hopefully you guys are fully updated with those apps you love so much.

App Updates
Google Keep update
Google Play Movies update
Google Newsstand update
Instagram update
Yelp update

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Instagram is testing Facebook Places integration for location tagging

It looks like Zuckerberg and Co. may be looking to make a big push for Facebook Places, and an on-going trial indicates that it could start with Instagram. The folks in Menlo Park are testing the social networks’ own service for adding location info, but for now, Foursquare remains an option for sharing inside its popular filter-driven photo editor. In fact, some users have already encountered the tweak. Instagram has long used Foursquare’s API and venue data for attaching snapshots to a particular place, and there’s no guarantee that the trials will even make it to a new version of the app. Of course, in addition to Foursquare, users can beam photos to Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr in addition to the parent social network. We reached out for a comment on the matter and we recieved the following statement from an Instagram spokesperson:

Foursquare is a great partner, and people will continue to be able to share their check-ins to Foursquare from Instagram. We are constantly testing experiences throughout the app to provide the best possible user experience as part of future planning.

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Source: Fast Company


New Cloak app helps you hide from ‘that guy’

Cloak app

There are a plethora of geo-location-based apps that make it incredibly convenient to do friendly things, like chat with nearby peers about local hotspots or meet up with a coworker on the fly. A new iOS app called Cloak, however, utilizes services from Foursquare and Instagram for a more anti-social purpose. The brainchild of Brian Moore and former Buzzfeed director creative director Chris Baker, Cloak identifies the location of friends (read: those you’d rather not bump into) based upon their latest check-in. While perusing the map, you can choose to “flag” certain undesirables, like exes or annoying third-wheels, to be notified when they wander within a preset distance of your personal bubble. Or you could, ya know, skip town altogether just to be safe.

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Source: The Washington Post, Cloak


Play Store Updates to 4.6.16! Instagram Finally Appeals to Android! – App Updates

Google Play Store v4.6.16

Hello precious friends. Normally Device Updates happens on Monday, but for some reason there weren’t any that we found. I guess the OEMs and carriers decided to take the week off. Have no fear, I have App Updates for you. Lots of important apps updated last week, like the Play Store. we know how much you guys love it when the Play Store updates. I might try to squeeze this segment in with all the other videos to be honest. Anyways, enjoy the video.

App Updates
Play Store updates to 4.6.16
Instagram appeals to Android with new UI
Google Wallet update
Google Maps update


Adult Swim cartoon jumps from cable to Instagram in 15-second chunks

So, let’s say you want to watch an episode of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” but you don’t have cable and the only thing you have on you is your smartphone. Well, luckily for you, you’re able to watch the latest episode of the show entirely on Instagram. That’s right, in a stunt by Cartoon Network’s adult-oriented spin-off, the most recent 22-minute episode of “Rick and Morty” has been cut down into 109 15-second chunks and uploaded to the image-sharing service for all to see. The clips were posted in reverse chronological order, so you had to wait until early Friday morning to watch it in its entirety. It’s not clear whether this is a one-time experiment or a preview of the network’s plan for 15-second shows, but we’re just glad they didn’t decide to go with Vine — that would’ve resulted in 220 6-second clips. You can watch the first 15-second Instagram clip of the episode after the break.

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Source: Instagram (Rick and Morty), Facebook (Adult Swim), Twitter (Zack Seward)


Instagram for Android gets updated to version 5.1, slims down for a faster Android Experience

Instagram for Android gets updated to version 5.1For the longest time, the Instagram app on Android has been getting more and more bloated to the point where even loading up your feed would repeatedly fail if your internet connection was anything less than perfect. Thankfully, Instagram has listened as Instagram for Android gets updated to version 5.1, cutting the app size in half to create a much faster experience.

Instagram for Android gets updated to version 5.1Instagram says that apart from speeding the app up, they’ve also rearranged the buttons for ease-of-use and simplified all the menus. After playing with the updated app, I can definitely say that it’s a more pleasant experience now with the updated visuals, and while there have been no changes functionality wise, the speed does appear to have drastically improved since the last version.

tumblr_inline_n2a1vxn0FA1qm4rc3If you’re an avid Instragrammer, you may have already seen the update hit your device today, but if you haven’t, make sure to update the app or visit the Play Store page (link below), particularly if you previously uninstalled the app and just want to check out what’s changed. Feel free to let us know what you think of the changes!

Source: Instagram via engadget


Application: Instagram

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Instagram 5.1 debuts as faster, more responsive app

Instagram has announced a new version of its Android app which promises to be faster, more responsive, and cleaner than ever. Rolling out as a 5.1 release, the size of the app has been cut in half versus previous versions. Thanks to a simplified layout, Instagram now works just as well on smaller displays as it does on larger devices.

Instagram blog

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Instagram for Android update sports refreshed UI, speedier performance

Is Instagram your go-to photo app on that trusty Android handset? If so, you’re about see a bit of a jump in performance with a new look. The filter-powered social snapshot software has been updated with a more polished UI that “feels native and at home on any Android device.” This means simplified (read: flat) design elements are used throughout and the app is faster and more responsible all the way around. The difference is immediately visible in the main navigation bar across the bottom. Some controls have been shuffled around, but the outfit promises the changes are in the interest of maximum useability, making the app “faster, cleaner and easier to use than ever.” If your Android device doesn’t alert you to update the app, mosey over to the Google Play store today and snag it.

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Source: Instagram, Google Play


Instagram does your selfies a favor with an improved Lux feature for iOS

Go ahead, ask any youngster around you: selfies are serious business. No one is more mindful of that universal truth than Instagram, which is why it pushed out yet another iOS app update earlier today. No, there aren’t any new filters (isn’t 19 enough?) — instead, the company brought some much-needed control to its Lux feature.

Lux (a.k.a. that little sun icon that makes pictures look better) was originally added to help mobile photogs salvage their underexposed, anemic-looking shots. The big caveat? It was an all-or-nothing affair, with no way to find the middle ground between the original image and the occasionally over-the-top Luxified result. Today’s update adds a much-needed slider to the mix so you can decide just how dramatic the effect should be. If you’re feeling particularly devious, you can crank down the Lux to desaturate your shots, too. Alas, there’s no word on when the tweaked feature will hit Android or Windows Phone, but hey — there’s no shortage of photo editing apps to get the job done until it arrives.

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