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Dear Veronica: Is this the end of portable gaming devices?

Dear Veronica: Is This the End of Portable Gaming Devices?

First things first, I wanted to let you guys know that you can now subscribe to Dear Veronica on iTunes! We’ll have an RSS feed up soon for you non-iTunes people, so don’t think we forgot about you. These things just take time.

Episode-wise, I’m excited to welcome onto the show my friend and my former Tekzilla co-host Patrick Norton of TekThing! He’s going to set you straight on the best home automation setup. Plus, we talk about following (or not) awkward acquaintances on Instagram.

Keep sending in those questions to me via email, or on Twitter using the hashtag #DearVeronica. See you next time!

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Instagram tries a faster, sleeker Android photo editor

Instagram's new Android photo editor

Not happy with having to wade through filters and other editing tools just to post your Instagram shots? You might have a much simpler solution in the near future. Droid-Life has noticed that Instagram is trying out a new photo editor on Android that squeezes things into a single, simpler page that lets you add comments, tag people and apply filters. You only have to jump to another screen if you’re eager to make in-depth tweaks.

Don’t expect to try this editor just yet. You need to be running Instagram 7.3 (which isn’t automatically rolling out to everyone), and the new interface only appears to be available to a handful of people — we couldn’t get it to show up on 7.3 despite following instructions to the letter. For now, this is more of an experiment than a full-fledged upgrade.

[Image credit: Droid-Life]

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Instagram update speeds up editing, posting process on Android


An update for Instagram on Android, taking it up to version 7.3.0, has been spotted and is apparently rolling out to users. This new version appears to change the process one follows to edit and filter pictures before posting them on the service.

Users of Instagram are familiar with the three steps one follows when making a new post. After selecting an image, the app gives users a chance to crop the image, then apply some filters, and finally add a caption and some other optional information to the post.

The new process takes users directly to a new screen with most of these steps combined on this single screen. The selected image itself can be swiped on to move between filters which are displayed in real time as they are selected. A small edit button is located in the bottom left corner to access the traditional editing options. A tag button is present in the bottom right corner for tagging other users. Below all of this is a slider of nearby locations that can be selected and options for cross-posting to other services. There is also an entry field for the caption.

You can check out a video below showing how this new interface works. Use the download links to get Instagram or check to see whether the update is available for your account.

Click here to view the embedded video.

qr code

Google Play Download Link

source: Droid Life

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‘Rick and Morty’ Instagram game is an interstellar treasure hunt

Adult Swim has added one more weird experience to its warehouse of silly yet generally entertaining video games based on its television shows: Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, a hidden-object game that takes place entirely on Instagram. This is a true point-and-click game — In Ricktaverse, players click on photos of the literal Rick and Morty universe (the starting point is in space with a naked Santa) and tap the tags that pop up on each photo to be transported to a new area. There are secrets, collectibles and mini-games to find, each played out by tapping photos on Instagram. Find and follow the accounts of five Garblovian Bootleggers, for example, and they may post exclusive Rick and Morty clips in the future. Welcome to the golden age of user-driven advertising.

Adult Swim has invested heartily in the video game market, with a trippy VR experience, a hat-based partnership with Valve, and some silly games for Vita and PC. The company has even gotten into the Instagram game before with Rick and Morty, in 2014 offering entire episodes in 15-second chunks. And then there’s Paul Robertson’s Super Dino Boys, a series of adorable animated shorts done up in a retro side-scrolling style. Stay weird, Adult Swim.

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ICYMI: A thread display, rainbow flamethrower and more

ICYMI: Instagram thread display, rainbow flamethrower and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Forever 21 just unveiled (or unwound) a new kind of billboard that uses mechanical spools of thread to rapidly display Instagram photos. A bionic eye was implanted in a patient for new use with an old disease: Age-related macular degeneration. And your next kiddy birthday party will be the perfect place to unveil your mastery of common household ingredients to make a rainbow flamethrower display. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you blow up your house, though.

From the cutting room floor: Scientists put tiny lasers into human cells. The hope is that such a breakthrough (if it gets beyond the petri dish stage) could track where cancer cells move. So fascinating!

Today’s bonus story, we admit, has little to do with tech and more to do with lols. It’s a woman inside a clear box that a bear is slamming around. We don’t know either.

If you come across any interesting videos, we’d love to see them! Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag @engadget or @mskerryd.

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Instagram Brings Search to the Web for the First Time

Instagram has offered access to images uploaded to the Instagram iOS app on the web for several years now, and as of today, the site’s gained a new highly desired feature – search. Prior to today, Instagram users could not search for content on the Instagram website, with search being limited to the company’s apps.

With the new website search feature that’s rolling out today, it’s possible to search for hashtags, locations, and user accounts directly from a web browser. The new capabilities are designed to make the web experience better complement the mobile browsing experience.

Searching for a location will bring up images from that location alongside a map, while searching for a username will bring up individual accounts and searching for a hashtag will bring up a landing page that shows all images tagged with that label. Search pages display both top posts that have received the most likes and most recent posts.

Today’s new web search feature follows a major June iOS update that made it easier to discover content within the Instagram app. That update expanded the “Explore” tab with curated collections of images and enabled the ability to search by location for the first time.

Instagram for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]


Instagram now lets you search people, places and hashtags on web



Instagram announced on Twitter today that you can now search for people, places and hashtags on web. 

The new search feature on lets you view people, places and hashtags, however does not support the new overhauled explore feature that was released a month ago on the mobile app. The new search feature does make it easier for users to find posts on the web, as before, you were only able to do so by clicking on a direct link or find it from a user’s feed.

Source: Twitter

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You can now use Instagram’s search tool on the web

Android Authority Instagram

Instagram’s mobile application makes searching for hashtags, users and even locations a breeze. Up until now, this handy functionality has only been available through the Android and iOS apps, but now the developers are starting to roll this feature out to the web. The functionality remains mostly the same when talking about the web search feature. You’ll find landing pages for both hashtags and locations, similar to what you’d see in the mobile app, which allows you to scroll through a seemingly endless list of photos until you find the right one.

Just a few weeks ago, the search feature on Android was completely revamped, making the whole experience much more functional and easy to use. In fact, Instagram has really been upping the quality of its overall experience as of late. The development team just recently increased the photo upload resolution to 1080×1080 from 640×640, which made everyone’s timeline much clearer.

No, adding search to the web isn’t necessarily a groundbreaking feature, though it’s still a handy addition to the Instagram experience. The developers say search on the web is rolling out now, so head to Instagram’s website to start searching.


Instagram’s handy search tool arrives on the web

Last month, Instagram redesigned the discovery section of its photo-sharing app to make it easier to spot what’s trending and leverage search abilities. Now, that revamped search function is arriving on the web. If you’ll recall, the option for browsing filter-draped photos in a browser received an update last month too, and now you’ll be able to do more than peruse images. Using the search tool, you can hunt for user profiles, hashtags and locations in order to see what’s happening at a particular event or in a specific place. There are also landing pages for hashtags and locations — similar to the mobile app — allowing you to scroll through a collection of images before clicking to nab the details for each. This is the latest in a number of steps the photo app has taken to embrace browsing on the web, following embeddable posts, timelines and more over the years. This doesn’t mean Instagram is taking its eye off mobile by any means, but adding the web-based tools as a complimentary piece is certainly a nice touch.

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Tiles shows you Instagram post on your lock screen

Tiles Instagram Lock Screen logo

Tiles is a new lock screen app that shows you a collage of Instagram post right on your lock screen. With Tiles you can view and like post right from the lock screen. You don’t even need an internet connection. You can also customize it to only show you certain peoples feeds as well as change the color to your liking.

Some other features are:

+ Beautiful Collage Layout
Enjoy the photos of people you follow on Instagram using a beautiful collage layout on your lock screen.

+ Customise your feed
Select which accounts you want to see (and not see!) on your lock screen.

+ Offline Access
Tiles updates your Instagram feed in the background so when you pick up your phone your Instagram feed is ready and waiting on your lock screen, even when you don’t have a data connection.

+ Like Instagram Photos
Straight from Tiles without having to unlock or open the Instagram app. Hearts all round!

+ Change Theme Colour
Choice of 12 colour options to make the Tiles lock screen look exactly how you want.

+ Full Screen Feed
Be immersed in photos with a full screen viewing option. Just double tap.

+ Camera Access
Open your phone camera with just a swipe straight from the lock screen.

Tiles Instagram Lock Screen 5
Tiles Instagram Lock Screen 4
Tiles Instagram Lock Screen 2
Tiles Instagram Lock Screen 3
Tiles Instagram Lock Screen 1

qr code
Play Store Download Link 

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