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Want some apps for that Apple Watch? You’ll need iOS 8.2

We already got the big Apple Watch reveal last fall. But today, Tim Cook took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to let us all know what wonders that very Apple smartwatch can perform, like make and receive calls! Oh yes, and there’s also a host of apps to take advantage of Apple Watch, but to get them, first you’ll need to download the new iOS 8.2 software update for your iPhone. Good thing it’s available today.

iOS 8.2 adds the Apple Watch app to your iPhone, so you can pair it to your Watch. A crucial thing you’ll need to unlock the pricey power of the multi-tasking watch on your wrist. It also adds a specific section to the App Store dedicated to the Apple Watch where users will find tailored versions of apps from the likes of Uber, Instagram, MLB and Shazam to name a few. You’ll have to wait until Apple Watch goes on sale in April to see them action. So for now, content yourselves with the demo shots below.




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Daily Roundup: Pebble Time, GTA V delays and more!

In today’s Daily Roundup, Pebble turns to Kickstarter to announce its new watch. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V on the PC has been delayed again, Google is working on a new Chromebook Pixel and Apple’s latest iOS and OS X betas include more diverse emoji. Catch up on all these stories and more, past the break.

Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch

Pebble is an amazing Kickstarter success story raising over $10 million dollars for its first e-ink smartwatch. Now, the company is back for another go with the Pebble Time, its latest wearable that features a color e-ink display.

The PC version of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is delayed… again

Grand Theft Auto V on the PC was originally slated to come out on January 27th. Then it was pushed back to March 24th. Now, it’s been pushed back to March 24th. The good news? Folks who preordered the game will get some extra in-game cash to reward them for their patience.

Google employee reveals a new Chromebook Pixel’s due out soon

The first Chromebook Pixel wasn’t exactly a huge seller, what with its hefty price tag and all, but Google’s apparently still preparing to release a second version. OMG! Chrome! spotted a video of Renee Niemi, who’s in charge of Android and Chrome for Work and Education, at the recent Google Teamwork event, where she revealed that the company’s working on the next-gen Pixel that will soon be slated for release.

Apple’s newest iOS and Mac betas let you use diverse emoji

If you’re disappointed that current emoji characters don’t reflect your skin tone, don’t worry: Apple is getting ready to accommodate you. Both the latest betas of iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 include modifiers that let you choose the skin color of some icons.

AP: Lawmaker’s Instagram account proves he’s misusing taxpayer money

Republication Rep. Aaron Schock from Illinois has been spending taxpayer money on renting private jets, getting massages and taking his staff to sold out concerts, according to The Associated Press. And, get this: AP says it has confirmed all those times he rented a private jet, thanks in part to his Instagram posts.

Ad outlet tries using drones to track your phone’s location

Irked that advertisers are already trying to pinpoint your phone’s location? It might be even harder to escape their grasp if AdNear is successful. The ad intelligence group is experimenting with location-tracking drones that profile audiences in harder-to-reach areas by triangulating cellular and WiFi signals.

Google’s banning sexually explicit content from its blogging platform

Many X-rated Blogger accounts might cease to exist in the near future, as Google will no longer allow anyone to post sexually explicit or nude videos and images starting on March 23rd, 2015. It doesn’t end there, though: Mountain View also wants old account owners to delete any content that violates that rule.



Accessory of the Day: Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick, $19.99

While they might not be the hippest looking things on the market, you can’t deny the effectiveness of a selfie stick. This one, from Mpow, features a Bluetooth controlled shutter button so you can easily snap that wide-angle shot of you and your friends for Instagram. At only $19.99 (Prime), this makes a perfect gift!

Join Prime and get this deal with FREE two-day shipping!

Also worth checking out:

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Digital disintegration, connected sex toys for every Valentine and other stories you might’ve missed this week!

In this Weekends with Engadget, we explain how photos can fade in the internet age, help you select the perfect connected sex toy for your Valentine and contemplate the best way to buy sneakers. All this and more — just read on past the break.

Anonymity is dead and other lessons from the Silk Road trial

Silk Road, the online black market for drugs and other illicit goods, has been shut down and its creator is behind bars — but how did the FBI pull it off? We explore why some members of the security community don’t buy the story the feds told the world.

Adult Themes: 8 connected sex toys for your Valentine

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the gadgets and the vibrators that may be (pleasurable for both of us). That’s right, we rounded up a bunch of connected sex toys. Don’t be shy, you know you want to check them out.

Here’s what you could buy with Apple’s $700 billion market cap

Apple’s market cap has reached $700 billion. What would you do with that practically unfathomable amount of money? Buy a nice car? Send several kids to college? Tell us in our poll.

Engadget’s new buyer’s guide picks: the Dell XPS 13, HP Stream 11 and more!

If you’re in the market for some new gadgets, we’ve got great news — we just updated our buyer’s guide. Check it out for reviews of MSI’s GT72 Dominator gaming notebook, the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and other gear we can’t wait to grab for ourselves.

Cortana made me a better gambler, but I’m never listening to her again

Should you make your own luck, or trust Microsoft’s Cortana when making a gamble? We placed a few bets on English Premier League matches to test the Windows Phone assistant’s advice.

Nike’s SNKRS app puts a shoe store in your pocket

Adidas may have the Yeezy Boost in its arsenal, but Nike has just created an app that any “sneakerhead” would be remiss not to download. SNKRS allows you to easily access your Nike account from your phone, place orders and even gets you free shipping.

Art, Instagram and digital disintegration

It turns out digital photos can fade in a way similar to their physical counterparts due to the process of copying and compressing files. Artist and photographer Pete Ashton explores the concept in a recent piece called “I am sitting in stagram.”

Annie Easley helped make modern spaceflight possible

Annie Easley accomplished a lot during her time with NASA — she worked on software that led to spaceflight, and even helped create the technologies that ultimately led to hybrid vehicles. She was also a pioneer, as one of the first few African-Americans in her field. Read how she overcame discrimination to help make history.

Saturday Night Live’ app puts 40 years of sketches on your iPhone

Whether you’re itching for more cowbell or just need a Wayne’s World fix, finding your favorite Saturday Night Live sketch just got a lot easier. In celebration of its 40-year run, SNL has come out with an app for iOS that features over 5,500 sketches made searchable by cast member and key words.

Kids will love the 21st century View-Master (but it made me dizzy)

Mattel is working on the kid’s equivalent of a VR headset with its revamped View-Master. We go hands-on with an early version to find out what features the company is planning for its release in October.



Art, Instagram and digital disintegration

Traditional photographs inevitably incur some physical wear and tear, while their digital counterparts are seemingly immune to such damage. When repeatedly shared over social channels, though, digital files can suffer a similar fate as they’re repeatedly copied and compressed. Artist and photographer Pete Ashton has sped up this gradual disintegration process in his recent project entitled “I am sitting in stagram.” He began with a single photo, uploaded it to Instagram, took an unfiltered screenshot and reposted the resulting image, repeating the process 90 times to produce an effect akin to the real-life aging process. That specific count also allowed him to fit a 6fps time-lapse video of the project into the service’s 15-second limit to animate the transmutation.

The core concept of Ashton’s work (and its title) was inspired by an audio experiment from 1969 called “I am sitting in a room” by composer Alvin Lucier. That version began as a spoken word recording that was played back and re-recorded through a repeated process. Like Ashton’s images, the sound became a haunting departure from the original after multiple iterations. It’s not the first time that Lucier’s pioneering work inspired a new generation of artists: William Basinski used a similar method to create his 2002 expimental album called “The Disintegration Loop” and YouTube’s emergence spawned a video variation in 2010.

The topic of digital image degradation stemming from re-use was even explored earlier this year in an article for The Awl, leading its author to declare the trend of less-than-crisp photos as “shitpics.” While that seemingly pejorative term is more about the online community adding some rough edges to an all-too-perfect digital landscape and Ashton’s take on the phenomenon is more conceptual, they both seem to find something compelling in all that noise.

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Accessory of the Day: Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick, $19.99

While they might not be the hippest looking things on the market, you can’t deny the effectiveness of a selfie stick. This one, from Mpow, features a Bluetooth controlled shutter button so you can easily snap that wide-angle shot of you and your friends for Instagram. At only $19.99 (Prime), this makes a perfect gift!

Join Prime and get this deal with FREE two-day shipping!

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Facebook and Instagram get knocked offline.. for about an hour

Snowmageddon might not be all that fun those experiencing it on the East Coast, but it could well be affecting the rest of us too. Starting around 1am ET, Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, as well as apps that require FB credentials. Tinder, lonely hearts, also went down in the process — globally. (We saw problems accessing servers across the US, Europe and Asia.) We’ve also seen Hipchat and, er, AIM also knocked offline at the same time. Snow in the servers? We don’t know just yet. Facebook and Instagram have just come back after an hour. Interestingly, as TechCrunch noted, Facebook’s other app, WhatsApp went strong through out.

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Twitter doesn’t want its biggest users to post Instagram links

In December 2014, Instagram overtook Twitter’s monthly active user number. Well, someone from Twitter must have found that alarming, because the microblogging website is now urging its most prolific users not to tweet out links to Instagram photos. In a screenshot obtained by Mashable (embedded below the fold), you’ll see the splash page the company’s showing its power users, asking them to post their pictures directly on the website. A source confirmed to the publication that Twitter unleashed the prompt to a number of notable entertainment, media and sports accounts, in part to remind them that the website does have native photo editing tools and to show them how those work.

Yes, Twitter does have its own photo editor and filters, in case you’ve been too busy crossposting pictures to notice. They were even launched around the same time Instagram killed off Twitter photo integration. But, and we’re sure you’ll agree, people still choose to crosspost Instagram content even if they show up as links instead of actual pictures, because, well, it’s just more convenient that way. It’s unclear if the rest of us will see the same prompt in the future, but for now, Twitter’s likely hoping its influential clientele can set an example, so to speak.

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Instagram beta lets Android users test future features

Do you want to test new features for Instagram? The company has provided a way to do just that with its beta program, which you can find on this Google Group page.

The company notes that before you try Instagram beta, it will:

  1. Replace the regular Instagram app.
  2. Its actively developed features may not work perfectly. Instagram will need your feedback to figure out what’s wrong.
  3. You can leave the program at any time and use the re-download the regular version of Instagram from the Play Store.

To become a tester:

  1. Join the Google Group, which you can find at the top of the link above.
  2. Download Instagram from the Play Store.
  3. Open the Play Store app and re-install Instagram by choosing Update or Install
  4. Lastly, it recommends that you report problems through the “Report a problem” option in settings. After you’ve done this once, you can turn on Shake to report in the future.

You can also find troubleshooting tips on the page. While Instagram Beta is free, Instagram also warns you to not re-distribute the app unless you obtain permission first.

Source: Instagram’s Twitter

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Instagram wants you to help beta test their Android app

The title almost sounds silly really, since there is already an Instagram app for Android. The reality is many current apps offer beta testing versions that will bring new features, designs and refreshes to the main stream app with the help of users. Rather than push an update that they “think” is good and works […]

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