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Accessory of the Day: Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick, $19.99

While they might not be the hippest looking things on the market, you can’t deny the effectiveness of a selfie stick. This one, from Mpow, features a Bluetooth controlled shutter button so you can easily snap that wide-angle shot of you and your friends for Instagram. At only $19.99 (Prime), this makes a perfect gift!

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Facebook and Instagram get knocked offline.. for about an hour

Snowmageddon might not be all that fun those experiencing it on the East Coast, but it could well be affecting the rest of us too. Starting around 1am ET, Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, as well as apps that require FB credentials. Tinder, lonely hearts, also went down in the process — globally. (We saw problems accessing servers across the US, Europe and Asia.) We’ve also seen Hipchat and, er, AIM also knocked offline at the same time. Snow in the servers? We don’t know just yet. Facebook and Instagram have just come back after an hour. Interestingly, as TechCrunch noted, Facebook’s other app, WhatsApp went strong through out.

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Twitter doesn’t want its biggest users to post Instagram links

In December 2014, Instagram overtook Twitter’s monthly active user number. Well, someone from Twitter must have found that alarming, because the microblogging website is now urging its most prolific users not to tweet out links to Instagram photos. In a screenshot obtained by Mashable (embedded below the fold), you’ll see the splash page the company’s showing its power users, asking them to post their pictures directly on the website. A source confirmed to the publication that Twitter unleashed the prompt to a number of notable entertainment, media and sports accounts, in part to remind them that the website does have native photo editing tools and to show them how those work.

Yes, Twitter does have its own photo editor and filters, in case you’ve been too busy crossposting pictures to notice. They were even launched around the same time Instagram killed off Twitter photo integration. But, and we’re sure you’ll agree, people still choose to crosspost Instagram content even if they show up as links instead of actual pictures, because, well, it’s just more convenient that way. It’s unclear if the rest of us will see the same prompt in the future, but for now, Twitter’s likely hoping its influential clientele can set an example, so to speak.

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Instagram beta lets Android users test future features

Do you want to test new features for Instagram? The company has provided a way to do just that with its beta program, which you can find on this Google Group page.

The company notes that before you try Instagram beta, it will:

  1. Replace the regular Instagram app.
  2. Its actively developed features may not work perfectly. Instagram will need your feedback to figure out what’s wrong.
  3. You can leave the program at any time and use the re-download the regular version of Instagram from the Play Store.

To become a tester:

  1. Join the Google Group, which you can find at the top of the link above.
  2. Download Instagram from the Play Store.
  3. Open the Play Store app and re-install Instagram by choosing Update or Install
  4. Lastly, it recommends that you report problems through the “Report a problem” option in settings. After you’ve done this once, you can turn on Shake to report in the future.

You can also find troubleshooting tips on the page. While Instagram Beta is free, Instagram also warns you to not re-distribute the app unless you obtain permission first.

Source: Instagram’s Twitter

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Instagram wants you to help beta test their Android app

The title almost sounds silly really, since there is already an Instagram app for Android. The reality is many current apps offer beta testing versions that will bring new features, designs and refreshes to the main stream app with the help of users. Rather than push an update that they “think” is good and works […]

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Young adults flock to Instagram, while more seniors sign up on Facebook

When we wrote about that survey, which found that working adults care more about email than social media, we said that might be why grandparents are some of the most active on Facebook. Well, according to this new study that’s also from Pew Research center, we got it right: more than half (56 percent, to be exact) of internet users aged 65 and above have signed up on the social network. What’s even more impressive is that percentage apparently comprises 31 percent of all seniors in the US. If you’re looking to get in touch with your selfie-loving teenage cousin, though, you may want to hit up Instagram instead. 53 percent of young adults between the ages 18 and 29 prefer the photo-sharing social network, which probably explains all those cringe-inducing reactions to Instagram’s recent spam account crackdown.

Other than that, the study also found that Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn saw a huge increase in users over the past year. Facebook still remains the most popular, though, it’s just that more adults now maintain several social media accounts. You can read the study’s full results, which were based on the activities of American adults (81 percent of the total) that use the internet, on the research center’s website.

[Image credit: Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young]

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Source: Pew Research


At long last, you can fix all your Instagram caption flubs

We’ve seen too many clever quips on Instagram marred by a typo or a malformed emoticon – if you’ve fouled up a caption or eight in your time, you’d better download Instagram’s latest update. At long last, those of you whose fingers move fasters than your eyes can go back an edit your captions so as to look as smart as you always thought you were. The rest of the update consists of minor tweaks to how you discover new Instaphotographers to follow: you’ll be able to dig around in a new People tab for new sources of content (as opposed to just sifting through a stream of overly filtered photos), while the app’s search box now returns suggestions for users and hashtags as you’re pecking them out. The update has already started to hit the Facebook subsidiary’s iOS and Android apps today, which means that Windows Phone owners can probably expect to fix their flubs some time after the sun swells up into a red giant and engulfs the inner half of the solar system.

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Lumera lets you post high-res snapshots on Instagram with one click

You are done (DONE!) taking selfies with a phone like some plebeian — you only take DSLR selfies now, even though it’s a pain transferring photos using a camera without built-in WiFi. A camera attachment called Lumera wants to solve that problem by giving you a way to upload high-res snapshots to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a single click. To integrate the WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy device with a DSLR, you need to attach it via the tripod screw and plug it into the camera’s mini-USB port. So long as you define the social networks of your choice on its accompanying app, you won’t have to take out your phone to upload pics anymore. The app itself is pretty useful, though: it can stream whatever the camera’s viewfinder is looking at, set timelapses and access the DSLR’s settings remotely.

In addition to giving you an easy way to upload high-res pics, Lumera can also connect to a portable drive via USB, enabling you to transfer images on-the-go if you’re running dangerously low on storage space. Now, here comes the not-so-good news: Lumera only works with select Nikon and Canon DSLRs for now. But, the list is still a lot longer than the models those companies’ own wireless adapters can support, and the device itself is loads cheaper.

While the brands’ wireless attachments typically cost around $600 to $800 each, you can get the Lumera for only $125 — that is, if you back its campaign right now on Kickstarter, where its developers are attempting to raise CA$90,000 (US$80,000). They plan to use the money to conjure up the final engineering design that takes backers’ feedback into account before going into production. Barring any delays, the device will start shipping out by May 2015, but if you can’t wait that long and have a knack for MacGyvering things, you can always try to build something similar on your own.

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Source: Lumera, Kickstarter


Mobile pushes Facebook to even greater heights, expect more stand alone apps

…And Facebook’s march towards utter market dominance continues unabated. While Twitter enjoys plenty of success, and we’re sure someone out there still uses Google+, there’s no denying that the king of the social networking hill is Facebook. And during the third quarter of 2014 the company did nothing but extend that lead. In particular the number of mobile users continued to explode at an impressive rate. The average number of monthly mobile users in September was 1.12 billion. (To put that in perspective: Twitter announced just 284 million monthly users across all platforms.) That’s 29 percent more than last year. Most impressively many of those users check in every day. The average daily number of mobile users during the quarter was 703 million. And when you take the desktop into account, usage balloons to 864 million per day — or about 64 percent of its users.

Its no surprise with its continued growth that ad revenue has soared for the company. And that mobile ad dollars made up a majority of its income. A full 64 percent of the money coming into Facebook is from ads, and 66 percent of that ad revenue is from mobile. (You know, just in case you needed any more evidence that the future is on mobile.)

While Mark Zuckerberg spoke at length about how important WhatsApp and Oculus are to the future of the company, he declined to go into to much detail during his prepared statements. He did however provide an update on Instagram which has seen its audience grow by as much as 100 percent in certain markets over the last year as it continues its international expansion. The mobile photo-sharing network also has an impressive grip on the attention span of its users. The average member apparently spends 21 minutes per-day browsing the service. The move to bring ads to the platform hasn’t seemed to hurt usage yet.

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Netflix will pay you to take Instagram photos of famous movie locations

Taking a photo with a Galaxy S III in New York City

Ever felt that your Instagram photography is so good that you should start charging for it? Now’s your chance to prove your worth. Netflix is looking for three professional Instagram shooters (aka “Grammasters”) that will travel across the continental US snapping square photos of “iconic” movie and TV show locations to drum up attention for the streaming movie service. All you have to do to apply is share three of your best shots by October 7th. The gig only lasts for two weeks, so you won’t want to quit your day job — and it’s safe to say that you won’t have as much creative control as you’d probably like. However, you’ll be paid $2,000 a week with all travel expenses covered. That’s not too shabby for something you were already doing for free.

[Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

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