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Windows Phone’s next update will support smart cases and giant devices

HTC One Dot View case

Windows Phone 8.1 may have only just reached the general public, but it’s already in line for a surprisingly large update. Microsoft has posted developer documents (sign-in required) for Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1, a tweak that fills in a few key hardware and software gaps. Aside from previously revealed folder support, the upgrade will allow for smart cases akin to HTC’s Dot View or LG’s QuickCircle. Phone makers will get to run special apps when the cover is closed, and specify what happens when it’s open. This seemingly simple addition could be important, since The Verge claims that HTC is preparing a Windows Phone version of the new One — such a device would need smart cover features to perform the same tricks as its Android counterpart.

The revision should also enable more of the tablet-sized phones that are all the rage in some corners of the globe. It’ll support a 1,280 x 768 resolution on screens as large as 7 inches, and there’s a new 1,280 x 800 option useful for larger devices that use software navigation buttons. Other upgrades are smaller, but should be important in the long run — the update should bring high-quality voice over LTE, higher-quality Bluetooth music (through aptX) and manufacturer-defined custom lock screens. There’s no confirmed schedule for when GDR1 would arrive, but Microsoft is clearly getting close. It won’t be surprising if the next big wave of Windows Phones ships with the new features built in.

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HTC Desire 610 gets launched by AT&T


First we heard rumors that AT&T will release the HTC Desire 610, and then they confirmed the availability of it just a few days ago. Now AT&T has officially launched the HTC Desire 610, you can grab it for just 99 cents with a 2-year contract, and if you are interested in getting it without… Read more »

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IRL: Taking HTC’s One M8 for a test drive

IRL: Taking HTC's One M8 for a test drive

The original HTC One was one of my favorite smartphones from 2013, but it was easy to see why you’d pass it up in favor of an archrival like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 — it just didn’t have the battery life, camera quality or expansion to keep up. Fast-forward to 2014 and it’s a different story. Most of those headache-inducing flaws have been fixed in the new One; indeed, my colleague Brad Molen suggested it was an all-around better device. But is that enough to avoid a twinge of buyer’s remorse, especially with the Galaxy S5 and Sony’s Xperia Z2 upping the ante? I spent a few weeks with the new One to find out whether I’d still be pining for features from those other devices.

I certainly didn’t miss the designs of other phones. Simply put, the newer One has the best construction I’ve seen on a handset in some time. As much as I like the iPhone 5s’ precious-feeling body, it doesn’t have the solidity or eye-catching looks of HTC’s handset. It exudes quality compared to the GS5′s thin plastic shell, and it’s certainly more tolerant of abuse than the glass-backed Z2. Yes, the One is a bit too tall and slippery, but I got used to that over time. It honestly feels like more a labor of love from passionate users — which it is — than the product of a committee. Oh, and if you’re wondering about color choices? I prefer the gunmetal-gray hue, but the gold model (really, rose gold) is just subtle enough that I wasn’t self-conscious about using it in public. The grainy matte texture also makes it a tad easier to hold than the gray variant.

There are a few pleasant surprises under the hood, too. The One has more than enough battery life to keep up with my weekend routine, which involves a deluge of Instagram photos and Twitter conversations. More often than not, I had to fight to get the battery below the halfway mark after several hours of heavy use; almost every other recent phone I’ve used runs perilously low under similar conditions. And while people might malign the camera (sometimes for the right reasons), it’s generally better-suited to my uses than some alternatives. I tend to take a lot of low-light and macro photos, and the One rarely let me down where some phones I’ve tried (particularly the GS4 and Galaxy Note 3) produced dark, blurry messes. HTC’s sensor still tends to blow out highlights in daylight photography, but not often enough to sour the experience.

It might sound like I’m fawning over the One, but there were a few quirks that got on my nerves. The keyboard would occasionally become insensitive while I was typing and would need a bit of cajoling to respond again — this was consistent across several devices I tried, so it’s clear there’s a bug. And HTC desperately, desperately needs to improve the camera resolution. I could often work around it by framing my shots carefully, but I sorely missed the ability to crop detailed images from tiny portions of full-size photos. For the next One, I’d like to see HTC accept its competitive reality and increase the rear camera resolution beyond four megapixels, even if it means giving up some of that vaunted light sensitivity.

As such, I found myself missing the cameras from other phones, particularly the iPhone 5s or LG’s G3 (both of which strike a good balance between resolution and low-light ability) and newer Lumias like the 1020 or Icon (which sacrifice very little). However, the omission wasn’t enough to make me regret trying the One. The G3 and next iPhone would undoubtedly prove tempting, but I’d be more than happy to stick with HTC’s hardware for a couple of years.

We’ve shared our experience with the HTC One M8, and now it’s time for you to share yours. Head over to our product database to write your own review — and be sure to join the forum discussion to share your experiences with fellow users!

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How to instantly speed up the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 & LG G3


Hidden deep in Android, following the KitKat 4.4 release, is a feature that can be enabled to instantly speed up your Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3, and pretty much any Android device that supports KitKat.

It’s called ART, and that stands for Android Runtime, which is the successor to the Dalvik system currently used since Android’s inception. ART uses what Google calls an ‘ahead of time’ compiler as opposed to Dalvik’s ‘just in time’. Dalvik worked by converting each app on the fly when it was called upon to be launched. ART on the other hand converts it during installation, ultimately resulting in a larger app file size, but meaning the app launches pretty much instantly. The result? The device is quicker and battery life is improved.

So how do you do it?

The new ART runtime system isn’t enabled by default in Android 4.4 KitKat so you’ll need to head into the hidden ‘Developer Options’ menu in the Settings to access it. To enable the hidden ‘Developer Options’ go into Settings > About Phone > Build number and Tap the build number 7 times. Once there, go to ‘Select Runtime’ and change the selection from ‘Dalvik’ to ‘ART’.

You’ll have to reboot after changing the setting and you may have to wait a few minutes whilst ART does its thing in the background converting all your installed apps, but once the progress meter is done you’re good to go.

Whilst ART provides increased speed and improved battery life, you may find that not all Apps are 100% compatible; however since Android L has been released with the developer preview, the chances of finding an incompatible App has greatly reduced.

Drop us a comment and let us know if you’ve noticed a speed improvement on your device.

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HTC: Watch from our recent video is not a real product


HTC One Wear render leak___

We’ve seen a brief cameo of an unknown watch yesterday in HTC’s official Design Video. Rumors started that the watch is in fact HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch which is about to be released in the near future. It seems that’s not the case, HTC released an official statement in which they said the following: HTC encourages… Read more »

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Read the rest at!

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Verizon announces HTC One Remix (One Mini 2) for July 24


Verizon on Wednesday confirmed the upcoming availability of the HTC One Remix. Known in other circles as the One Mini 2, the smartphone arrives tomorrow, July 24.

The HTC One Remix runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6 UI and features a 4.5-inch HD display, 13-megapixel rear camera, and 16GB internal storage. Additionally, the phone packs a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, microSD expansion for up to 128GB, and a 2100mAh battery. Like other recent Verizon smartphones, this one is XLTE ready.

The HTC One Remix will be available online and in retail stores starting for $99.99 with a new two-year service agreement.


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HTC Sense keyboard released to the Play Store

HTC is slowly working to follow Google, Sony, Motorola and others by pulling out some of their specific apps and loading them to the Play Store. The newest addition is the HTC Sense keyboard. With every app that OEM’s pull from their deeply embedded custom skins the better for owners everywhere. With the app safely free to be updated and altered at will, it prevents users from suffering through bugs in hopes that a OTA shows up to fix it.

HTC Sense Keybaord

The images that HTC added to the Play Store are definitely not of the English variety, Chinese maybe? I am not entirely sure. However, the keyboard does have a number of language packs inside. As with most OEM made available apps, this one will only be able to be installed on compatible devices. HTC fails to offer up the list, but we would imagine most of the newer HTC devices, like HTC One (2013 and 2014) should be using it as well as the newer mid-ranged Desire line. It might be worth picking up if you do have a HTC device and you use the Sense keyboard.

What’s New
1. Support Google extract view in landscape mode.

2. Add the prompt when adding none word into personal dictionary.

3. Show .ru/.ro/.nl on Russian/Romanian/Dutch URL keyboard.

4. Enable Handwriting manual submit mode.

5. Fix Zhuyin “ㄦ” cannot be typed issue.

Head to the Play Store and grab it, unless HTC pushed it through to your device already.

HTC Sense Input Play Store Link

HTC corporation on the Play Store for more language packs if needed.

Via 9to5Google

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HTC’s official Sense keyboard reaches the Play Store

sense keyboard___

HTC already has a bunch of official applications released on the Google Play Store. Time has come to do the same for their Sense keyboard app which is now available over there.

The app will unfortunately work only with HTC compatible devices. This was to be expected though. We don’t have exact information which devices/OS variations exactly, but we’re going to assume HTC One (M7) and up along with a few older models such as One X and One X+. Newer devices from the Desire line are probably also in. Anyhow, you’ll never know until you try it, but rest assured you won’t be to run it if you don’t own a HTC device. This is a really good thing for HTC users considering they’ll be able to get timely updates even without the firmware update, which is a popular trend nowadays and a really good practice.

Don’t get scared off by what we assume are Chinese characters on Google Play Store image when you open the app info page, other languages are available as well.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Police

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HTC smartwatch makes cameo in a behind-the-scenes design Video

htc smartwatchHTC has allegedly been working on a smartwatch for some time now, and with the release of Android Wear, the rumour mill is inevitably turning again. A supposed render of the HTC smartwatch was leaked out last week by @evleaks, though we remained cautious of it, however it appears a leak of the wearable might have happened even before that, and in HTC’s own behind-the-scenes video.

At around the 35 second mark, a watch-like device is quite visible on the designer’s desk, though it’s hard to get a good look at its features. It looks like a square-faced device, not unlike the LG G Watch, and does seem to vaguely resemble the leaked image we saw last week. It’s not a good enough look to say that it absolutely is the same device as that leak, but it can’t dispel it either. Whatever the watch really looks like, if this was intentional, it seems HTC looks like it is ready to drop us subtle hints about its brand-new smartwatch

What do you think about the cameo of the HTC smartwatch in the above video? Do you think this was intentional or unintentional? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: HTCSource via Phandroid

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HTC is developing 2 other tablets next to the Nexus 9/Flounder/Volantis, rumor says

htc volantis

We’ve seen many leaks when it comes to Nexus 8/9/Flounder/Volantis tablet… it’s been called so many names we quite frankly don’t know which one to use and apparently neither does @evleaks from whom today’s leak comes from.

The known leaker posted yet another HTC Nexus 9 rumor:

“Besides the T1 Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9, HTC is developing two other tablets: the T7 and T12″

He seems rather convinced HTC is working on the upcoming Nexus tablet and you can see its alleged specs here. Well, the Taiwanese manufacturer is allegedly working on additional tablet hardware next to the Nexus tablet. Codenames the leaker mentions are T7 and T12. Unfortunately we don’t get any additional information at this time, but this sure does sound interesting considering HTC has been out of the tablet business for a while now.

Do you think there’s any truth to this? Note that @evleaks is usually spot on when it comes to leaks. Would you be interested in a non-Nexus tablet made by HTC?

Source: @evleaks

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