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HTC allows devs to tap into the power of the One’s Duo Camera

The HTC One (M8) brought with it a load of new camera features, including its unique Duo Camera setup on its back side. Now, the handset maker is opening up the code that powers the pair in a SDK preview for third-party devs. This means that apps can be designed specifically for the M8′s cameras with DualLens and DimensionPlus APIs baked right in. In other words, developers will get their hands on that bokeh-style refocusing and multi-angled shot selection in addition to depth maps from the pair of cameras. Of course, only time will tell how eager app makers are to latch on to HTC’s smartphone snapshooting tricks, but at least now they’ll have the necessary tools to do so.

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The first HTC One will get Sense 6 in US and Canada by the end of May

Sorry, HTC, we’re still not going to call it the “Sixth Sense.” That’s the phone maker’s name for Sense 6, the latest version of its Android user interface. For the uninitiated, this is the update that comes preloaded on the new HTC One (M8) but is still in the works for older devices as well. Jason Mackenzie, the President of HTC America, announced today that we can expect Sense 6 to show up on the original One by the end of May.

Announcing a release timeframe is a pretty daring declaration for Mackenzie. Basically it means that HTC now has a self-imposed deadline of May 31st to get the new update pushed through carrier certification (for multiple networks in the US and Canada) and over the air, and it’s often nearly impossible to predict how difficult that process will be. Given the usual delays, it’s a pretty fair bet that Sense 6 will get out to unlocked versions of the original One in other parts of the world well before then, since the update doesn’t need to go through the intense network testing already required in North America.

We’ve reached out to HTC to see when the global units will get Sense 6, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear back. The update is also planned for the One mini and One max, but we still haven’t heard any news on when to expect them to get it.

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Verizon Red HTC One M8 May be on the Horizon

HTC One M8 Gray Gold

Renowned leaker, evleaks has posted via twitter that we should expect a Glamour Red HTC One (M8) soon from Big Red.  At the moment, this is merely a rumor, but evleaks is known for getting the rumor mill churning and has been right more times than not.

Sprint currently has the exclusive red color on the HTC One (M7), so it’s not far fetched that Verizon would have a red One (M8) this year.

Currently, Verizon offers the HTC One (M8) in gunmetal gray, amber gold, and glacial sliver, so a red option would add to their color offering

As always, this is a rumor until proven otherwise, so take it as such.

Stay tuned as more information is sure to come.

@evleaks, gsmarena

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HTC training slides show how HTC One M8 trumps Samsung Galaxy S5


A recent leak shows the HTC aren’t leaving it up to the consumers, benchmark scores, and reviews to prove that the HTC One M8 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5; instead have created training material which has been distributed to sales reps across the US showing the top 5 reasons why the HTC One M8 is better.

HTC highlights a few factors that prove the HTC One M8 is superior, and the features singled out are quite straightforward: Metal Unibody Design, BoomSound front-facing speakers, Motion Launch gestures, Duo Camera, and HTC Advantage.

Whilst it should be obvious for sales reps to focus on the features which make the HTC One M8 against the competition, it’s interesting that HTC felt the need to specifically focus on comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Let us know in the comments section below which device you prefer.

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“Oh, it’s on!”: Samsung sends John Legere a gold Samsung Galaxy S5 of its Own

gold Samsung Galaxy S5Shots have now been fired. Earlier today, we reported that HTC America had sent T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, a HTC One M8 with a 24 carat gold finish as a gift, a photo of which he happily posted on his Twitter account. Not content to be beaten out by HTC, Samsung Mobile US has gifted to Legere a gold Samsung Galaxy S5 of their own, hand delivered by Samsung executive, Travis Warren. You can see it in the picture above, which is a selfie that could possibly have been taken with the gold HTC One M8. Ironic, no?

In the tweet with the gold Samsung Galaxy S5, Legere doesn’t mention that the device has a 24 carat gold finish as he did with the One M8, so it’s entirely likely that this is just a publicity stunt by Samsung to make sure it doesn’t look like HTC beat them at something. That said, it does look very gold, and who wouldn’t want to be choosing between two of the newest and best Android smartphones on the market which also happen to be gold. Man, do I want to be John Legere…

What do you think about Samsung’s response to HTC’s gold HTC One M8? Let us know what your opinion is in the comments.

Source: Twitter via Phone Arena

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Best prices and availability for the HTC One (M8)

HTC One M8 gray Gold Silver

Although the HTC One (M8) was announced a few weeks ago, some carriers are just now putting the phone up for sale. We’ve gathered a list of where you can buy the new HTC One on all carriers that have it listed so far.

We will update this page to the best of our ability. So if you see anything that needs updating, feel free to get back to us through our contact page!

Please note that the prices may change without notice.

*requires two-year service agreement on a qualified rate plan

There are still a hand full of carriers that will eventually get the HTC One (M8). Check back to this post in the coming weeks to see availability for other carriers.

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The HTC One M8 has a Google Play edition, but how is it different? (hands-on)

HTC’s latest flagship device, the One M8, is one of the best Android smartphones now available on the market, but what would happen to it if Google stripped the phone of some of its customizations? That’s essentially what the Google Play edition of the new One offers. Plunk down $699 and you’ll have access to an unlocked and (mostly) unadulterated version of the M8 with stock Android 4.4 (also known as KitKat).

Of course, we’ve been curious to see what will happen to the features that make the new One unique. HTC told us that the Google Play edition will be able to take advantage of the Duo Camera, for instance, but does it still offer the same functionality? Additionally, can we use the Motion Launch gestures to wake up the phone and access different features? And how about that clever Dot View case that comes in so handy on the Sense version? Look no further for the answers.

We won’t spend much time on the GPe’s hardware, because it’s exactly the same. You’re still going to get the same 5-inch 1080p display, 2,600mAh battery, BoomSound speakers, rear UltraPixel camera and 5MP front-facing selfie shooter. This particular model is a silver-colored 32GB version and comes with dual-band LTE (700MHz and AWS), which gives you next-gen speeds on AT&T and T-Mobile; no word yet on if we’ll see any regional variants outside the US. Finally, the GPe also has quad-band HSPA+ 21Mbps (850/AWS/1900/2100) and quad-band GSM/EDGE.

Let’s move onto the software, which is what makes the GPe unique and interesting. First, we’ll tackle the Duo Camera. If you’ve read our review, you’ll have a good grasp on what it’s all about. The M8 comes with two cameras on the back: there’s HTC’s 4MP UltraPixel sensor on the bottom and a smaller sensor on the top that’s primarily used for depth imaging. This setup gives you the ability to mess with a few more post-processing editing tricks than is offered on most other smartphones. HTC will also be throwing in options for developers to take advantage of the two rear cameras.

Frankly, it’d be silly to have extra hardware on a phone that’s completely unusable, so the Google Play edition will still take advantage of the Duo Camera functionality. Predictably, the app itself is the stock Google version, but the HTC magic comes out as soon as you enter the Photos app and try editing your shots. You’ll be prompted to open up “HTC Photo Edit,” and you’ll see a screen that looks much like what you’d find in the Sense gallery but with fewer options: UFocus, Dimension Plus and Touch Up are the only Duo Camera-esque effects listed, which means the Foregrounder, Seasons and Copy/Paste functions didn’t make the cut. (Filters, frames and tools are still hanging out on the right sidebar.) UFocus is our favorite of the Duo Camera options, so we’re glad to see it there, but Dimension Plus is a useless and gimmicky feature that we just don’t use very often.

Motion Launch is also around and it’s still pretty useful, but there’s one caveat. You can still double-tap to wake, press the volume button and lift the phone to activate the camera and swipe the screen in any direction to unlock it — all of the core features remain. The only thing it lacks is the ability to swipe different directions and have it do different things (ie. swipe down to activate voice dial).

The Dot View case also works, but again, it doesn’t get the full functionality it enjoys on the Sense version. On the Google Play edition, you can view the time and weather, but from what we can tell, there are no other notifications to take advantage of.

There’s one other nicety about the phone that shouldn’t go unnoticed: despite its Google branding, HTC still includes the device as part of its Advantage program, which means HTC will replace your screen for free if you break it within the first six months.

If you love the HTC One M8 hardware but prefer a stock Android experience (and one that will likely get updated faster), this is where the Google Play edition comes in handy. Interestingly, this particular version is a little unique compared to others of its kind, mainly due to the extra camera and motion gesture capabilities built into the hardware; there’s certainly still some HTC features that you wouldn’t normally find on, say, a Nexus phone. Whether or not this makes it any less of a vanilla Android device may be up to your own interpretation, but this kind of differentiation at least gives it a little more flavor than it otherwise would have. The best part: if you don’t like the extra features, simply turn them off.

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Robert Downey Jr. Gets Serious in New HTC One (M8) Video


Remember when HTC announced that Robert Downey Jr. was going to show up in HTC commercials? Iron Man promoting the all metal phone seemed like it couldn’t go wrong. Sadly, it didn’t exactly go right, and many of us wondered how much longer Downey was going to continue his campaigns. Gary Oldman starred in the very first New HTC One commercial, and it took a more serious, yet funny approach. Today, HTC released a new video for the New One, and look at that: Robert Downey Jr.

There are no trolls washing cars in this video. No, Downey gets a little serious with you, because he wants you to get yourself the All New HTC One. So check it out, and let us know what you think about it.

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HTC M8 ‘Ace’ outed in photo leak


With the HTC One M8 hitting retail stores and carriers later this week, we’ve already started focusing our gaze on what’s next. Well, not entirely, but you get the point. Much like we had in the HTC One of 2013, we are expecting variations of the flagship device of this year. As such, rumors have started circulating lately for the so-called HTC One M8 Mini. Today sees another model joining the fray.

Called, for now, the HTC One M8 Ace, our first word of the device comes from ever-present evleaks. There’s no indication as to what is different about this model; it comes in red, though! Looking at the blurred photo we wouldn’t be surprised if this was more akin to a Max version.

We wonder what Samsung thinks of that “Ace” part of the name.

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HTC breaks sales losing streak, believes the new One will help it turn a profit

You don’t need to be a financial genius to know that 28 straight months of declining sales is not a good thing. HTC finally broke that streak this quarter, but that’s the only silver lining in an otherwise dismal earnings report. While March 2014 sales were up 2.2 percent over last year, revenue for the quarter was only NT$33 billion (about $1 billion US), lower than the company’s own (gloomy) forecast. That resulted in a net operating loss that was also worse than expected. On the plus side, HTC has projected a profit for next quarter, the first that will reflect its widely lauded HTC One (M8) handset. Unfortunately, overall sales are still expected to be much lower than last year, and a shadow of the glory days of yore.

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