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Engadget Daily: HTC One M8 for Windows, choosing a 4K TV, and more!

Today, we go hands-on with HTC’s One M8 for Windows, shop for 4K TVs, ponder an ASUS-made smartwatch, and more! Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last 24 hours.

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HTC officially announces the HTC Butterfly 2, a HTC One M8 with plastic surgery

HTC Butterfly 2Imagine a HTC One M8, and now cover it in plastic instead of aluminium. Voila: you now have the freshly announced HTC Butterfly 2. While this might well seem like an over-exaggeration, this is actually literally the case. Like the One M8, the Butterfly 2 has a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, 2GB RAM and available in 16GB and 32GB variants. The Butterfly 2 even incorporates the One M8′s iconic Duo Camera which enables users to create some striking – and adjustable – snaps with HTC‘s latest gimmick.

In fact, apart from the plastic exterior, the only other differentiating factor of the Butterfly 2 is that it has only been announced for the South Asia region; the last time a Butterfly device was sold elsewhere, it was known as the HTC Droid DNA. There’s no word on how much the Butterfly 2 will end up costing, but presumably trading in aluminium for plastic would cut down the costs marginally. Perhaps interestingly, HTC has specified that the Butterfly 2 is IPX5 and IPX7 water resistant, something I believe was absent from the One M8′s official stat sheet (although it showed itself to have some native water resistance anyway).

What do you think about the HTC Butterfly 2? Is this a device that you would be interested in? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: HTC Blog (1), (2)

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HTC announces extremely limited HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition


HTC on Thursday announced a very limited edition of its HTC One M8 smartphone. Called the Phunk Studio Edition, it will be offered in a run of only 64 devices and launch on August 14 as part of a campaign. Phunk, a Singapore-based “contemporary art and design collective”, is slated to celebrate its 20th anniversary… Read more »

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IRL: Taking HTC’s One M8 for a test drive

IRL: Taking HTC's One M8 for a test drive

The original HTC One was one of my favorite smartphones from 2013, but it was easy to see why you’d pass it up in favor of an archrival like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 — it just didn’t have the battery life, camera quality or expansion to keep up. Fast-forward to 2014 and it’s a different story. Most of those headache-inducing flaws have been fixed in the new One; indeed, my colleague Brad Molen suggested it was an all-around better device. But is that enough to avoid a twinge of buyer’s remorse, especially with the Galaxy S5 and Sony’s Xperia Z2 upping the ante? I spent a few weeks with the new One to find out whether I’d still be pining for features from those other devices.

I certainly didn’t miss the designs of other phones. Simply put, the newer One has the best construction I’ve seen on a handset in some time. As much as I like the iPhone 5s’ precious-feeling body, it doesn’t have the solidity or eye-catching looks of HTC’s handset. It exudes quality compared to the GS5′s thin plastic shell, and it’s certainly more tolerant of abuse than the glass-backed Z2. Yes, the One is a bit too tall and slippery, but I got used to that over time. It honestly feels like more a labor of love from passionate users — which it is — than the product of a committee. Oh, and if you’re wondering about color choices? I prefer the gunmetal-gray hue, but the gold model (really, rose gold) is just subtle enough that I wasn’t self-conscious about using it in public. The grainy matte texture also makes it a tad easier to hold than the gray variant.

There are a few pleasant surprises under the hood, too. The One has more than enough battery life to keep up with my weekend routine, which involves a deluge of Instagram photos and Twitter conversations. More often than not, I had to fight to get the battery below the halfway mark after several hours of heavy use; almost every other recent phone I’ve used runs perilously low under similar conditions. And while people might malign the camera (sometimes for the right reasons), it’s generally better-suited to my uses than some alternatives. I tend to take a lot of low-light and macro photos, and the One rarely let me down where some phones I’ve tried (particularly the GS4 and Galaxy Note 3) produced dark, blurry messes. HTC’s sensor still tends to blow out highlights in daylight photography, but not often enough to sour the experience.

It might sound like I’m fawning over the One, but there were a few quirks that got on my nerves. The keyboard would occasionally become insensitive while I was typing and would need a bit of cajoling to respond again — this was consistent across several devices I tried, so it’s clear there’s a bug. And HTC desperately, desperately needs to improve the camera resolution. I could often work around it by framing my shots carefully, but I sorely missed the ability to crop detailed images from tiny portions of full-size photos. For the next One, I’d like to see HTC accept its competitive reality and increase the rear camera resolution beyond four megapixels, even if it means giving up some of that vaunted light sensitivity.

As such, I found myself missing the cameras from other phones, particularly the iPhone 5s or LG’s G3 (both of which strike a good balance between resolution and low-light ability) and newer Lumias like the 1020 or Icon (which sacrifice very little). However, the omission wasn’t enough to make me regret trying the One. The G3 and next iPhone would undoubtedly prove tempting, but I’d be more than happy to stick with HTC’s hardware for a couple of years.

We’ve shared our experience with the HTC One M8, and now it’s time for you to share yours. Head over to our product database to write your own review — and be sure to join the forum discussion to share your experiences with fellow users!

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Android “L” developer preview gets ported to HTC One (M7)

htc one android l

Other than the official Android “L” Developer Preview which is available for LG Nexus 5 and Asus Nexus 7 (2013) devices by Google, we’ve seen it ported to the Nexus 4 recently. We knew that this is not the end of it though, of course.

HTC One (M7) unexpectedly gets its own Android “L” Developer Preview port thanks XDA Senior Member ssrij and a team of developers. Nexus 4 port was kind of expected, but not this one. The port is still in alpha though, so keep this in mind if you intend on flashing it. The port was made possible thanks to ramdisk and kernel modifications which ssrij had to do. We say it once again, this is an alpha version of the port and some things will simply not work, at all.

Keeping all this in mind, if you’re interested in it follow this link.

Via: XDA

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[ROM] The Android L preview has been ported to the HTC One M7, currently in Alpha

Android L preview has been ported to the HTC One M7For many of us with Nexus devices, the Android L preview has only been a pipe dream that we can, for now, only gawk at from a distance. Well, thanks to the boffins at XDA, there is another device to gawk at now, and that device is the HTC One M7. The Android L preview has been ported to the HTC One M7, a photo of which is shown above, and although the ROm is currently in alpha, it’s undoubtedly better than nothing.

This alpha build comes courtesy of XDA Senior Member, ssrij, and his team, achieved the feat by making changes to ramdisk and the kernel; for those in the know (which doesn’t include me), this has had some side-effects on the device’s performance and stability. As it stands, there are outstanding issues with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data, sensors, camera and sound, and predictably there is a lot of work to do before it is stable. But the fact they achieved it at all is extremely impressive, and if you’re interested in trying out their work so far, be sure to visit the forum page here for instructions on how to do so.

Are you pining for a chance to try Android L on your device? Which device would you like to see it on next? Let us know in the comments.

Source: XDA Forum via XDA

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There can’t be only one: Technology’s singular obsession

foam finger on white

Last week, Google announced the aptly named Android One, a plan to unite the myriad budget devices running its mobile operating system. But Sundar Pichai and crew aren’t alone in banking on the singular power of one. No, Google’s One is just one of many in the industry’s recent past. It turns out, everyone wants to be the one.

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Android 4.4.4 rollout for HTC One M7 and M8 GPE has started

htc one kitkat____

Just a day or two after Android 4.4.4 update rollout started for Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition, same thing is happening for HTC’s One Google Play Edition smartphones, both M7 and M8.

As you might already know Android 4.4.4 isn’t exactly what we’d call a big update, it came knockin’ not even a month after the 4.4.3 update. Though it is highly recommended you update your device as soon as possible. According to Google it improves performance, security, stability and squashes some bugs.

Do you own either of these devices? DId you get the update yet?

Via: PhoneDog

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Black HTC One M8, yellow Nexus 5 on the horizon


OK, call me boring but I like my smartphones to look understated and elegant. So when it comes to choosing what colour I want my hardware to be I will always go for the black option, but lately we are seeing many manufactures turning towards bold or fancy colour schemes for their devices.

@eveleaks has uncovered some pic’s of a what could be a black HTC One M8 lurking out there, although no details of a black M8 have been leaked as yet. The photo shows the back of the One M8 with what looks like a metallic black finish which really works well with the silver HTC logo.


Following on from the release of a very Red Nexus 5 handset, Google may have let slip that their flagship Nexus phone could be making an appearance in yellow soon. Google already have a yellow bumper case so this could be the same colour yellow that we see the Nexus 5 sporting, as we saw with the red Nexus.


Could a yellow Nexus 5 be related to the possible name of “Lemon Pie” for the next version of Android, or am I just thinking too much into this !

Anyway, what’s your thoughts on the colours of these two phones ? let know us know in the comments below.

Source: @eveleaks Android Police

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HTC commits to Android L for One series

This year Google I/O was probably the best so far, and also a lot happened this year. Google introduced their latest version of Android, known as the Android L. The new OS is coming this fall, and HTC is making sure that their customers are not having second thoughts about it. They said on their official blog that:

We are committed to updating our flagship HTC One family as fast as possible and will begin rolling out updates to the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) in regions worldwide within 90 days of receiving final software from Google, followed shortly by other select HTC devices.

HTC_Android-Response_EMEAHTC is trying their best to be the first one to release Android L update for the One series. That’s definitely a good news for all HTC One (M7) users because they might have thought that HTC is only focusing on the flagship smartphone right now.

Android L is still the codename, and it might be known as Lemoncake when it is officially released. Though we personally like Lemonheads as well, you should share your thoughts with us too.

Are you happy to hear this One-users?

Source: HTC

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