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HP unveils Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets for business users and students

HP this week began offering a pair of new Android-powered tablets which aim to help business users and students. Both the Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 run Android 4.4 KitKat and feature a number of similar hardware components.

Under the hood, the duo pack 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processors, 2GB RAM, and an 8-megapixel rear camera/2-megapixel front-facing camera combo. Additionally, the pair offer microSD expansion, nano SIM support, and ZIF connector with pogo pins. One of the main draws, however, comes in the Duet Pen which allows for writing detection whether on the display or off. Based on Qualcomm’s UltraSound pen tech, it also utilizes five on-board microphones.


The Pro Slate 8 comes with 16GB or 32GB internal storage options while the Pro Slate 12 is only available with 32GB. As you may likely surmise, the Pro Slate 8 comes with an 8-inch (7.9″) display while the Pro Slate 12 packs a 12.3-inch screen. Resolution is listed at inches at 2,048 x 1,536 and 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, respectively.

The Pro Slate 8 carries a $449 price tag while the Pro Slate 12 runs $569.



HP announces new Pro Slate 12, Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 10 EE along with Duet Pen

Earlier this morning HP held a webcast announcement for some products that will be joining their portfolio. Among the news a new set of slates will be making an appearance sporting Android 4.4 KitKat, of course. The big dog on the block will be the Pro Slate 12. As the name suggests, it will be […]

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HP’s convertible Elite X2 and latest tablets are built for tough work

HP is refreshing a slew of its high end mobile devices with upgrades that make them even more compelling for businesses — and that’s good news for consumers, as well. We got our first look at the new Android-powered Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets today, along with the revamped Elite X2 convertible. Naturally, they’re all a step up from HP’s current lineup when it comes to hardware, but this year the company also focused on a few small tweaks to differentiate them from other devices aimed just at consumers. That could make them enticing options for anyone looking for a tablet that’s a bit tougher than your average Android slate.

The Elite X2, in particular, shows HP is thinking a bit more carefully about design. It’s the company’s most refined Windows 8 convertible yet, packing in Intel’s new Core M chip, a 11.6-inch screen, and a keyboard base that angles the screen just right for touchscreen use without tipping over. HP’s positioning the X2 as a complete desktop replacement — you can even wirelessly dock it with other devices on your desk using WiGig dock. The company claims it’s also “tested with military specs” when it comes to durability. The X2 will be available later this month starting at $899.

HP’s Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets aren’t as exciting on the surface, but they offer a decent speed bump from last year with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-series chips. HP points out it’s also one of the first devices to use Gorilla Glass 4, but that’s a distinction that won’t matter much buy the end of the year. They also include the new HP Duet Pen, a stylus that relies on ultrasonics for determining its position on the screen. You can also use it together with the the company’s Paper Folio product to digitize handwritten notes on paper. The Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 are available now for $449 and $569, respectively.

And if you’re looking for a Windows 8 tablet (surely someone is, right?), there’s also the new “HP Pro,” an 8-inch slate powered by a modern Intel Atom chip. That might not make it much of a powerhouse, but since it runs Windows 8 Pro, it can actually serve as a full PC once you add in a few accessories. The HP Pro is available now for $299.

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HP to Release new Pro Android Tablet


HP has been making some increasingly better tablets of late, sporting both Windows and Android operating systems, as to provide consumers with more options. Today the company released two new tablets—one running Android, the other Windows—called the HP Slate Pro 10 and the HP Pro Tablet 10. Essentially, they are the same tablet under the screen: quad-core Bay Trail processors, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, and NFC capabilities. But the Slate is the one running Android and the Tablet is the one with Windows.

Each of the tablets is 10 inches large, and is called Pro due to the inclusion of a passive stylus for more accurate touches. Mind you, this is not a capacitative stylus like the Note 4 or Surface Pro 3. It will do what your finger does, but a bit more precisely. Both tablets have Wi-Fi, but are rumored to potentially have the option to add 3G connection as well.

The tablets aren’t officially announced yet, but they should be hitting the stores sometime later this year—sooner, rather than later. While the few images purported to be of the tablets show them to be a bit unwieldy, the specs are nice and they should be capable devices if priced appropriately.

What do you think about HP’s latest tablets? Do you trust HP to deliver a quality 10 incher, or do you have your own horror story to tell about an HP tablet experience? Leave a comment below and let us know what’s up.

Source: Liliputing

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Alcatel Onetouch buys Palm trademark; Palm smartphones on the horizon?

There was a time when the Palm brand name was all the rage in the tech space. I actually owned a Palm Pilot, one of the best touch personal organizers of the time, but being 13 years old, the only thing I really cared about organizing was my hair. It was the world’s first look […]

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A Palm smartphone running Android? It could happen in 2015


Oh how I remember dropping by my local CompUSA in the 90s to buy the first Palm Pilot. Now after the brand (and WebOS) has been killed by HP, it just might be coming back from the dead.

It appears Alcatel Onetouch has bought the Palm trademarks from HP by means of a shell corporation called Wide Progress Global Limited. The transfer of the trademarks was signed by the President of the Americas and Pacific of Alcatel Onetouch.

What exactly is Alcatel OneTouch planning? We have no idea, but it’s like they will launch a phone under the Palm brand sometime next year. Alcatel does make a lot of Android phones, but they aren’t a household name. The Palm brand might not help the Alcatel brand per se, but it could very well jump start their sales. We will have to keep an eye on this one.

sources: webosnation / USPTO
via: Android Central

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Palm might make a return thanks to Alcatel Onetouch


Most fans of smartphones would say that Palm’s popular webOS software died much too soon. In 2010 after HP bought webOS, they killed it off and allowed it to (slightly) live on as an open OS called Open webOS. Following the launch of Open webOS, LG acquired the operating system, but only the websites, documentation, source code and team behind the client side of webOS. After the LG acquisition almost two years ago, we haven’t really heard much of the operating system aside from a few rumors of LG bringing it to a smartwatch and the TV. We may be hearing much more about it in the future, though, thanks to some recent reports uncovered from the USPTO. According to webOS Nation, it seems as though Alcatel Onetouch, and Android device manufacturer, (sort of) purchased the brand as well as all trademarks and logos from HP earlier this year.

The documents that have been uncovered from the United States Patent and Trademark Office show that the brand and all trademarks and logos have been transferred to a “shelf company” called Wide Progress Global Limited. A ‘shelf company’ is a legitimate company that’s inactive, meant for people who need a quick jump on starting a business. So, how does this relate to Alcatel Onetouch? The vice president of the shelf company is Nicolas Zibell, who is also the President, Americas and Pacific, of Alcatel Onetouch and TCL. So, the President of Alcatel Onetouch transfers Palm’s brand, trademarks, and logos to a shelf company that he’s also the VP of. There aren’t too many reasons why transferring the remainder of Palm to a shelf company would be warranted, unless Alcatel Onetouch is planning on resurrecting the brand.

Alcatel Onetouch has released devices in the past named Palm, so this could be a giant ploy to protect themselves from legal issues. Though, there wouldn’t be much reason to transfer it all to a shelf company, just to avoid getting sued. The only other valid reason this is happening is because the company is actually going to do something with the brand. Now remember, we haven’t heard official word that Alcatel Onetouch is bringing back Palm, but it seems as though that’s the only reasoning behind all of this trouble.

Alcatel Onetouch isn’t the most prominent brand out there, especially in the United States. They offer a few lower-end phones, though the entirety of their smartphone line is very low-cost. Only time will tell whether or not Alcatel Onetouch will actually do something with the Palm brand, but right now, it seems pretty likely.


What a name: Michael Bastian and Hewlett-Packard unveil the MB Chronowing smartwatch

MB Chronowing smartwatchA while back, we heard that Hewlett-Packard (or HP as it’s probably better known as) and renowned designer, Michael Bastian, were collaborating to create a smartwatch. Little did we know that it would have the most badass name in the history of smartwatches: the MB Chronowing smartwatch. The device was effectively unveiled to subscribers of online retailer, Gilt, who is the exclusive seller of the device and opened pre-sale of the device today. Two versions of the MB Chronowing were unveiled including the standard MB Chronowing and the slightly more premium MB Chronowing Limited Edition Black smartwatch – make no mistake though, both will set you back a pretty penny with the standard version priced at $434.10 AUD (around $370 USD) and the Limited Edition version coming in at $807.30 (around $690 USD).

MB Chronowing smartwatchThat’s a pretty steep price to pay, but the watches are impeccably designed. As expected, the MB Chronowing isn’t running an operating system that we’re familiar with and is only configurable with a companion smartphone app available for both Android and iOS. There looks to be a fair number of customization options which can display music, weather and notification info on the main screen with the smaller, clock screen configurable too. For more info, be sure to visit the Gilt website at the source link below.

What do you think about the MB Chronowing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Gilt

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HP’s slim ‘Omen’ gaming laptop conjures up Voodoo memories

Remember that gaming laptop HP was rumored to be building, the one @evleaks said would rival Alienware’s rigs? Well, it’s here — and it’s not quite what the retired leaker expected. Instead of a thick, meaty machine to match the Alienware 14 and 17, HP is putting out the Omen, a 15-inch gaming notebook that measures only 0.78-inches at its thickest point. Don’t let it’s svelte chassis fool you, though, there’s more than enough under the Omen’s hood to compete in today’s laptop market.

Like the Razer Blade before it, HP’s Omen seems bent on packing as much power as possible into its tiny frame. The $1,500 notebook comes with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, 8GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GTX 860M graphics with 2GB of video memory and a 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU at it’s heart. The base configuration has a 128GB SSD, but HP will double that for an additional $100. The storage space is expandable up to 512GB, and particularly power-hungry users can double the the RAM and video memory as well.

The Omen is available for order right now, and should ship this month. Oh, and don’t worry if that name sounds a little /too/ familiar to you: it’s a reference to Voodoo — a gaming-focused subsidiary the company acquired way back in 2006. Curious about that history? Feel free to click right here.

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How would you change HP’s Pavilion 14 Chromebook?

In a way, How Would You Change is a bit like archeology, digging back through the gadgets of yesteryear to find out what we think of them now. We sat HP’s Pavilion 14 Chromebook down in front of Myriam Joire, who did not have too many nice things to say about the device. Points of critique included the lackluster display, poor battery life and the fact that the company just hollowed out a Pavilion 14 rather than building something more tailored to Google’s operating system. In fact, the conclusion of the review is just a list of other devices that you can buy instead. But if you disregarded her advice and picked one of these up anyway, why not head over to the forum and tell us what the last year has been like?

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