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HP teams up with another giant watchmaker on smart wristwear

Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal pos

HP isn’t done reviving its smartwatch partnerships just because it’s helping Movado — far from it. The tech pioneer has unveiled a smartwatch deal with Titan, the fifth-largest watchmaker in the world and a powerhouse in its native India. The two aren’t saying much about what their new wearable entails beyond a design that’s “responsive, but not intrusive” (what does that even mean?) and its support for both Android and iOS. However, it’s safe to say that HP is doing most of the heavy lifting. Like with other Engineered by HP smartwatches, it’s supplying the underlying hardware and software while the watch brand focuses mostly on design and manufacturing.

Source: HP


HP taught Movado’s new Bold Motion what it knows


For a smartwatch to be considered a smartwatch, it has to be smart. Traditional designers and watchmakers have looked to companies familiar with consumer technology to develop their smartwatches for them. Movado, the company that makes high-end watches, has enlisted HP to make a smartwatch with brilliant design and software. This comes more than a year after HP worked with Gilt to produce a Michael Bastian-designed smartwatch.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Despite not having an interactive display, Movado has key smartwatch features in the Bold Motion:

Infused with Movado’s modern design aesthetic and harnessing HP’s performance technology, Movado BOLD Motion is the BOLD way to stay connected. Movado BOLD Motion notifies users of incoming phone calls and texts, manages time and priorities and monitors daily steps and tracks progress through app-enabled functionality,

The Bold Motion will be sold for $695 in two unisex styles online starting sometime during the holiday season.

Movado: “Always In Motion” Brings Iconic Modern Design To Two Smartwatch Collections In Collaborations With Fullpower / MMT And HP Inc.

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Movado Group, Inc. (NYSE: MOV) takes an innovative approach to wearable technology where design is first and foremost. In collaboration with two premier technology leaders, two distinct smartwatch collections were created with iOS and Android compatible apps: MotionX-365 end-to-end solution created by Silicon Valley’s Fullpower Technologies, Inc. for Movado Swiss timepieces, and HP Inc.for Movado’s BOLD collection. Both collections will be available for the upcoming holiday season, and supported with a comprehensive marketing program.

“Movado Group has always been committed to providing our consumers with exceptional innovative design and we are extremely excited to show the world how we have merged modern iconic design with technology,” said Efraim Grinberg, CEO and Chairman, Movado Group. “The partners we collaborated with execute smart technology in a user-friendly way understanding that today’s consumers have differing needs regarding how connected they want to be.” 

Simply intelligent – Movado Motion merges Swiss made elegance into the wearable technology segment for men and women. Powered by MotionX® innovative technology platform, Movado Motion features two striking Swiss made designs: Museum Sport for him and Bellina for her. These iconic Movado watch designs deliver 24/7 MotionX® activity monitoring and offers the following functions: steps activity tracking, sleeptracker®  sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, get-active alerts, dynamic coaching, 2 year battery life and automatic world clock with time/date setting through sync with paired device. There are six timepieces in the collection with an opening price point of $995

Infused with Movado’s modern design aesthetic and harnessing HP’s performance technology, Movado BOLD Motion is the BOLD way to stay connected.  Movado BOLD Motion notifies users of incoming phone calls and texts, manages time and priorities and monitors daily steps and tracks progress through app-enabled functionality, Movado BOLD Motion is offered in two different unisex styles for $695. This illuminating design for the modern world maintains up to a full-week of smart module battery life.

The new Movado Museum Sport and Bellina smartwatches are available on starting today and the BOLD smartwatch  will be available on in time for the holidays.

A brand long identified with Modernism and closely associated with the performing arts, Movado has achieved a proud 134-year history of design excellence and innovation. Movado has been a major supporter of New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Additionally, Movado has supported the Miami International Film Festival, Miami City Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Pacifica, and the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Movado Group, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes Movado, EBEL, Concord, Coach, HUGO BOSS, Lacoste, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger, and Scuderia Ferrari brand watches worldwide.

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HP and Movado bring simplicity to smartwatches

Smartwatches are starting to look like regular watches. Movado, a Swiss watchmaker known for its crisp designs, has partnered with HP Inc. for its Bold Motion smartwatch. It will do all the smartwatch things — alert you to emails, texts, phone calls, meetings and even track your steps — but it won’t look like a shrunken phone screen that’s strapped on your wrist. The smart timepiece retains Movado’s simplicity and tradition with a circular disc that marks 12 on the dial but it comes to life with subtle vibrations and aqua-hued LED clues in sync with notifications on your phone.


New HP Chromebook 14: cheaper, better battery life and different processor


Chrome OS is known for its light software, snappy performance and simplicity, but we can probably thank the platform’s affordable prices for most of its success. Gone are the days when you had to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a half decent computer. There’s plenty of accessible Chromebooks around, and HP is adding a new one to the list today.

Well, they aren’t exactly making a brand new one; it’s more of a refreshed version of last year’s HP Chromebook 14. But there are enough changes in the new model to make this a newsworthy event.

The refreshed HP Chromebook 14 is improved in a few key ways. Let’s start with the best news: it’s much cheaper at only $249.99 (to start). The base version features a 14-inch 1366×768 display, but you can upgrade to a 1080p screen by paying $30 more (not sure if the higher resolution will affect battery life much).


HP is promising 9 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. This is definitely an improvement on the last generation Chromebook, which could go for about 8 hours. Also an important change is the switch to an Intel Celeron N2840 processor, instead of last gen’s NVIDIA K1 SoC. Other specs include the usual 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, microSD support and more.

And of course, you get your freebies, which encompass 12 free Gogo in-flight internet passes, 3 free Google Play movie rentals and 90 days of free Google Play Music (assuming you haven’t used your free trial yet).

Interested? Look forward to seeing the new HP Chromebook 14 in store shelves by November 8th, while the $279 iteration is set to hit the USA later this month. We will have to wait and see how well the new processor and improved battery do, but so far this is certainly looking like a good option for those in need of a Chromebook, and the reduced price sure is nice. Are any of you getting one?

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HP refreshes the Chromebook 14 with better battery life and a 1080p display


HP today announced the next generation of the Chromebook 14, featuring up to 9 hours and 15 minutes of battery life and even offering an option with a 1080p display. The device has even received a price drop from its predecessor, making it more attractive to those that want to take Chrome OS for a spin with little risk or loss.

You can expect to get that aforementioned 9 hours and 15 minutes of battery life on the 1,366 x 768 display, but certainly much less battery life on the 1080p option. HP also seems to have ditched the NVIDIA processor in favor of a Intel Celeron N2840 chipset. Unfortunately, this unit cannot be configured beyond 2GB of RAM.

As per the norm, buying this Chromebook will net you 100GB of free Google Drive space for two years.

The new HP Chromebook 14 will be available in the United States on November 8 for $250 or $280 for the model with the 1080p display. This particular Chromebook will no doubt be a hot seller this Black Friday, especially considering that we haven’t seen a Full HD Chromebook below $300 yet. In contrast, Acer’s Full HD Chromebook 15 starts at $349.

HP also announced the Chromebook 14 G4, which is aimed for education and small business. It’s equipped with enhanced VPN support, Citrix Receiver 1.8 for Chrome OS, 32GB of internal storage, and will come in silver colour exclusively. This unit is expected to drop some time this month.

source: HP

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HP’s refreshed Chromebook 14 gets a price drop and longer battery life

No, they’re not as wacky as that special edition Star Wars laptop, but Chromebooks are still likely to make for popular gifts this holiday season, given that they’re cheap, compact and come in fun colors. Unsurprisingly, then, HP’s just refreshed its 14-inch Chromebook ahead of the Black Friday stampede, cutting the price by $50 and promising longer battery life. In particular, the Chromebook 14 is now rated for nine hours and 15 minutes with a 1,366 x 768 display, up from eight hours in the last-gen version. HP also moved from an NVIDIA chip to an Intel Celeron N2840, which could in theory yield faster performance in some areas, though it’s a shame there doesn’t appear to be an option to configure it with more than 2GB of RAM. There’s also a 1080p screen option; just don’t expect the battery life there to be quite as long.Slideshow-324984

The Chromebook 14 is available here in the States on November 8th, starting at $250, or $280 with a full HD screen. Though Chromebooks tend to be awfully same-y, offering similar specs at a similar price, this might indeed be a good deal: It’s still rare to see a Chrome OS laptop with a Full HD display for less than $300. Particularly given that last year’s model was met with mostly positive reviews, we’ll be curious to see how this one fares with the new processor and longer battery life.


‘PC Does What?’ commercials take you right to the danger zone

Inside A Dixons Retail Plc Consumer Electronics Store Ahead of Results

That “PC Does What?” ad campaign from the likes of Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft isn’t a rumor anymore. As Business Insider notes, each of the five spots highlights a different aspect of modern Windows PCs including their svelte designs, gaming prowess and convertible configurations. The series of 30 second ads will start airing October 19th, but if you’re the impatient type you can hop past the break and see them embedded below.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Via: Business Insider

Source: Intel (YouTube)


PC industry unites to convince you that it’s still relevant

Dixons Retail Plc's PC World Stores As Merger With Carphone Warehouse Group Plc Agreed

It’s no secret that the PC industry is hurting. Sales are down, in no small part because the PC itself isn’t as important as it used to be — why get a basic computer when your phone is frequently good enough? However, that isn’t stopping some heavyweights in the field from making a bid for relevancy. Recode understands that Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft are uniting for a “PC Does What?” ad campaign that shows what newer computers can do. It’ll reportedly run in China and the US, and it’ll likely include a “sizable” marketing blitz. Don’t be shocked if you see ads plastered all over the web and TV.

There have been general PCs-are-great ads before. Just look at Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” pitch from 2008 if you need proof. However, this would mark the first time that several of these companies (including direct rivals) have banded together. The unity would represent a tacit admission that the PC market has diminished — it wouldn’t otherwise need a boost to its public image, would it? It’s hard to say if the campaign will be effective, but the promos won’t hurt when there’s a wave of interesting new PCs arriving at the same time.

[Image credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Source: Recode


HP is putting privacy screens in its laptops because people are nosey

If you find yourself working in crowded spaces like coffee shops, it can be tough to keep prying eyes from glancing at your screen. To combat that sort of snooping, HP is outfitting its stable of notebook PCs with privacy screens from 3M. The duo is working on new displays that integrate the security feature for “an on-demand electronic privacy solution.” While details are scarce for now, it sounds like the screens in HP’s future laptops will allow the feature to be turned off when you’re working from the comforts of your home or office. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on a machine that houses the tech, as the first products are expected to arrive in mid-2016.


HP’s dorky ‘Star Wars’ laptop is impressive in its attention to detail

Depending on how you feel about Star Wars, either you’ve had enough of the gimmicky merchandising tie-ins, or you intend to buy all the things until the new movie comes out on December 18th. For our part, we don’t know whether to be amused or excited by this special edition Star Wars laptop from HP. On the one hand, a notebook covered in images of Stormtroopers and the X-wing Star Fighter Guidance System, with Aurebesh lettering replacing English, is even dorkier than your typical gaming rig (and that’s saying a lot). On the other, the Star Wars notebook is so committed in its dorkiness that it’s hard not to be impressed by HP and Disney’s attention to detail.Slideshow-324978

It all starts with the packaging. Even before you lay eyes on the laptop, you’ll be greeted by a large box covered in Darth Vader’s image, with a smaller box inside (also decorated with Darth) that houses all your cables and whatnot. Both boxes have a magnetic close, with the smaller of the two bearing the words “You don’t know the power of the dark side” underneath the flap. The notebook itself is protected by foam inserts shaped like an Imperial starfighter. If you’re into Star Wars (and of course you are), you won’t want to throw the packaging away.

As mentioned earlier, the 15-inch notebook is covered in images of Stormtroopers and the X-wing Star Fighter Guidance System, with a textured, distressed finish on the lid meant to make the system feel “battleworn” (HP’s words, not mine). Even the touchpad is decorated with the heads-up display from Luke Skywalker’s Death Star trench run. Then there’s that Aurebesh font, with the words “Galactic Empire” emblazoned across the hinge. This is also a good time to mention the matching accessories: a neoprene laptop sleeve and a wireless mouse. They don’t come in the box, but I have a feeling more than a few of you will choose to go whole hog.

It’s really the software, though, that made me realize how thorough HP and Disney-owned Lucasfilm were in designing this. Boot up the machine and you’ll see that even the standard Recycle Bin has been replaced with a Death Star icon. From there, you can replace typical system sounds (like inserting a USB drive) with various Star Wars beeps and boops (think: R2-D2 or the lightsaber sound). There’s even an Aurebesh system font. All that’s not counting all the content HP pre-loaded, including 1,100-plus images including themes, galleries, screensavers, wallpapers, behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards, movie posters, classic photos and set and costume designs. Additionally, HP pre-loaded a Marvel Star Wars comic, various movie trailers and excerpts from select e-books.


Maybe it’s that HP showed me the Star Wars laptop alongside its new gaming notebook, or maybe it was just the cheesy red keyboard backlighting, but I initially expected specs more in line with a gaming rig. It turns out, that while you can configure this with discrete graphics, it’s more or less a mainstream notebook with an extremely nerdy facade. It starts with a sixth-gen Core i5 processor, with Core i7 available as well. At the highest-end, you can get it with 12GB of RAM and a 2TB hard disk, not to mention that NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU. The display can be upgraded to a Full HD touchscreen as well. So, while some of you will end up with a decently fast machine, others of you will probably be settling for integrated graphics, a middle-of-the-road CPU and a modest amount of memory.

Star Wars fans can pre-order the laptop tomorrow for $700 (with an expected shipping date of November 8th), while the sleeve and mouse will be available for $40 apiece.


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