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What a name: Michael Bastian and Hewlett-Packard unveil the MB Chronowing smartwatch

MB Chronowing smartwatchA while back, we heard that Hewlett-Packard (or HP as it’s probably better known as) and renowned designer, Michael Bastian, were collaborating to create a smartwatch. Little did we know that it would have the most badass name in the history of smartwatches: the MB Chronowing smartwatch. The device was effectively unveiled to subscribers of online retailer, Gilt, who is the exclusive seller of the device and opened pre-sale of the device today. Two versions of the MB Chronowing were unveiled including the standard MB Chronowing and the slightly more premium MB Chronowing Limited Edition Black smartwatch – make no mistake though, both will set you back a pretty penny with the standard version priced at $434.10 AUD (around $370 USD) and the Limited Edition version coming in at $807.30 (around $690 USD).

MB Chronowing smartwatchThat’s a pretty steep price to pay, but the watches are impeccably designed. As expected, the MB Chronowing isn’t running an operating system that we’re familiar with and is only configurable with a companion smartphone app available for both Android and iOS. There looks to be a fair number of customization options which can display music, weather and notification info on the main screen with the smaller, clock screen configurable too. For more info, be sure to visit the Gilt website at the source link below.

What do you think about the MB Chronowing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Gilt

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HP’s slim ‘Omen’ gaming laptop conjures up Voodoo memories

Remember that gaming laptop HP was rumored to be building, the one @evleaks said would rival Alienware’s rigs? Well, it’s here — and it’s not quite what the retired leaker expected. Instead of a thick, meaty machine to match the Alienware 14 and 17, HP is putting out the Omen, a 15-inch gaming notebook that measures only 0.78-inches at its thickest point. Don’t let it’s svelte chassis fool you, though, there’s more than enough under the Omen’s hood to compete in today’s laptop market.

Like the Razer Blade before it, HP’s Omen seems bent on packing as much power as possible into its tiny frame. The $1,500 notebook comes with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, 8GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GTX 860M graphics with 2GB of video memory and a 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU at it’s heart. The base configuration has a 128GB SSD, but HP will double that for an additional $100. The storage space is expandable up to 512GB, and particularly power-hungry users can double the the RAM and video memory as well.

The Omen is available for order right now, and should ship this month. Oh, and don’t worry if that name sounds a little /too/ familiar to you: it’s a reference to Voodoo — a gaming-focused subsidiary the company acquired way back in 2006. Curious about that history? Feel free to click right here.

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How would you change HP’s Pavilion 14 Chromebook?

In a way, How Would You Change is a bit like archeology, digging back through the gadgets of yesteryear to find out what we think of them now. We sat HP’s Pavilion 14 Chromebook down in front of Myriam Joire, who did not have too many nice things to say about the device. Points of critique included the lackluster display, poor battery life and the fact that the company just hollowed out a Pavilion 14 rather than building something more tailored to Google’s operating system. In fact, the conclusion of the review is just a list of other devices that you can buy instead. But if you disregarded her advice and picked one of these up anyway, why not head over to the forum and tell us what the last year has been like?

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Source: Engadget Product Forums


HP to show off its 3D-scanning ‘Sprout’ PC next week

HP is synonymous with mass-market PCs and notebooks, but according to a report from Re/code, HP is trying it proverbial hand at something new. According to the usual slew of unnamed sources, the company (which is currently undergoing some business mitosis) will show off a novel new Windows PC called the Sprout at an event in New York next week. We’re not using the word “novel” lightly here, either: the Sprout is comprised of a big flat screen display paired with an expansive surface for touch input and a combination projector/3D scanner that hangs above it.

As you might imagine, that surface is where the magic happens. Sure, you’ll be able to interact with images beamed down by the projector, but popping something like a Rubik’s Cube onto the surface prompts the overhead scanner to do its thing. Once the cube touches the surface, it gets scanned (it’s not clear if you have to start this process manually or not) and integrated into whatever it was you were working on. You’d be forgiven for having a little trouble imagining what the Sprout is like in real life — we are too — but at least we won’t need to wait long to find out. And the icing on this particularly crazy cake? Re/code’s Arik Hesseldahl notes that the first version will run Windows, but subsequent models could run Google’s ChromeOS.

[Image credit: Don Diebold/Flickr]

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HP calls time, will shut down webOS support on January 15th, 2015

Still hauling that Palm Pre around without a care in the world? Sorry to say but there’s a nasty surprise coming your way just after the holidays. HP has quietly announced that it’ll pull the plug on the catalog and cloud services that support webOS devices from January 15th of next year. That doesn’t mean that your hardware will shut down, but living with the gear is going to get considerably harder. Firstly, you won’t be able to purchase, download and restore apps, and you won’t be able to restore your phone from a backup either. Setting up a new device has also gone the way of all things, and if you lose your password, you won’t be getting it back. This is probably the excuse you need to buy a new phone, but don’t worry, because as long as we remember webOS in our hearts, it’ll never truly die, okay?

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Via: webOS Internals (Twitter), PivotCE

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Apple is now the fifth-largest PC maker in the world, if you ask IDC

MacBook Air

Apple is historically a small player in the PC world compared to many of its peers, but it may have just entered the big leagues. IDC estimates that the company jumped to 6.3 percent market share in the third quarter of the year, making it the fifth-largest PC builder worldwide — a feat it hasn’t managed in decades. It’s still no major threat to heavy-hitters such as Lenovo (20 percent), HP (18.8 percent) and Dell (13.3 percent), but IDC believes that a combination of slight price cuts and improved demand in “mature” markets like North America have helped it grow in a computer market that’s still shrinking.

With that said, the crew in Cupertino probably isn’t breaking out the party streamers right away. Gartner contends that ASUS claimed the fifth-place spot with 7.3 percent, and that Apple only sits in the top five in its native US. So what gives? In short, it’s a difference in methodology; Gartner and IDC don’t have official shipping numbers from everyone, and there’s enough wiggle room in their estimates that it wouldn’t take much for the rankings to change. As precise as these figures may be, you’ll get a better sense of how Apple fared when it posts its fiscal results (and real shipping numbers) in a couple of weeks.

IDC worldwide PC market share, Q3 2014

Gartner's worldwide PC market share estimate, Q3 2014

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Source: IDC, Gartner

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From beginning to breakup: a history of HP’s highs and lows

HP's Jon Rubinstein and Todd Bradley unveil the Pre 3, Veer and TouchPad

HP’s recent decision to split into two companies is undoubtedly a big deal. It’s a cornerstone of Silicon Valley, and it has been synonymous with PCs for much of its lifetime. However, this is really just the latest chapter for a technology legend that has witnessed plenty of triumphs and disasters throughout its 75-year history. We’ve rounded up some of its greatest and lowest moments in a gallery, ranging from its humble beginnings in a garage to the webOS era and a series of scandals — check them out if you want to know how HP reached yet another turning point.

[Image credit: Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images]

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Engadget Daily: Galaxy Alpha and Xperia Z3 reviews, the new ‘Smash Bros.’ and more!

Interested in upgrading to the Galaxy Alpha or Xperia Z3? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we take both handsets for a spin, journey through the historical roots of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, play a whole bunch of the new Smash Bros. for 3DS, and more. Read on for all our news highlights from the last 24 hours.

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HP is reportedly splitting into two companies

HP laptops

HP’s home-focused and business divisions have frequently seemed at odds with each other, and apparently the company agrees. The Wall Street Journal claims that the tech giant is about to split into two companies, one focused on PCs and the other dedicated solely to corporate hardware and services. If the report is accurate, the separation could be announced as early as Monday. The exact reasoning behind the move hasn’t been mentioned, but the PC-centric group would be headed by one of its existing executives, Dion Weisler; current CEO Meg Whitman would run the business group and keep an eye on the other company by serving as its chairman of the board. However true the rumor may be, such a move wouldn’t be all that surprising — much of the computing industry has been restructuring and rescaling to cope with a world where the PC’s role is rapidly evolving.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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Cortana makes sure you don’t miss nearby concerts

Microsoft’s virtual assistant comes in handy for lots of things — especially reminders. Now, thanks to a hand from SeatGeek’s ticket engine, Cortana will alert you when bands you listen to on the regular have a tour stop close by. As you might expect, in addition to date and venue info, the add-on will also provide you with ticket prices and a handy link to purchase. A Concert Watch option is rolling out to the Music section of Cortana’s Notebook, and toggling the option on will keep you informed about performances in your area. Google Now does something similar for the Android faithful, displaying concert dates based on artists from your search queries. If you’re unable to see the new feature, sit tight: it appears to be on its way to handsets.

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Source: WP Central

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