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Android One phones to get Lollipop by the end of January


Android One smartphones might be off to a slow start in terms of sales, but it also appears they are also off to a slow start in terms of updates. According to one of the manufacturers, Spice Mobility, the Dream Uno will receive the Lollipop update by the end of January 2015. More than likely, the Micromax A1 and the Karbonn Sparkle V will also get the update around the same time.

Since all Android One phones sport hardware specified by Google and updates come directly from them, you would think the update would be a little quicker. According to sources within Google, the update is ready, so it’s possible that it could start rolling in December. I guess only time will tell.

source: India Today

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Android One not off to the greatest start


Android One, Google’s answer to get low cost smartphones into the hands of the next billion, seems to be off to a slow start. Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice offered Android One handsets in India from mid September. According to IDC, 8 million smartphones were shipped into India, and only about 2.5% of them were Android One devices.

One of the reasons for the lukewarm reception could be that the devices were initially only offered online, while the target demographic probably doesn’t have internet. Let’s also not forget that Google’s former division, Motorola, is on fire with the Moto E and Moto G. Than there is Xiaomi. However, both of these companies are offering their devices online too.

IDC does see sales picking up in November and December, plus Google plans on expanding into Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka shortly.

source: India Times

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Google adds Nexus 9 factory image for LRX21R update


The Nexus 9 is getting another update (LRX21R), which should clean up some bugs. As usual, it will take at least a week to hit all devices, so the impatient types can download and install the factory image, which Google posted earlier today.

If you need help flashing it, you can check out our full instructions here. Alternatively, you can opt to manually install the over-the-air (OTA) update, which will keep your data, assuming your Nexus 9 isn’t unlocked. Click here for those very extensive instructions.

source: Google Factory Images

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You can now pre-order the Nexus 6 in India


Indian retailed Flipkart has started pre-orders of the Nexus 6. You can grab the 32 GB version for Rs. 43,999 ($713) or the 64 GB version for Rs. 48,999 ($794). You will of course still have your choice of either Cloud White or Midnight Blue. Shipping will take place in early December.

Are you ordering one or is the Nexus 6 too big for you?

source: Flipkart

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Android TV apps will be screened by Google before being available in the Play Store


It seems that Google is changing things a bit with its new Android TV platform compared to Android in other places. According to Google’s app distribution page, under Android TV it says the following:

Before distributing apps to the Play Store on Android TV devices, our team reviews apps for usability with a DPAD (apps) and Gamepad (games only) and other quality guidelines.

Now before everyone gets all huffy and puffy about how Android is supposed to be open and that Android Wear doesn’t have these types of guidelines, think about this: Android TV is much different in terms of functionality and interaction. While Android phones and Android Wear you interact with directly with a touchscreen, Android TV is all by remote. Not only does this require a different type of interaction, but it can cause issues if not implemented properly. Also, Users are not going to want to swim through as many small-time developer apps as they would for phones and Wear. In my opinion, I applaud Google for taking the extra step to check the apps heading to their new platform to ensure a good experience. If you remember Google TV, many apps were buggy and didn’t work well, and they ended up putting that platform down. So they want to do things different this time around.

It’ll be interesting to see how developers react to this and how the experience on Android TV differs from that of Google TV.

via Android Police

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Google Keep gets shareable tasks and notes

google keep

My wife and I sit every Sunday and go through what we need from the grocery store before she goes shopping. This often is a mix of talking, texting, sharing written lists, etc. I have tried for us to share Google Keep lists, but there was no easy way to import the list sent via Hangouts into Google Keep.

Well Google has fixed this with their latest update. Now you can share notes and lists, and watch live as another user interacts with it and checks things off a la Google Drive style. This is super handy when creating shopping lists, or even things that need to be done around the house, or projects for work, etc.

Searching for notes has now become easier too as you can filter notes with things like colors, notes with images, and more. The update is rolling out starting today, so be on the lookout for the update.

Will you use this feature? Does this make you want to switch from your current notes/lists app to Keep?

via Android Official Blog

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Google Play Services version 6.5 updates Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit


An update is rolling out now to Google Play Services, bringing new features to a slew of the company’s products. Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit are all involved in the version 6.5 update. On top of all of this, developers are being handed more control over the APIs utilized by an app.

With the additions to the Google Maps Android API, developers can include a map toolbar for immediate access. From there, a user can get directions and turn-by-turn directions. Everything is much more speedy with the new toolbar. Also introduced here is a lite mode that displays very specific locations. The lite mode brings in Google Maps’ full power when the user selects the small map.

Google Drive gets “both public and application private custom file properties to a Drive file which can be used to build efficient search queries and allow apps to save information.” Basically, apps will be able to manage files much better. They can be uploaded under circumstances such as when the device is charging. In return, battery life is unaffected because the upload is taking place while charging.

There is already a ‘Buy with Google’ button available with Google Wallet. The version 6.5 update debuts a ‘Donate with Google’ button. It is a much friendlier way to collect donations.

For Google Fit, activity segments when inserting sessions are here. Google says this makes it easier to have pauses in activities or support multiple activities taking place at once.

The SDK with Google Play Services version 6.5 will arrive once the rollout is in full swing.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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Google Keep adds list and note sharing for increased productivity

Google Keep has become a modest alternative to Evernote for those looking to keep their entire workflow within the confines of Mountain View’s app arsenal. With today’s update, the productivity software will allow you to share those idea boards and to-do lists amongst your cohorts so that everyone who’s privy to the info knows exactly what needs to be done. The new version also offers improved search that filters notes by color, sharing, images and more. Now that you can find and distribute items easily, there’s really no excuse for someone forgetting the milk. In addition to outfitting Android devices, the sharing feature is available for use on the web and via the Chrome Web Store.

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Source: Official Android Blog


New York City adds Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks as “official” tools


In a new post on the Google for Work blog, Hal Friedlander is given a guest spot to discuss the New York City Department of Education’s decision to add some Google tools to their official list of solutions available for teachers and students. Friedlander is the Chief Information Officer for the school system. The NYC Department of Education recently gave official approval to the use of Google Apps for Education and for the deployment of Chromebooks for use in the system.

With regard to Google Apps for Education, Friedlander says they were seeing more and more schools using it unofficially so their central office took a look at it. They determined that it did not require and special technical skills and schools could modify it to meet their specific needs. That was an important factor for Friedlander who brings a customer-centric model from his private sector days to management of the Division of Instructional and Information Technology. This focus on the customer led his team to conclude that Google Apps for Education could help schools with “fostering parent engagement, to managing classrooms, to creating and sharing online curricula.” Friedlander also indicated the Google Apps platform integrates with their existing systems and his support team found it easy to manage. To the extent that end users need training, which Friedlander said was typically a minimal amount, they created a NYC DoE Google Apps for Education Resource Center to aid those users.

Along with giving the okay to Google Apps for Education, Friedlander’s Division has also given their blessing to the use of Chromebooks as approved school devices. Friedlander indicated that many schools in the system wanted to invest in Chromebooks. After review, they determined the Chromebooks were “an affordable, manageable option for learning.”

source: Google for Work

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Google will be screening all Android TV apps in the Play Store

google-play-logoOne of the best (or worst) features of Google’s Play Store is that Google doesn’t screen any apps before they’re released to the masses. There are a few requirements that the apps have to pass so they aren’t malware, but otherwise, Google doesn’t monitor quality control for third-party apps.

Within the Play Store, it’s a mostly effective strategy. Low quality apps get low reviews and are generally filtered to the bottom, while better designed apps get more and higher review scores, so they become more visible to users. It looks like Google is taking a different approach when it comes to Android TV apps, however.

According to developer guidelines for publishing Android TV apps onto the Play Store, Google will review any pending apps for “usability with DPAD and gamepad and other quality guidelines.” This sounds like it means Google will make sure that all Android TV apps will work well with the supplied Android TV peripherals, and hopefully means they’ll make sure that tons of broken apps don’t make their way onto the Play Store.

Android TV has a ton of potential for Google, and they’re taking extra steps to make sure it’s not crippled by third-party developers right out of the gate. It doesn’t look like this policy will affect anything for other devices.

source: Google

via: Android Police

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