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Google play store celebrates its 3rd birthday with 33 hot deals

The Google play store is now an incredible three years old!  Can you remember what life was like without apps?  I certainly know that I love my apps, from productivity apps like Gmail, calendar, Chrome, to fun apps like Boom Beach and Words with Friends, down to the very useful apps like Domino’s pizza for when I am too lazy to cook or get myself food.

In typical fashion, Google is celebrating its birthday by offering thirty-three deals on apps, books, movies, TV shows, and movies.  All of the titles are relevant too with music from Daft Punk and Beyonce, to movie titles like The Dark Knight and the Departed.  Head on over to the Play store and check out the deals for yourself.

What app has the most impact in your life?  Post in the comments below and maybe we will feature one of them in an app review.

Play Store Birthday deals 

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iPhones could soon get support for Android Wear smartwatches


According to a French source, Google is planning to bring Android Wear to iPhone owners. This is unconfirmed at this point, but makes sense given Google’s willingness to improve Android Wear marketshare.

The smartwatch OS is currently an exclusive to Android smartphones, so it will certainly be a surprise if the company bakes in support for the competing iOS devices. This might perhaps be the only way to stop Apple device owners from getting the Apple Watch, which will release this Spring.

Even if Google does introduce support for iPhones, users won’t be able to install third party apps like on their Android devices, so functionality will be very limited. The fact that Google has merely said that they don’t have anything to share at this time sparks off speculation that the Mountain View giant is working on something.

What do you think?

Via: Engadget

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Android Wear watches are reportedly getting iPhone support

Moto 360 with the Classic watch face

If you carry an iPhone but would rather accessorize it with a Moto 360 than an Apple Watch, you might just get that choice without resorting to unofficial tricks. Sources for French outlet 01net claim that Google is “preparing to launch” an iOS version of its Android Wear app. There aren’t any other details, although it’s safe to say that third-party app support would require additional effort — it wouldn’t be an Android-to-Android connection any more, after all. This is very much a rumor and may not pan out, so don’t assume that you’ll be strapping on a Huawei Watch any time soon. With that said, Google isn’t strictly denying that something is afoot. The folks in Mountain View say they “don’t have anything to share at this time,” so hope springs eternal.

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Via: (translated), MacRumors, SlashGear

Source: 01net (translated)


The biggest announcements of MWC 2015 so far (part 2)

After the glitzy, high-profile announcements of Sunday, Monday’s march to the convention center is a more business-like affair. There’s still lots to see though, including announcements from a bunch of household names, and a dancing robot. Jump in the gallery for more.

Don’t miss out on all the latest news, photos and liveblogs from MWC 2015. Follow along at our events page.

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Google’s got a slam dunk with their latest Android commercial

Did you need a 15 second distraction to get you pumped up about Android today? Good, that is exactly what Google’s latest Android commercial is for, jam packed with cameras, it is a slam dunk, of sorts.

There is very little to say about the commercial itself, more Androidify characters grace the screen, sports are involved, and everyone is taking a photo with their Android device. It is fun.

Highlighting the wide range of camera sizes, styles and capabilities available across Android devices is subtly masked behind the action here. Camera technology has come a long way on Android, ranging from the single digit MP sensors often used for front facing, or ‘selfie’ cameras all the way up to the 20.7MP Sony sensor found on many last generation higher-end device and beyond.

Lenovo Vibe Shot Hands On-1

Although we did not see or hear a whole bunch about the cameras and capabilities on the recently announced HTC One M9 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship devices, Lenovo came to MWC with a treat. The Lenovo Vibe Shot is a well equipped mid-range device with a focus on photography. Packing a 16MP OIS camera and dedicated camera buttons, we see a great example of Google’s point, we can all use Android, but we don’t have to use the same equipment.

Surprised we could get so much out of this 15 second spot? Us too. Here, check out some of the older Android commercials and Androidify goodness before you go.


Googles takes step back from default encryption on new Android Lollipop devices


Last fall in the lead up to the release of Android Lollipop, Google let it out that they were planning to enable encryption of storage by default on new devices. This was going to be a change from previous versions of the Android operating system which had the capability of encrypting storage space, but left it up to the user to enable the encryption. As several new devices are starting to finally come to market loaded with Android Lollipop out of the box, Google has apparently decided not to make encryption the default, at least not for their partners manufacturing mobile devices.

When Google first announced plans to make encryption the default, they said it would only apply to new devices. Older devices that were upgraded to Lollipop would not be forced to enable encryption by default as part of the upgrade process. This was apparently done in consideration of potential hardware limitations for devices not designed with encryption in mind.

During the last few months of 2014 and in to 2015, this position appeared to hold. Only the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 were released to market and they did indeed have encryption turned on by default. Meanwhile, the small number of devices that received the Lollipop update left the decision about encryption up to the user, but it was off by default.

However, the recently released Motorola Moto E (2015) does not have encryption turned on out of the box and sources at MWC 2015 who have gotten their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 demo units say encryption is not turned on for those devices either.

Google has not issued any statement about why their position regarding default encryption changed or is at least being delayed. It could be the performance hit is still a concern, even on new hardware, especially after Google’s own Nexus 6 performance was hurt by encryption. It seems hard to imagine a device like the Galaxy S6 would suffer a noticeable performance hit from disk encryption.

For the present time at least, Google’s guidelines for OEMs only indicates that disk encryption should be turned on by default and Google strongly recommends this. However, it is not mandated.

source: Ars Technica

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Google Play Service 7.0 converts your Android phone into a game controller for Android TV

Google Logo Angle

Google has announced a few great things at Mobile World Congress this year. Ranging from their plans to put unmanned drones above our heads all the way down to a simple update to Google Play Service. Ah, but this is no ordinary update, Google Play Service 7.0 introduces its own set of good things, including the ability to use your Android phone as a video game controller for your Android TV set-top box.

As is usually the case with updates to Google Play Services, it may be a little while before we see these new features go live on our devices. The update does not automatically make these features available, instead, it opens up APIs for developers to work with in order to create apps for these features.

google sundar pichai mwc logo 6

The short list of new items in Google Play Service 7.0 includes an improved Location settings dialog, to better inform the user when and how location services need to be used for an app. A new Places API, that allows developers to pull from Google’s database of places and business, not just GPS coordinates or addresses.

Google Fit sees a big bump, opening half a dozen new APIs, allowing devs to tap into sensors, recording, history and more. Google Mobile Ads have also been updated for optimizations on battery usage and better Analytics tracking. App Indexing sees an updated API, allowing apps to be better searched by Google on your device. And more.

The big one here, which I’ve made you wait to read about, Google Play Games now has a Nearby Connections API. This API serves one amazing purpose, to allow your Android phone or tablet to operate as a video game controller to your Android TV hooked to the big screen. More than just a simple A, B, Up, Down etc. controller, your phone or tablet can operate as a second screen to your TV, adding additional controls, or just cleaning the main display of clutter.

I imagine myself playing a first-person shooter, in which I must look down to the device in my hands to reload my gun. A touch of reality that may or may not appeal to all users.

Head over to the Google Developer blog for all the details on the Google Play Service 7.0 update.

What do you say, are you excited for any of the new features made possible with Google Play Service 7.0?


Google posts new Selfie Slam Android commercial

android selfie slamGoogle has released their latest Android commercial, titled Selfie Slam. If you’ve ever wanted to see an extremely tall Android dunk a basketball over a team of other Androids while everyone (including the guy with the ball) takes a selfie, this is the commercial you’ve been waiting for.

The video cashes in on the selfie craze and uses the tagline “Be together, not the same.” I guess the point behind the video is to show how varied and versatile Android devices are, and even though they’re made by many manufacturers with all kinds of different hardware and software, everyone can take selfies in the middle of basketball games together.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Google Play Services 7.0 released, brings improvements to locations, Google Fit, and AdMob

Google_Play_Services_Splash_BannerGoogle has officially updated Play Services to version 7.0 bringing several new features and enhancements for developers to take advantage of. They had previously mentioned some additions to AdMob and Google Play Games, but now the entire service has been updated.

The new Places API seems like the biggest new addition to Play Services, as it will allow apps to get information from Google’s database of locations, venues, and restaurants, and users can quickly get info about the business in particular including addresses and phone numbers. 

Google Fit has introduced a handful of new APIs for tracking new measurements and sensors, and it’s supposedly significantly lighter on memory requirements for Fit apps. AdMobs is seeing some Google Analytics integrations, and Google Play Games has adopted a new feature that will let games use a nearby device as a second screen for content. This is especially useful for using your Android device as a controller on Android TV.

Although the developer SDK hasn’t gone live yet, this update should be hitting your devices in the near future. For Google’s full blog post about it, hit the link below.

source: Android Developers

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Google Street View cameras zip through (and over) the Amazon

A Google Street View Trekker ziplining above the Amazon rainforest

Google already has some odd ways of getting its Street View cameras into hard-to-reach places, but its latest effort might just take the cake. The search firm has posted panoramic imagery of the Amazon rainforest that, at some points, was taken by Trekker cameras ziplining through the canopy — yes, you’ll get a view that even locals won’t usually see. There are some down-to-Earth sights, too, including snapshots from rivers and remote villages. Between this and recent collaborative mapping projects, you may end up learning a surprising amount about the Amazon without setting foot in South America.

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Via: BBC

Source: Google Maps


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