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MediaFire Takes Aim at Google Drive with 1TB of Storage for $2.50 a Month (Promo)

The headlines lately have been pretty intense regarding cloud storage and the amount of space for a the price. Google recently dropped their monthly Drive prices to offer insane amounts of cloud storage. Seriously, $10 a month for a terabyte (1000GBs) of storage is pretty amazing. Dropbox on the other hand only hands over 100GBs for the same $9.99 and Box does 100 GB’s per month for $5. Google clearly has the underhand right now.  However, MediaFire is taking aim at the giant with some pretty stellar promotions and new features.

MediaFire PromoMediaFire is now offering 1TB of cloud storage for $5 a month. That cuts Drives price in half. To add to the promotion, new customers can pick up 1TB of space for $2.49 a month or pay out $24.99 for a whole year. In addition to the promo, a number of improvements and updates have also just been released.

New MediaFire Features

  • Follow Files: share, collaborate, and track new files shared by users, automatically
  • No File Upload Restrictions: Both free and paid accounts can upload any size file, up to 20 gigs in size
  • Up to 50 gigs of cloud storage for free: Start with 10 GB and earn up to 50 GB in bonus space by installing MediaFire apps or inviting friends.
  • 1 TB Pro Storage Plans: For a limited time, new users can sign up for just 2.50 a month, or 24.99 a year

“With the launch of our new storage plans, we are looking to provide everyday users with a secure and affordable way to share and store all of their music, photos, videos, and files with the people that matter most,“ said Derek Labian, CEO and Founder of MediaFire, “Over the next few months, we will be launching several new and exciting products, including new and updated applications for iPad and Android. Stay Tuned!”

You will get the most out of your MediaFire account if you install the the desktop client and the Android app. The deal is pretty hard to pass up on. If you don’t have a mediaFire account yet, feel free to head over to and sign-up. you get 10GB for free regardless, but I think you might find that you like their layout, app and service enough to spend a little cash for the promotion, just because.


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Price Drop hits Google Drive Storage, 100GB for $1.99 and 1TB For $10

Google just took a good thing and made it even better. Taking the prices for their online Google Drive storage and slashing them considerably. By default you already get 15Gb of free store from Google. That is a combined total across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. If that wasn’t enough space, you had to pony up some cash for more storage. Now those prices just dropped to some extremely affordable options.

Google Drive Storage Price dropsbefore today 100 GB of additional storage would cost you $4.99 a month. That was a pretty acceptable price tag and one many opted for right off the bat who take a lot of photos on their devices. Now you can get the same 100 GB upgrade for just $1.99 a month. That isn’t the big one though. The big drop comes for the much larger 1TB (terrabyte) of storage. It previously set you back $49.99 a month and is now only $9.99 a month. That is a whole lot of storage for $10 a month.

If you already had one of the plans set up and scheduled for auto pay, don’t worry, Google will flop your price tag over automatically. For those of you that couldn’t justify the purchase pricing before today can head to your Google Storage Settings here, and sign up today.

You can still go larger than 1TB, as they have 10TB’s for $99.99, 20TB’s for $199.99 and 30TB’s for $299.99. Basically $10 per TB.


Google Drive’s reduced rates make cloud storage even more affordable

Google Drive has been the cloud repository of choice for many people since it launched back in 2012, and now the company is dropping prices to make it even more attractive. While users will still get 15GB for free, the 100GB package now costs $1.99 a month, down from $4.99. What’s more, the 1TB option has received more than a 50 percent price cut: it now costs $9.99 per month, a big drop from its previous rate of $49.99. Need even more room? 10TB+ plans start at $100 a month. Best of all, if you’re already paying for Drive storage, you’ll automatically be converted to a better plan at no additional cost and the storage still spans Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.

All told, compared to Dropbox, at least, Google’s new rates are quite tempting: Dropbox offers just 2GB for free, and charges $10 a month for 100GB. Business plans, meanwhile, start at $15 per user per month. The first two tiers do allow for added space for free based on referrals, one gigabyte at a time.

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Source: Google Drive Blog


HTC announces HTC Advantage: screen replacements, timely updates, and more!

A few days ago, HTC held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, possibly gearing people up for the launch of a new product. During the session, they spilled the beans on their new goal to update flagships for the next two years. Soon after the AMA, they teased a repair service of some sort on Twitter.

If only broken hearts were this easy to fix. Details 2/18.

Well, 2/18 is finally here, and HTC America announced their new Advantage program. If you buy a One series phone beginning today, you are automatically eligible. Here are the basics of the program:

  • When a new phone launches, HTC will make sure the operating system is up to date for two years after launch.
  • If you crack your screen within the first six months of owning your phone, they will now replace your screen for free (this is only a one time deal).
  • You’ll also receive 25-50 GB of free Google Drive storage space, depending on the type of device you purchase.

A few things to note – for those of you who have cracked HTC One screens already, you’re out of luck. HTC Advantage begins today, and only pertains to devices bought today on out. Also, for those of you who can’t wait a few days to get your repaired device, you can opt for a $29 next -day phone replacement.


To give you the correct expectations, they most likely won’t push out every little update that exists in Android, but they are committed to updating the phones from Jelly Bean to Kit Kat, etc. Also, this is only taking place in the USA. There’s no word yet as to whether or not it will open up to anything more than the US.

This is definitely exciting news for a company that is struggling where others are succeeding. And it’s definitely a step in the right direction with the OEM/consumer relationship.

What are your thoughts on HTC Advantage? Pretty cool, right?

Source: HTC

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Google Drive Sees a Nice Update with Quick Scan Widget and Animated GIF Support [Download]


Getting tired of updating your Google apps yet? Of course you’re not. Now we have a nice little update to Google Drive. You can now quickly scan documents with a small widget placed on your homescreen, and they added animated GIF support for all those hilarious GIFs you come across. It is nice to have those options if you utilize Google Drive a lot throughout the day. If you haven’t received the update yet, we have the apk download for you below. Click the link and have fun with it.

Download here: Google Drive 1.2.563.27


Online Google Drive Gaining New Activity Stream Function

Google Drive is an amazingly powerful tool to have at your disposal. Working on projects in real-time with multiple people certainly has made work more efficient. However, unless you are in the file with your friends or colleagues, you won’t see what has been added or changed. Unless of course you force them to work in different colored text. That is slowly going to change starting today with a new Activity Feed option in your Google Drive account.

Google Drive Activity FeedWhen you open Drive, click the little ⓘ button at the top right corner and the activity stream will magically appear. You can see all the actions that were taken on all your files and folders in Drive that are shared. If a complete overview is too messy and jumbled for you, then simply click on the file you want details on and you can drill things down to just one document or multiples.

The new function is set to start rolling out in typical Google stages starting next week. Keep your eyes peeled on your Drive account and let us know when you see it.

Source:  Google Drive Blog


Google Play Services 4.1 rolls out with some notable improvements

Google Play Services version 4.1 began rolling out yesterday, bringing improvements to Google+, battery life, turn-based multiplayer for developers, and more.

Let’s begin with Google+:

With the recent update to Gmail, users can now send emails easier than ever to their Google+ contacts. This update addresses that, and gives better suggestions and auto-complete for your newly-added contacts Google+ addresses.

Next, we have turn-based multiplayer for developers:

Play Games lets users sync game data across devices. It’s a relatively new app, and developers are just beginning to take part into building this functionality into their games. Now, Play Services allows turn-based multiplayer data syncing. So, if you’re playing a multiplayer game, your turn data is uploaded and you can play as your own player, rather than starting fresh.

Also Google Drive:

This update will allow developers to preview the new Google Drive API. Users will eventually be able to read and write files on and offline, and the changes will sync automatically.

And finally, and probably most importantly, improved battery life:

For those of you who chose to enable location reporting when setting up your phone, you may have been experiencing some battery drain issues. Some users have been experiencing battery issues since the update to v4.0.34, so this update should help address the issue.

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HP serves up 21.5 inch Android-powered All-in-One

Android hybrid tablet/laptops are so 2013 according to HP, which just announced its new Android-powered HP Slate21 Pro AiO.

Unlike the AiO desktop PCs that dual-boot Windows and Android, this one strictly runs our little green friend, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Said to be designed for productivity in office, education and kiosk environments, the AiO features a 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS touchscreen display with wide 178-degree viewing angles, plus Its stand design allows it to decline up to 70 degrees. There is also optional “VESA mounting,” that makes it flexible enough for a variety of work environments.

Other specs of the HP Slate21 Pro are an NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core T40S Processor (1.66 GHz – Dual-Core/Single-Core mode up to 1.8 GHz), 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of flash storage, SD card slot, 8.11 a/b/g/n dual band wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, a USB 2.0 port on the side and two on the back, HDMI input, a USB 2.0 upstream port, RJ45 network connection, integrated EthernetDTS Sound and integrated audio, two, integrated stereo speakers, a 720p HD webcam and access to the Google Play store.

The AiO can use apps such as Kingsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Google Drive, it’s certified Citrix ready and HDX verified and can deliver a virtual workspace with secure data and Windows application support via Citrix Receiver, so users also can easily switch between the Android environment and content displayed from a Windows PC.

With business users in mind, it comes pre-installed with Citrix XenMobile, which allows companies to manage apps and secure the HP Slate21 within a corporate environment.


When available, you get all of this this, plus 50 GB of Box cloud storage, starting at $399. If you’re not getting this for business, it should be able to handle games such as Dead Trigger 2 beautifully.

via HP

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Google Drive for iOS finally lets you sort files

The little handy dongle that is the Chromecast isn’t the only product Google is improving today. And while this newly added functionality to Drive on iOS may not be as notable as 10 shiny apps, we’re sure avid users of the storage service will hap…


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