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Google Play Services 6.5 adds new map features and fit API’s


Now rolling out to the Google Play Store, the Google Play Services has been updated to version 6.5 and adds in some nice new features to a variety of apps.

For Google Maps, this update to Google Play Services 6.5 brings in a new API that includes a toolbar to make it quicker to get turn-by-turn directions by automatically giving directions to a destination. It also adds in a lite-mode that will allow developers to add thumbnail images of maps in their app.

Google Drive also benefits from this update, with the ability for developers to add public and private custom file properties to a file. It also reportedly makes syncing Drive files more battery friendly and quicker.

Finally, Google Wallet adds in an API to allow developers to add a button that shows ‘Donate with Google’, whilst Google Fit’s API update means it’s easier for developers to support pauses in their apps or workouts with multiple activities.

You should see the Google Play Services version 6.5 rollout to the Google Play Store in your respective countries soon.

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Google Play Services version 6.5 updates Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit


An update is rolling out now to Google Play Services, bringing new features to a slew of the company’s products. Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit are all involved in the version 6.5 update. On top of all of this, developers are being handed more control over the APIs utilized by an app.

With the additions to the Google Maps Android API, developers can include a map toolbar for immediate access. From there, a user can get directions and turn-by-turn directions. Everything is much more speedy with the new toolbar. Also introduced here is a lite mode that displays very specific locations. The lite mode brings in Google Maps’ full power when the user selects the small map.

Google Drive gets “both public and application private custom file properties to a Drive file which can be used to build efficient search queries and allow apps to save information.” Basically, apps will be able to manage files much better. They can be uploaded under circumstances such as when the device is charging. In return, battery life is unaffected because the upload is taking place while charging.

There is already a ‘Buy with Google’ button available with Google Wallet. The version 6.5 update debuts a ‘Donate with Google’ button. It is a much friendlier way to collect donations.

For Google Fit, activity segments when inserting sessions are here. Google says this makes it easier to have pauses in activities or support multiple activities taking place at once.

The SDK with Google Play Services version 6.5 will arrive once the rollout is in full swing.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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New Chrome Extension lets you open files in Compatible PC & Mac Apps

As an Android user you probably also use the Google Chrome browser on your Mac or PC. With Chrome you get a lot of cross compatibility and access to the same goods and services that you do on your phone, tablet and Chromebook. A new extension has been announced and released by Google that is sure to make power users at least a little happier than before. The extension is called Application Launcher for Drive (by Google). Pretty long name that really isn’t all that catchy. What it does though could be quite useful.

Google Drive Open With Chrome Extension

The extension will add in an “open with” option for your files saved in Drive when you right click the file. This will allow you to open images, documents and videos in compatible apps on your PC or Mac. For instance, opening a photo directly from Drive with Photoshop or Illustrator. It also lists some suggested apps like Pixlr Editor for photos.

Google Drive Chrome Extension

It isn’t as easy as just installing the extension though. You will need to do a few things. You will need to make sure you have the latest Google Drive app on your PC and all your files will need to be synced before hand. Your Drive client on your PC needs to be v1.18 or newer. Once you are set up and synced, you should be able to visit Drive on the Chrome browser and right-click on any file and see a list of options to open the file with. In my case, it took an install of the new Drive and a PC reboot before it gave me the access. I already had Drive installed so I didn’t have any sync time to really worry about.

You can grab the latest Google Drive app for your PC at and the new Application Launcher for Drive from the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Google Drive Blog via 9to5Google


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Google Drive can launch desktop programs from Chrome


It can be tedious to work with cloud files as soon as possible because you have to first download the file and then select the program to open it with. A small change to Google Drive nixes that extra step. Now, when choosing a file in Drive, users can choose to “Open with” compatible desktop programs.

The only browser to use this function with is Chrome as there is a required extension available in the Chrome Web Store to get started.

Hit the break to see the function in action.


Source: Official Google for Work Blog

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Google adds Material Design to Google Drive App

nexus2cee_Screenshot_2014-10-20-22-10-09Most of Google’s apps will be receiving a design update within the next month to match up with Lollipop’s general look and feel called material design. 

The first thing you’ll notice upon opening the new app will be new images to represent the functions of the app. You’ll also notice some of the new material style, much like the other app design updates. One of the biggest updates is the removal of the bar formerly at the bottom of the app and the replacement with a red FAB that controls the document creation process.

All in all, not too much has changed in the way of usability, so there shouldn’t be a learning curve to the new update. After you’ve tried out the new design, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: Android Police

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New image editing options added to Google Slides online

A few months ago Google added a few little options to Slides through your Google Drive that let you crop and add borders. Today they have announced, and added, the ability to fine tune the image in slides a little more.

Slides Editing

With the new editing options you can adjust the transparency, brightness and contrast of your included image. You can also recolor the image to make it better match the Slides as well. One step closer to having all the tools needed in one app for creation and editing. I imagine this editing feature will find its way to other Drive applications in time. Pop into Slides on your desktop or laptop and check it out.

Source: Google Via 9to5Google

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Gmail for Android adds a faster way to attach Google Drive files

Attaching Drive files on Gmail is easy enough even on Android phones and tablets, but we doubt anybody would complain if Google wants to make it even easier. The new Gmail refresh for Android comes with an “Insert from Drive” option on the right-hand pull-down menu. That’s definitely a lot quicker to access than the traditional Drive icon hidden among the undoubtedly numerous apps in your list, which shows up after clicking “Attach file.” Plus, in case the email’s recipients can’t see the file you’ve chosen (say, if it’s marked private or if it’s only shared to a select group of people), you can access its settings from within the app before you send an email. As a bonus, the updated Gmail app’s To: and CC/BCC: suggestions are now not only more comprehensive, but also show up much faster than before. Just don’t feel hurried to choose recipients because of this change, lest you end up blasting the entire office an embarrassing email.

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Chromecast Mirroring is Here! Gmail Adds Google Drive Attachments! – App Updates

Chromecast app updates with screen mirroring

Google app update day has arrived, and we got some new goodies today my friends. Chromecast finally has mirroring for select devices, so now you can mirror your homescreen straight to your TV. Gmail also sees a nice little update, bringing in Google Drive attachment support. If you haven’t gotten any of the updates on your device yet, the links below will accommodate you.

Gmail updates to v4.9
Google Camera update
Chromecast adds mirroring

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Google Drive for Business now offers unlimited storage for $10 per month, per user

You didn’t think we’d go through the whole keynote without a little Google Drive love do you? To celebrate an impressive 190-million Drive users (that’s active within the last 30 days), Google has just added a more compelling “Drive for work” proposition — unlimited storage for just $10 per month, per user. It’s not just the price that’s better, there’s a few key updates that got some stage time too. One is that users can now encrypt data within Drive. As for creating documents of your own, that’s getting more seamless too. In the past, when you worked on a word document, it would be converted to a doc file, now it’s all handled natively within Google Drive (of which Docs is now part, of course), and a native Word file is only created as and when you need to send it on to users over email etc. Sundar Pichai made a big noise on stage at I/O about the number of corporates and Universities that were going “all Google,” could this be enough for you to go all green in the office too?

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Living with Google: Google Drive


As many of you likely know, Google Drive is your cloud storage for all your documents on you Android, PC, or Mac. Google has created a very easy setup for this application simple download and sign in. When you are in drive you can load documents and store them in the cloud allowing you to access them whenever and wherever you want. Most document are supported and it even stores pictures and videos. With Drive you can allow access to other users to view the document great for business and social use.

Drive gives you 15 GB of storage space for free and offers more for a monthly charge from 100GB for $1.99/month to 30TB for $299.99/month. In the ever expanding world of larger pictures and documents 15 GB is great for average uses the larger is more for enterprise users. With drive you can view documents on any mobile device or on the webpage itself. Drive allows you to pin your selected documents on the device you are using. Another feature is through drive you can access Google Docs to edit you documents.

I personally use drive on a weekly basis to access my documents from computer at home to computer at work. It is very useful and more efficient for me to store my documents on drive that a standard email. Many companies are starting to use Drive for sharing documents such as agreements and company news. As with many Google services this app is connected with your Google account and shares documents with corresponding apps such as Docs.

LIVING WITH GOOGLE is an ongoing series of articles dedicated to highlighting the many ways in which Google can help better our lives. With innumerable apps and services to choose from, our aim is to educate readers on the ways in which we use them.

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