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Samsung improves functionality of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, not just for its stunning Super AMOLED display, or best in class hardware (2013), but I truly am in love with it because of its functionality.  I truly love the S Pen, and no I don’t need it all of the time but when I need the stylus it sure comes in handy. True multitasking with split screens is also something I can no longer live without on my smartphone.

Some can argue we have reached a point in hardware where most people won’t notice significant changes in speed, resolution or usability. Phones like the LG G3, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2, Oneplus One, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 all have very similar hardware. Phone manufacturers are digging deep to dig into niche markets to grab new customers like the HTC One M8 having an all-aluminum body for design enthusiasts and two loud stereo speakers for music enthusiasts.

Samsung continues to innovate, despite claims that they copy manufacturers like Apple. No one does it better than Samsung when it comes to having a stylus integrated into a cell phone. In Samsung’s latest commercial they show off the new features of the Note 4 stylus and my favorite feature is ability to take a photo of handwritten notes and sending the image to S Note(Galaxy Note app for use with the stylus) to edit on screen with the stylus. The commercial tends to strike a chord with me because I am a chemist and I use my Note 3 daily for work so I can’t wait to get my hands on the Note 4 for its added features in software, in addition to that incredible QHD screen it’s arriving with.

Check out the commercial for yourself here.


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Samsung shows off an infographic comparing the Galaxy Note series over the years

infographic comparing the Galaxy Note seriesSamsung finally announced at IFA 2014 its latest entry in the Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it’s every bit as impressive as we were expecting. Although its phablet form-factor isn’t to everybody’s liking, it’s undoubtably Samsung’s most powerful device year after year, something that has happened since its first iteration with the first Galaxy Note. To commemorate its long running family of devices, and perhaps to bring to light exactly how far it has come, Samsung has released an infographic comparing the Galaxy Note series over the years. Click the thumbnail to see the full infographic:

infographic comparing the Galaxy Note series

Predictably, the Note 4 is the best of the bunch, with the best processor, best camera and biggest battery the Galaxy Note family has ever seen. Even as this is the case, it’s interesting to see exactly how far Samsung’s, and indeed all, devices have come technologically over the last four years – who would have thought we’d have 2.7GHz processors in 2014 when the first Galaxy Note came out?

What do you think about the information in this infographic? Is the Galaxy Note 4 going to be your next phone purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow via Phone Arena

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets an LED flip cover accessory


HTC have their DotView case, LG have their QuickCircle, and Samsung had their S View case, but now they’ve brought a new accessory to the party with the Note 4′s LED flip cover.

Unlike most cases that reveal a portion of the screen to display crucial information such as notification count or missed calls, the Galaxy Note 4′s LED flip cover accessory uses LED’s in the front of the case to display text and icons while the devices display is turned off.

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The LED”s can display battery consumption, notifications, music playback, and the current time. It’s not clear at this point just how easy it will be for 3rd-party apps to hook into this feature, but a pretty cool addition to the Note 4 nonetheless.

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Sprint to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Gear VR

Looks like Sprint really wants to make a name for themselves today. Not long after the new device announcements from Samsung, they put out their own press release alerting us that they will not only carry the Galaxy Note 4, but also the Note Edge and the Gear VR.

Sprint’s announcement states that they will be the only US carrier to offer the trio of devices. The Galaxy note 4 and Note 4 Edge will pack the Sprint Spark high-speed data ability and I am sure it will carry along Wi-Fi calling and free International Wi-Fi calling too.

Sprint Galaxy Note 4

“Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge powered by Sprint Spark and Samsung Gear VR continue our tradition of working with Samsung to innovate and bring our customers advanced features they appreciate. We make it easier than ever to choose Sprint for Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge with the Sprint Family Share Pack boasting the best deal on shared data. Or enjoy all of the robust features of Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge without hesitation if you choose the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan offering unlimited talk, text and data on America’s newest network at one low price without surprising overage charges. Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge with the benefit of Sprint Spark and the value of our rate plans is a no-brainer decision for anyone looking for an innovative device at the right price.”

Pricing and specific launch dates hven’t been made available yet. Sprint does have a pre-register page set up with October listed. We already heard the Note 4 would launch in October, so that isn’t all that new. I don’t know is the Note 4 Edge and Gear VR will make an appearance at the same time or not though. I would suspect at the very least that the Gear VR would since it needs to be paired up with the Note 4. Having both available at launch time would make for an interesting packaged deal.

Source: Sprint

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LG unveils a cheaper G3 that comes with a Galaxy Note-baiting stylus

Have we reached complete, utter, smartphone product launch saturation? Nah. Here’s another one. LG’s latest (and not unexpected) announcement has some charm of its own, fusing a G3-esque body and UI with a 5.5-inch screen and a new stylus that looks like it’ll slide into the phone. (LG’s prior stylus models sometimes had the pen accessory float around separately — it wasn’t a good thing.)

It won’t house the same incredible screen as the G3 flagship, unfortunately. In fact, the display is a less-than-mediocre 960 x 540 resolution, yeesh. LG’s pegging the giant phone at a keener price-point — one it hasn’t shared in the announcement — which could make an interesting option for those pining for sketching skills sans flagship prices. There’s a quad-core processor, and a 13-megapixel camera without the laser-beam focus to round out the notable hardware points and it’ll first land in Brazil, before rolling out across Asia and Europe. Oh and it will be making an appearance at IFA — as will we. We’ll let you know how it fares in the flesh.

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Source: LG

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs leaked with 4GB RAM, QHD display

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 listed at Erafone

As many of you know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be announced at the upcoming IFA event on September 3rd in Berlin. Apparently Indonesian company Erafone thought it would generate news by posting what appears to be the upcoming spec sheet of the new Note 4 on its website earlier today. Not that… Read more »

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Select Samsung devices can access exclusive content with The Hunger Games Movie Pack


  If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy device, and you’re also a fan of The Hunger Games movie and book series, then you will love Samsung’s and Lionsgate’s new app. As some of you know, owners of the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy… Read more »

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come a bit earlier than expected?


We have been hearing rumors about the Galaxy Note 4, and we might see it really soon now. According to The Korea Times, Samsung will reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 few days before the IFA event starts in September. They are reporting that a Samsung’s top-tier local parts suppliers said that the Korean giant is… Read more »

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Full list of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model numbers leak


Twenty-two model numbers for Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy Note 3 have leaked thanks to @evleaks, showing where it will be available worldwide.

From the leaked model numbers, we can see that there will be 16 and 32 GB models and both black and white, as well as that it will be available on numerous carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in the U.S. While it seems it will be available around the globe, some other carriers we can pick out from the list are DoCoMo and KDI.

Previous leaks about the Note 4 have suggest that there will be one model (SM-N910S) that is expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor while the other (SM-910C) figures to pack a 64-bit Exynos chipset. Some other rumored specs include 3GB RAM, a 16-megapixel rear camera, and front-facing 3.6-megapixel shooter. Powered by Android 4.4.3 (for now), the display should also be 5.7-inches and offer 1440×2560 resolution.

There’s been talk that the device will make a debut at the annual IFA trade show in Germany that starts Sept. 5.

VIA @evleaks

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Samsung hints that its next Galaxy Note phone will have a quad HD display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 checking out YouTube

It’s no surprise that Samsung would make a new Galaxy Note smartphone given the series’ very healthy sales, but just how is the company going to improve on the design of the Note 3? By giving it a quad HD screen, apparently. The company has posted a web profile for an unannounced SM-N910A (the Note 3 for AT&T is the SM-N900A) that includes a 2,560 x 1,440 display, hinting that the future Galaxy Note will pack visuals roughly as sharp as LG’s G3. It also backs what we’ve heard about Oculus VR getting greater-than-1080p OLED screens from the Korean tech firm. There aren’t any other big clues in the profile, but they come on the heels of import data that suggests the next Note will maintain the same 5.7-inch screen size as its predecessor — Samsung may be resisting the urge to produce a truly gigantic phone like the G Pro 2 or Lumia 1520.

As for what’s behind that new panel? That’s tougher to prove. SamMobile claims that the new Note will be powered by a speedier Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 processor (depending on the market) and ship with a newly stabilized 16-megapixel camera. Those make sense when Galaxy Notes are historically more powerful than the Galaxy S models they follow, but nothing’s set in concrete — we wouldn’t rule out a surprise or two. If the profile is accurate, though, fans of Samsung’s larger handsets have at least a visual upgrade to look forward to this year.

Samsung SM-N910A web profile

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Via: SamMobile, GSMArena

Source: Samsung, Zauba


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