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Accessory of the Day: Samsung Galaxy Note replacement battery $11.05

Note Battery

Need to juice up that Galaxy Note? Keep an extra battery pack on hand or just replace one that’s on the fritz. This is a high-grade original equipment manufacturer unit, not a generic replacement. For just $11.05 (Prime eligible) you can keep that gigantic screen powered for hours to come.–20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=B007FJZK4A&asins=B007FJZK4A&linkId=EAHP3ZVZQM2DCG73&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true


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According to a new FCC filing, Sprint will carry the Galaxy Note Edge


For a device that is going to be very limited at launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is going to be available in a lot of places. We already know it will be available through T-Mobile, and we’re pretty sure AT&T and US Cellular will be getting it as well, but according to a new FCC filing, it seems that Sprint will be getting Edge-y as well. 


The new filing is for an Edge with the model number “SM-N915P” and offers support for Sprint’s network (LTE band 26, LTE band 41 and LTE band 25). It will be interesting to see how the device is received by consumers, and if Samsung decides to produce more of the unique handset. No word on stateside pricing, but judging by what we’ve seen overseas, it is safe to assume it won’t be cheap. Any readers out there going to try and get an Edge at launch?

Source: FCC
Via: G For Games

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Where to buy Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4


A week later than Samsung had originally planned, the new Galaxy Note 4 has today officially landed on UK shores. As far as we’re concerned, the 5.7-inch behemoth is the best big-screen phone you can get your hands on at the moment, with a gorgeous, pixel-dense display and all the power you can manage. And thanks to various software tricks, it’s not much of a chore to use one-handed, despite its beastly dimensions. Phablet fans waiting on the newest Note from the pioneer of the super-sized handset now have that all-important decision ahead: to buy or not to buy? Well, join us below as we investigate where you can get one, and how much of a dent the many options are going to make on your bank account.

EE Three Carphone Warehouse Buymobiles
Cheapest contract (with upfront) £15 (£460) £38 (£99) £25 on EE (£200) £25 on EE (£240)
Cheapest contract (no upfront) £49 £43.50 on Voda 4G £46 on EE
Pay-as-you-go £530 £600
Unlocked (SIM-free) £650

A new addition to the Galaxy Note series is usually a high-profile affair, and yet a couple of the big carriers are slightly behind the curve when it comes to updating their online stores with pricing and availability details. O2 is still listing the Note 4 as “coming soon,” while Vodafone’s keeping mum. We’d be surprised if both networks weren’t featured in the above table by the end of the day, but we’ve reached out to both to try and speed things up a bit. And by the way, if you’re after the flashy gold model, that’s currently exclusive to Carphone Warehouse customers.


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UK release date for the Galaxy Note 4 delayed

Samsung UK Twitter 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was originally announced to be released on October 10, 2014 in a number of global markets, including the United Kingdom. However, a few days before the devices’ expected arrival, Samsung Mobile UK replied to a Twitter user that the UK release was being delayed until October 17th, coinciding with the Galaxy Note 4 US release. The company indicated that the change was due to “amazing interest and demand.”

Samsung UK Twitter 1

On October 10, that information was confirmed on Samsung Mobile UK’s own twitter feed. The so called “amazing interest and demand” may be the result of Samsung moving the release date forward in Korea and other markets, allegedly to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If current sales figures are being used as a projection, Samsung might think that gaining an extra production week now will help to meet a higher than originally predicted demand in two of its largest markets.

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Galaxy Note 4 has Gap Issues. OnePlus 2 Announced! – ManDroid Daily


The ManDroid Daily is here gang, and hopefully your Tuesday is treating you well. The Galaxy Note 4 is seeing a tiny be of controversy that involves a gap in the design. The Note Edge doesn’t seem to be as gimmicky as we might have thought, and the OnePlus 2 is coming soon. Enjoy the Daily!

Android News
Galaxy Note 4 gap
Galaxy Note Edge features
OnePlus 2 announced on Reddit

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The Galaxy Note 4 screen gap is a required design feature


Reports have surfaced about the Note 4 after it has launched in Korea that surround a gap that seems to be between the screen and the metal trim, large enough to be noticeable.

Whilst it seems that the issue is only affecting a few devices at the moment, Samsung actually addresses the issue in the manual for the Galaxy Note 4 under the troubleshooting section.

A small gap appears around the outside of the device case

  • This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur.
  • Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.

So whilst it seems only a few devices are reported to be problematic, it seems that it is actually a required manufacturing feature, and is actually a characteristic of the device.

Are you bothered by the gap? Drop us a comment below.


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Samsung speeds up Galaxy Note 4 launch to compete with the iPhone 6


With Apple having claimed to ship 10 million units over the iPhone 6 launch weekend, Samsung now feel the need to expedite the Galaxy Note 4 release in an attempt to compete with the device, which they see as a direct competitor.

Consequently, Samsung are speeding up the Note 4 launch and will start with South Korea by making the device available the day after the announcement, which is ahead of its October launch.

Currently this only affects South Korea so it’s unsure how this will play out in the rest of the world, but Samsung are expecting to ship 15 million units in just 30 days.

With such an ambitious goal, do you think Samsung will achieve this, and more importantly will it make a difference?


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T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon also confirm Galaxy Note 4 pricing details and pre-order dates

Seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has received a rather well-timed set of announcements from all the major carriers. Some are a bit more up front and open about details than others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Colors

T-Mobile will start pre-orders on September 24th at 9 a.m. Pricing is set at $0 down with $31.24 a month as your payment for 24 months.

AT&T is a little more convoluted in their announcement and availability, especially since they multiple purchasing options. They are the first to offer pre-orders though with the date being September 19th. That is tomorrow. With expected shipping on October 14th. They don’t go out of their way to say it will be launched officially October 17th, but rather that  “Full retail sales will be announced at a later date.” I wonder if they are banking on pre-order to deplete stocks. Pricing will depend on you. Next 18 will be $34.42 per month and Next 12 will be $41.30 per month. A new two-year contract puts it at $299.99 and full retail is $825.99.

Verizon is about as forth coming with information as ever. Basically they don’t say much of anything in their news releases. What they do let us know though is that the Note 4 will be available for pre-order starting September 19th.  Pricing offers up the same $299.99 two-year contract price as AT&T. They don’t offer the monthly details on the Verizon Edge program. Assuming they are pricing the device at $825.99 like AT&T, then on the Edge program is should be in the neighborhood of 41.29 for 20 months. That is just a guess though.

I heard from Sprint prior to thinking that I should think about the other guys. Sprint is putting the Note 4 up for pre-order on September 26th with a launch date set for October 17th. Pricing is $0 down and $30 a month for 24 months. However, they list the SRP at $720 (excluding tax).

None of them detail any color options. However, Samsung’s press release mentions Charcoal Black and Frost White. They also state that the Note 4 launches October 17th. While a few of the big guys above didn’t want to push that date out just yet. Samsung also tosses in US Cellular in their news, but US Cellular hasn’t published anything official yet. I think it is pretty safe to assume that they will be launching on the 17th of October also.

Source: T-Mobile | AT&T | Verizon | Sprint | Samsung |

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T-Mobile: pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 24


T-Mobile was among the first wireless providers to announce specific details as it pertains to the upcoming availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Pre-orders for the device begin at the Un-carrier on Wednesday, September 24 at 9AM PDT. Pricing is listed at $0 down and $31.24 monthly for 24 months which equates to a total cost of $749.76 when it’s all said and done.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile promises the best trade-in price in the industry; keep that in mind if you’re thinking of switching service providers and dumping your old phone.

T-Mobile | T-Mobile

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Samsung improves functionality of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, not just for its stunning Super AMOLED display, or best in class hardware (2013), but I truly am in love with it because of its functionality.  I truly love the S Pen, and no I don’t need it all of the time but when I need the stylus it sure comes in handy. True multitasking with split screens is also something I can no longer live without on my smartphone.

Some can argue we have reached a point in hardware where most people won’t notice significant changes in speed, resolution or usability. Phones like the LG G3, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2, Oneplus One, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 all have very similar hardware. Phone manufacturers are digging deep to dig into niche markets to grab new customers like the HTC One M8 having an all-aluminum body for design enthusiasts and two loud stereo speakers for music enthusiasts.

Samsung continues to innovate, despite claims that they copy manufacturers like Apple. No one does it better than Samsung when it comes to having a stylus integrated into a cell phone. In Samsung’s latest commercial they show off the new features of the Note 4 stylus and my favorite feature is ability to take a photo of handwritten notes and sending the image to S Note(Galaxy Note app for use with the stylus) to edit on screen with the stylus. The commercial tends to strike a chord with me because I am a chemist and I use my Note 3 daily for work so I can’t wait to get my hands on the Note 4 for its added features in software, in addition to that incredible QHD screen it’s arriving with.

Check out the commercial for yourself here.


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