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Samsung Galaxy Gear available for $99 with Best Buy’s Deal of the Day

Best Buy has the first generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch available in all colours for just $99 through their Deal of the Day.

The Samsung Galaxy Gears on offer are refurbished units, but with a $200 saving and free shipping do you really care?

Browse the full selection from Best Buy and grab your bargain of the day here.

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Switched On: Return of the digital hub

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

In the heyday of Palm organizers, when even the speeds of 3G data seemed like a distant fantasy, a debate raged as to whether the future of pocket devices could belong to one or two devices. Those who favored two devices argued that you didn’t really want all the bulk and battery consumption of a pocket computer in a small device that you wanted to use primarily to make calls. They failed to anticipate that technology’s relentless integration would enable these “pocket computers” to become the minimal-millimeter smartphones of today and that data networks would support access to apps ranging from social networking to mobile video that would trump voice for many users.

But at Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress last month, the star of the now less ostentatious show was not the latest generation of the flagship phone running the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Rather, it was a small wrist device running a virtually unknown platform. And these products have no internet connectivity on their own. In fact, one of the benefits of the new line of Gear devices from Samsung is the broader variety of the company’s smartphones that support them. If you believe in the promise of the smartwatch or Google Glass, you’ve at least partially vindicated the two-device proponents from two decades ago.

The future personal mobile landscape, though, will likely incorporate not just one or two personal devices, but multiple ones that are not only on our person but also in proximity.

The future personal mobile landscape, though, will likely incorporate not just one or two personal devices, but multiple ones that are not only on our person but also in proximity. In 2010, Switched On discussed why the digital hub, as the vision once espoused by Steve Jobs for the future of the PC, gave way to the cloud as the centers of our digital universe. That mostly remains true as far as media is concerned as smartphones still lack the large amounts of vast storage reservoirs that can be embedded in a PC (or at least were prior to the SSD trend).

But a new generation of wearables and personal devices that provide feedback on our exercise, posture, food intake and simply offer silly sounds. Some, like Moov, already include adaptive scenarios for the use of multiple instances of the product worn in different locations on the body. The digital spokes of the PC focused on acquiring and sharing media while the new generation focuses on sending sensor and environmental data. While vastly different in function, size and design from the MP3 players and digital cameras that were once served as tethered outposts for acquiring and using PC-based media on the go, they still lack the native network connectivity of their forebears. That the smartphone has become a digital hub for a new generation of peripherals represents the passing of another torch from the PC.

Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research, a technology, media and telecom advisory firm, and founder of Backerjack, which covers crowdfunded product innovation. He blogs at Techspressive.

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Feedback Loop: Ultrabooks, discrete graphics, Google Voice replacements and more!

Welcome to Feedback Loop, a weekly roundup of the most interesting discussions happening within the Engadget community. There’s so much technology to talk about and so little time to enjoy it, but you have a lot of great ideas and opinions that need to be shared! Join us every Saturday as we highlight some of the most interesting discussions that happened during the past week.

Engadget Forums

Happy Saturday! This week, we took a look at Ultrabooks with discrete graphics cards, debated the merits of smartwatches, discussed viable alternatives to Google Voice, talked about how we discover new apps and fondly remembered some of our earliest RSS feeds. Head on past the break and join the conversation in the Engadget forums.

Ultrabooks and discrete graphics cards

Lightweight and powerful enough for most tasks, Ultrabooks are really convenient. But what if you want to use one for gaming? Neuromancer2701 is looking for Ultrabooks that contain a discrete video card. The Maingear Pulse 14 looks right up his alley, but are there other options he should consider in order to get his gaming on? Help him out!

What’s up with smartwatches?

Earlier this week, Google announced its Android Wear initiative, which will bring Android to more wearable devices. Additionally, Engadget readers picked the Samsung Galaxy Gear as the best wearable device of 2013. All of this love and attention for wearable devices has caused Frankspin to wonder: What’s the big deal with smartwatches? Do you think wearables like the Pebble, Galaxy Gear and Moto 360 are a passing fad or is there something bigger happening? Sound off in the forums!

Alternatives to Google Voice

This week, we had two interesting discussions about alternatives to Google Voice! In the first, I ask about viable Google Voice competitors that people are happy with. In the second, groovechicken documents his experience leaving Google services and shares his own research on how to best replace Google Voice. Do you utilize this Google service and have you thought about how you would replace it?

How do you discover new apps?

Frankspin is on a roll this week and has another interesting discussion on how to best discover new apps. Do you use a service? Do you rely on the advice of friends? Share your secrets for discovering all those hot new apps before they become trendy.

RSS is dead. Long live RSS!

It’s been awhile since Google Reader’s demise. Despite this, RSS still remains an important way for many people to get and consume content on the internet. Some of us have been using some sort of RSS service or app for a long time. Dignan17 wants to know the oldest saved RSS story you have in your feeds.

That’s all this week! Do you want to talk about your favorite gadget or have a burning question about technology? Register for an Engadget account today, visit the Engadget forums and start a new discussion!



The Galaxy S5, along with Samsung’s wearable lineup, heads to AT&T

A whole lot of Samsung is about to come to AT&T. Today, the carrier announced that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will begin tomorrow both online and in stores, with shipping to start in early April. Pricing is set at $200 with a two-year contract, though it’s also available for a monthly fee with AT&T’s Next plans. (US Cellular customers, incidentally, will also be able to pre-order the GS 5 tomorrow for $200 on-contract.)

And that’s not all: tomorrow, AT&T will also put Samsung’s trio of wearables up for pre-order. This includes the $299 Samsung Gear 2, the $199 Gear 2 Neo and the $199 Gear Fit. Shipping for those devices will also begin in early April.

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Source: AT&T(1), AT&T (2)


Swappa expands to wearables, get your gently used futuristic watches now

Swappa, a marketplace of gently used smartphone and tablets, recently started expanding its offerings to smartwatches, which are becoming a norm in the world of technology.

If you head over to the site now, you can pick up either a Samsung Galaxy Gear or Sony Smartwatch 2, while there are also placeholders for the Motorola MotoActv, Omate TrueSmart and the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.


Swappa even has been taking to Google+ to ask its supporters what devices it would like to see on the site, so you may see more soon.

One person asked if used Google Glass would be available through the site, which there was no reply, but in a previous dealing them them, I was able to find out that since selling it is against Google’s terms of service with the original purchaser, it will not allow people to buy and sell Explorer Editions on the site, but that could change once it’s commercially available.

“Unless otherwise authorized by Google, you may only purchase one Device, and you may not resell, rent, or lease your Device to any other person. If you resell, rent, or lease your Device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.”

Hopefully the public release of Google Glass will be coming soon and we will start to see other smartglasses come to market as well.

If you’ve been in the market for a wearable, but didn’t want to pay full-price for a new device and wanted one in top condition, be sure to check Swappa out.

Just a quick note, here at AndroidGuys, while one of our writers, Tony McAfee, is the director of customer service at Swappa and many of us here are supporters of the marketplace since it is usually a better option than buying on Ebay and easier than selling in other markets that may take a higher percentage of the sale, we are here to cover the news either way.

Swappa Smart Watch via Google+

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Someone (finally) made a Galaxy Gear clone

At first glance this beauty might look like the Galaxy Gear, but it’s actually the PW305. Apparently the guys at Podoor didn’t get the memo from CNN that people weren’t counterfeiting smartwatches, and made this stylish number. The company tells us that the watch is based on Linux and “performs stably and practically,” two features we’re definitely looking for in a wearable. Check out a demo video of the PW305 in all its KIRF glory after the break.

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Samsung announces Gear Fit aimed at fitness-minded individuals

This year at Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced not one or two, but three new smartwatches.

Joining the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo is the Samsung Gear Fit, designed for those “striving to live more fit and active lives” while still being stylish and connected. As with Samsung’s other new smartwatches, the Gear Fit also has no “Galaxy” moniker, running Samsung’s Tizen OS and not Android.


The Gear Fit, a fitness band with expanded features, offers a “vivid” 1.84-inch Curved Super AMOLED display, a 210mAh battery that gets three to four days of “typical usage” and up to five days of “low usage,” pedometer, exercise, heart rate, sleep, stopwatch and time functions and instant notifications from Galaxy smartphones such as incoming calls, emails, text messages, alarms, S-planner and third party apps.


It weighs just 27g, is dust and water resistant, plus has changeable straps available in black, orange and “mocha grey,” so it can match any “outfit or mood.”

The Gear Fit will be available globally in April.

via Samsung

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NYT: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2 will be announced in three weeks

As Mobile World Congress approaches, it appears to become more and more evident that Samsung has chosen the Barcelona event later this month as the venue to launch the Galaxy S 5. This morning, the New York Times has confirmed through its sources that this will indeed be the case, and it’s going to be quite a bit different from last year’s Galaxy S flagship launch. Whereas last year’s controversial show featured Broadway-style antics and blatant stereotyping, the NYT reports that “Unpacked 2014 Episode 1,” the launch event, will be much more low-key.

The publication also mentions a few details about the device itself. The GS5 will reportedly feature some design enhancements and spec improvements, such as a fancier camera and better processor (we’d wager that we’ll see a 16MP camera and a choice of Exynos 6 or Snapdragon 805), but it sounds like Samsung plans to dial back the number of new firmware features. Curiously, the same sources tell the Times that the S5 oddly won’t come with a bump in display resolution to Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440); if this is indeed the case, it likely means we’ll be seeing a 1080p screen on two Galaxy S flagships in a row. We find this a bit surprising, but we wonder if supply constraints could be a reason why Samsung is holding off for now. The report also claims that we won’t see an eye scanner this time around.

Finally, the Times reports that Samsung isn’t going to wait for its usual yearly product cycle to launch a new Galaxy Gear — apparently, the second version of the smartwatch is also on the Unpacked agenda just a few months after its predecessor arrived. The product’s quick turnaround would certainly be a huge surprise, but given its relatively poor reception and reportedly low sales, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the company wants to push out a new and improved version as soon as possible.

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Source: NYT


Galaxy Gear 2 rumored with bendable display

Despite being the leader in its space, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has had quite a rough year. Limited functionality, incompatibility with current flagships at launch, bugs, and more have proved difficult for mainstream success. According to an unnamed industry insider, Samsung is working on a total redesign of the Galaxy Gear. Will this be Samsung’s chance to redeem itself?

The so-called Galaxy Gear 2 is said to have a flexible OLED display roughly the same size (1.63inches) with a redesign which removes unfavorable aspects of the current model.

Many are wondering if Samsung will allow compatibility with devices other than their own smartphones. How much does that matter; do you think Apple would make an “iWatch” that played well with other brands or OSes?

With 2014 set to give way to many wearable devices, Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Gear will need to be considerably better than the current iteration. Another misstep here could be costly.


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Watch-out, Archos launching $50 smartwatch by summer

Smartwatchs are a new category and there are only a options available on the market today, but Archos is hoping to change that with its new smartwatch line launching this summer.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear that carries many of the features of a smartphone, Archos’ devices will be (sort-of) competing with the Pebble directly since its $50 model will feature a 1.55-inch non-capacitive e-ink display and the ability to receive text, email and social media notifications and control media playback, in addition to displaying the time, of course. The unnamed Archos watch is said to get between one and two weeks of battery life.

The smartwatch can’t reply to messages (the Pebble can actually send simple replies thanks to the app Glance), and there is no mention of it being open source or there being any type of app store.

In addition to its cheapest $50 model, two others will be available in the line, but not at launch. The first will be $100 and come with a 1.8-inch color capacitive display and a 36 to 48 hour battery life. The second is the same as the color model, but will feature an aluminum-encased curved display for $130.

via Engadget

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