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Watch this Czech pirate’s YouTube video or he’ll get a huge fine

The Czech Republic’s first convicted software pirate has been offered an unexpected way of escaping punishment: log 200,000 video views on YouTube and Facebook or be handed a huge fine. The man in question, who is 30 years old and known only as Jakub F, was originally handed a three-year suspended sentence and asked to forfeit his PC, hard drives and DVD backups after being found guilty of sharing illegal copies of Windows and other copyrighted software on forums over the past eight years.

Via: Prague Monitor

Source: The Story of My Piracy


Facebook Announces tvOS SDK With Login Support

Earlier today Facebook announced (via 9to5Mac) Facebook SDK for tvOS, which the company says will help developers “build immersive social experiences on that platform.” The three features the SDK allows thus far are Facebook Login, Share to Facebook and Facebook Analytics for Apps.


Similar to Facebook Login on iOS, tvOS’ Facebook Login would allow users to easily log in to their apps without having to worry about creating multiple accounts. Additionally, users wouldn’t have to use Apple TV’s cumbersome text entry method. Like some other TV authentication methods, Facebook Login would require a user to enter a confirmation code.

Facebook Login: A fast and easy way for people to log into your app and for you to provide rich, personalized experiences. To log into an app with their Facebook account, people can simply enter a confirmation code displayed on the TV into their smartphone or computer, rather than entering their username and password with the remote.

While Facebook Login would make it simpler for users to log into third-party apps and games, it’s unlikely the same ease will be available for video apps like HBO Go, which require a user to authenticate the app via a cable or satellite provider account.

The new SDK would also include the ability for developers to allow users to share links, photos and video from tvOS to Facebook and help developers understand their audience with Facebook-based analytics. Developers can download the SDK from Facebook’s developer site.

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Facebook’s new alert system warned the US about Iranian hackers

How do you think the US would find out about a state-sponsored hack from Iran? Sophisticated security software? Surveillance? Nope — Facebook. According to the New York Times, State Department officials were tipped off about an Iranian hacking campaign thanks to Facebook implementing a government attack alert system just last month. They knew something was up when they got messages about being the victims of “state-sponsored actors.” Reportedly, the cyberattackers were hoping to use the social networking accounts of younger government staff to compromise other, more prominent staffers in the government division.

Source: New York Times


Facebook quizzes are (still) a privacy threat

Simferopol, Russia - July 13, 2014: Facebook the largest social network in the world. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg

An online quiz that illustrates the words you use the most on Facebook as a “word cloud” has gone viral — and it’s a great reminder of why you should be wary of connecting ostensibly fun games with your account. UK-based VPN comparison website Comparitech has delved into how it collects not just your name, but also your birthdate, hometown, education details, all your Likes, photos, browser, language, your IP address and even your friends list if you link it with Facebook. Too many details for a simple game, right? If you agree, you may want to think hard before linking any other FB quiz in the future, because most of them require you to give up a similar list of information.

Source: Comparitech


Facebook adds new tools to help manage your breakup

Breakups. They are never easy, especially if you are still friends with your ex on Facebook. Which is why the social network everybody uses is introducing new tools to ease the awkwardness.

The tools will appear when a user changes their relationship status, which allow the user to do the following:

  • Limit the former partner’s name and profile picture without unfriending or blocking them.
  • Limit how much your former partner can view your statuses, photos or videos.
  • Limit who can see you and your former partner’s past posts.


The tools have started rolling out to US Facebook users on Android and other mobile devices. Facebook has stated that these tools are optional and can easily be accessed in the help center of the site.

“This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives,” Product Manager Kelly Winters wrote in a blog post.

“We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control.”

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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Recommended Reading: Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is a different kind of hero

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the read.

Marvel’s Astounding ‘Jessica Jones’ Rewrites the Definition of Superhuman
Mary McNamara,
Los Angeles Times

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix, and to properly prep for your marathon viewing season, take a look at a review from the Los Angeles Times. We’ve all heard the details about how this series differs from previous Marvel shows and movies, but it looks like what makes this show unique is also what makes it so good. Plus, we get a look at Luke Cage before he his own series.


Facebook has a cure for your broken heart: more Facebook


Your best friend, Facebook — you know the one who toyed with your emotions for personal gain; repeatedly brought up moments you’d rather forget; and refused to call you by your chosen name for, like, ever — really wants to help you get over your ex. That’s right, yesterday the good vibes social network that wears its thumbs-up on its sleeve, started testing a set of features for the recently estranged.


Facebook at Work rolls out a dedicated chat app on Android

Facebook at Work caters to businesses, allowing employees to communicate and share documents on private channels, and this week it adds a new mobile feature called Work Chat. Work Chat is a separate messaging app that operates similarly to the standard Facebook Messenger service, though it’s restricted to you and your coworkers only. It’s available to select companies on Android now, with an iOS launch in the works, TechCrunch reports. Facebook at Work is still in beta, though TechCrunch says about 300 companies use it daily, from Heineken USA to the Royal Bank of Scotland. When it launches for all businesses next year, it’ll use a “freemium” model, the site reports.

Source: TechCrunch


Facebook launches new Work Chat app

Work Chat 3

If your work uses Facebook at Work, you are in luck. Facebook has just released a new app to go along with it called Work Chat. The app is basically the same as Facebook Messenger only just for co-workers.

You can do things like send photos and videos, message people individually or in groups, includes free voice calls, and even lets you send stickers.

• Send a message to one of your coworkers or create a group chat with a few of them. With chat heads, you can keep up with the conversation while using other apps.
• See a directory of other employees and start new conversations easily.
• Turn off notifications when you’re on vacation or just don’t want to be disturbed.

It’s pretty basic, but it is the first version. We definitely expect Facebook to pack more features into it over the next year. Also, you must have a Facebook at Work account in order to use the app, but if you would like to try it out, you can always sign up now.

Play Store Download Link

Work Chat 6
Work Chat 5
Work Chat 4
Work Chat 2
Work Chat 1

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Facebook’s making it easier to ignore your ex after a breakup

Social networking can be a little …awkward after a break up — forcing you to revisit potentially painful memories each time your ex posts a meme, status update or, worst of all, photo with their new fling. Facebook understands, and it’s testing out new tools to help you see less of your former partner without the social faux pas of actually blocking them.

Source: Facebook


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