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New update to Slingshot app lets you interact with new users around the globe


Facebook has issued a new update to the Slingshot application which now makes user discovery less cumbersome. The app now gets a new “Explore” option which lets you discover people around the globe.

It’s much like Snapchat, which is Slingshot’s primary industry rival. If you’re worried much about privacy, you can turn off the Explore feature from the settings to be left out from results.

Once you tap Explore and if you like what you see there, you can choose to follow the particular user or simply check out what other users have to offer. It’s a very handy discovery feature, which will ensure that your experience with the app is enhanced.

Here’s what Facebook had to say about the new addition – “Explore is a place to discover funny, inspiring and creative people from across the globe. It features popular people who are active on Slingshot. You can view their shots and then decide who you want to follow. If you don’t want to be featured in Explore, you can turn on Approve Followers in Settings.”

Source: Slingshot Blog

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Facebook’s Slingshot lets you explore and follow popular user accounts

As much as you’d like to give Facebook’s Slingshot a try, most of your friends still prefer Snapchat, huh? If you don’t mind slinging photos or videos with strangers, the app’s new Explore feature can help connect you to people who do use it regularly. It shows a list of popular users you can follow, so you can finally get to enjoy what the app can do. In case you are one of those popular users and would rather not be hounded by strangers sick of Snapchat, though, simply switch on “Approve Followers” in your settings page. This update also comes with bug fixes and an easier way to follow someone while viewing their entries, and it’s now live for both iOS and Android users.

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Have you noticed: The Facebook app for Android devours battery life like nothing else

If you have an Android smartphone, and you’re relatively tech conscious, it’s pretty likely that you’ll have the Facebook app for Android on your device. Facebook‘s app has always been a little unusual compared to the other social media apps, but it’s made great strides in recent times to bridge that gap and create a smoother, […]

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Pebble sets a new record, net neutrality passes and other stories you might’ve missed!

Pebble beats its own record, Motorola confirms what we already knew about the Moto E and Facebook takes a break from the sillier aspects of its site to get serious about mental health. Basically, we’ve got everything you need to know from this past week in one neat little package. Won’t you catch up with us?

The top 11 tablets you can buy today

If you like to take your tech on the go (or even just to the couch), a tablet is usually a good gadget to have on hand. Not sure which one is best for you? We’ve rounded up 11 that we think are excellent choices.

Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch

Three years ago, Pebble made Kickstarter history with its smartwatch. Now, with a new color display and other features, the company is besting its own crowdfunding records. We explain what’s made the brand so popular in this breakdown of the wearable’s triumphant return.

I got a connected surveillance camera, but used it mainly as a puppycam

If peace of mind is important when it comes to your home, a connected surveillance system might be just what you need to feel secure. We gave Withings Home HD camera a try to find out if it’s worth the $200 price tag.

What you need to know about HTTP/2

The familiar four letters — HTTP — in your address bar are getting a behind-the-scenes makeover. The current version has been the same since 1999, but in case that date alone isn’t reason enough for an upgrade, we explain why you’ll soon be using HTTP/2.

Here’s what we know about Magic Leap so far

We know it’s a blend of augmented and virtual reality, but the rest of the specs behind Magic Leap are shrouded in mystery. We’ve amassed all of the information available on the project to find out why companies like Google are dropping half a billion dollars to invest in it.

Motorola’s budget Moto E gets LTE, a quad-core CPU, and more storage

It’s official: Motorola is releasing a bigger and better budget phone. We go hands-on with the updated Moto E — now with LTE — to break down its new specs.

Facebook rolls out new tools to help prevent suicides

Social media has become an outlet for for many, whether that means sharing exciting life changes or issuing a cry for help. When it comes to the latter, Facebook is stepping up its policies and introducing new suicide prevention efforts.

FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

Both mobile and home-based broadband are now classified as a public utility thanks to new rules from the Federal Communications Commission. This marks a huge milestone for those in support of a free and open internet.

Adult Themes: The rise and fall of America’s first digital brothel

RealTouch Interactive lets consenting users “have sex” with each other over the internet. But it’s going out of business — not because of moral protests — because of patent licensing.

Happy net neutrality day! Here are some llamas and a dress

As our Engagement Editor John Colucci stated on Thursday night, “Twitter was on fleek today.” Join us as we take a minute to celebrate the glorious and sometimes ridiculous platform that is the internet.

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Oculus offering up a $1 million prize pool for Gear VR development challenge

samsung_gear_vr_officialOculus has announced a new competition for developers with a fairly massive prize pool for great games or experiences. The challenge is focused around Samsung’s Gear VR, and the prize pool totals up to $1 million. There a few different awards, with the top game netting 200k, the top app or experience taking home 100k, and a few steps below that with different variations of prize money. Games are obviously the central focus here, but quality apps are still getting some recognition, which is good to see.

The development jam kicks off on April 13th and runs through May 11th with a few different milestones for the apps and games spaced out throughout the month. Winners get announced in June.

If you had any doubts about whether or not you’d see companies take virtual reality headsets seriously, this should answer your question. Samsung looks like they’re going to try to make VR as mainstream as possible, and Oculus isn’t afraid to throw money at advancing the technology, especially now that they’ve got access to Facebook’s deep pockets.

source: Challenge Post

via: Engadget


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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Here are the headlines!

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VLC android appsVLC

[Price: Free]
VLC is releasing an update soon to version 3.0 and with it will come big changes. The biggest of which will be Chromecast support. That means very soon, Chromecast users will have a powerful media player in their arsenal. The update isn’t out yet but it should be coming sometime soon.
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android apps

monkey King escape android appsMonkey King Escape

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Monkey King Escape is a new infinite runner out of Ubisoft that features some colorful graphics, fun cartoons, and of course, that always addictive infinite runner style. It’s fairly run of the mill when compared to others, but it’s still a great game for kids and adults who love animals.
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PushBullet free Android appsPushbullet

[Price: Free]
Pushbullet received a huge update this last week. Now, on top of text messages, you can also respond to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Hangouts messages on your computer. This is the update that a lot of people have been waiting for and really helps augment an already strong set of features from Pushbullet.
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draw slasher android appsDraw Slasher by Mass Creation

[Price: $2.99]
Draw Slasher was a popular game on the PS Vita console and last week it saw an official Android release. It’s an action-adventure hack and slash game where you swipe to slash up bad guys. It’s a paid game but there are no in app purchases which is quite refreshing.
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do button by ifttt android appsDo Button by IFTTT

[Price: Free]
Do Button by IFTTT is a new app from the same great minds that brought us, you guess it, IFTTT. This allows you to create a button that does whatever you want when you press it. Simply create the recipe and then whenever you tap the button, your device will do the things you want. It’s also totally free.
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do button by ifttt android apps

Wrap up

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Oh boy: Facebook for mobile lets you add stickers to photos

Well, here’s a nice Facebook feature for the more fun-loving users: the social network now lets you add stickers to photos before you even post them from an iPhone or an Android device. The social network launched a separate sticker app in December, but that one’s only for pictures to be sent through Messenger. Also, its built-in stickers were only for use in private messages and the comments section, prompting anyone who wanted cute accoutrements in their pictures to turn to third-party apps. Now, you’ll see a small icon at the bottom of each uploaded image, which you can click to see all the stickers you can use. These graphics can be resized, rotated, moved to another location — or just straight up deleted if you change your mind. Sure, go on and roll your eyes at the news, but we promise you teens and tweens will eat this up: cue the rise of super-kawaii, sticker-ridden Facebook selfies.

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Pushbullet now lets users reply to Hangouts, WhatsApp, and others from PC

If you’re a user of Pushbullet, then the latest update brings about some good news to improve the functionality from a PC. You can reply to Hangout, Whatsapp, and other supported app notifications right from your PC desktop.

WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line are currently supported and all you have to do is hit the ‘Reply’ button on the notification.

Drop us a comment below to let us know what you think of the update.

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Facebook Is Developing VR Apps, Because VR


Facebook-chris-coxIn a move that should come as little surprise in the wake of last year’s $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality firm Oculus, Facebook head of product Chris Cox admitted that Facebook is “working on apps for VR.” What exactly that will entail is anyone’s guess, as Cox demurred elaborating on the subject, but he does see a world where users can swap environments with other users via an app. And, of course, everyone will do it, including Beyoncé.

Naturally, we shouldn’t expect these apps anytime soon. Cox admits that, “We’re a long way from everyone having [VR] headsets.” Still, Facebook’s initial foray into virtual reality have been impressive, and buying Oculus was clearly not some impulse buy rooted in the tiny VR wave that crested in mid-2014.

So at some point in the next few years, you will likely have the privilege of sitting in your living room, the entire family wearing VR headsets, and enjoying the sense of community and purpose that only comes through VR family time.

Source: The Verge

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Facebook is working on VR apps


Facebook made it pretty clear that it had big plans for virtual reality when it purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion last year. Chris Cox, Chief Product Offer at Facebook, has announced that the company has begun working on apps for VR, but wouldn’t disclose exactly what was being worked on.

Despite a lack of fine details, Cox said that he envisioned apps that would allow users to share their current environment with other people, something that he believes could become the norm for social media in the future. Oculus and Samsung have already shown off some unique narrative VR experiences at the Sundance Film Festival this year, but developing this into a real-time experience is a bigger technological challenge. Furthermore, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg already announced plans to integrate Oculus’ VR technology into the core social experience, allowing users to share “entire experiences and adventures” together online.

However, when asked about how long it might be before we can try out Facebook’s virtual reality experiences, Cox replied that it would be “a while” yet. Not to mention that virtual reality handsets aren’t common pieces of technology available in everyone household yet either.

Do you see any potential in virtual reality based social media?


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