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Dell revives the Alienware 18, upgrades its smaller gaming laptops

It’s a rare, satisfying feeling when a community rallies together to ask a company to bring back a discontinued product and it actually works. Today is one of those days: Dell announced at PAX that it’s bringing back the Alienware 18 — the most powerful portable gaming machine the company’s ever made. The revived 18-inch rig is being touted as a ‘special edition’ and will pack in a 4th Generation Intel i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD (with an optional 512GB SSD) dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M or 980M graphics, depending on the configuration. Too big? Too much? No worries — Alienware is refreshing its 13-, 15- and 17-inch laptops, too.

These updated laptops are packed to the brim overdue hardware updates, including support for PCIe SSDs with 4GB/s transfer speeds, updated Killer wireless and ethernet controllers, and a USB Type-C connector with USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 support. The Alienware 13 will also be getting a larger 62Whr battery. Dell isn’t saying much about the line-up’s CPU options right now, but the company typically keeps pace with Intel when it launches next-gen processors. All three models will be rocking NVIDIA’s latest GTX GPUs except the Alienware 15, which will optionally ship with the AMD Radeon HD R0 M395X, instead.

The Alienware team is adding PCIe SSD support to its X51 desktop unit, as well as slots for DDR4 RAM and a new CPU liquid cooling system — but that’s not what makes the refreshed tower interesting. No, that would be the X51’s newfound support for the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, a separate chassis that lets gamers hook desktop-class graphics cards up to Alienware laptops. So, why is Dell adding AGA support to a desktop? To accommodate larger graphics cards: the X51’s case is just barely large enough to cram in a NVIDA GTX 960. If you want something like the Geforce GTX Titan X, you’ll need a Amplifier.

Finally, Dell announced its first two gaming-centric computer monitors, an $800 27-inch display with NVIDIA’s G-Sync II technology and a 144Hz refresh rate, and a $400 curved 27-inch display optimized for a “wrap around” viewing experience. There’s no word yet on the screens’ native resolutions, but Dell says they’ll be available in September and October, respectively.

Enough news for you? No? Then check out Dell’s website for more details — the laptop’s product pages should be available for your viewing pleasure right now.

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The 17 best laptops you can buy today

Our last buyer’s guide update had a pretty solid list of laptops, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? We do have a couple of new additions to spice things up, however. We felt compelled to add the agile ASUS Chromebook Flip, which serves up a 360-degree rotatable touchscreen and killer battery life. For PC gaming, MSI’s power-packed GT80 Titan is definitely worth a look. It offers top-of-the-range graphics and processing options, along with a large display and full mechanical keyboard. There are plenty of great choices out there right now, so if you’re in the market for a laptop or thinking of an upgrade, it’s worth taking a spin through the gallery below. Feel free to swing by our complete buyer’s guide, too, for a rundown on some of the best gadgets across the board.


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Dell has a new awesome 13-inch Chromebook starting at $399

dell-chromebook-13 1Dell has unveiled a new Chromebook called the Dell Chromebook 13. Like all Chromebooks, it aims to bring you a laptop experience for an affordable price. This one goes a little beyond the normal Chromebook experience, but keeps the low price.

dell-chromebook-13-2The Dell Chromebook 13 has a 13.3-inch IPS touchscreen display at 1080p resolution. An Intel Celeron 3205U (dual-core, 1.5GHz) processor, a back-lit keyboard, 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage. Battery life is amazing at 12hrs and it is built out of premium materials such as magnesium alloy and carbon fiber, not to mention has a glass trackpad. All this for the low price of $399.

There are also two other models, one with an Intel i3-5005U (2.0GHz) with 4GB of RAM for $529 and the “big boy” model with an Intel i5-5300U (2.9GHz), 32GB SSD, and 8GB RAM for $799. The last model cost a ton for a Chromebook, but it is packing a lot for something that just needs to run Google Chrome.

Google also said the new Dell Chromebook 13 joins the Asus Chromebook Flip and Chromebook Pixel in the Chromebook for Work lineup.

It is set to launch on September 17th in the US and Canada. I’m sure it will be a huge hit with consumers.

Source: Dell, Google for Work

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New Dell Chromebook 13: a gorgeous laptop that won’t cost a fortune

new chromebooks

Those currently looking for a Chromebook may have a bit of trouble finding the right one. There is really only one premium Chromebook right now, and it costs a fortune (yes, it’s the Pixel). Almost every other laptop running Google’s svelte OS is affordable, which is great, but most come with significant sacrifices. Where are the Chromebooks that offer both quality and value?

Enter the new Dell Chromebook 13, a laptop with a reasonable price point, powerful specs, great performance and a design worthy of envy. This little business-focused laptop seems to have it all (if you are fond of Google’s operating system).

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Packed inside the Dell Chromebook 13 you will find a 13.3-inch Full HD 1080p IPS touchscreen display, a 5th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, a back-lit keyboard, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It also manages to take you through a whole work day with its impressive 12-hour battery life. Furthermore, it touts premium materials like glass (trackpad), magnesium alloy and carbon fiber.

Google goes on to mention the possibilities Chrome OS brings to enterprise and education organizations. Because these laptops run on the cloud and are amazingly light, they also offer simplified installation and easy management. Chromebooks are secure, fast and convenient.

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Without a doubt, this is set to be the best Chromebook after the Pixel series, and it will come at a much more affordable price point. The Dell Chromebook 13 is to launch this September 17th at $399. Are you getting one?


Dell’s business Chromebook is good enough that consumers will like it too

Dell’s latest Chromebook, the Chromebook 13, was designed specifically for businesses. But with a high-res, high-quality screen and a durable design reminiscent of Dell’s other notebooks, it actually looks like the Chrome OS laptop we lay people have always wanted. In particular, it borrows the same carbon fiber weave you know and love from the XPS 13, and it’s built on a sturdy magnesium-alloy chassis. In fact, the only plastic to be found is in the bezel. Speaking of the sort, it features a 13.3-inch IPS display that comes standard with 1080p resolution and a high brightness rating of 400 nits. Other perks include a comfortable backlit keyboard, Precision trackpad (the sort normally only seen on select Windows systems), up to a Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, and a battery rated for 12-plus hours. It starts at $399 with a Celeron CPU and 2GB of memory, which isn’t bad for a machine as well-designed as this, though you’ll pay around $899 for the highest-spec configuration. (Even then, it’s still less expensive than a Pixel.)Slideshow-309711

So that’s why we, a consumer tech website, are intrigued by this thing. But as you’d expect, there are other features too that are geared specifically toward companies thinking about issuing these to employees. In particular, the Chromebook 13 works with Dell’s KACE management console, making it easy for IT guys to remotely manage and track. It’s also VPN-compatible, which Dell is hoping will solve the problem of the occasional legacy program not being available as a browser app. Lastly, it’s eligible for Dell ProSupport which includes up to four years of coverage, with options like on-site service.

The Chromebook 13 will ship September 17th in the US and Canada, and will be available through all the channels where Dell usually sells business-grade laptops. Still, that probably doesn’t preclude regular old nerds from finding one, if they really wanted it.

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Dell’s Venue 7 3741 Tablet with voice calling and 6.95-inch display launches in India for Rs. 7,999


There’s a vast array of mobile devices available in India, with the budget segment being particularly congested. Adding yet another choice to the mix is Dell with the launch of its Venue 7 3741 Tablet for Rs. 7,999 ($125).

The Venue 7 3741 offers a solution for those that want the ability to make calls on a device with a larger screen, larger than the usual 5.7-inch phablets that have become the norm. Of course, this pits it against the likes of the Asus’ FonePad 7 and Micromax’s Canvas Tab P690.


  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 6.95-Inch TN Display with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Intel Atom Z3735G Quad-core processor (1.33GHz with burst to 1.86GHz)
  • PowerVR G6400 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Internal storage
  • MicroSD card support (up to 64GB)
  • 2MP Rear camera
  • VGA Front camera
  • Connectivity: 3G with Voice calling/WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0/ GPS
  • Dimensions: 199 x 103 x 9.85mm
  • Weight: 315 grams
  • Battery: 4,100 mAh
  • Available in black

As you can see from the list of specifications above, the Venue 7 3741 isn’t going to be setting any benchmark records. But, it is firmly in the sub-Rs. 10,000 market, and may just appeal to tablet users wanting the call function.


Source: FoneArena

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The Wirecutter’s best deals: the iPad Air 2, a Dell monitor and more

The Wirecutter's best deals: the iPad Air 2, a Dell monitor and more

This post was created in partnership with The Wirecutter, a list of the best technology to buy. Read their continuously updated list of deals at

You may have already seen Engadget posting reviews from our friends at The Wirecutter. Now, from time to time, we’ll also be publishing their recommended deals on some of their top picks. Read on, and strike while the iron is hot — some of these sales could expire mighty soon.

D-Link DAP-1650 Wireless Range Extender

Street Price: $90; MSRP: $120; Deal Price: $60

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this Wi-Fi extender. At $60, Newegg is beating the last low price offered by Amazon by $5. The deal includes free shipping.

The D-Link DAP-1650 is our runner-up pick in our guide on the best Wi-Fi range extender. David Murphy writes, “If our pick is sold out or unavailable, get the D-Link DAP-1650 ($85). Unlike our main pick, it can also be used as a wired access point, if you don’t mind stringing Ethernet cable from your router to your extender. As an extender, its long-range performance isn’t as good as our pick’s, but it’s great as an access point.”

Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi Space Gray

Street Price: $540; MSRP: $600; Deal Price: $475

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on either the 64GB or 128GB versions of the iPad Air 2, and the sale covers a wide variety of colors and models. The recent sales are in part due to a new model likely being released in October, but since that’s a good 3 months away, they’re still a great buy. The best price we’ve seen previously on the 64GB was $500. In order to get this deal today you need to be a My Best Buy member (not just an account holder). It’s a relatively pain-free process especially if you already have a Best Buy account, but you won’t see this deal price without it.

The iPad Air 2 with TouchID is our pick for best tablet. Chris Heinonen and Dan Frakes had this to say about it, “The iPad Air 2 is a fairly decent improvement upon last year’s iPad Air in all the ways that matter: it’s thinner, lighter, and faster, plus it has a better camera, faster Wi-Fi and LTE (if you use a cellular version), and the ability to log into your device using your thumbprint (TouchID) instead of a PIN.”

Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24-inch LCD IPS Monitor

Street Price: $300; MSRP: $400; Deal Price: $240 with code EMCAVNK23

This is a match for the lowest price on this monitor. It matches a previous deal from Newegg using a similar code. The deal comes with free shipping, and it beats out the next best price (Adorama) by $60. You’ll need to have a Newegg login to use code EMCAVNK23 during checkout.

Our article on good 24-inch monitors is set to Wait! status while we research new picks, but the Dell U2415 is a current finalist and will be in the updated guide. When I asked David Murphy about it, he said it’s got great color accuracy and “all the tricks you’d find in a more expensive, bigger Dell monitor.”

Nathan Edwards added that it “has a fantastic picture, a great ergonomic adjustable stand, and a bunch of USB 3 ports.”

Anker 36W 4-Port USB Wall Charger

Street Price: $20; MSRP: $30; Deal Price: $16 with code ANK20OFF

This wall charger has gone on sale before, as low as $15 in the past with codes, but $16 is still a pretty good price. You can get free shipping with Prime. Just use code ANK20OFF at checkout to see the new price.

This is our main pick for the best USB wall chargers. Nick Guy said, “It’s the most powerful charger that plugs directly into a wall outletsomething a plurality of our survey respondents wanted-letting you fast-charge up to three full-sized iPads at once or four at a slower rate It’s also physically small compared to the competition, and it’s quite affordable.”

Deals change all the time, and some of these may have expired. To see an updated list of current deals, please go to The

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Dell Venue 8 7840 sees the arrival of Android 5.1 Lollipop


On Tuesday night, Dell began pushing a software update to its Venue 8 7840 that refreshes the device with Android 5.1 Lollipop. Dell didn’t stop with ushering in a new version of Android, though. The company also included bug fixes and improvements to certain areas of the tablet. Processing for the camera’s depth capabilities, for example, has been improved to provide a richer experience after a photo has been taken.

Dell included in the following in this update, as noted by Android Central:

  • Lollipop 5.1.0
  • Enhanced access via Quick settings for Wifi and Bluetooth
  • UI enhancements – Volume slider
  • New animations on the Clock app
  • Improved SD Card support (Fixed bug that prevented some apps from being moved to SD Card)
  • Updated localization, Four additional languages added – Danish (Denmark), Finnish (Finland/Sweden), Norwegian, Swedish (Finland & Sweden)
  • Depth processing improvements for Dell Gallery
  • Added two new Dell Live wallpapers
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Via: Android Central

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Dell’s latest tablet is designed for war zones

If your typical day involves saving someone’s life or trekking around a glacier, a regular tablet may be a bit… dainty. That’s why Dell has just buttressed its Rugged series with a brand new model, the Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet. The company is pitching it as an extreme tablet, saying it’s “designed for performance and reliability in the harshest conditions.” Specifically, it’ll handle spills, mud, dust and sand, drops from over four feet, temperatures between -20 and 145 degrees F and even an “explosive atmosphere.” As such, Dell sees it as ideal for the military, emergency response crews, industrial work and adventuring.

You can use the multi-touch screen with work gloves and easily see the 11.6-inch HD screen (1366 x 768) in bright sunlight. It has “quad-cooling” thermal management, and… okay, you get it, it’s tough. But that’s all irrelevant if it’s a lousy tablet, so Dell equipped it with 5th-gen Intel Core CPUs, Windows 8.1, 12 hours max battery life and up to 512GB of solid-state storage.

Beauty shot of a Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet (Model 7202), codename Livingstone.

There’s also an optional full-sized keyboard cover and vehicle/desk docks that connect via a rugged “pogo-pin” interface. So how much? Dell hasn’t announced pricing yet, but obviously there’s a heavy premium to be paid for such devices — its Latitude 12 Rugged laptop with an Intel Core i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM runs $3,649, for instance. Still, rival devices are also pricey, and if you need it, you need it.

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Which monitors are worth buying?

Which monitors are worth buying?

With all the work you do, the games you play and the videos you watch, you spend a lot of time staring at your monitor. So why not do your eyes a favor and make sure you get one that’s got exactly what you need, whether it’s precise colors, fast response time or just a pleasing design? We’ve delved into some of the better monitors currently on the market to let you know which ones give you the best view for the money.

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