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First official images of the BlackBerry Priv are released into the wild

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There’s been so much Google news lately that this piece of news kind of slipped past us, until now. The BlackBerry Priv, or as some are calling it, PRIV by BlackBerry, was officially announced last week and has been getting a fair amount of press since then – most notably, a mildly awkward interview featuring the device and BlackBerry CEO John Chen. To further its legend before an actual announcement event, some official images of the BlackBerry Priv surfaced and show us more of the device that we’ve all seen so much of already:

blackberry priv
blackberry priv
blackberry priv

Although the side view photos actually show us very little, it does highlight how thin the device is despite having a physical keyboard tucked inside it. While much of the talk has been about the physical hardware of the Priv, one of the most important things about the device is its emphasis on privacy (hence the name) and what it means for Android in the commercial sector, a sector that Android has traditionally struggled to break into despite being the most populous operating system on the planet. We’re expecting to see the Priv announced in November, but we expect we’ll be seeing a few more details between now and then.

What do you think about these official images of the BlackBerry Priv? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: BlackBerry via Phone Arena

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BBM app lands on Apple Watch before WhatsApp

Apps are continuing to trickle into Apple’s wearable, with recent standouts including Airbnb, Google and…BlackBerry? The company once called RIM has announced Apple Watch support for its messaging service, BBM. When reading the product description on the iTunes store, you find that the companion app will allow you to share photos and voice notes, see when people are responding to your messages, and even offer groundbreaking features like delivered and read receipts. There isn’t a wide variety of alternatives available on the Apple Watch at the moment — with WhatsApp and Facebook messanger still missing from the app store — but maybe there’s a reason for that. What’s your PIN? Let’s discuss this some more through our wearables.

Source: iTunes


BlackBerry shares the first Priv official images


BlackBerry didn’t have to bother with a colossal announcement or fancy teasers to get people’s attention. Their upcoming phone is pretty much selling itself, as it answers to features people have been requesting for many years. It’s really the most casual launch we have seen in a long time, yet people are dying to get their hands all over the BlackBerry Priv!

The Priv is pretty much official by now, but BlackBerry has been taking its sweet time to share more about it. Today we are taking a look at the very first legit images coming from the popular manufacturer. It’s definitely nothing we haven’t seen before, but these images are special in that they come straight from the source.

BlackBery is giving us a look at the Priv from multiple angles. Two of them show the smartphone’s profile, with the keyboard both hidden and pulled out. The third image (above) showcases the phone as if it was laying on a flat surface.

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Why is the BlackBery Priv such a titanic sensation? Wasn’t the company dying? It sure was, but maybe this was something they really needed to do to rise afloat. We have been begging for a BlackBerry Android phone with a nice keyboard, and the fact that it’s finally coming is a huge deal.

BlackBerry claims the Priv’s main lure is its privacy, but I doubt that’s the case for people outside the enterprise market. It’s their build quality and keyboards that people really love. The Priv has both, as well as Android in its guts; that is what really makes it an enticing handset.

So there you have it, guys. Enjoy the images and take a look at our BlackBerry Priv rumor roundup to learn more about the upcoming handset. Are you thinking of getting a BlackBerry Priv?


BlackBerry Priv is shown off in official images

BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (2)

While many of us wait with bated breath for Google’s Nexus announcement later today (despite almost everything leaking beforehand), BlackBerry has released some official images of the Priv (formerly known as Venice), the Canadian company’s first smartphone to run on the Android operating system. This comes just a few days after BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, demonstrated the Priv on BNN.

BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (1)
BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (3)

These official images show the Priv with the physical keyboard extended and retracted. Apart from the images, there isn’t really anything new to mention, but that will surely change in the days and weeks ahead. What we do know, is that the Priv will focus on privacy, security and productivity.

More importantly, from my personal point of view, the Priv is a slider, a design that hasn’t been seen much in the Android world since the Desire Z, and one that has been sorely missed in our world of black-slabs. Until more details arrive, you can download the first BlackBerry wallpaper here.


Source: BlackBerry

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BlackBerry’s CEO isn’t sure how to use BlackBerry’s Android phone

John Chen tries to demo the BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry CEO John Chen may be immensely proud of his company’s upcoming Android-powered Priv smartphone, but he still has a few things to learn about using it. In an on-camera demo of the Priv for BNN, it’s apparent that the exec hasn’t used Android much — he talks about how it “runs Google,” and has trouble launching basics like Chrome. Not exactly putting your best foot forward, BlackBerry. It’s hard not to sympathize a bit with Chen, since he’s likely been using BlackBerry 10 devices for a while. With that said, SlashGear raises a valid concern about what this goof-ridden clip means for long-time users. Moving to Android is a big help for newcomers and people who’d left BlackBerry for greener pastures, but it might alienate loyal fans who’ve never tried another company’s platform.

Via: Gizmodo, SlashGear

Source: Business News Network


Android Authority this week – September 27, 2015

Android fans, this week brought us last minute details about the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P; we’ve got the first official look at the BlackBerry Priv (formerly known as Venice); LG joined the metal club with the Class; Xiaomi introduced its new $200 flagship; we’ve got our best looks at the upcoming LG V10 and HTC’s One A9; and Samsung introduced the consumer version of the Gear VR.

Inside AA HQ

The biggest week in the Android calendar is coming. New devices, a new Android version, and perhaps some surprises? Oh my! It’s like Christmas eve, and we’re all kids trying to sneak a peek. Though, truth is, Google did a lousy job hiding the presents this year, so we already know what to expect. (If you’re curious, check out the Nexus rumor roundup.) Join us from Tuesday as we analyze everything.

This week Josh attended the Oculus Connect developer conference in LA and brought you his impressions of the Gear VR and the Oculus Touch controller. One thing is clear: VR technology is ready to break into mainstream. Between Oculus, Samsung’s Gear VR, Google’s low-fi Cardboard, Sony’s PlayStation VR, Microsoft’s HoloLens, and HTC’s Vive, the ecosystem is already growing fast. Will 2016 be the year when our VR dreams finally turn into reality? It’s about time!

Congratulations to Nishant P. from India, the lucky winner of last week’s Sunday Giveaway prize, a Galaxy Note 5. This week, we’re putting up for grabs a Moto X Pure (Style). Enter here!

Moto X Pure Edition-3

The stuff you shouldn’t miss

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LG shows some Class

LG Class colors

Nexus 5X and 6P countdown


Xiaomi Mi 4c: flagship, on the cheap

Xiaomi Mi 4c colors

LG V10: trying new things

LG V10 Ticker

One A9: HTC’s next big bet


Gear VR is getting closer

samsung gear vr oculus connect aa (14 of 15)

BlackBerry focuses on Priv(acy)

blackberry priv venice

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen stumbles through a demo of the BlackBerry Priv

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When you’re the CEO of a company, you’re probably pretty busy, so you can’t exactly be expected to know all the nuances of your product at the drop of a hat (despite the fact that some CEOs do). Unfortunately, that was made painfully obvious during BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s demo of the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone, as he stumbled through showing off some of the Priv’s features. Most notably, the Priv was extremely slow to react when first interacted with and Chrome took quite awhile to start up as well. Check out the whole demo below:,ctvgmglobal&section=video%20-%20hub&site=bnn&shareUrl=&v7=player&v8=&v9=&v10=It also doesn’t help the credentials of your device when you say things like “all the latest Qualcomm specs, and the cameras, and all that good stuff”. We do have to cut Chen some slack as this will be his company’s first Android device, but you’d think he would have been briefed on how to at least use the phone before an interview. Despite this rather awkward showing of the Priv, we’re still very interested to see what the device has to offer when in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing – presumably when the device actually launches this year.

What do you think about the BlackBerry Priv? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: BNN via Droid-life

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Blackberry CEO John Chen awkwardly showcases the Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry Priv

Not too long after we brought you some exclusive images of the BlackBerry Priv (aka Venice), the company officially confirmed that its Android-powered smartphone would be launching by the year’s end. To get consumers excited about the device before its official launch, BlackBerry CEO John Chen went on camera with Canadian news outlet BNN to showcase the new smartphone… only it seemed like Chen only had a passing familiarity with the device. 

The first thing the interviewer asks is to see the slide-out physical keyboard, which is the Priv’s spotlight feature. Chen says he’s going to hold off on showing that until the end, because it’s the big reveal. The interviewer seems fine with this, so Chen jumps into a spec rundown as smooth and graceful as middle-schooler belly-flopping off the high dive.

John ChenSee also: In his own words: BlackBerry CEO John Chen explains why his company’s Priv is all about Android74362

“It runs Google,” says Chen, meaning that the Priv runs the Android operating system (which is at least a little better than saying “the Google”). He points out the curved screen which is… curved. He shows off the device’s touchscreen capability. He boasts of its cameras and “all that good stuff.” He almost pulls up Chrome successfully.

Eventually, Chen seems to realize he should have stuck with shock and awe and left the spec work to someone from the design department. He snaps out the keyboard and…

Well, maybe it speaks to the elegance of the hardware that, even in the midst of this cringe-fest, the keyboard still comes across as slick as hell and damn impressive. The physical keyboard doubles as a touch mouse (which I have my doubts about, but which looks cool nonetheless) and can be snapped in and out of the bottom of the phone.,ctvgmglobal&section=video%20-%20hub&site=bnn&shareUrl=&v7=player&v8=&v9=&v10=

Blackberry hopes the Priv will draw back all those users who were addicted to physical keyboards for years but who eventually acquiesced to touch keyboards once phones like the Droid 4 slipped out of existence. Whether or not this will work for the one-time mobile giant is yet to be determined, but so far the Priv looks pretty smooth even in the most un-smooth of hands.


John Chen is the CEO of BlackBerry and doesn’t know how to use the Priv

blackberry_priv_front_leak_092315There are a couple of things everyone is wondering about the Priv. Number one, how do you actually pronounce it, and number two, how well does it work? Luckily, John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, explains both, sorta.

We can finally put the name guessing aside, “Priv” is pronounced like “give”, only with a “P”. We got number one out of the way and now to cover number two, how well does it work?

Chen went on BNN to show the world how the brand new BlackBerry Priv works. The same phone that he has been leading his team in creating, and making sure it becomes a huge hit. However, by the video on BNN, it looks more like he has no clue how to use it. Not only does the video make it look like he has never seen the device before, he also seems to be totally new to Android.

All he had to do was show up to BNN, use the phone in any normal way, and impress consumers enough to buy it. Somehow, screws it up. Definitely check out the video, it’s pretty funny. He didn’t open one app properly or show the actual keyboard in use. However, even with the mistakes, the phone still looks like it could be a success. Dual curve screen, high-end specs, actual keyboard that doubles as a trackpad, it has all the parts to be a win for BlackBerry. We will just have to imagine everything works great since Chen showed us nothing.

Source: BNN

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BlackBerry acknowledges the Priv’s existence after many leaks


The Priv, which is codenamed Venice, is BlackBerry’s plan to become competitive once again the mobile industry. But BlackBerry’s upcoming Android device, the first from the Canadian company, has had a difficult time remaining out of the public eye prior to its official launch. This phone has been followed around like the paparazzi does with celebrities. Both videos and images have left little to be wondered about the Priv. Even the Priv’s wallpaper has leaked.

And BlackBerry has finally had enough of watching its next device appear here, there, and everywhere.


BlackBerry composed a page on its site acknowledging the Priv’s existence after the occurrence of many leaks, emphasizing that we are living in a time when “your personal privacy is increasingly compromised.” The company admitted that the leaks are of an “extraordinary” caliber, but BlackBerry is committed to improving security for its customers around the world. So BlackBerry used this as an opportunity to reveal that the Priv name comes from ‘privacy.’ (The exact pronunciation is not known at this time, but we’ll go with prive like dive.)

The following is what BlackBerry had to say about the Priv’s recent appearances:

Yesterday we awoke to the news that the name of our newest smartphone was leaked to the public prior to its official launch later this year. At a time when your personal privacy is increasingly compromised, we wanted you to know that you are not alone.

We found this breach of privacy extraordinary, and at the same time the best demonstration as to why BlackBerry’s products, technology and brand are essential to the world.

In recognition of our long history of valuing our customers’ privacy we’ve named our next generation phone Priv, a name that has tremendous value for everyone worldwide.

We are so thankful to the BlackBerry Community for all their support.

BlackBerry Powered by Android

Secure and Connected.

BlackBerry mentioned that the Priv will arrive “later this year,” and Evan Blass claimed in August that the handset would be available through the Big Four U.S. carriers in November. Based on what we know, it is likely that BlackBerry unveils the Priv sometime in October for a release the following month.

Source: BlackBerry

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