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FireTube app released – listen to YouTube like a music player

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 19.11.23

A while ago, you may remember rumours surfacing of an all new YouTube subscription service that would turn the video site into a more music focused orientation, allowing for offline and audio-only listening. Whilst such a service is still just a rumour, there is an interesting new app in the Google Play Store that attempts to do a similar thing.

FireTube is a new app that features a music player to listen to YouTube songs anytime, anywhere.


• Unlimited Music – Access to the largest database of music available.
• Background Play – Keep FireTube playing in the background with seamless playback.
• Discover Music – Search hot tracks to find popular music you may not have heard.
• Automatic Queue – Builds a playlist queue for you based on a song or artist.
• Sync Playlists – Syncs your playlist so you can access it from any Android device or Firefox browser.
• Import Playlists – Import your YouTube playlists to eliminate the need to create new playlists.
• Video Mode – Watch your favorite songs music video with a click of a button.

So if you’ve been looking for something to use YouTube more like a music repository and are not overly bothered about watching the videos, then check out FireTube – it’s free on the Google Play Store.


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Amazon has made its Appstore for Android obsolete

Since its creation, the Amazon Appstore stood apart, banned from being offered in the official store for Android apps, Google Play, until now… sort of. When Amazon recently updated its main Android app, it got a new “Apps & Games” department that duplicates the content found in the standalone Appstore app — effectively making it both unnecessary and obsolete. Naturally, because Amazon’s still delivering apps outside the confines of Google Play, you need to change your device’s security settings to accept downloads from unknown sources to install them. The change is a welcome one — reducing app clutter’s a good thing — and the convenience factor afforded by this consolidation should have Amazon selling more apps. Still, we’re pretty sure that’s not enough to make up for the Fire phone’s hit to the company’s bottom line.

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Got Google’s new Inbox app? Now you can invite three friends!

The jury’s still out on Google’s new mobile approach to email, but that hasn’t stopped people from going a little batty over getting invited to use it (see also: Gmail, Google Wave). In case you were feeling a little weird about begging Google for an Inbox invite, though, you can now just beg your Inbox-using friends for one. Google has just started gracing users with three invites to spread among their needy peers — if they happen to see a golden ticket (we really need a new visual metaphor to that effect) in their Speed Dial menu, they can start spreading the love. Alas, Google isn’t letting the floodgates fully open just yet: if you got your invite from someone who didn’t get theirs straight from Mountain View, chances are you don’t have any invites of your own to share. Now we’re just waiting to see if a secondary market of Inbox invites springs up — what’s the Bitcoin-to-Inbox invite ratio these days?


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Uber brings on-demand flu shots to Boston, NYC and DC for a day

If there’s one thing on-demand car startup Uber likes more than ferrying people around, it’s trying to grab people’s attention with kooky promo stunts. Uber for barbecue? Uber wedding packages? Pairing riders with attractive lady drivers? Been there, done that (for better or worse). Every once in a while though, Uber cooks up something genuinely useful and today is one of those days: if you live in Boston, Washington DC or New York City, you can order an on-demand flu shot for you and up to nine of your friends until 3PM Eastern.

No, really. You’ll have to punch the promo code “HEALTH” into the app, but once that’s done you can flag down a roaming nurse to either drop off a flu prevention kit or administer those shots. Uber refers to the day’s events as a pilot program flying under the UberHealth banner that could wind up marrying Uber’s logistical might with even more valuable health services, like bringing doctors straight to doorsteps. If that sounds a little familiar, you may be thinking of a New York startup called Pager (which is actually helping power today’s flu shot promo) that does something similar, and it’s not hard to imagine a frenzied MD responding to an in-app house call by jumping into a Uber some day down the road.

Anyway. Uber warns that high demand means you’ll probably have to be very patient, but hey — free flu shots! Why the hell not. Seeing as how we’re a bunch of cynical jerks, we feel compelled to remind you that Uber’s operations definitely aren’t all sunshine and roses. After all, Uber’s got a precarious little balancing act going on: it’s positioning itself to the people an valuable alternative to the traditional cab experience, and pissing off the drivers powering its success at the same time.

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Hybrid Play clips turn playground toys into videogame controllers

A group of developers thought it would be fun to merge playground activities with mobile gaming — so they did. They’ve created a system called Hybrid Play that lets kids (or adults, no judgment here) control games on their phones with see-saws, swing sets and other playground toys. To transform these outdoor playsets into big controllers, kids will have to clip the Hybrid Play sensor (above) onto their slides and merry-go-rounds. This sensor (which is dust- impact- and water-resistant) is powered by an Arduino microcontoller and equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes, infrared and Bluetooth. It transforms real-life movements into signals sent to your phone, which the app then converts into virtual action. By the way, the system’s iOS and Android apps will come loaded with a selection of games to choose from, but everyone can make their own, as it’s an open-source project.

The Hybrid Play team’s hoping to raise $140,000 via Indiegogo for hardware production, as well as for software and games development. Unfortunately, that means the earliest you can get a unit is in April 2015 (if you pledge at least $99 right now and only if the campaign reaches its goal), but you can already peek at the app and its games on Android.

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Yahoo’s mail app has notifications for flights and events too

The Yahoo! Billboard, San Francisco

Yahoo has just released a new Mail update for iOS and Android that integrates event and travel notifications within the app… whoa wait, why does that sound familiar? Another tech company with a name that starts with a G might have announced something similar earlier, but we’re not entirely sure (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Kidding aside, the Today section in the Yahoo Mail app can now tell you if your flight’s been delayed or canceled and give you directions to the airport: you can even call the airline or go straight to its website if you need to rebook, right from the app. When you visit a new area, you’ll automatically get restaurant and attraction suggestions, replete with their Yelp reviews. Finally, if you’re attending an Evite, Eventbrite or Ticketmaster event, the app will show you its details, along with directions on how to get to there. The update’s already out on both iTunes and Google Play, but (unfortunately for most countries around the globe) the features are only available in the US for now.

[Image credit: Scott Schiller/Flickr]

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Rovio takes flight with new RETRY game


Rovio is primarily known for their Angry Birds line of games. Their newest title, RETRY, invites players to take flight in a different manner, this time in an “8-bit jalopy of an airplane.” Rovio really plays up the retro aspects of the title, pointing out the 8-bit graphics look, the collection of coins as you work through levels, and a synthesized soundtrack.

RETRY gives players the opportunity to fly an old plane through a variety of challenging levels packed full of obstacles. To succeed, players will have to master a variety of moves like loops, stalls and dives. Along the way players will be able to collect coins and stars to unlock new levels or upgrade your plane with mods.

Like so many games that seem to hit the market these days, Rovio appears to be trying to appeal to the crowd that wants a game that is simple to learn but frustratingly difficult to master similar to Flappy Bird.

You can check out a few screenshots below. RETRY is free and can be downloaded using the links below, but it does offer in-app purchases.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Vine for iOS now lets you follow channels to get their best videos

Vine channel following on iOS

Vine is full of video creators talented enough to score TV deals, but keeping up with them has usually meant either following them one-by-one or browsing channels for ages. You have a much easier way to catch up on those clips as of today, though: Vine’s iOS app now lets you follow channels, which puts featured videos in your feed alongside everything from people you follow. If you’re a space buff, for instance, you can add the Science & Tech channel in hopes of seeing some orbital footage.

The upgrade also brings Vine into the iOS 8 era. There’s now a sharing extension that lets you send clips from your camera roll straight to Vine, and both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners should see better use of their larger screens. The Vine crew hasn’t said when channel following will come to Android or Windows Phone, but it’s likely that there’s at least an Android update in the pipeline.

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Shots of Google Calendar material design overhaul surface


The calendar app on a smartphone may not be the most interesting app users access, but it is typically one of the core functions of our mobile devices. Although they may not be “sexy,” calendars play an important role and people are interested in attempts to make the data contained within their calendars easy to access. With the updates rolling out for a host of Google apps to implement their new material design guidelines and appear as part of Android Lollipop, the calendar app is on the list. Some new screenshots of the updated app have been obtained that reveal some of the work Google has done to refresh the calendar.

The main view for the new Calendar app is called the “Schedule” which puts the month on top with a bottom pane displaying weeks or days with events embedded therein. Users can quickly pull down the month to see a small display of the entire month similar to how some third-party calendar apps display things.  Using the overflow icon, users can access other views for days or weeks as well as a search option.

Using the hamburger icon, users can select the calendars to be shown and figure out which colors go with which calendars. Speaking of colors, users will likely notice the abundant use of colors and headers throughout the app, consistent with other material design based apps. Like much of what Google has been pushing for, things like the event creation function feature a clean, concise interface. Sources indicate some of the fields will include an auto-suggest type feature that brings up suggestions as users are typing things like a name or a location.

We will be on the lookout for this latest update to appear in the Play Store and start hitting devices sometime in the next couple weeks leading up to the Android Lollipop official release.


source: Android Police

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Sean Parker’s post-wedding punishment includes making a beach-finding app

A few things happened after Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker got married in a gorgeous redwood forest in Big Sur, California. The California Coastal Commission took him to task for creating a bizarre fantasy realm without the proper permits. Journalists gleefully jumped into the fray. He wrote a nearly 10,000 word defense of his wedding that also served as a meandering takedown of “internet journalism”. As it turns out, Parker’s penance wasn’t just limited to a $2.5 million charity payout — SFGate reports he’s working on a beach-locating app for the very agency that he ignored when creating his dream wedding.

In case you don’t live on the West Coast, all of California’s beaches are public beaches. Theoretically they shouldn’t be that hard to get to, right? Well, there’s plenty of real estate (some of it belonging to profoundly rich old men who try sometimes block beach roads) dotting the landscape, making it tricky for visitors to find the ocean without stumbling into private property first. Parker’s app is meant to help visitors navigate their way to the water, and it looks like his crew’s got plenty of time to finish it up. According to a document made available the commission, the app will be iOS-only — Google fans like the beach, too, California — and should be available no later than mid-2015.


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Source: SFGate


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