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Amazon app now adds support for Android Wear

Amazon Logo

The popularity and practicality of smartwatches is rising everyday, which leads to support from bigger companies. The titan of online sales, Amazon, has now updated their app to be fully compatible with Android Wear.

The app now adds the ability for Android Wear users to use their voice to search for products, buy with one-click, and add items to their wish list. There is no second app that needs to be downloaded, it comes with the newly updated version of the Amazon, which can be downloaded below. You can access Amazon on your Android Wear device through the Start Menu. As of now, support is only available in the United States.




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Civilization Revolution 2 Game Review


Finally the award-winning franchise for PC Sid Meier’s Civilization has hit the gaming world with a brand new exclusive sequel, Civilization Revolution 2 which is only available for mobile devices. This turned based strategy war game is gaining its popularity with a host of new and old fans alike. And we here at AndroidGuys have put this title under our finely tuned microscope in today’s review.

Ready to dig right in and hear all about Civilization Revolution? Yes…Thought you might say so.

Well let’s get to it and start off by saying hands down this game has become a force to be reckoned with! Having packed all new 3D graphics unleashing your devices full potential will have you in the zone for hours. That’s not all there is to offer, this exclusive mobile download has also amped up its entire gaming experience with this title. That being said all that new content has to fit somewhere so be ready for the whooping 447MB download that comes with this file. Also a $15 price tag you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Well lucky you we here at AndroidGuys have footed the bill to give you all you need to know on this hot title. And don’t worry people developer 2K Games made sure to treat fans with explosive new content and is leading itself as having NO IN-APP PURCHASES !!

Want to rule a nation through the ages?  How about building your nation of wooden huts into a thriving megatropolis. Civilization Revolution 2 has made that possible. Within the first hour of gameplay I was already hooked on the amazing 3D graphics and superb control layout. It has an easy to use interface along with a host of new content that will have you jammed up with endless options.

Yes folks it is still a good old fashion turned based strategy which usually can get tiresome and repetitive at times in between turns but wait…remember all that action packed content I was talking about? Well developer 2K Games made sure to ease those problems by introducing loads of character animations and city management options to develop and keep you occupied while you wait. All be it those animations can get repetitive and sound quite familiar to a Sim’s character but it is definitely a break from the ordinary hurry up and wait.

After hours of gameplay I definitely keep my device powered on and ready to go. Pick your leaders from a wealthy list of new choices from Abraham Lincoln to Ganges Khan and rule your nation the way you want. Ready to build a massive army full of countless new units and have a bloody all out world war than that’s your prerogative. Or how about building a small Aztec village into a world super power by advancements or force. There is also historic campaigns allowing you to replay exact historic scenarios, along with a random game set up simulator so that way you can play how you want when you want. All new technologies to advance your nation along with new events to keep you on your toes every time you end your turn. 


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Hours of entertaining animations
  • Random advanced AI
  • Easy to learn interface
  • Historically accurate scenarios
  • No IN APP purchases required


  • Drains battery quickly
  • Large file download
  • New title so there is regular bug fixes and freezing.
  • No easy to use tutorials
  • Repetitive animations
  • Skilled learning curve for new users

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Could Scout be the solution to “Generation Tardy”?


Telenav, developers of the app Scout that aims to streamline event creation by making it easier to manage and keep in contact with your invitees, have recently unveiled the results of a recent consumer survey targeted towards revealing the “common pain points of get-togethers” that the recently updated Scout app will aim to alleviate.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the short-attention span of the young adult generation (thanks to new information/games, and therefore potential distractions, being available at any and all times (I too unfortunately fall into this category, hard)), it is the “millenials” who struggle most of all to arrive on time to events. According to the survey, 1/3 of this age group said that as many as half of their friends tend to arrive late to events and meet-ups. As much as 30% of the general population, and nearly 50% of what Telenav dub “Generation Tardy” admit to telling their friends they’re mere minutes from the destination when they are in fact much further out.

The survey also backs up what many will likely hear from their parents on a frequently recurring basis, that they sleep too much, with 70% of the young adults having been late to a social gathering due to over sleeping (I once was meant to meet friends at a station an hour away at 2pm, and woke up at 3pm) compared to only 40% of the general population. The second most common cause of tardiness is eating, something 40% of the millenials have given as their reason, while only 22% of the general population admit to being late for this reason. The survey also proves that sex has become a higher priority for this generation of young adults than ever before, as 30% of respondents admitted to being late to a social event for this reason, twice as many as the general population.

Telenav, knowing that this generation spends most of their time glued to their smartphone (if you’re reading this on one I think I’ve proved my point), developed the app “Scout” to help prevent these problems from happening by allowing the creation of an event page that contains all the relevant information (much like Facebook’s Events page) as well as producing a group message thread to help keep everyone in contact. The app also features turn-by-turn directions and, what will appeal most of all to nervous hosts, uses location services to display each attendees’ ETA so your friends can never lie to you about how far away they truly are ever again.

Unfortunately one of the coolest features, from a party-goer’s standpoint, is only available on iOS at the current time. This features predictive traffic reports which will inform them of potential travel problems and offer an alternate route. However if you use Google Now, never fear! Simply input the event date and location in Google’s Calendar application, and the handy assistant will notify you when you need to leave, and inform you of the fastest way to get there using latest traffic reports.


If you want to give Scout a shot, and can convince all your friends to do the same, click the widget below to find it on the Play Store



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New Wear FaceLift app automatically changes Android Wear watch faces


Over the years, one feature that we have seen developers try to add to third-party launchers for Android smartphones and tablets is the ability to change the homescreen layout based on some context. That context could be something like time of day or location. A new app for Android Wear devices may be the first step in bringing that kind of context sensitive capability to the new breed of smartwatches. Wear FaceLift is rudimentary at this time, but the app points the way to greater functionality for Android Wear devices in the future.

Wear FaceLift does not really rely on any kind of context, but it does add the ability to change watch faces without user interaction once set up. Currently the app can only be programmed to change watch faces on a set time interval. Based on the screenshots, it appears the intervals have been predetermined by the developer. Hopefully that will change and users will be able to choose their own interval.

Since the app is only in a beta stage at this point, users will still have to deal with some peculiarities. For example, if a user installs or removes a watch face, they will have to go back through the configuration of Wear FaceLift to re-select the watch faces to use.

While simplistic, it does not take much imagination to see that adding the appropriate logic to the app will enable more context-specific watch face changes. Wear FaceLift will work on any Android Wear smartwatch, both round or square/rectangle watches. If you want to give Wear FaceLift a try, you can use one of the download links below. The developer indicates the $1.49 price for this beta version is a sale price.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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At long last, you can fix all your Instagram caption flubs

We’ve seen too many clever quips on Instagram marred by a typo or a malformed emoticon – if you’ve fouled up a caption or eight in your time, you’d better download Instagram’s latest update. At long last, those of you whose fingers move fasters than your eyes can go back an edit your captions so as to look as smart as you always thought you were. The rest of the update consists of minor tweaks to how you discover new Instaphotographers to follow: you’ll be able to dig around in a new People tab for new sources of content (as opposed to just sifting through a stream of overly filtered photos), while the app’s search box now returns suggestions for users and hashtags as you’re pecking them out. The update has already started to hit the Facebook subsidiary’s iOS and Android apps today, which means that Windows Phone owners can probably expect to fix their flubs some time after the sun swells up into a red giant and engulfs the inner half of the solar system.

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Sainsbury’s new app will let you skip the checkout

Sainsbury's Store

Scan-and-pay isn’t a new concept inside Britain’s major supermarkets, but Sainsbury’s is keen to ensure it plays a key role in its shopping future. The grocery chain today announced that it will soon begin trialling a new shopping app that’s designed to cut down the time spent doing the weekly the shop. According to Sainsbury’s, the app will let customers fill their baskets using their phone, guide them to the in-store location of their chosen products, and then let them scan and pay. Everything is handled inside the app, which skips the checkout to reportedly cut down bagging and payment time to “seconds.” Although Sainsbury’s has also teamed up with Zapp to let you pay at the checkout using your mobile from early next year, a spokesperson tells us that the two payment systems will be independent of each other. The supermarket says it will begin trialling the system with its own teams in the coming weeks, before rolling it out to Nectar cardholders sometime in 2015.

Sainsbury's Scan Mobile App

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Google Fit support sprints to Nike+ Running app


As the days go by, Google Fit earns itself more support from health/fitness tracking applications. The latest app to connect itself to Google Fit is Nike+ Running. It now combines data obtained from wearables with Google’s new platform. It all comes together to create a complete user profile. In addition to getting Google Fit support, Nike+ Running now works with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Hit the break for the changelog and download links.

What’s New

  • Nike+ Running now works seamlessly with Google Fit. To connect your Nike+ account with Google Fit, upgrade to the latest version of the Nike+ Running app (v1.5), and follow the automatic connection prompts. Connecting to Google Fit is optional and may be turned on/off in your application Settings.
  • Nike+ Running is now fully compatible with the Samsung Gear S.

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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Whatsapp’s read receipts finally work the way you thought they did

Chances are, you’ve been interpreting Whatsapp wrong this entire time. Most people look at their sent messages, see those double green checkmarks, and assume those missives have made their way to their targets. Not quite! Those only indicate that they’ve reached Whatsapp’s servers, but the Facebook subsidiary finally changed those checks to work the way you thought they did. According to a newly updated tidbit in Whatsapp’s FAQ, you’ll be greeted by a pair of blue checkmarks on your message when the recipient finally gets around to opening it. It’s a minor, if terribly useful addition to the mix — now that that’s out of the way, the team might want to spend a little team seeing how it can make the service a bit more secure.


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Call Handling Pro: A replacement for Sony’s smartwatch call handling [‘Watch’ This App]

If you’ve had problems with Sony’s smartwatch call handling and are looking for an app to replace it, then it may be time to check out Call Handling Pro. For the SmartWatch 2 it includes a phone book, a call log, and ringer mode switcher. It also includes a widget support for the SmartWatch 2… Read more »

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Launch desktop apps from inside Google Drive

When you’re viewing a list of files on a Mac or PC, right clicking on an item (or group of items) gives you the “Open with” option. Well friends, that same handy shortcut now resides in Google Drive, too. Thanks to a handy Chrome extension, you can fire up Photoshop from Google’s cloud-based repository inside the browser — no need to head elsewhere to get the work session started. Of course, you’ll need to have Chrome installed in order to leverage the add-on. And in case you forgot, you don’t even have to launch Microsoft Office to edit Drive-stored documents and spreadsheets either.

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