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Apple Watch App Store is ready to equip your device upon arrival

If you’ve already ordered Apple’s smartwatch, it should arrive sometime in the next few weeks. To prep for that delivery, the App Store’s selection of Watch-specific apps is available for browsing on the web or with that trusty iOS device. The Wall Street Journal reports that over 3,000 software options now reside in iTunes, ready to outfit the wearable with tools for keeping tabs on scores, fitness data, news, social channels, payments and more. Of course, if you haven’t secured one yet, you won’t be able to nab the gadget at your local retail store tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait until it arrives by mail.

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Uber co-founder’s new app wants to be your personal shopper

Shopping these days is easy peasy. You can either buy online if you want to stay in your pajamas or go to a store if you need a sales rep’s help. One startup believes it can combine both experiences, though, through a fledgling concierge service called the Operator. The service has been (quietly) in development for the past two years, a brainchild of Uber co-founder Garrett Camp and former Zynga executive Robin Chan, who serves as its CEO. The app’s homepage clearly states what it can do with the tag line “Looking for something? Make a request and we’ll find it for you.” And based on what the startup showed TechCrunch, that’s exactly how the service works. You fire up the app and send out a text through it detailing the item you’re looking for.

Your request will then be sent to an “Operator” aka a sales rep, who will, in turn, send you a description and pictures of a product that matches your description. If you click “I’ll take it,” the system will use your credit card on file to make the purchase. The execs told TechCrunch that the Operators in charge of finding the right items are either employees of the retailers themselves or people trained to know brands’ inventories inside and out.

With how easy it is to buy goods from big e-commerce websites like Amazon and to look up items on Google first before making an informed purchase, one has to wonder what kind of plan the startup has to drum up interest for the service when it launches. We could see it being really useful to extremely busy (or lazy) folks who don’t have time to research their own purchases, though, or to those in desperate need of a gift at the last minute. At the moment, the app is still in private beta, but you can sign up to participate if you want to give it a shot.

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WhatsApp’s voice calls arrive on iOS

When its calling feature hit Android gadgets a couple weeks ago, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton said the tool would make its way to iOS soon enough. Well, today’s the day. WhatsApp calling is rolling out to folks wielding Apple devices, allowing you to chat with friends and family around the world. If you’ll recall, the feature uses WiFi rather a data connection, so you won’t have to worry about international rate hikes. While the new version of the app is already available at iTunes, the release notes warn that the calling feature is rolling out slowly, so it may not be available for you immediately.

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Samsung S Health app posted to the Play Store


Samsung has not been a manufacturer that makes many apps available to the Google Play Store, but the recent addition of the Samsung S Health app may be a sign that things are changing. Over the past couple years manufacturers have increasingly used the Play Store as a distribution channel for their proprietary apps, a move that saves consumers time in waiting for updates to be released as part of a device update. Samsung seems to have resisted that move, possibly due to their own app store being available to owners of their devices as well as their desire to maintain some control over their ecosystem.

The new S Health app comes on the new Samsung Galaxy S6  and Galaxy S6 edge. The version released to the Play Store appears to be the same one that was delivered on those devices. Owners of other Samsung devices can now update or add the app, although it does require Android 5.0, so only newer devices that have received the Lollipop update will be able to make use of it.

Like so many health and activity apps on the market today, the S Health app is designed to collect data from wearables like Samsung Gear devices and then display this through the app in a way that will help consumers live more healthy lifestyles. Besides basic tracking of data, users can set goals and then measure their progress.

If you have a Samsung smartphone with Android Lollipop, you can use the links below to grab the S Health app or update the version you have.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Samsung launches new Galaxy S6 Accessories app


Samsung has just launched a new app for Android called Galaxy S6 Accessories. As the name suggests, the application allows users to browse and purchase any of the company’s official accessories for the handset, without having to visit an independent reseller.

Check it out in the screenshots below:


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BBC Sport widget delivers the news without annoying you

If you’re a serious ports fan, keeping up with the latest results, injuries and transfers can feel like a full-time job. Plenty of apps offer all of this information in one place, but then you’re often left with two options: continuously open the app, or set up push notifications and face an onslaught of vibrations in your pocket. Now, the BBC is trying to tackle the problem with a new “Top Stories” widget for its Sports app. On iOS, that means you can read the most popular headlines from the Notification Centre and jump through to the app if one grabs your interest. They work well enough, although some of the headlines are a little too short and ambiguous. On Android, however, the new home screen widget lets you choose from different sizes and sports. Neither addition is particularly earth-shattering, but they could prove useful if your smartphone is becoming a notification nightmare.

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YouTube app will soon stop working on older smart TVs and iOS devices

If you own a smart TV or an iOS device that’s getting a bit long in the tooth, you may need to do some upgrading this week if you want to continue using the YouTube app. Due to certain changes in the app’s API, it’ll no longer work on a number of models released in 2012 or earlier, including second-generation Apple TVs, Panasonic TVs, Sony TVs and Blu-ray players, as well as devices running Google TV versions 1 or 2. You’ll know you’re affected if a video showing the notice above plays upon firing up the app, though most models released in 2013 or later are safe.

Now, if you want continued access to the YouTube app, you’ll have to update iPhones, iPads and iPods to iOS 7, at least. Third-gen Apple TVs need a platform upgrade, as well, while Google TV version 3 or 4 devices need the latest app update available on Google Play. Just because your product is too old for upgrades doesn’t mean you’ll have to bid your YouTube binges farewell, though. The website still loads on Safari (even on older iOS devices) or on any smart TV browser than supports flash/HTML5.

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Google Chrome for iOS gets easier to use with one hand

Pull to refresh in Chrome for iOS

Don’t like that Chrome makes you use two hands to comfortably surf the web on your iPhone 6? Your life just got a bit easier. Google has updated Chrome for iOS so that you can pull down to not only refresh web pages, but open and close tabs. At this rate, you might only have to reach up when you want to type in a site address. There’s also a Today View launcher widget that includes voice search, suggested answers for common searches and support for password managers like 1Password and LastPass. All told, you should spend more time browsing and less time stretching your fingers — that’s a worthwhile upgrade in our books.

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Google’s Android search now pulls content from apps you haven’t installed

Thanks to Google search on your Android phone, you can not only bring up search results from the web, but also content from apps that are installed on your phone. Soon, however, that capability will be extended to apps you haven’t downloaded at all. Google has announced today that thanks to its app indexing efforts, you may now start to see Play Store suggestions in your search results that’ll lead to relevant content. So, for example, say you’re searching for “Michelin star restaurants” on your phone. You’ll not only get the usual search results for that, but also see suggestions for apps like OpenTable or Yelp if you don’t already have them installed. If you do install them, the first thing you see when you launch them is a list of, yep, Michelin star restaurants in your area.

Rajan Patel, a principal engineer from Google, tells us that the company started to index content within apps almost two years ago. Developers would implement the app indexing API in their apps, which would then deliver the relevant deep link info to Google. “As of today, we’ve indexed over 30 billion deep links in apps,” says Patel. “We’re able now to understand and index the content of those deeplinks, and rank them organically on search results.” As you might imagine, plenty of apps have signed for Google’s app indexing already; they include Airbnb, Twitter, Yelp, OpenTable, Trulia, Pinterest and yes, Engadget as well. The app index is still smaller than Google’s web index, of course, but it should still be decent enough for you to find exactly what you’re searching for… as long as you have an Android phone.

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Meerkat looks to Android for a chance at beating Periscope


Can an Android launch save Meerkat? SXSW must seem like a long time ago for the folks behind the livestreaming app that took Austin by storm back in March. It was just a few weeks later that Twitter launched Periscope, which, thanks to the social network’s clout and a better user experience, has quickly become the streaming app of choice. Right now both services are iOS only, though, and Meerkat is hoping to hook the hundreds of millions of Android users on its app with a public beta launch.

You can sign up for the beta here, but there’s no date for when the app will actually be available. Getting to Android before Twitter has a chance to launch Periscope is definitely a good tactic for Meerkat, although doing the same on iOS hasn’t stopped the app from fading into insignificance. According to analytics firm Topsy, Periscope streams were roughly three times more prevalent than Meerkat as of last week. Twitter has also confirmed that Periscope is on its way to Android “soon,” so there’s a good chance that it’ll launch on Android first anyway.

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