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Watching ‘Sharknado’ with Syfy Sync and Philips Hue

When I open my mailbox, I often find Amazon packages that I don’t remember ordering. But today’s surprise was a DVD of Sharknado, a movie I absolutely did not purchase. My first instinct was to contact Amazon and change my password, but then I found a note inside: “For you to test out the new Syfy Sync app with your Philips Hue lights.” Wait, what? A quick web search cleared things up pretty quickly — the latest Syfy Sync app enables full control of a Hue bridge (and connected lights) on the same network. The movie, app and lights work together, in theory, to bring you a more immersive entertainment experience.

So I began a desperate search for a laptop with a DVD drive. I found a decade-old Dell in my closet, but once it finally booted up, I discovered that it couldn’t read the movie. Fortunately, the app works with any version of the film, so I started streaming it from Netflix on my MacBook. After a few iPad reboots and some more fidgeting with the app, it started to change the color of my lights every few seconds. Some pairings made sense, like bright red to match an exploding shark, but there were plenty of missed opportunities, like flashing my lights when an ambulance came on screen. The experience is as cheesy as the film itself — there’s plenty of room for improvement, but if you have Hue and the latest version of Syfy Sync, it’s worth trying once.

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Sense sleep sensor monitors your zzz’s and wakes you up at the best time

You’re lucky if you can sleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed all the time — some people need a bit help to get a good night’s rest from apps and gizmos, like this new device called Sense. The gadget, which looks like a crystal ball with rubber bands, acts as some sort of a bedside sleep guardian that monitors not only your sleeping habits, but also environmental conditions. It comes with a “Sleep Pill” that clips to your pillow, which tracks your tosses and turns, automatically transmitting data to Sense via Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT. The gadget then relays all the info you need, including a sleep number to let you know how well (or how bad) you’ve slept, through the system’s iPhone or Android app.

Sense has other things to offer other than this core feature, such as the ability to record sudden loud sounds that might disrupt your sleep through its built-in microphone. (If you’re wondering, creator James Proud told The Verge that it’s not always recording, and it only ever saves sudden sound spikes.) The device can also detect pollen or dust in the air that might trigger allergies or determine whether you need heavier drapes to block out the light. Even better, the device can wake you up at the end of an REM cycle, so you don’t feel sluggish when you get out of bed.

Sense’s developers, Hello Inc., launched a KickStarter campaign recently to raise $100,000, which the project has now surpassed, as it’s already received $420,000 in pledges, thus far. A SEC filing spotted by StrictlyVC, however, proves that the company already has serious VC backing to the tune of $10.5 million, indicating that its KickStarter campaign is but a PR move. You can use the campaign to your advantage, though, since you can get the device and a Sleep Pill by pledging $99, whereas pre-ordering the system later on will cost you $129. By the way, in case Sense still ends up falling short of your expectations, you can always pair it up with a smart bed when one does hit the market.

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Google Play Store Update Gives Us Material Design! Fleksy adds Languages and Themes! – App Updates


Wednesday is often a good day. Not only is half of your work week over with, but Google likes to update their core apps, so why not make sure you have them on your device? The big update happened yesterday though. The Google Play Store got updated adding some of that beautiful Material Design we are all digging, so if you don’t have it on your devices yet, you go ahead and click that link below and try it out. Fleksy Keyboard also got a nice update. It is my keyboard thus far, so give it whirl if you haven’t already.

App Updates
Google Play Store gets Material Design
Fleksy Keyboard updates to 3.0
HTC Sense Keyboard hits the Play Store

ord = window.ord || Math.floor(Math.random()*1E16);

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Uber’s back on Windows Phone minus some key features

If you’ve hailed an Uber ride on a Windows Phone handset, you’re aware that the you were beamed to the service’s mobile site rather via a full-fledged app. That changed today, as the taxi outfit returns to Microsoft’s mobile OS with proper software. This means users can lock in location, call for a ride and sort payments with a properly equipped handset. Uber’s app is missing a few key features though, as in-app fare quotes, sharable trip info and fare splitting are on the way soon. While that’s a bit of a bummer, the new version is available now for those looking to take advantage.

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Foursquare shows off its new look for local searches

The Foursquare faithful have had some time to get used social venue tracker’s Swarm option for sorting check-ins, as the outfit jettisoned the activity to a second app. Folks who didn’t want to give up the OG method were still able to tally stops, but now the redesigned search-focused software is imminent. As of tomorrow, you’ll have to use Swarm for all check-ins, and Foursquare claims that about 75 percent of your fellow users have already made the leap. What’s more, the company has a new logo to go along with the upcoming app that it’s teasing as well. Once you pipe in info on your personal tastes, follow a few experts and make a few stops, the new Foursquare will learn about your delicate sensibilities and make recommendations based on the gathered info. However, you don’t need to have Swarm installed to make use of the original app’s new focus on “personalized local search.” As you can see in the screenshots above, the directory will offer to hop over for a check-in — if you’ve installed both applications, of course. Unfortunately, there’s no date for the official arrival, but the announcement claims you’ll be leveraging the tidied up ratings and tips “really soon.”

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Twitch for Android gets updated with a brand new interface


The popular live streaming service Twitch has just updated its Android app, and with it brings a beautiful new interface as well as some other notable changes to the functionality of the app itself.

The Android app allows users on phones and tablets to watch live streams of people playing games, and if you’ve never tried out Twitch before I’d definitely recommend it – it’s strangely addictive.

The new features for Twitch version 3.0 are as follows:

  • A beautiful new interface.
  • Follow your favorite channels.
  • Brand new broadcaster profiles.
  • Chat on a channel, even when the broadcaster is offline.
  • Expanded search that is by channels, people and games.

And here’s a video demoing the new version.

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Watch This App: Strava Running and Cycling GPS



Biking, jogging, and running gets even better now that Strava offers support for Android Wear. Users can now start and stop activities using their voice, keeping smartphones tucked away neatly and securely. No more worrying about dropping your handset as you pull it out to check your stats. A wonderful app for those who spend… Read more »

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Read the rest at!

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HTC’s official Sense keyboard reaches the Play Store

sense keyboard___

HTC already has a bunch of official applications released on the Google Play Store. Time has come to do the same for their Sense keyboard app which is now available over there.

The app will unfortunately work only with HTC compatible devices. This was to be expected though. We don’t have exact information which devices/OS variations exactly, but we’re going to assume HTC One (M7) and up along with a few older models such as One X and One X+. Newer devices from the Desire line are probably also in. Anyhow, you’ll never know until you try it, but rest assured you won’t be to run it if you don’t own a HTC device. This is a really good thing for HTC users considering they’ll be able to get timely updates even without the firmware update, which is a popular trend nowadays and a really good practice.

Don’t get scared off by what we assume are Chinese characters on Google Play Store image when you open the app info page, other languages are available as well.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Police

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Twitch for Android now puts the biggest game streams front and center

Twitch 3 for Android

If you regularly catch up on eSports or “let’s play” sessions while on the move, today’s your lucky day. Twitch has revamped its Android app with a fresh interface that lets you get to the biggest game streams as quickly as possible, with impossible-to-miss links to the hottest titles. It’s also much better suited to tablets, and you can now check out both user profiles and offline channels; that’s handy if you missed a big event or want to follow someone with similar tastes. It’s much easier to sift through search results, too. The remake isn’t well-timed — it’s arriving right as Valve’s The International tournament is winding to a close — but it’s still a big deal if you like to spectate games as often as you play them.

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Perform a Nandroid backup online with this App


A Nandroid backup is a process which is performed in recovery mode to take a snapshot of the current state of your Android Operating System, along with data, settings, and a whole bunch of other information to create a backup file. This backup can then be used to restore to if you flash a bad ROM, or install a bad App, restoring with it not only a known-working Android Operating System, but all your data and Apps with it.

With this new tool you’re able to perform a Nandroid backup without having to turn off your device to enter recovery mode – perfect for backing up on the fly before installing a questionable App or changing a developer setting. That means no more missed calls or messages whilst you’re booting into recovery and performing the backup.

Do not get confused with the naming of the App however, since an online backup here is referenced not in the uploading or downloading of a backup connected to the internet, but instead in the ability to perform a backup with your phone live.

* Creates backups in the CMW 5 and 6 style or TWRP!
* Full support of the onandroid script.
* Create custom names for your backups.
* Choose what partitions get backed up.
* Scheduled backups.
* Tasker support.
* Upload backup to FTP after creating backup.

1. Rooted android phone
2. Latest version of Busybox

Online Nandroid is a free App in the Google Play Store based off a script originally developed over at XDA.

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