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New York’s anti-terror reporting app could easily cause problems

NY Gov. Cuomo Takes Part In Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

New York state is understandably more anxious than ever about terrorist threats, and it’s hoping that some mobile technology will bolster its defenses. Governor Cuomo has launched a campaign that encourages New Yorkers to use See Something, Send Something, a smartphone app that helps you report suspicious activity to officials. While the software is already in use in five states, this promises to be its biggest test yet. It’s coming to one of the most populous parts of the country, and one where terrorist attacks have been all too real.

Via: New York Daily News

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Microsoft app tries to lure you from Android to a Windows phone

Apps on a Microsoft Lumia 950

It’s true that Windows Phone (and now Windows 10 Mobile) doesn’t have as many apps as Android or iOS. However, the perception of that app deficit may be just as problematic — why would you switch to a Lumia 950 if you assumed that none of your favorite apps had Windows equivalents? Microsoft clearly isn’t happy with this state of affairs, as it just released AppComparison for Android to help set the record straight. The app (a spiritual sequel to the old Switch to Windows Phone) tries to match the Android apps on your phone with their mobile Windows counterparts, either giving you an exact parallel or the next best thing.

Via: VentureBeat

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Amazon offers a free screenwriting tool to discover new stories

Premiere Of Amazon's "Transparent" Season 2 - Red Carpet

Amazon’s original series have been on quite the run as of late, and the online retailer wants to help both aspiring and established screenwriters get their work discovered. To do just that, the company has Amazon Screenwriter: a free cloud-based app for creating screenplays for movies and television. The software provides an alternative for requisite apps that can be somewhat pricey. Of course, Amazon isn’t the first to offer a free option, with the likes of Trelby and Celtx already doing so. The Screenwriter app automatically formats as you type and supports import/export of PDF, FDX and Fountain file formats. While writers are online, work is saved in the cloud as they go and a Chrome app for Mac and PC allows for offline productivity.

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Google Fit gets real-time stats and grabs data from more wearables

Just in time to outfit your holiday workout regimen, Google its updating its Fit app with a few new features. First, the activity-tracking software now provides real-time distance, steps, pace and calorie stats for your running, walking and riding workouts. When you come to a stop for some push-ups, sit-ups or squats, you can use your Android Wear device to keep a tally of your reps before adding the total to your daily activity log. Google Fit also pulls in sleep and nutrition info from other apps and fitness trackers. If you’re using MyFitnessPal (and a host of others) to track meals or Sleep as Android, Xiaomi Mi Band, Mi Band 1S, Sony Smartband 2 or the Basis Peak to keep tabs on how well you’re resting, you’ll be able access those details for a more complete picture of your overall wellness. Looking to give it a shot? You can grab the latest version of the Android app from Google Play right here.

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Skype updates Android app so you can save video messages

Next time you receive a memorable video message on Skype that you want to keep forever, you can tap it and then choose Save to Gallery if you’re using an Android device. The messaging application has released an update that adds the capability to its Android version, along with a few other features. For instance, you can now long-press a conversation on your Recents tab to bring up a new toolbar, which gives you quick access to delete, mark as read and mute notifications buttons. The new app gives you an easy way to share images from your gallery to a group convo and forward images from one conversation to another, as well. In addition, you can now forward Mojis (these are short reaction video clips similar to GIFs) and take advantage of a better search function. Skype has already rolled out its latest Android version, and you can download the app with all these features from Google Play if you haven’t yet.

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Vine’s new feature lets you remix audio on top of existing clips

Sometimes you come across a Vine that you’d like to put your own spin on. To help make that process a little easier, the app now sports a remix tool that allows you to create new audio for the looping footage. To replace the sound on any Vine, simply hit the menu icon under a video (the three dots) and select “Make an audio remix.” From there, you can use your phone’s camera to capture your audio on select a video from your Camera Roll to pull sounds from. When browsing videos in your timeline, a music note will indicate which ones are remixes. That icon will let you view the source material, too. This is the latest in Vine’s new features that help you get the perfect sound for those looping videos, following “Snap to Beat” and access to popular song clips. What’s more, there’s a new search that allows you to search for a clip based on the song it uses. The remix tool is available on iOS starting today and the revamped search is inside both iOS and Android versions of the app.

Via: BuzzFeed

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Instagram won’t let feed-reading apps browse your pics anymore

warszawa  poland   april 01 ...

If you’re one of the few still using a third-party app to browse Instagram feeds, you’ll need to make other arrangements soon. The photo-sharing app is killing support of the feed API that allows outside apps and websites to pull in your feed as part of a larger effort to clean up its platform. With updates to its Platform Policy, Instagram will only let apps that help users share their photos access your collection of snapshots. For example, software that allows to your print your snapshots or use your Instagram photos as a profile picture will still be supported. Instagram will continue to lend a hand to advertisers and allow images and videos to be used on the web via embeds.

Via: TechCrunch

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Google search can stream apps to your Android phone

App streaming from Google search

Ever found something on the web that would be better-served by an app, but didn’t relish the thought of downloading the app to give it a shot? Google clearly has: as part of a broader mobile search revamp, it’s introducing app streaming on Android phones. Search results from certain sites (such as Chimani or HotelTonight) will give you streamed versions of their mobile apps that let you do everything you need without a permanent download. Think of it as Nextbit’s cloud-based app management taken to the next level — you only need to ‘install’ that app for that brief moment when you really need it. The feature is still in beta testing with a handful of titles right now, but Google is promising to expand the selection over time.

Source: Google Inside Search


New app to help people learn the English language


Although English is only spoken as a native language by a little more than 5% of the world’s population, it seems like it is increasingly becoming the universal language for communicating across borders and cultures. That means there is a big demand for tools to help people learn to use English and all of its peculiarities. A new app called English on the Go is now available in the Google Play Store to help with this challenge.

Developed by a team out of Canada, English on the Go combines elements of social networking to help people learn English using their smartphones. Teachers using the app can create, post and share lectures wherever they happen to be using their smartphone or tablet device. English on the Go helps teachers break lessons down into shorter snippets that focus on themes. Using a commenting system, learners can ask questions and get answers in a manner that helps everyone following a particular lesson. With the social component present, users are also able to find other users who they can practice new skills with in every day usage situations.

You can install English on the Go using the Play Store link below.

Click here to view the embedded video.


Play Store Download Link

ENGLISH ON THE GO! New App Gives Users Convenient Way to Learn English, Provides Ideal Platform for Both Teachers and Learners

08:40 ET from English On The Go

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — People who want to learn English have a convenient new tool to do so. English on the Go is a new app developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it is the world’s first English study social networking service app. English on the Go was developed by the company’s founder and CEO, Mark Kim, who, along with a team of five other developers and executives spent two years working on the concept of the app prior to being presented to the public. In addition to Kim, the team was comprised of Timothy Ways, CFO, Minsoo Kim, CTO and iOS developer, Johnny Jin, server programmer, and James Choi, Android developer.

Mark Kim became interested in being part of a language revolution when he realized that a system that helped people learn English from their own smart phones could benefit more than one billion people around the globe. “More and more internet traffic is created on mobile devices, and language education can benefit by adapting to this new reality.”

The app makes it easy for English teachers to post lectures for English learners. Teachers can create, post, and share lectures on the mobile device wherever they are using their smart phone or similar device. Lectures are broken up into shorter and easier to understand formats which are focused around a particular theme. People learning the language are able to ask and answer questions which benefit not only those students, but also other students working on the lesson. Learners are able to share English expressions with others, as well as people who are following them to explain or ask for better understanding of those expressions. The user can select a theme of an English expression. This theme will be input each time the user logs in to the app until the user changes the theme. Users can find people to follow on the social network based on expressions and lectures they have posted. This creates a practical way to better learn the langue in its everyday use. Lectures and interesting or memorable expressions can be archived and kept in an electronic “notebook”. The developers have created an algorithm for English on the Go feeds that allow a user to be located and followed based upon their input of, and usage of, themes, followers, search history, and other metrics.

App Download 
iOS app address :  
Android app address:  


This product was designed to be accessible for Android and iPhone users around the world who want to increase their English skills. People who might wish to use the app include those who plan a trip to an English speaking country, and also students who want to improve their English skills, or people who plan to move to an English speaking country.


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Amazon reveals it’s starting Black Friday a week early

As Thanksgiving approaches Americans look forward to not only eating turkey, cranberries, stuffing and mashed potatoes, but also look forward to one of the best shopping days of the year, Black Friday. Amazon has announced that they are starting this year’s Black Friday eight days early with some unique twists involved. The deals will begin on November 20, with new deals added as often as every five minutes for eight straight days. Amazon is calling their special eight day sale the Eight Days of Holiday Deals.


There will be ten coveted “Deals of the Day” starting at midnight on Thanksgiving(Nov. 26), with ten more for Black Friday. Black Friday is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and in 2014 $50.0 billion was spent on this day, with 133 million customers participating in the sales. Places like Amazon, Walmart and Target all play off the hysteria of Black Friday, and offer some of the most incredible deals of the year.


New twist for Amazon app users only

This year, Amazon will select 150 hand-picked Lightning Deals on everything from electronics to kitchen gadgets only through the Amazon Mobile Shopping App available on Android, iOS, and Fire OS. These deals can be found on the “App Only Deals” tab and will be released daily from 3 PM PT to 11 PM PT starting Thanksgiving through Wednesday, December 9. In addition, Prime members in 20 metro areas can use the dedicated Prime Now mobile app to enjoy free two-hour delivery on select Deals of the Day throughout the holiday season.

“Customers can truly sit back and relax with their family and friends this holiday season knowing that they will be notified as soon as the products they’ve had their eye on are about to go on sale,” said Steve Shure, Vice President, Amazon Consumer Marketing. “Year after year, more and more customers shop for deals on Amazon from the comfort of their own home, and we continue to make that process even more convenient for them. And with App Only Deals, customers will have plenty of options when it comes to scoring great deals from Amazon.”

Following are examples of some of the top deals that will be available at various times between November 20 and Black Friday at



Books, Music & Video Games:

  • 80% off Transformers: The Covenant of Primus
  • Save more than 50% on Deathstroke Volume 1 Book and Mask Set
  • Save on more than 10 autographed CDs, including Kenny Rogers, Megadeth, and more (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Save 15% or more on select vinyl records
  • Save $20 on Need for Speed
  • Save $30 on Rock Band 4 Wireless Guitar Bundle
  • $50 off Xbox One Consoles
  • $50 off PlayStation 4 Uncharted Bundle
  • $25 off Metal Gear Solid V
  • Hundreds of PC download deals up to 70% off

Amazon Prime members will get 30-minutes early access to the majority of these Lightning Deals. So if you’re not a member it might be worth looking into a membership for $99 which includes free two-day shipping on many items. Shopping on Amazon is a great way to avoid the crowds and the cold temperatures. Enjoy your family and shop from the comfort of your own home.

Amazon has a gift guide which can be found by following this link.

Oprah Winfrey also has a selection of her favorite things on too.




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