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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is shipping (but only if you’ve already ordered)

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Did you plunk down $39 for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick as soon as you heard about its promise of low-cost, full-featured streaming? If so, we have good news: as promised, Amazon has started shipping its Chromecast rival to people who ordered early. Unfortunately, those are the only people who can expect to get a Fire TV Stick in the near future… or any time this year, for that matter. Amazon is telling new customers that their orders won’t ship until at least January 15th, 2015, or well after everyone has unwrapped their holiday presents. Unless your gift recipients are cool with IOUs, you’ll have to snag a Chromecast, a Roku Streaming Stick or another “close enough” alternative.

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Huawei’s 2015 lineup revealed!!!


It looks like Huawei has a few pretty exciting handsets in the pipeline for next year.  One is the Ascend Mate8 which is the successor to the venerable Mate7.  The Mate8 will have a 2K resolution display, the new Kirin 930 chipset and should be available next fall, retailing for about $650.

That’s not the only high powered handset in Huawei’s stable though.  The Ascend D8 should be the companies flagship handset next year, it will feature a 5.5″ screen with a 2K resolution.  The Ascend D8 is rumored to have 4 GB of RAM, a 64-bit Kirin 950 processor and 64 GB of internal memory crammed inside.  This powerhouse should land sometime in May and retail for about $800.

There will also be successors to other handsets in Huawei’s lineup as well.  One of Huawei’s most popular handsets, the Ascend P7, will get a successor called the P8, which should be announced at CES in January.  The Ascend P8 is rumored to sport a 5″ screen with a 1080p display, a Kirin 930 chipset (the same as the Mate8), 3 GB of RAM and retail for about $490.  Throughout the year we should see numerous other handsets released as well, such as the Ascend 5, 5X, 7 and 7X.  Prices should start at $115 for the entry level Ascend 5 and increase up to $320 for the more powerful Ascend 7X.  It looks like Huawei is bringing their A game for 2015 with a strong lineup.  Just about anyone should be able to find a handset that pleases them in Huawei’s lineup.

Huawei 2015 roadmap

Source PhoneArena


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Roaming Hunger Debuts on Android

roaming hunger

Living in an urban area has a lot of advantages.  Live music, sporting events, and street fairs are some of the great things available to those who call a city home. The last few years rental prices have increased and the millennial palate has become more sophisticated.  The market has responded with the a cheap, mobile, and delicious alternative:  the food truck.  No longer are these machines reviled as roach coaches.  They can be found near trendy late night spots and the parking lots of many Silicon Valley companies.

Roaming Hunger has been the go to iOS app for those wanting to track their favorite food trucks while they too are on the go.  Today, the West Hollywood based company has made the foray into the Android space by releasing a full featured version of their already popular app.  Roaming Hunger is a service that tracks food trucks in most major North American metro areas and extends as far as Hawaii.  With features like real-time truck location, the ability to sort through favorite trucks like a playlist, and photos of menus this app should make any Android foodie very happy.  Download the app from Google Play and give it a spin.

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Runtastic Pro: For when you don’t want to track a workout while carrying a phone [‘Watch’ This App]

Taking your phone on a workout is obnoxious at best, and damaging to your phone at worst. You run the risk of water damage or some unfortunate fall, while also having to carry around a clunky, and during a particularly hard work out, a pretty heavy device. The Runtastic Pro app could be the app… Read more »

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Read the rest at!

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Dracos: high on visuals and audio but lacking in control (game review)


Why train one dragon, when you can train two in Comunique’s latest release Dracos.

Concentrate….Concentrate….Game Over. This is something you will have to get used to when playing Dracos. Utilizing both of your thumbs to control two dragons while they hurdle through a fantastic universe dodging geometrical obstacles will definitely call for deep concentration. However, the lack of concentration isn’t the culprit for all your failed attempts. Like most mobile games, the absence of physical controls hinder the gameplay, sometimes making the game unplayable. Unfortunately, Dracos has become another victim of this pitfall.

The game has a bit of a learning curve when trying to figure out how to maneuver the dragons in a semi-circular motion while avoiding obstacles. Once you figure that out, the amount of focus required does add a nice element to the game. The geometric visuals and vibrant music help you get into a rhythm, until you slightly skew your thumb and poof, the game is over.

There is a universal consensus that on-screen controls will never account for physical controls, although there are many ways to accommodate for the lack thereof. Assigning each half of the screen as a controller for a dragon or giving the user the ability to size and move the controls are two approaches many game developers have taken to fill this gap.

Overall, the geometric visuals and concentrated gameplay accent the game, but still not enough to overcome the poor controls the game has to offer.

What We Liked

  • Geometric Visuals
  • Vibrant Music
  • Concentration Factor

Room for Improvement

  • The Controls
  • The Controls
  • The Controls

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Backup and restore your Android apps via Chrome with Helium

Helium Backup

Koushik Dutta is known quite well around the Android community. From the ClockworkMod ROM Manager, to AllCast (which is making it’s way to iOS), and Helium. Formerly known as Carbon, Helium is an application that is designed to help you back up and restore all of your Android apps without needing to root your device. There are some “complicated” steps, such as plugging your device into your computer, but that’s about the extent of it.

Well, Koush has released an accompanying Chrome web app by the same name, Helium, and this is to help those ChromeOS users with backing their apps and information up on the go. Now you will still need to have the Android application installed on your device of choice, in order for Helium to work properly. From there, all you will need to do is plug your device into your computer and things should be working. 

Helium will work on any desktop running Chrome, including ChromeOS and Linux. Now you will need to enable ADB before you can use Helium with Linux computers, but after that is finished, everything should be smooth sailing. We must note that if you are planning to update your devices to Lollipop, that Helium MAY not work completely. It’s a little too early to tell, but if you rely on Helium a lot, then it’s probably better to hold off until compatibility can be thoroughly checked.

There are two versions of the Helium app available. There is a lite version, which only allows you to backup and restore to your SD card or to your PC is available for free. The premium version of Helium is $4.99, but has the following features:

  • No ads
  • Automatic Backup schedules
  • Android to Android sync
  • Cloud backup and restore via DropBox, Box, and Google Drive

Personally, when it comes backups, I don’t like to play around with that, and happily paid for the $4.99 premium version. What do you use to backup all of your Android apps and data? Helium could definitely make a run at being the perfect replacement, especially with this new app for Chrome.

Chrome Web Store For Helium

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Android TV apps will be screened by Google before being available in the Play Store


It seems that Google is changing things a bit with its new Android TV platform compared to Android in other places. According to Google’s app distribution page, under Android TV it says the following:

Before distributing apps to the Play Store on Android TV devices, our team reviews apps for usability with a DPAD (apps) and Gamepad (games only) and other quality guidelines.

Now before everyone gets all huffy and puffy about how Android is supposed to be open and that Android Wear doesn’t have these types of guidelines, think about this: Android TV is much different in terms of functionality and interaction. While Android phones and Android Wear you interact with directly with a touchscreen, Android TV is all by remote. Not only does this require a different type of interaction, but it can cause issues if not implemented properly. Also, Users are not going to want to swim through as many small-time developer apps as they would for phones and Wear. In my opinion, I applaud Google for taking the extra step to check the apps heading to their new platform to ensure a good experience. If you remember Google TV, many apps were buggy and didn’t work well, and they ended up putting that platform down. So they want to do things different this time around.

It’ll be interesting to see how developers react to this and how the experience on Android TV differs from that of Google TV.

via Android Police

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Get in the spirit with these winter wallpapers for your Android


It’s the time of year to feel jolly and what better way to get into the spirit than with the hottest festive winter wallpapers for your Android device.

Here you’ll find the best wallpapers that will have you feeling the Christmas spirit and embracing that winter weather outside.

All you have to do is click on the wallpaper you want, download to your device and set it as your wallpaper.

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Artificial intelligence is now creating its own magic tricks


You might not have to be a professional magician to come up with clever tricks in the near future. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have developed artificial intelligence that can create magic tricks (specifically, those based on math) all on its own. Once their program learns the basics of creating magic jigsaws and “mind reading” stunts, it can generate many variants of these tricks by itself. This could be particularly handy if you like to impress your friends on a regular basis — you could show them a new card trick every time without having to do much work.

The best part? You can try some of these computer-generated tricks yourself. The 12 Magicians of Osiris magic jigsaw is available as a web pack, and you can download the Android component for one card trick, Phoney, from Google Play. Neither will give you as much satisfaction as developing tricks from scratch, but they’re proof that computers can do more with math than solve equations.

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Google Keep adds list and note sharing for increased productivity

Google Keep has become a modest alternative to Evernote for those looking to keep their entire workflow within the confines of Mountain View’s app arsenal. With today’s update, the productivity software will allow you to share those idea boards and to-do lists amongst your cohorts so that everyone who’s privy to the info knows exactly what needs to be done. The new version also offers improved search that filters notes by color, sharing, images and more. Now that you can find and distribute items easily, there’s really no excuse for someone forgetting the milk. In addition to outfitting Android devices, the sharing feature is available for use on the web and via the Chrome Web Store.

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