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Listen to Beats 1 Radio on your Android device now

Do you want to see what all the hype behind Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio is about? Well since released yesterday alongside Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio is taking off and exciting everyone everywhere. In case you weren’t aware Beats 1 is a 24-hour radio station that provides live DJ’s from 3 different areas of the world.

When Apple Music was announced at last month’s WWDC, Apple was sure to announce that the service would also come to Android devices. However, that isn’t expected to drop until later this year. In the mean time, there are a few ways for you to listen to at least the Beats Radio 1 music station.

A Twitter user by the name of TheRumbler found a URL hidden in Apple Music and has decided to embed the URL into his site. This allows folks to play and listen to Beats 1 from wherever they are, regardless of the device.

All you need to do is click the link found here, and get to listening. Let us know what you think about Beats 1 and if you are excited for the release of Apple Music for Android devices when it comes later this year.

Source: Phandroid

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HTC & Verizon offer $100 Google Play Credit

For the next 60 days, with the purchase of an HTC One M9 at Verizon, customers will receive a $100 Google Play credit to use towards music, movies, games, or apps.

The offer is available exclusively on the Verizon HTC One M9 between 7/1/15 and 8/31/15. A credit activation code will be emailed after submission of Proof of Purchase and other requested information at The offer expires on, and must be added to a Google Wallet account by 9/30/2015. Once added, a credit must be used on or before 9/30/2016.

For further details check out the HTC site.

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Ziggy Zombies: zig-zag roads of fun (app review)

ziggy zombies logoWe are all aware of the Zombie Apocalypse that never comes, and what to do when it does. Countless games and movies have been made about it, and of course, there are numerous ways to kill a zombie. Ziggy Zombies is one such game that will make running over zombies a fun-filled experience.

There are some pretty intense zombie killing games out in the Google Play Store that deliver a really immersive game experience with all the shooting and killing. However, if you are looking for a unique game then Ziggy Zombies is your kind of game. TinyBytes has recently released this fun zig-zag driving game that will keep you on your toes without the bloodshed.

The gameplay is extremely simple. You have to just tap the screen to change the direction of your car. There is a good variety of map scenarios like halloween, snow, or just your regular zombie-infected neighborhood. Ziggy Zombies is very fast paced and requires good reflexes to play. You start with a normal car which can be switched for another vehicle as you progress. As you drive your vehicle down the zig-zag roads, there is also an indicator which keeps telling you how many zonbies you crushed so far.

The game is ad-supported, and there is an option to remove the ads, as well as an in-app store to purchase more vehicles. There are many vehicles to choose from starting with a car, to a truck, tractor or even a tank! Ziggy Zombies promises endless hours or gameplay and you will certainly come back for more even if you play it once. The soundtrack is also pretty good and the unity game engine delivers crisp, clear graphics as well. Ziggy Zombies is a total time killer!

ziggy zombies (2)
ziggy zombies (1)
ziggy zombies
ziggy zombies (4)
ziggy zombies (3)

One thing that really bugged me was the occasional choppiness or lag that came into play. There was some mildly frustrating frame skipping at times that made me put it down. I hope a future update will get rid of this. Also, the ads kind of interrupt the gameplay, since they often block off your screen. It would be better if the developer had left it off on the top of the screen instead of the huge pop-ups.

What we like:

  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Good graphics and sound
  • Good replayability factor

What needs improvement:

  • Occasional lag in gameplay
  • Ads placement

At the end of the day, I do pick up my phone and play Ziggy Zombies once more before going to bed. Yes, its really interesting. Check out the download link below and give it a try. Let us know how many zombies you killed or if you beat my high score (69).

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Aviate’s ‘Smart Stream’ is Yahoo’s version of Google Now

Yahoo has given Aviate its first major makeover since acquiring it in 2014, completely replacing its contextual panel called “Spaces” with a new feature called “Smart Stream.” This “stream” surfaces different cards throughout the day, depending on your location and activity. Sound familiar? Yep, the company might not admit it, but it’s obviously Mayer and team’s answer to Google Now. According to its official announcement, a card can pop up with nearby restos once you walk into a different city or town. It can also show live scores of games you’ve been waiting for and can put music apps to the top of the app list when you plug in a pair of headphones. Unfortunately, a quick peek at the reviews on Google Play shows that a lot of users aren’t happy with the drastic change — one reviewer even exclaimed “We don’t need another Google Now!” After all, people who do like Google Now will use it instead of something that looks like it.

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Source: Yahoo, Google Play


YouTube app for Android and iOS now supports 60 FPS playback

Google’s been systematically rolling out high frame rate (HFR) video — that’s 60 frames per second — across its YouTube ecosystem for a couple of months now. HFR debuted on standard videos last October. It hit YT’s live streaming service in May and today Google announced that the YouTube mobile app for both iOS and Android will now feature 60 FPS playback. Now you’ll be able to follow Far Cry 4 walkthroughs on your mobile device with the same silky smooth playback that you see on your TV.

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VPNs may not protect your information as well as you think

grey keyboard red enter button lock symbol leak

VPNs (virtual private networks) are a popular choice for sidestepping censorship and geographic restrictions on services like Netflix with more than 20 percent of Europeans using them. However, researchers at the Queen Mary, University of London recently examined 14 of the region’s most popular VPN providers and found nearly all of them leaked information about their users to some degree. These leaks ranged from minor, ie what site you visited, to major infractions including the actual content of your communications.

The researchers believe this vulnerability is due to network operators updating to the new IPV6 protocol while the 11 leaking VPNs still only support IPV4 traffic. It should be noted, however, that sites using HTTPS were immune to the team’s hacking attempts — both passive traffic sniffing and active DNS hijacks. Additionally, the team found that VPNs running on iOS devices leaked far less info than their counterparts on Android.

“There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to hide their identity online and it’s worrying that they might be vulnerable despite using a service that is specifically designed to protect them,” Dr Gareth Tyson, the study’s co-author, said in a statement. “We’re most concerned for those people trying to protect their browsing from oppressive regimes. They could be emboldened by their supposed anonymity while actually revealing all their data and online activity and exposing themselves to possible repercussions.”

[Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto]

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Source: Queen Mary, University of London


Meizu announces the all new MX5

Meizu is all set to bring the latest iteration of its MX series into the smartphone market. Meizu just unveiled the all new MX5. The new handset offers flagship spec’s at pretty low end price.


Meizu MX5 is equipped with a 5.5 inch FullHD AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla glass for protection. The handset comes with 16/32/64GB internal storage options. With 3GB of RAM, this handset will be powerful enough to hold all type of multitasking and gaming. The whole package is driven by  MediaTek’s MT6795T Helio X10 processor coupled with the PowerVR G6200 GPU.

In the optics department, the handset features 20.7-megapixel rear facing camera and a 5-megapixel front facing camera. The rear facing camera is also equipped with laser-aided focus which will result in better low light performance. The camera is also capable of recording videos in 4k and slo-mo upto 100-fps at 720p.

The all-new MX5 also features fingerprint sensor in front, just like the one in the MX Pro. However, the sensor has been upgraded to version 2.0, bringing speed and accuracy to fingerprint detection. The company also improved security on software level. Meizu has also included fast charging capabilities which brings the device to 60% in just 40 minutes. The handset is a dual-sim phone, with 4G LTE enabled on both of the sim slots.

The MX5 also boasts unibody metal design and is just 7.6mm thin.The device will be running company’s own skin i.e FlymeOS 4.5 on top of Android Lollipop. Meizu MX5 is available in silver, dark grey and champagne gold colors, starting at just CNY 1800 ($290) for the base 16GB model, CNY 1,999 ($322) for 32GB model and the 64GB model will set you back for CNY 2,399 ($390).

Source : Meizu via GSMArena


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Top Android devices speed test: the winner is clear

There’s a reason Samsung just became the top smartphone manufacturer in the U.S thanks to their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices; they just got pitted up against the best smartphones available on the market right now, and it was a whitewash.

Except for 3 categories, the Galaxy S6 ranked first in all the other benchmark and tests. The only ones it didn’t win in was the Camera Open Time and Basemark OSII Memory, where it placed 2nd, and the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, where it placed 3rd.

The sheer speed and performance of the Galaxy S6 is clear that it is the best Android smartphone you can buy on the market, in terms of raw performance. Experience may be another story.


When it comes to experience, the HTC One M9 takes the crown, at least on paper. Yet more argument for TouchWiz optimisation on the Galaxy S6 to further compliment the performance it is clearly capable of.

What else is significantly clear from the speed test performed is that the Snapdragon 810 is as much of a disappointment as expected.

What do you think of the results? Are you surprised? Drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

VIA: SAM Mobile

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Galaxy S6 sales help Samsung to leapfrog Apple in the U.S market

Thanks to Samsung, and somewhat to LG with the G3, Android’s share of the U.S market rose by 2.8 percent to 64.9 percent during the three-month period ending in May. Not only this, but Samsung had such a good time with their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales that the company have overtaken Apple to regain the lead of the U.S smartphone market.

We’ve already heard how well the Galaxy S6 is meeting internal targets, and this has help the company leapfrog their direct competitor.

The story is all good news across the pond, however, with Android market share dropping by 2.9 percent across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain combined, where the Apple made iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus continues to rise.

“Britain remains the iOS stronghold, forcing Android vendors to rely more on winning customers from Apple than from other Android players,” said Dominic Sunnebo, business unit director at Kantar. “In the three months ending in May, only 5% of new Android buyers came from Apple, compared to 11% for the same period in 2014.”

Of course, Android has market saturation over iOS, so the distribution numbers of subjective, but for Samsung to overtake Apple as the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the U.S is quite a feat, one that will certainly not go unnoticed from Samsung’s rivals.

SOURCE: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech

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Candymon review: sugar crazed monsters unleashed

Participating in one of my favorite hobbies, casual gaming, on Android is a tough task to achieve.  As a casual gamer, I need a fun and  intriguing game that is challenging, although not too challenging, and has a high replayability factor. In Sugar Land, where Candymon is set, you’re tasked to be a hero in a colourful, fun, endless-flyer adventure to free cute monsters  locked away by evil magic.


In order to play Candymon, you have to use two hands (use both your thumbs) to control your monsters flying. The objective is to feed your monster candy. Candy monsters earn a heart after each candy they eat. Hearts increase the monster’s stamina, and when stamina is at full power, Candymons go on a sugar rush and transform into gigantic flying monsters and wreck stuff! That may sound easy, but you have to be careful not to run into bombs, shooters, and more obstacles.

Upgrades in this game apply to weapons, furniture, clothing accessories and more. You can earn upgrades in the game or by good old-fashioned in-app purchases ranging from $0.99-$49.99


Candymon took over 2 years to be completed. Time and patience paid off, as the game is colorful, detailed, and crisp. I couldn’t help but from time to time think of Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph while playing this game due to the candies and vibrant colors. The controls are easy to use and stay out of the way. The monsters are creative cartoon-y enabling an interesting game-play while propelling side-to-side in the air.


The immersive colors, monsters, goals, and smooth game play contribute to Candymon being a game that you can play leisurely or play for hours.

What we liked What Needs Improvement
Beautiful Graphics More Levels
Addictive Game-play Redundant game-play
Creative Cartoony Characters


The casual gaming category is jam-packed with content. Yet, Candymon manages to fly away from the competition. Candymon is entertaining with colors popping off the screen beautifully. Immersed with challenging game play and goals that are just fun enough to keep even the most casual gamer playing for hours.

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