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Check out these 7 great cases for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a beautiful phone. The newly designed Galaxy S line has gotten praise from reviewers and customers for it’s beautiful looks and premium feel. But the S6 Edge is one of the most breakable phones out there. The curved screen and glass backing need protection. Here are 7 options to protect your S6 Edge that all have free shipping from Amazon.

Urban Armor Gear

This is the case I currently have on my Note 5 and I swear by it. Urban Armor Gear focuses on making military grade protection, but they’ve done it in a way that doesn’t add much bulk or weight to your phone. The case cradles your phone to prevent scratches and damage and the corners are built up further than the rest of the case for impact protection. It’s weighs only a hair over an ounce and measures 5.8 inches x 0.52 inches x 3 inches, which adds next to no bulk to the phone.

You can pick up the Urban Armor Gear case in one of two colors for $25.99 with free Prime Shipping

Product Link: Urban Armor Gear

Samsung Protective Cover

The Samsung Protective Cover comes straight from Samsung so you know it’s going to be designed perfectly for the phone. It’s a hard plastic case that covers the back and corners of the phone with a nice accent color. You can choose Gold, Green or Black or you can choose the clear back option that has a see through backing with an accent color of Black, Gold, Green or Silver on the side. Since the sides are open, you have access to all your buttons and ports and this is about as lightweight as you can get.

You can pick up the Samsung Protective Cover in one of seven color combinations for only $12.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Samsung

Fashion Case Real Cherry Wood with Laser Engraved Designs

This is definitely the most unique case on the list. Fashion Case is the company and they’re offering for pre-order four different designs of their Cherry Wood Laser Engraved Case. The cases are, as the product name suggests, real Cherry Wood and have designs of Buddha, a flower, grass or an hourglass etched into them. This 100% real natural rosewood case is made natural eco-friendly wood materials and is hard polished and sprayed with two layers of coating to protect the etching. And your case will be unique. Because of different grain patterns, no two cases will look exactly the same.

Amazingly, these cases are only $15.99. You can pick one up for pre-order in one of the four designs we mentioned and it’ll ship for free in December with Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Fashion Case

Obliq Dual Poly Bumper

The Dual Poly Bumper case by Obliq reminds us a lot of the Spigen Neo Hybrid case. And that’s a good thing. The Neo Hybrid is one of the most popular cases on the planet right now due to its light weight, strong composition and great price. The Obliq Dual Poly Bumper matches the Neo Hybrid in looks protection and beats it in price by $5. It has a dual layer case to protect from drops and scratches and comes with three different bumper frame colors to suit your mood.

You can grab the Obliq Dual Poly Bumper one of three combinations: Gold, Silver, and Black, White, Pink and Blue Topaz or Green Emerald, Pink and White. It’ll run you $14.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Obliq

Caseology Customization Fusion Hybrid Cover

The Caseology Fusion Hybrid Cover is a hard plastic case that covers the corners of your phone to protect them from falls, but also has a clear back. Clear backs are great so you can see that beautiful glass back of your phone but Caseology lets you personalize your case. There’s DIY case customization instructions to help you perfectly place the design or picture you desire on the back of the case to give it a design that can’t be replicated. Even if you decide not to customize the case, it looks great out of the box.

It comes with five colors, Gold, Pink, Silver, Metallic Black and Turquoise Mint and will only run you $12.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Caseology

Poetic Affinity Series

If you’re looking for more protection for your Galaxy S6 Edge, this is the case for your. The Poetic Affinity Series provides excellent drop protection with a hard back shell that won’t easily be damaged and a fortified, dense TPU bumper that disperses shocks throughout the body. There is a raised lip to also protect your screen from face down falls and the molded edges help you hold onto your phone to prevent drops. The frosted back glass still gives you a glimpse at your phone while the bumper on the side comes in one of three accent colors.

You can pick up the Poetic Affinity Series for $14.95 in Black, Gold or Grey with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Poetic

SQdeal 4200mAh Battery Case with Kickstand

And finally this week we’re going to end with a battery case. The Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t get the best battery life in the world so it’s useful to have one of these around. The SQdeal case comes with a battery capacity of 4200mAh, which will charge your phone from 0 to 100% with a little bit left over. There’s also a kickstand to keep your phone propped up when viewing media on the gorgeous Quad-HD display. And at $15, you can’t go wrong!

You can pick up the SQdeal 4200mAh Battery Case with Kickstand from Amazon for $15.99 with free shipping.

Product Link: SQdeal

Did we miss the case you’re currently rocking? Let us know down in the comments what YOU think the best case for the Galaxy S6 Edge is and if you’re going to pick up anything from the list.

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Flipbelt is the workout accessory for pocketless days at the gym, track or amusement park

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Fanny-packs are so 1980. I am willing to admit that I owned a fanny-pack, but my use was on the river while fishing. They made a great accessory to keep flies, line, leader, hooks and other gear easily at hand. No one, well, almost no one, has the classic fanny-pack close at hand for trips to the gym or run down the street. Those who are out to workout typically also get clothing to keep movement unrestricted and light. That clothing doesn’t garner pockets for your keys, ID, phone or other things that you might need to keep on your person while attempting to keep fit. Anyone who has gone for a run with a phone, wallet and keys in their pockets know how annoying the extra weight and swinging is too. Flipbelt could be your answer to staying fit while keeping your essentials easily handy and not looking like you might have recently cut off your mullet.

The Flipbelt is a tubular waist pack that is reversible to keep your essentials easy at hand, or protected against your body. It is made from high quality Micropoly/lyrca fabric and the pockets are stretchy to fit even our biggest phones, like the Note line. The rear offers up a reflective logo so vehicles can see you better while hitting the streets in low to no light conditions. It looks like a pretty useful accessory to have for the gadget minded active lifestyler.

The Flipbelt comes in 9 colors and 5 sizes ranging from 22″ to 38″. Knowing your waist size will make sure you get the Flipbelt that fits you best. It certainly looks cooler than a fanny-pack and serves just as many uses. For instance, hitting the golf course, walking the dog, wearing those board shorts that don’t have enough pockets, riding, climbing or any other activity or situations where things in pockets are annoying. The Flipbelt isn’t terribly expensive either, coming in at $27.99 right now on Amazon. Even though summer is over here in the states, your fitness routines will continue indoors, grab a Flipbelt to make that time less annoying.

Flipbelt on Amazon

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Check out these 7 cases to protect your Galaxy S6

Protecting your cell phone is important. One of the first things most of us do is search for a case either while we’re still in the store or after we get home. AndroidGuys is here to help you get the best case you can for your Galaxy S6. We’re going to be taking a look at three different categories today. Ultra protection, barely-there and in-between. All of the cases on our list have 4 stars or greater and free Prime shipping from Amazon. Here are our choices for some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Ultra Protection

If you drop your phone a lot or just want to make sure your phone lasts for the full two years of your contract or financing agreement, these are the cases for you.

OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox is the biggest name in phone protection. They’ve been doing it longer and better than anyone else. The Defender Series is the most popular line that OtterBox offers due to its multi-layer design that absorbs shocks and keeps scratches away. While it’s one of the top heavy-duty cases, it’s also deceptively light-weight. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces the Defender Series keeps your device protected without adding a lot of heft.

You can pick up the OtterBox Defender Series in one of four colors for about $31 with free Prime Shipping.

Product link: OtterBox Defender Series

Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged

Spigen is one of the most well respected case makers around due to their high quality and low prices. You can almost always find a design to fit the needs for your flagship phone because Spigen tries to protect just about everything out there. Their Capsule Ultra Rugged case is a great combination of protection and looks. It has a distinct design that covers makes your phone stand out while keeping it protected from those nasty falls and scratches. One of the best features of the Capsule Ultra Rugged is how slim it is. It’s one of the smallest cases on the list so it doesn’t bulk up your phone.

You can pick up the Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged case for $11.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged

SUPCASE Water Resistant Rugged Case with built in screen protector

If you’re looking to protect your phone from more than just the drops and scratches, this may be the one for you. For $20, you can pick up this rugged case from SUPCASE that protects from splashes and spills and comes with three different backs so you can change the color whenever you want. The case has two layers, a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) core and Polycarbonate (PC) outer case, and a built in screen protector to extend the scratch protection to the screen. SUPCASE also included covers for the auxiliary jack and charging port, so you can keep water and dust out. Note that this isn’t a case you should take your phone with you while swimming, but it definitely should protect you in case of an accidental splash or two.

You can pick up the SUPCASE Waster Resistant Rugged case with built in screen protector and three backings for $19.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: SUPCASE Rugged Case

Barely There

Swees Transparent TPU Case

Sometimes less is more. If you want a case that will protect your phone but has less bulk, the Swees Transparent TPU Case may be the one for you. As the name indicates, it is transparent so you can see that beautiful glass back and the aluminum sides of your Galaxy S6. Since it’s made out of TPU it’s also going to add a fair bit of grip to your phone too. The S6 is a pretty slippery phone so this is definitely a huge plus for this case. There’s a raised lip to protect your screen and it’s easy to take on and off. This case from Swees has the recipe for success.

You can pick up the Swees Transparent TPU Case for only $4.99 with free Prime Shipping

Product Link: Swees Transparent TPU Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

The Liquid Crystal case from Spigen is a lot like the Swees Transparent TPU case in the aspect that it focuses on a nice transparent case and doesn’t add a lot of bulk. Spigen advertises that the Liquid Crystal case is the thinnest and lightest Samsung Galaxy S6 case on the market and that the urethane coating they use prevents discoloration. Part of the advantage of the Liquid Crystal Case is that there is an anti-smudge inner dot design that creates a buffer between the TPU case and glass back. This protects your phone from not only fingerprints but scratches and provides some drop protection as well.

You can pick up the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for $10.99 with free Prime Shipping

Product Link: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

In Between

Caseology Wavelength

The Caseology Wavelength series is one of the best looking cases on the market. The dual layer TPU and Polycarbonate case will protect your phone from drops while looking good doing it. This is a case that will fit in no matter the situation. You could be in a business meeting or just out with your friends and it won’t look out of place. There are precise cut outs for all of your ports and a camera cut out big enough that the flash won’t rebound back into the lens. And no matter what your taste, Caseology is going to have a design for you with 37 color combinations to choose from.

You can pick up the Caseology Wavelength case in one of 37 combinations for only $17.99 with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Caseology Wavelength

Obliq Slim Meta Case

The Slim Meta case from Obliq is one of the thinnest, full coverage cases out there. This shock-resistant case is made out of TPU and in addition to being shock resistant, the Slim Meta case promises to keep your device free from scratches. There’s a lip that barely comes over the front of the case so it can protect your screen from face down falls while not impacting your ability to swipe in from the side, a common action in Android today. It looks great with an airbrushed, two-tone design.

You can pick up the Obliq Slim Meta case in a number of colors for only $14.55 with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: Obliq Slim Meta Case

What are your suggestions for cases for the Galaxy S6? Let us know in the comments what your favorite case is.

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Here are 6 cases to check out for your new Note 5

So you have your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s beautiful, right? Protecting that pretty, new and expensive phone is important. We’re here to help with our picks of the 6 best cases on Amazon that qualify for free Prime Shipping for that beautiful Note 5.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon

Spigen is pretty much the biggest name in cell phone cases right now. They make cases for most manufacturers and have a ton of designs, from barely there to max protection. The Neo Hybrid Carbon is a bit of a new take on their extremely popular Neo Hybrid line. The Neo Hybrid Carbon is exactly the same except for the backing now has a carbon fiber texture to add to the looks and grip.

With the Neo Hybrid Carbon you get a ton of protection due to a hard polycarbonate (PC) Frame bumper wrapping around a thethethermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell. The Neo Hybrid Carbon is able to provide drop protection without adding a lot of bulk to the phone, which is why it’s so popular. It also comes over the top of the screen so there’s some protection for face down falls and has metalized buttons so you don’t lose the awesome clickiness of the Note 5’s buttons.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid carbon is $17.99 and has 4.5 stars with over 150 reviews. You can pick it up on Amazon with free Prime Shipping in one of three colors, Gunmetal, Dante Red, or Metal Slate.

Product Link: Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

SUPCASE, much like Spigen, is one of the most important names in smartphone accessories out there today. They make very high quality cases that retail on the low end of the spectrum while still providing stylish looks and protection to their customers. The Unicorn Beetle, which is the weirdest name ever, is a case built on style and protection.

The Unicorn Beetle is made out of soft TPU and PC meaning that it can take a punch and keep on looking good. There’s a nice subtle curve to the area in the middle of the case that allows you to grip the phone easier while maintaining its great design. The Unicorn Beetle doesn’t take away from the Note 5’s beauty! It comes with a “Frosted Glass” back so you can still clearly see the gorgeous glass back Samsung chose for the Note 5.

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle ranges from $9.99 for the frost/blue design to $14.99 black/black design has 4.5 stars with over 90 customer ratings. You can pick it up on Amazon with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

Ringke Fusion Crystal

Ringke simply makes some of the best cases on the market. If you’re looking for something super slim to protect your phone, Ringke is probably the company you want to look for. I use the Ringke Ultra Thin case as my daily case on my personal Note 5 and absolutely love it. The Fusion Crystal is a case that takes that ultra thin protection and adds a clear view to the mix.

Like we said at the beginning of the post, Samsung makes some of the sexiest phones on the planet. Protection is important but you still want to enjoy the design of the phone. The Fusion Crystal is the perfect compromise of those two mindsets. Ringke goes one step further than most case makers and has actually added dust caps for the charging port and audio jack to keep that dirt and dust away.

The Ringke Fusion Crystal ranges from $10.99 to $14.99 with a range of designs for the back. It has a 4.5 star rating with over 200 ratings and you can pick it up with free Prime Shipping.

Product Link: Ringke Fusion Crystal

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear as a company does one thing, and does it incredibly well, protect your cell phone. Their cases meet military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6). That’s seriously impressive. Not only do they protect your phone like no other but they look really good doing it.

The case has an Armor Shell and an impact resistant Soft Core to make sure your phone doesn’t take any impact or get scratched up within the case from a drop. Many cases protect against falls from a foot or two but, Urban Armor Gear is for the type of people who accidentally drive over their phone.

The Urban Armor Gear case for the Note 5 ranges from $29.95 to $32.06 depending on which of the 6 colors you choose and has a 4.5 stars with more than 25 ratings. You can pick it up with free Prime shipping and have to your door just in case drop your phone out of your car going over 100 MPH.

Product Link: Urban Armor Gear

Rock Synthetic Leather Flip Case

Rock is a company that I’m just getting familiar with but they look like one of those companies whose strategy is to do it better and cheaper than everyone else to build up their name. And it looks like it’s working. The Rock Synthetic Leather Flip Case has a ton of positive reviews and looks great.

Made with a minimalist style the Flip Case doesn’t cover up the bottom of your phone so that you have easy access to your charging port, audio jack and S-Pen with no issues. The flip case on front is raised around the home button so there are no accidental presses and protects your phone from scratches and drops.

The Rock Synthetic Leather Flip Case ranges from $10.59 to $10.99 across their three colors, black, blue and champagne gold. You can pick up one of these perfectly 5 star rated cases with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: Rock Synthetic Leather Flip Case

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox is THE name in cell phone protection. There have recently been some companies like LifeProof releasing cases that offer great protection but OtterBox is the original, and according to many, the best, at cell phone protection. But many people have shied away from them recently due to their lack of product design.

With the Symmetry series, OtterBox has addressed this concern in an impressive way. There’s still all the protection you could want, but we actually have attention to detail in the design department now. There are seven colors to choose from and all come with a smartly chosen accent color as well. OtterBox has tried to be as sleek as possible while still providing maximum protection. This isn’t going to be as low profile as the Ringke case mentioned above, it will definitely adds some bulk, but it’s a far reach from the OtterBox Defender series of years past.

You can pick up any of the 7 colors for $49.95. The 4.5 rated case can be at your door in 2 days for free with Prime shipping.

Product Link: OtterBox Symmetry

What do you think of our list? Will you be picking up any of these cases? Let us know in the comments some of your favorite cases we may have missed.

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The Polar Loop 2 gets updated with notifications for Android

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As the wearable industry matures, devices that were originally designed to do only one thing well are having to bring something else to the table. For the fitness-focused Polar Loop 2, that’s notifications – although iOS has had this functionality for awhile, Polar has just announced that its smart notifications are now available on Android, offering vibration and scrolling notification text on the device’s LED display.

To take advantage of the update, Polar Loop 2 owners will have to sync up with the Polar Flowsync app where you’ll need to configure your Android device to push its notifications to the Loop 2. This is a nifty add-on feature, giving the Loop 2 a whole new dimension beyond being just used for workouts and tracking your daily steps. To best display your notifications, the Polar Loop 2 has 85 LED lights embedded in its band, allowing for relatively useful information to be displayed on your wrist, and isn’t too expensive given what it offers at $119.95 USD – available in pink, white, or the recently released black version. If any of these interest you, you can find out more on

What do you think about this Polar Loop 2 update for Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Pimp your dorm – 2015 edition!

It’s that time of the year! You’ve now left behind the comforts of your own home and moved into the dorms at school, for the first time and at a new place for many. These dorms are sometimes old fashioned, quite small, and more often than not, you’ll have a roommate to deal with it. Nevertheless, this is what is going to be your home for the next few months at least, if not longer, and it’s a great idea to add your own personal touch to this new experience.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the very useful gadgets and miscellaneous items you can get your hands on to make your dorm life that much better. Here’s Android Authority’s “pimp your dorm” 2015 edition!

LG 34-Inch monitor


Everybody gets a desk when renting a dorm, as it’s essential to getting all sorts of work done. It is usually the first thing that any visitor’s eyes lock onto when entering, and what could be a better way to catch someone’s eye, than with the beautiful LG 34-inch Ultra Wide monitor. Granted, this monitor may be a bit of an overkill, and depending on the type of room you stay in, too big, but based on what your chosen course of study is, or if you’re just really into gaming, this wide screen monitor could be very beneficial for you.


The monitor features an IPS panel with a 2560 x 1080 resolution, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. It is a beautiful display, and can get quite bright too. All the extra screen real estate can help a lot with multi-tasking, with the ability to put apps or programs side by a side. It’s wide screen nature also makes running programs with lots of small pop ups and windows appear less cluttered and organized. For example, programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or video editing tools like Final Cut feel a lot cleaner when the pop up menus and windows don’t clutter your work space.


It has a nice clear stand that looks very sleek, and allows you place the monitor at an angle. There is also a very intuitive menu button that acts as a lever, which makes browsing through the various settings fast and easy. A big selling point of this monitor is gaming as well, with its game mode allowing for a perfect picture with no latency, which isn’t always the case with other televisions or monitors and their respective game modes.

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The LG 34-inch Ultra Wide monitor is certainly on the pricier side of things with its price point around the $450 mark, but it’s definitely an eye catcher, and depending on the type of work you’ll be doing, could really be worth the money.

Buy now on Amazon

Anker 5-port USB charger


Unfortunately, there are a lot of dorms that come with only one or two free wall outlets to cover your power needs, and in this technology age, you will definitely need more to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and anything else you may have. This issue is alleviated somewhat with the Anker 5-port USB charger, that, as the name suggests, can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously.

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The device features a compact and simple design, and the best part is of course, that you will need to sacrifice only one wall outlet to cover the charging needs of any devices that use a USB cable to charge. This particular version doesn’t come with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 support, but if you do need charge multiple devices, the Anker 5-port USB charger is your best bet. This device is currently priced at just $19.99 on Amazon.

Buy now on Amazon

Quirky Pivot power strip


Another way to get the most out of your limited wall outlets is with the Quirky Pivot flexible surge protector. The lack of wall outlets means that you’re definitely going to need a power strip of some sort, and the this device is a perfect buy, not only because of the 6 additional plug points you get, but also because it is flexible. You can bend this power strip into circular, semi-circular, and zig zag shapes, allowing you to fit it around furniture, such as desk legs, which is really handy in the tight spaces of a dorm room.

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The ability to adjust the shape means that large power bricks won’t take up an extra space and render the outlets around it unusable, as is often seen on a regular power strip. There is a lot of cool tech mentioned in this list, but the Quirky Pivot power strip is probably the most practical, and the most important. This device is also available in various color options, including white, black, teal, green, dark green, and pink, and is priced starting at $12.50.

Buy now on Amazon

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable bluetooth speaker


You will likely need something to play some music, and for your dorm room, the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable bluetooth speaker is absolutely perfect. It is quite compact with its dimensions of 4.3 x 7.4 inches, and won’t look out of place on your desk, but is still able to offer great sound quality. With two high frequency drivers, a woofer, and two passive radiators on either side, this speaker creates a nice, crisp, and clear sound, with great bass. While it can get pretty loud, it’s not going to be loud enough to make your neighbors upset, which is obviously a plus in a dorm environment.


The speaker comes with three different modes, including Normal, Roar, and TerraBass. Roar mode will boost the overall loudness of the speaker to create a wider sound. TerraBass will make up for the loss of bass during low volume playback, and that is typically the mode that I use the most. You can connect this speaker to your phone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly with Bluetooth or NFC, or with a wired connection by using USB or Aux-In. You can even store your songs in a microSD card and play them directly out of the speaker. It is also capable of recording what it is playing on it, but I’m not sure how useful this feature this.

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The Sound Blaster Roar 2 comes with a 6,000mAh battery which allows for fantastic battery life. It managed to stay on for longer than 7 hours with non-stop music playing, so battery life is certainly not going to be a concern with this speaker. The Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable bluetooth speaker is currently available for $169.99 on Amazon.

Buy now on Amazon

Arlo Smart Home security cameras


Quite a lot of items on this list are pretty expensive, and along with all the other electronics you may own, a little bit of security may not be a bad idea. Of course, this is something your roommate, if you have one, has to be comfortable with, and not every university dorm will allow this either. As long as everything is okay though, a good device to have in place is the Arlo Smart Home security camera system.

Depending on the variant you buy, you can get 2 very small wireless security cameras, with the video stream viewable on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, in real time. The system is extremely easy to set up, with it coming with a bridge that plugs into your ethernet line, which is available in most dorms. Download the Arlo app from the Google Play Store, and you’re good to go. It’s easy to share access to the feed as well, by simply adding additional parties.


These cameras are wide angled, so you can almost view the entire dorm room with just one of the cameras. You get a nice clear HD live stream from your cameras, and they are even capable of night vision. These cameras do take batteries, and you can set how clear you’d like the picture to be, but keep in mind the negative impact on battery life the higher the quality you want. You can set the cameras to record manually, or decide on a scheduled time, and easily play back recordings later. There is 1GB of cloud storage available for free, and more is available with the purchase of a plan. One mode you can set is motion activation, so if your camera catches some movement, and you will immediately get a notification on your phone to see what is going on. One downside is that there is no audio recording, but that shouldn’t be much a problem.


On the back is a soft magnetic indentation that works perfectly with the included wall mounts. They are extremely strong, so they won’t be going anywhere. If you have a lot of expensive tech in your room, these Arlo Security Cameras is what you will need for some peace of mind. A single camera kit will set you back $199.99, and a two camera kit is priced at $349.99.

Buy now on Amazon

Sumo bean bag


College can be a bit stressful, and if you are looking for something to just lie down on and relax, one of the most comfortable things we have tried is the Sumo Gamer bean bag. Sumo is a company that probably makes the best bean bag chairs out there right now. You get a cover, and instead of the cover being filled directly, you’ll instead receive vacuum sealed stuffing with little foam balls inside. After pulling it apart, all you have to do is put it in the covering and zip it up.

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The bean bag can certainly take a beating, but the material is very strong and managed to hold beautifully. What’s great about having an easily removable stuffing is that if the cover stains, you can simply put it in the wash. Sumo also has a huge customizable lineup of these bean bags. The Sumo Gamer is pretty huge, with dimensions of 48 x 48 x 30 inches, which could be too big for your dorm room, but there are a lot of choices to pick from. The Sumo bean bags are very comfortable, but they look very nice, and go perfectly with dorms for relaxing, doing homework, watching tv, gaming, or even to take a nap.

Buy now from Sumo

Philips Hue lights and light strips


If you are looking to totally change the look and feel of the room, we recommend using hue lights and hue light strips from Philips. These LED lights can change the entire mood and ambience of your dorm in a beautiful way. The light strips can be bent, shaped, or even cut into shape or size you’d like. They have an adhesive tape on the back, and can stick to nearly anything, and the tape won’t leave any damage if you plan to remove them at a later date. The best way to use these strips is to put them behind something, so you don’t actually see the lights, but instead, only the soft glow that will flow through the room around you. Putting them behind your desk is a great idea, as it creates a beautiful backdrop behind the monitor.

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The great thing about hue lights is you can change their color to any color you may want, by simply sliding the light number around. You can make them dim, flash, and even pulse, which is all possible with the Hue Bridge, which is very easy to set up. Just connect it to a power source, and plug it into your ethernet line. Push the button on the bridge to sync, and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, there’s no way to just purchase the bridge by itself, with it being part of a starter kit, priced at $200. The kit also includes 3 Hue light bulbs. The bulbs fit into any standard light fitting, and can also be controlled with the same Hue app. The Hue app allows for a lot of customization, including setting the lights to pulse as an alarm, or do crazy sequences to set the mood at a party.

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InnoGear Aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier


Stepping into your dorm room for the first time, you may notice a weird smell in the air that you simply can’t get rid of. There’s no way to know how many different people have stayed in the room you are now occupying, which does leave an impression, and since candles are usually a fire hazard, a scent diffuser is what may do the trick.

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The InnoGear diffuser releases a lovely fragrance through a light mist, by burning oil scents that you can buy at many different places. At the same time, the diffuser also acts as a humidifier to prevent dry, stuffy air and cold germs infecting your dorm. The device comes with two settings, with a setting to release some fragrance mist for every 30 seconds, or a continuous mist. The InnoGear diffuser can also light up in a variety of different colors, and even slowly cycle through, to add to the relaxing atmosphere you’ve created.

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Oregon Scientific Aroma diffuser


Another type of diffuser you can use is the Oregon Scientific Aroma diffuser and Sound Therapy clock. This works similarly to the device above, but has a few more bells and whistles, including a digital LCD clock on the front. It does have different sound modes that play relaxing sounds, like ocean waves or birds chirping, but that isn’t something you may find very useful. One cool feature with this device is its alarm mode, where you can set it to release a fragrance at a certain time, which, coupled with the Hue Lights, can make for a wonderful wake up routine.

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ZTE SPro 2 portable projector


One device that will impress your friends is the ZTE SPro 2 portable projector. Since most dorm rooms are quite small, there isn’t much room for a TV table, and even also in situations where hanging or mounting objects on the wall isn’t allowed, a small portable projector will prove to be very handy. The device features a 5-inch touchscreen, runs Android 4.4 Kitkat, and projects a beautiful image, which is fantastic for when inviting friends over for a movie night, or for giving presentations at school. The ZTE SPro 2 also comes with a data connectivity option, with the device and data plans available from AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

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Marpac DOHM Sound Machine


Finally, at the end of the day, when it’s time to get some shut eye, the Marpac DOHM Natural White Noise Machine is a life saver. This device totally drains out the obnoxious sounds from outside, and the noise it creates is a 100% natural. There are a lot of sleep machines out there that have digital sounds, but that can prove to be even more distracting. On this device, there are no speakers to be found, with it producing a soothing rushing air sound, kind of how a fan would sound. You can change the sounds ever so slightly by rotating the sides and top, creating a softer, more muffled sound, or a higher, louder sound. At the end of the day, you can be confident that you will fall asleep right away.

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What do you think of our list? Any other gadgets or items you feel are must-haves for making the most out of your dorm experience? Let us know about them in the comments!


Best portable projectors of 2015

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Until recently, pocket-sized portable projectors were nothing more than a novelty idea, which allowed for some fun but didn’t offer a whole lot in terms of the viewing experience. While these devices still remain niche products, there has been an upswing in terms of quality, and quite a few OEMs are stepping up their game in this segment, delivering some amazing projectors, that can also fit in the palm of your hand.

Here is a roundup of some of the best portable projectors available in 2015!

UO Smart Beam Laser


Let’s start with the UO Smart Beam Laser. This is one of the smallest projectors on our list, and one of the more interestingly designed ones as well. Weighing a little over 500 grams, and with dimensions of 2.2-inches all around, the UO Smart Beam Laser is actually the world’s smallest HD LCOS Laser projector. This projector comes with a native 720p resolution and features fast laser auto focus, allowing for some very crisp and clear images instantly, no matter where you move it. The picture is quite bright, rated at 60 lumens, and so watching videos and movies even in non-pitch black areas is still manageable. The overall quality is great, and things stay in focus at pretty far distances, with a max screen size possible of 100 inches. The picture does tend to have a harsh bluish tint at times, but it’s not very obvious until you compare it to another projector, and is something that is easy to get used to.


The projector does have built-in speakers that get loud enough to handle watching anything on the go, but isn’t suitable for watching a full-length movie. The quality of the sound isn’t that great either, and while it isn’t completely horrible, the sound is a little muffled, which is not helped by the sound that the projector fans make either. Unfortunately, there is no audio output, so connecting external speakers of any kind is also out of the question.


The device does offer multiple options when it comes to setting up a video for playback. You can connect your smartphone to the projector wirelessly using DLNA or Miracast, and it also features a mini-HDMI port which can be used to plug in your laptop. Under the hood is a 4,200 mAh battery that can last for up to 2 hours, and a little more if you are connected with HDMI, so if you do plan to watch a long movie, it’s a good idea to plug the device into an AC power outlet.


The United Object Smart Beam Laser projector is priced at $420, and depending on where you order it from, also comes with a free tripod stand. This projector offers amazing video quality given its very compact size, and while the speakers aren’t the best, and the battery is on the smaller side, the biggest selling point of this device is its portability. It’s very simple, very small, and most importantly, displays a beautiful picture.

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Next up is the PicoPro by Celluon, another projector that is beautifully designed, is also one of the thinnest projectors on this list, with a thickness of just half an inch. The device is also very portable, and should be able to comfortably fit in most pockets, with its length of 6 inches, and weighing just 181 grams. It also a has a very interesting design, giving an appearance of two bricks being stuck together, even though it is just one solid body. It also comes with a stand offering 360-degree rotation, which makes it very easy to find a surface for the projector to rest.


The projector light is rated at 32 lumens, which is the lowest on this list, but the PicoPro can get plenty bright, and offers fantastic quality as well, with its 720p resolution. It also comes with a infinite auto focus feature, which means that you don’t ever have to worry about fiddling with the focus, and it works just as well as the laser auto focus of the UO Smart Beam projector. The picture is always very clear, and the image doesn’t go out of focus up to a screen size of 250 inches. The color temperature can be a little warm and lean more towards a purplish hue which is very apparent, and will likely bother some users.


The built-in speakers of the PicoPro unfortunately don’t get very loud, but the quality of the sound itself is fantastic, and is definitely the best audio quality when compared to the rest of the devices on this list, with sound that is very crisp and not tinny. Since this is a fan-less projector, the projector stays very quiet, and there is no unnecessary noise that distracts the viewer. While the PicoPro does offer great sound quality, there is a standard audio jack available, letting you connect your own set of speakers or a pair of headphones.


The device supports the standard suite of connectivity options, including DLNA and Miracast, and also comes with a mini-HDMI port. We aren’t exactly sure as to what the capacity of the battery is, but the device lasts for around 2 hours when connected wirelessly, and can go beyond 3 hours when wired. You have the option to connect the device to a wall outlet as well.


The PicoPro is available for $349, with color options being black, silver, and gold. The Celluon PicoPro projector is on the cheaper side, but offers better sound quality than all the other devices on the list. The availability of a headphone jack is a plus over the UO Smart Beam projector, but unfortunately, the big drawback here has to do with the most important aspect of a projector, and that is the purplish tint on the picture.

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Next up is the ASUS S1 Mobile LED projector, which may not be as eye-catching as the others, but is still quite compact and light weight, with its dimensions of 4 x 4.4 x 1.2 -inches, and weighing around 340 grams. The design is pretty standard, but the build quality is solid, and while a tripod doesn’t come in the box, the projector does feature support for one.


The ASUS S1 also gets incredibly bright, with a rating of 200 lumens, but the resolution does take a dip to 480p. While it may not look as crisp as the other projectors on this list, the overall quality may actually be better than the first two devices above. Colors are beautiful and the picture is very bright, and there isn’t any obvious tint or hue to ruin the experience.


You also have a lot of control over the quality of the projection when you dive further into the settings, where you can change the contrast, and even select different modes, depending on the type of media you are viewing. There is no form of auto focus available however, so you will have to resort to using the manual focus wheel, placed on the right side of the device, to adjust the focus correctly. One nice about thing the ASUS S1 is its Ultra Short Throw ratio, which makes it very easy to play videos at short distances.


The built-in speakers aren’t of the best quality, but they are certainly the loudest, when compared to the rest of the devices mentioned here. There is a standard audio jack available as well, to allow you to use the projector with a pair of headphones or a set of speakers.


As far as connectivity is concerned, there is a standard HDMI port available, and a USB port as well, as this device can also be used to charge your mobile device. There is no wireless connectivity though, and you will need to use MHL to connect to your smartphone. Given its slightly larger size, ASUS was able to squeeze a 6,000 mAh battery into this projector, allowing for a battery life of 3-4 hours.


The ASUS S1 may not feature the most interesting design, and its resolution is lower than the rest, but the picture quality is actually pretty great, and it gets very bright. Priced at around $300, it is also the cheapest of the lot, and definitely worth keeping in consideration.

Buy now on Amazon

ZTE SPro 2



Finally, we come to the ZTE SPro 2, which is a portable projector that is in a league of its own compared to the other devices referred to in this list, and this is not only because of the fact that is also an Android device, running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat, and sports a 5-inch touchscreen.


The 5-inch display can be used as you would a regular smartphone, where you can surf the web, browse through photos, message your friends, and download apps from the Google Play Store. The projector can connect to WiFi, but the device is also available from AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the US, and you can take advantage of 4G LTE data connectivity with this projector as well, allowing you to project videos directly from Youtube, Netflix, and other media streaming websites. If you decided to not opt for a data connection and find yourself without WiFi, local storage is also possible, with the device featuring a microSD card slot, with support up to 64 GB. Wireless connectivity via Miracast is also available, and there is also an HDMI port, and USB port for charging your mobile device.


The picture quality is by far the best of the lot, with its rating of 200 lumens and 720p resolution. You get a nice, bright, crisp, and clear image, and colors are absolutely beautiful, at a maximum of 120 inches. There are no weird tints or hues or strange color temperatures to worry about, and the color reproduction is very accurate. There is an auto focus feature, but the implementation is slower than the others, and the device does tend to re-adjust the focus every now and then even if the device is not moved, but you do have the option to turn this setting off once the device is set down correctly.


There are different options for brightness as well, including low, medium, and high, but the last option will require the device to be plugged into an AC wall unit. Another feature that the ZTE SPro 2 has that the others do not is Keystoning, which means that the projector will automatically correct the angle to prevent the picture from stretching, so even if the projector is not sitting perpendicular to the wall, the projector image will be of a rectangular shape. The speakers on the projector are about the same quality as that of the ASUS S1, albeit a little quieter, but there is also a headphone jack available to connect external speakers. The device also packs a 6,300 mAh battery, which keeps things running for around 3 hours.



With dimensions of 5.3 x 5.2 x 2.1 inches, the ZTE SPro 2 is not as portable as the others on the list, but it certainly outperforms the others in all other aspects. It is also the most expensive as well, with a price tag of $750, but it can be found for cheaper directly from AT&T or Verizon Wireless, at about $600, who also offer the option of picking up the device with a 2-year contract to include a data plan.

Buy now on Amazon

So there you have it for this roundup of some of the best portable projectors of 2015! With the choices listed above, there is a little something for everyone here with these four great portable projectors. Whether you are looking to impress people with a very stylish and compact design, have the ability to create a home theater anywhere, project beautiful video without breaking the bank, or going all out with a high-end Android-based device, there is something that will best suit your needs.


Nexus 5 cases posted on Amazon look fishy and inconsistent

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It’s pretty obvious by now what the back of the new Nexus 5 is going to look like thanks to all the leaks. Ironically though, we have very little idea of what the device looks like from the front, a fact that has been made very obvious by a number of Nexus 5 cases that were posted to Amazon this morning. While the device pictured looks accurate from the back, the front of the device varies from listing to listing – case in point, one listing shows the Nexus 5 with huge bezels and dual front facing speakers (running Android Lollipop!), while another looks like someone photoshopped the front of the Nexus 6 to the device. Check it out:

nexus 5 cases
nexus 5 cases
nexus 5 cases

Really, we can’t blame case makers for trying to jump the gun and get in on the Nexus 5 hype early – after all, cases don’t care what the front of a device looks like or what software it’s running. However, if you’re hoping to get a look at the Nexus 5 from the front, be sure to take these photos with quite a large grain of salt.

What do you think of the Nexus 5 cases posted on Amazon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Amazon (1), (2), (3) via Droid-life

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Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone review: Move over everyone!

Since earphones came out, they’ve constantly been increasing in quality, sound and price. Bluetooth earphones were the last milestone in the technology, and we haven’t seen much change since. But a company from China, Zorloo, is set to change that with their latest offering: A set of digital earphones at a great price.

What exactly are ‘digital’ earphones? Rather than route an audio signal through an audio jack and then on up to the drivers, Zorloo’s earphones are plugged into the micro-USB port of an USB OTG-capable smartphone or tablet. This diverts the audio signals from its normal path, bypassing the phones own amp and running it through the Z:ero inline control unit, which also splits the connection to the two earbuds.


This is where all the magic happens

Inside the control unit is a six layer PCB sporting a Cortex-M3 processor and a Wolfson WM8918 DAC and headphone amp, and is said to produce up to three times the output power of a regular smartphone’s audio jack. This also means that any audio processing strain is taken away from the phone.

What does all this mean? Quite simply, the quality is considerably better, arguably the best in the market. With a price tag of $39, the Z:ero earphones look set to change the market.

In the Box

For a $39 set of earphones, you get quite a decent amount of goodies. They are available in either red or gold, and come in a handy little carry pouch with:

  • 3 Sets of different sized eartips
  • A USB to micro USB converter (To use with a PC)
  • 6 month warranty slip
  • Instruction leaflet

And some Silica gel, just to top it off. I quite like the little carry pouch. It’s sturdy and just the right size to carry around.


Build and Quality

The first time you pick them up, it becomes immediately obvious that Z:ero is made out of premium materials. The eartips are cold to the touch, something that can be attributed to the Aluminium build. When placed in the ear, they are surprisingly comfortable for the straight shape they have, although I do think they could improve by having an angle to them.

Speaking of Aluminum build, I’m relieved they aren’t plastic. Very often plastic headsets break for no reason, or split in half exposing the wires, something I’m confident will not happen to Z:ero.


With a length of 4.2 feet, they’re not gonna limit you

The wire also feels premium, and after a few tugs and twists at the base of the ear tips, I doubt that they’re going to come out or be damaged anytime soon. Perhaps this is in part thanks to the plastic coating around the wire, which bounces back if twisted. The only doubt I have is regarding the micro USB connection. Especially when it’s at the bottom of your phone, it may be prone to damage and the connector lacks any reinforcement. So far it is sturdy and resilient, but I’m not sold with what the long term effects may have on it.

Left: LG's QuadBeat 3


While I’m no audio expert, I can say with certainty that Z:ero offers some of the best audio playback available today. High’s and low’s are equally good, with the bass side probably having a slight advantage. Neither were overdone, but were rather at a sweet spot. Andy Ho, the developer behind Z:ero said they optimized the control unit for pop and electronic type music, as their market is primarily focused on the youth. Luckily for him, that happens to apply to me and can honestly say that this is the best I have heard music before.


You will still be able to hear outside noise a little bit if they aren’t playing loud (Which I do not recommend). Speaking of volume, Z:ero works a bit differently to your conventional headset as the volume up/down on the earphone works independently of your phones. This basically means that you should put your Android’s media volume on 100%, and use the provided controls on the unit.

Similary, this works across all devices. My Windows 10 laptop had no problem playing audio with the provided adapter, and provided more bass, probably due to the drivers.



Daily Usage

I should start off here by saying that Z:ero’s are not compatible with a lot of phones. If your phone supports USB OTG (On The Go), you’ll most likely have no problem using them. Please don’t fool yourself here: They will not work with just any old phone that’s lying around in your cupboard, and most likely won’t work with a phone that doesn’t support OTG. Head over here for an incomplete of supported phones.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’d like to blow it away and carry on, but I can’t quite yet. There are several other small issues that are compromises, and there is no real fix to them.

Firstly, you obviously cannot charge your phone while using them. This is going to be a problem for some, while for people like me, it’s not really going to change anything. Secondly, they drain more battery than a conventional pair, thanks to the built in DAC unit. On my LG G4, I did not really experience any drain. Mr Ho claims that about 50mAh will be consumed, which makes up 1/60th of my battery life, or 1.67%; an amount so pathetic you shouldn’t worry about it.

And lastly, you can’t just go anywhere and plug them in a headphone jack like you would before. As someone with an iPad, I had to watch my YouTube videos with my old headset, a minor inconvenience. Zorloo is bringing out a pair with the Lightning connection for those interested, and with the USB adapter, this should soon become a non-worry.

If you have micro USB...
In you go!
Good luck with that...

Overall, there was not much hassle using Z:ero. Perhaps my biggest obstacle was having to find which one bud went in which ear each time. There are markings, but they’re small and impossible to see at night.


Z:ero offers some of the best audio playback currently available. You’d expect to pay thousands of Dollars, but that is not the case at $39. The highs, bass and treble are perfected. Put together with quality hardware, Zorloo’s Z:ero earphones are the best you can get your hands on. Go get a pair now!






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New leaked photos of Huawei Nexus cases shows that camera bump again

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We’ve already had a good look at what the Huawei Nexus smartphone is likely going to look like, however, in case you aren’t convinced yet, here are some photos of some Huawei Nexus cases for you to look at. As we’ve already seen in the photos of the actual device, the Huawei Nexus is adorned with a circular fingerprint scanner in the middle of its back and its camera module is featured in somewhat of a bump at the top of the device. It doesn’t look quite like something Huawei would do, which suggests Google had something to do with it – either way, we’re curious to know what it can do.

Huawei Nexus cases
Huawei Nexus cases
Huawei Nexus cases

These leaked photos are courtesy of leaker @onleaks, who also confirmed when answering questions after this tweet that the Huawei Nexus is likely going to have a 5.5-inch display. This was suggested earlier today after a Zauba listing was found describing the Huawei Nexus with a 5.5-inch display – we’re not entirely sure what we’re supposed to think about this just yet, but we’re sure all will be clear in due time.

What do you think about these Huawei Nexus cases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter via Phone Arena

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