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Installation and uninstall process of joy downloads


How user can install joy downloads:

User can download the file to install this and run to further process. On the user’s pc the setups run and further start the installation by the help of the application. The windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 can install these easily.

How the user can uninstall these software:

The user can uninstall the program there is no space in the hard drive of the pc or there is no free space for additional things. All types of versions of the windows can perform this task at user’s pc. In the windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and windows vista can perform this function. Their setup to uninstall is relatively similar. The user who installs the software on the pc can operate the accurate instruction.

Uninstall the program in window 7: start from the start menu. The option of control panel can be selected. User has the view to use the configuration in control panel. Then select the program to search and uninstall this software. The user can view the small and large icons to the control panel then click on the program and feature. The program which can be uninstall, the button of uninstall is pressed and user can also press right click to uninstall the program. From the pc through this instruction the program can be removed.

Uninstall a program in windows 8: a search bar is appeared from the bottom if press the right click from the metro. In the corner bar the option of the ALL APPS can be clicked. With an uninstall icon by pressing the right button to install the program in menu of application jut click on it. If user want to delete the application permanently user can click to uninstall after the confirmation message. From the pc to remove the program instruction can be followed.

Uninstall a program in the windows vista: user can select first control panel from the start menu. It is same as the windows 7. View the category to choose the program to uninstall. Then view the small and large icons and click on features and then click on right button to uninstall the program.

Uninstall a program in windows XP: firstly start with start menu and then control panel is selected. If user is using the classic XP then go to the option of settings and then control panel. Then go to recovery icon then uninstall the program f your choice.


YouTube on the Go

Infographic Reveals Easy Fixes to Mobile Youtube Viewing Bugs

How do you watch Youtube? Do you view it on your browser or a Youtube Downloader, or do you watch videos on your tablet or phone? More people than ever are starting to view Youtube on a regular basis using a mobile device and approximately 40% of Youtube traffic in the USA comes from mobiles. However, there are still a few bugs and issues that occur sometimes, which is to be expected when new devices are being used.

This helpful infographic shows a number of solutions to common Youtube problems that occur when viewing on mobile. For example, if you are getting the “Oops, Something Went Wrong” error message when you try to use Youtube on your mobile, this infographic will show you how to fix it. It also offers advice on other issues such as crashing apps and access issues. The instructions are simple enough that anyone can understand them, even if you are not that technology savvy.

This infographic could be very useful and could make your experience of viewing Youtube on mobile much less stressful and annoying. If you have found it useful, make sure that you share it with your friends so that they can benefit from the tips as well!

Youtube on the Go – An infographic by the team at youtubedownload

Embed Copy and Paste the Code Below

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<img src=”; width=”540″></p><br /><br /><br />
<p> Youtube on the Go – An infographic by the team at <a href=””>youtubedownload</a></p><br /><br /><br />


Product Review for SQL Recovery Software

SQLWhile transferring database to the SQL Server, I came across an error that took place at the time of attaching MDF files. The error message was categorized as ‘Error 5171’ that might have occurred due to large volume of file incorporated within database or the corruption in the master database file. After spending long hours, searching for the solution I came to know about this SQL Recovery software. Initially, I tried the demo version by downloading it from

Experience with Demo Version

The demo version displayed the components of the damaged database files within the panel of the tool. Subsequently, I noticed that the data that I deleted recently has also been listed in the panel. My prime requirement was to restore the database components, but the trial version did not allowed me to restore data on machine. Therefore, I decided to purchase its licensed copy as the overall experience with trial version was quite impressive.

Later on, I called upon the sales department and asked for the activation key. After making payment for the product the key was received within few hours.

Experience with Licensed Version

The licensed edition offered to recover data from corrupted MDF and NDF files. It helped me in removing the error 5171 and bringing the database to normal mode. Further, I would like to share my experience working with the tool; along with the features that it offered while recovering data.

The version and size of the product is 6.0 and 3.1 MB respectively. It is a Windows based tool that can be installed upon Windows 8.1 and all lower versions; and supports SQL Server 2012, 2008(R2), 2008, 2005 and 2000. The minimal hardware specifications for the smooth working of the software are: availability of 1 GB RAM and 2.4 GHz system processor. It requires only 5 MB of boot space on hard drive.

Since, the size of the software is very compact, so it does not affect the performance and functionality of other processes and does not make the system bulky.

Requirements of an Ideal User

SQL users are very specific about their requirements; some of these expectations are mentioned herein. As a single corrupted file (with even minor corruption) could bring the overall database to SUSPECT mode, so it is important to resolve the situation before it turns in to critical circumstances. The users expect the availability of these common features within the tool:

  • Recovery of corrupted master database files (MDF).
  • Recovery of data from corrupted NDF files.
  • Recovery of deleted data from database files.
  • Removal of errors that takes place due to corruption.
  • Data recovery without affecting its original structure.

Analysis of Features against User Requirements

The SQL Recovery tool offers various features that fulfil user’s demands to a greater extent:

  • It offers recovery of corrupted MDF files.
  • Offers recovery of secondary DB files (NDF).
  • Recovers all extractable as well as deleted data from DB files.
  • Remove errors that take place due to damage issues.
  • Creates new files without affecting the original one.

Additional Features: Apart from these, there are supplementary features offered by the tool:

  • Dual Scan modes for recovery of data as per level of corruption.
  1. Quick Scan: Work towards minimal level corruption.
  2. Advance Scan: Recovers data from severe corruption issues.
  • Generates scan report and provides the option to save report on local disk.
  • Provides the option to either adding a single file or folder as well as the provision to remove the selected files.
  • Auto detection of MDF file version.
  • Auto detects the associated NDF file for selected MDF file.
  • Save output into two different formats as per user command:
  1. SQL Server Database
  2. SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts
  • Export Data into two different ways:
  1. With only Schema
  2. With Schema and Data
  • Display Export Report with following details:
  1. Path of the resultant file.
  2. Complete steps to restore database.
  • Batch execution of files at single instance of time.

Related Information

  • There is a provision to select among four different user licenses as per requirements:
  • Personal license;
  • Corporate license;
  • Technician license;
  • Enterprise license.


  • All the above mentioned licenses are available in demo as well as full versions.
  • Technical support for any product related query is available for 24 hours.
  • Live video tutorial are available on its official website along with the step by step working guidelines.

Overall Product Analysis

The SQL Recovery software is a complete solution for recovery of MDF and NDF database files. Simple user interface along with trouble-free execution steps makes the tool uncomplicated for even first time users. The tool is well accomplished with all necessary features that deliver accurate output. According to me, the only feature that I found missing is that it does not support recovery of log files i.e. LDF files. Addition of this very requisite will help making tool an absolute database recovery package.


PC Web Control The Best Parental Monitoring Software

PC Web Control

Public institutions

Officially, there are thousands of different public institutions which are dealing with the problems of the society and ordinary citizens. Usually those institutions are financed by the government or some donations. They are supporting all spheres of our life like health, educations or social assistance. There are no doubts that majority of those places do their job very well. Almost all of this kind of “companies” uses the computers and the internet. Big share of them allow using the computers by the citizens, for instance libraries and schools. Then, the kid’s involvement is taken into consideration and the certain level of security has to be provided.

Protect from what?

Despite appearances, there are hundreds of reasons of why the kids should be protected in the public institutions. First reason is obvious, in school kids are under the responsibility of the teachers. If anything will happen to the kid during the class time or even at the break, teacher is going to take whole responsibility. As we know, kids are not able stand in the one place for more than 2 minutes so the physical accidents are very common at school. In this case, protecting the children is more about protecting them from each other. As far as using the computers and the Internet is concerned, much more dangerous things may appear. Internet environment gives every user the freedom and ability to say and do whatever we want to. This is one of the biggest blessing thanks to which a lot of great tools were invented. However some people use this freedom to do things that are not connected with good intentions at all. As a first example I would like to bring the people that are responsible for continously sending emails and advertisements promoting pornographic and brutal content to kids. They do it will full awareness that it is not legal. On one hand, those actions may bring them more visits on the websites but it will not bring them any money. Usually kids are not able to shop online and spend money because they don’t have it. However the consequences for the kids may be really problematic. Problems with making relationships with peers and high brutality among friends may result in exclusion from the society and very serious mental issues. Next threat coming from the net are adults that want to get closer to the children because of their sexual intensions. If they get what they want, children may be destroyed for the rest of his or her life. Pedophiles found the Internet as a best way to meet potential victims.

Summing up all those treats, we have to admit that there are obvious reason of why we should do our best to guarantee our kids safety in the net, at home as well as in schools and other public places. What can we do to achieve that? First of all we should educate the youngest. From the very beginning they should know what are the pros and cons of using the Internet. Then we should show them how to use it properly. Next thing is prevention. All necessary security supporting software should be installed on the computer. The most important is the parental control type of program. This solution is able to take control over the computer in terms of blocking access to dangerous websites that can be defined manually or automatically. It may filter the email box to find and block any suspicious messages. It is also regulate the time user is able to use computer. There no doubts that parents want the best for their kids, sometimes they are just not aware of all threats in the online world.

If  you want to gain more knowledge about protecting your children from the threats in the Internet, feel free to visit

PCWebControl is an easy to use and implement third party parental control that is able to perform wide range of actions that were designed to guarantee high level of user’s security.


Recover Corrupt Outlook PST File and Data Items – MS Outlook Tools

Some unknown and known errors in MS Outlook are responsible to make Outlook elements inaccessible. Corruption is the big issue that bothers Outlook Windows users to find out a solution for recovery of Outlook PST files. Outlook Recovery solution is treated as highly adopted application for removal of errors to get back the healthy data from damaged PST files. The tool is dedicated for recovering each and every element like emails, tasks, calendars, contacts etc from corrupt Outlook files. No matter which version of Outlook Windows is used by individual. This application works on PST files created under any Outlook Windows edition.

How I came to know about its facilities and advantages is not a mystery as I had personally used it for resolving error:

Sending reported error(0x800CCC78): ‘Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded:550 is blacklisted.’

How I resolved the error using this beneficial tool and what workouts I followed before I came to know about existence of this powerful application, all are mentioned underneath.

  • I checked out it with Mozila Thunderbird and fortunately it was working fine, so I understood that the outgoing of data is fine.
  • Deleted the Outlook email account and created it again with a hectic procedure that was actually bothering and time taking
  • The service pack for MS Outlook was also upgraded on time
  • Made desired switches as well from Outlook.exe/cleanprofile


After investing a long time with above mentioned solutions when I did not get expected results. I did online research for solution of the error and found this application.

Procedure To Recover Damaged PST Files

The tool to recover corrupt and damaged PST files is packed with streamlined techniques. The procedure and steps are given underneath:

  • Product Installation: To go with an Outlook email recovery procedure, it is desired to get the license key of product in any license according to the need of individual and organization. Personal, Professional, and Enterprise licenses are available there. I purchased the Personal license and installed it on the desired computer. When the installation will get started, you will get a prompt to set all the pre-requisites required for its proper working. The most desired thing with the application is having Outlook account.step1
  • Add Up Files Using Add File Tab: As it is shown in underneath given snapshot, for adding up PST files from where recovery will be executed, users should use Add File tab. Once the user will hit this button, the task to upload PST file will get startedstep2
  • Go With Browse Tab: The new pop up after opting Add File tab will show option to add up PST files. Click on Browse tab to locate the PST files for which PST data recovery is required.step3
  • Scanning Procedure: Once the task of locating PST files gets done, the next step to move forward is PST file scanning. Opting scan option depends on individual as Quick Scan is for removing the minor corruption concerns . And if there is major corruption concern due to which PST file became corrupt, then opting Advance Scan will be beneficiary. Afterwards, one will have to click on Add File tab. For better understanding, there is given the snapshot:step4
  • Scanning Status: The information about the PST file scan will be visible to the users, so you can keep update yourself by proper Outlook Recovery status report. The scanning status will be alike:

Once the entire PST file scan will get finished, you will get a message like:

  • Outlook Email and Attachment Preview: Repaired PST folders will be visible after winding up recovery operation, all associated PST files and internal folders will remain visible with the same hierarchy. To get a full preview of the data, it is required to click on particular folder. Attachment and email, both will be visible into horizontal and vertical view options.step7
  • PST Data Export With Multiple Options: For exporting distinct emails after recovery of PST files right click on particular mail and checkbox selection will help you out. Mail filter and PST Split options are useful to follow according to requirement. Mail filter option is for setting a range of time for which duration, user wants to export PST information. PST Split is relevant to follow if the size of recovered PST is large and it may lead to oversized issues.step9
  • Outlook Data Export Report: No matter whether the Outlook email export is done by you for single PST file or for distinct folders of Outlook, the tool will properly generate the email data export for desired Outlook files. The export process when ends up you will be allowed to save the report in CSV file format. To save the report, you can choose any location on your computer without any restriction.
  • Export Report Geneation: Whether the process of email data export is done for single email or multiple emails, you will get a PST data report. When export process gets completed, you will be able to save PST data export in CSV file format. Respected Broswe and Save tabs will help you to get the location where the report will be saved.step10

Amazing Benefits You Can Get With The Application

Apart from PST data salvage, it permits to save emails of Outlook account in single mail file format as EML and MSG. In this way, it helps to access repaired Outlook emails into various email clients over distinct operating systems.

The other big bonanza one will avail using this application is saving single emails with different naming convention options that assists towards email data management. Date of file creation, subject of email, and other keywords will be used at the time of email salvage. Email naming convention is also helpful into forensic email examination.

Final Conclusion

The method to Recover Outlook PST files is quite simple in this tool and have a streamlined way to execute email recovery for Outlook files. All the expected advantages one will get via this Outlook repair solution. As per its performance and facilities, I am rating it as 9.25/10.


Photon Infotech Launches Windows-8 and Development Practice

Photon InfoTech Private limited, a world famous Internet Consulting Company, has recently announced the launch of their Windows 8 and Windows Phone development practice.

Photon Group has been found in 1999. It offers various types of services to the business organization. The numbers of employees worked under this Group are more than 5000. Photon InfoTech is the largest provider of Omni Channel, Mobile, Social and Web, Kiosk and in-store cutting edge technology solutions.

Earlier, it has already established itself as a leader in the creation of Android and iOS technologies. As a multinational company, it combines both Creative Agency and Technology Consulting under the name of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences. With over 700 Customers and around more than thousands IT projects, Photon Group acts as a kind of tech-expertise to the large and mid sized business enterprises.

Windows 8 did not appearin the market till October 2012, but Photon InfoTech on the basis of their track record, with over 100 dedicated windows 8 experienced engineers started working on 10 active projects. Taking advantages of all the new opportunities afforded by the new OS, Photon has been planning to roll out these cutting edge applications on the same day that Windows 8 launched.

Earlier mobile market was dominated by Apple and the Android. The experienced leaders at Photon InfoTech recognize that Microsoft is about to become a major player in the mobile market. Photon InfoTech Private Limited experienced a lot of success in working with other successful mobile companies and for this reason, they are very much confident in maintaining the reputation of the company by creating a complete set of technologies for Windows 8 powered devices.

Photon InfoTech is the only consultant company, which utilizes the new technology comparing with the other internet consulting companies. Till date the total numbers of experienced employees worked under this group are around 5000. The friendly and comfortable working atmosphere provided by the Photon Group to its workers which motivate them to perform the job smoothly.

Their Windows 8 development practice stands to be one of the largest practices globally. Photon Groups also works with the world’s largest Banks, Specialty Retailer, Healthcare and Electronic Retailer. Nearly 100 trained and professional’s experts are working exclusively with Windows 8 project. Photon InfoTech is proud to be the company where the largest numbers of mobile trained engineers are more than 1500.

According to 2010 statistics, Photon Group occupies 2470th position with revenue of $16 million in 2009 and $ 8.1 million in 2006, which shows that within 3 years it achieved 98% growth.Other Consulting Companies place productivity as their main business priority, whereas employees satisfaction as a secondary. But under Photon’s the base workers are encouraged to share views and ideas with the top management group.

Clients trust Photon InfoTech because they are the only consultant company which is expertise to handle both the creative design and implementation of a solution. In conclusion, it can be said that Photon InfoTech’s Windows practice will set the benchmarks for all other IT teams to follow for getting success in the market.


Week Calendar for iPhone now for free!

screen568x568The most downloaded calendar app, Week Calendar for iPhone will be totally free for two days! This will be between July 15, 2014 and July 16, 2014. Why? As a Dutch company we are very proud our Dutch national team reached the third place at the Football World Cup 2014 and we want to celebrate this with the entire world!

“As a Company based in the Netherlands, we are very proud of what our guys achieved in Brazil. With their courage, strength and cleverness they strive to reach their goal just like us, to be the best! They fought like lions and never gave up. We want to celebrate this extraordinary achievement not only in the Netherlands, but with the entire world!” says David van Brakel, CEO Week Calendar.

Default price New Price
USD 1.99 Free

Week Calendar for iPhone is available for download in the App Store. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. 


Advantages of Using CAD Software

Computer Aided Software is an abbreviation of CAD, which refers to Software that helps professionals to design architectural designs and industrial designs. The criteria of using CAD are not limited to design only industrial designs. In fact, professionals can use it in designing residence structure and electrical structure designs as per their needs. There is huge demand of these kinds of software packages. Depending on the requirements, people choose type of software they need. The proper selection of software is highly recommended because most of the times people get disappointed by having wrong type of software. Therefore, start with determining your preferences and requirements. The online stores are the best place to search for CAD modeling software.

easy CAD softwareHere are some advantages that professionals avail using CAD software:

Enhance Productivity:

The most significant reason behind selecting this software is enhancing the productivity of the organization. This software facilitates faster project completion, lesser efforts and lower costs. Moreover, this software has animation feature that enables the designer to check how the product will look in real life. Thus, after evaluating the look of the product, designer can implement required modifications to make it better and flawless.

Quality of work:

Certainly, the work quality aspect will be increased with the implementation of CAD software in process. Meticulous and flawless designs are always appreciated in market. Therefore, all efforts are exerted to produce immaculate designs. Here comes the importance of this software, which enables designers to produce flawless design. There is a huge set of pre-installed tools in this software, which allows the designer to prepare designs accurately. Moreover, the accuracy level of this software is very high. Quality work doesn’t only produce the best results but reduces waste also.

Ease of work:

It has totally simplified the designing work of the professionals. Now even novice person can also draw some designs and structures because this software has preinstalled templates and instructions to help the designers. This software tremendously saves the time and efforts of the personnel producing design complying with guidelines in no time. Therefore, it is regarded as the must have software in industries where structural designs are frequently required.

High Standard Design as per guidelines:

Through this software, designer can draw high standardized designs meeting their requirements of projects. It increases efficiency to produce designs with fewer errors. Designing structure complaint with guidelines of the project is strongly recommended.

Document creation:

One of the most important tasks during product designing is creating detailed response. Hence the best design CAD software must offer detailed project report consisting of material specifications and geometrics of products. Moreover, this software provides strong database to the designers in regard with the design. Thereafter, saving and storing database of design is another vital feature that this software provides.

Can you avail this software at lower price?

As above mentioned this software has several advantages to your business. If you are looking for the easy CAD software at very nominal rates, you first have to find sources that offer this software. Nothing is better and easier than Internet to explore and accumulate relevant information of your quest. After compiling data, you can compare prices and services offered by the company before selecting the one.

Don’t forget that due to the competition in market most of the agencies are offering free trail. You can take advantage of free trail software to check compatibility of software with your requirements. It is something that benefits you in selecting the appropriate type of software because there are numerous types of free cad software packages available. Therefore, while selecting the CAD software, first determine your requirements and needs.


Stiforp’s Mobile Messaging Platform


Inside this one of a kind Mobile Media Platform…users can manage their very own Mobile App, Mobile Website, SMS Text Message Campaigns and they can also manage and schedule their posts on their favorite Social Networks feeds.

Cross-Channel marketing has evolved over the last few years and successful marketers are realizing that getting the THE RIGHT MESSAGE, to THE RIGHT CHANNEL at THE RIGHT TIME is a necessity in 2014!

There have been a lot of businesses making the mistake of blasting the same marketing messages across social media channels, email, and SMS at exactly the same moment. Users that receive the same message at the same time grow annoyed and opt-out rates of all methods of communication begin to increase significantly.

True cross-channel marketing is more than syndication, it’s SCHEDULING the proper messages out into the future to the different channels with their own messages to drive awareness and ROI.

Stiforp’s Mobile Media Management Platform allows for the user to login thru their mobile app and/or desktop and schedule out their Cross Channel Messaging Campaigns (sms texts, push notifications, Scheduled Social Media Posts, etc) with images, videos, text or links, and schedule it for the exact moment you want it be sent.

Messages sent thru Stiforp Mobile’s Media Platform have an avg read rate of 95%…Highest in the industry!

True cross-channel marketing can now be done in a flash and will not only save you time and improve your results, but most importantly will GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Here’s what you get:

  • UNLIMITED* contacts (cell phone numbers) can be loaded into your account for FREE
  • Send up to 5,000 SMS Text Messages* per month with one of our higher packages
  • We even have an UMLIMITED* SMS Package for the serious networker!
  • Multiple templates to use to make your SMS Texts and Push Notifications look professional and powerful
  • Lead source (Cell Phone Numbers) available to maximize your results!
  • The BEST SMS Marketing System in the Industry with Social Media integration.
  • PLUS a power packed Stiforp Mobile App with over 50 Features + Unlimited World Wide Push Notifications
  • Free Publication in the App Store which gives over 3 Billion People Access to your BIZ!
  • Unlimited Social Media Synching
  • Best training and coaching in the industry from some of the Top Mobile Marketers in the Industry
  • A one of a kind three tiered Mobile Messaging System with a 95% Read Rate!

BE where they ARE with FEATURES you need to grow your business.


Protect your Computer against a Virus Attack! It Involves no Trouble

Every computer with access to the web runs the risk of being attacked by certain malicious objects like virus, Trojans, suspicious software, phishing URL etc. The only savior against all such threats is the anti-virus software. However, with the rising competition in the market, the choices have also increased. It is not always easy to select the best antivirus out of the lot. Thus, a researched and detailed review on the best possible choices serves as a good guide.

Protect your Computer against a Virus Attack! It Involves no TroubleRead Choose Download! The Process is Simple

Here are the antivirus reviews mentioned in the following so that you can have your best pick.

Kaspersky antivirus – It is one of the largest antivirus companies spreading across 30 countries. This software provides all time protection, even if the update is not done, one can scan and examine the device and check if it is completely secured. It protects the documents, media, digital identity, operating system, files and other applications. Online security is another feature, which protects during online activity, web browsing, banking, online shopping, emailing etc. it comes with a vulnerability scan, rescue disk and privacy cleaner. Thus, the computer is configured and restored. It blocks any dangerous website. When the license expires, it can be purchased online at a reasonable rate of 59.95$.

Bitdefender antivirus – It was the 2013 antivirus of the year. It protects against all malicious threats in an ‘autopilot’ fashion instead of featuring a pop-up dialogue box. It also has a laptop and gaming mode and restores during any emergency. Protection against spyware is consistent as it warns if any link or attachment is suspicious and prevents its spread via mails. Scanning technology is advanced and it starts automatically whenever the computer is turned on. Yet it does not slow down the processor nor interrupts the user. All these multiple features are available at a minimum rate of around 39.95$.

McAfee antivirus – It comes with free support and a 30days money back scheme. This software focuses on efficient system working by maintaining a routine scanning process. All the loopholes and defects are identified, and can be immediately fixed as well. It also comes with a malicious Ad protection feature. The software has been upgraded to support the advancing technology. It is user friendly and is best suited for touch sensitive devices. With its quality security information it provides sophisticated protection for all data and applications at just 44.99$ approx.

Norton antivirus – Apart from resisting all spyware and viruses, it provides a ‘5 patented layered’ protection and works on a cloud based program. Its parent company Symantec was established much before PCs were easily accessible by the public. Now it has updated its system and comes with a ‘Multi-device Protection’ capability, a ‘safe web’ and ‘safe search’ option. All unsafe contents are blocked right away. Norton is a guardian against all cyber crimes. It keeps check on your social networking sites too and protects all valid information. Experience the web trouble free with Norton without burning your pocket at a reasonable rate of 49.99$.

AVG AntiVirus – Launched in Slovakia this is an internationally reputed software company now. The software protects the hard drive and all valid information from being stolen. Update can be done online. It also comes with ‘file shedder’ ‘online shield’ and ‘link protection’. This is one of the most modern innovations in computer software, which can be availed by the public at just 39.99$. The customer service of AVG is also the best.

Thus, following an antivirus reviews is always useful. One just has to keep away prejudices and buy any of these antivirus online when required. It is the best and most defensive support for any device.


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