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Coolest Smartphone Features for Men

Mobile phones have already given way to the smarter capabilities and functionalities of the more innovative smartphones. These advanced functionalities introduce a whole new level of web browsing, multimedia entertainment and mobile gaming. With these smarter capabilities, your smartphones can be a pocket-sized version of your computer.

Indeed, two-way communication functions through calls and text messaging are already outdated. After the sneak peek that CES 2014 gave on this year’s new technologies and innovations, there is no denying that developments in the smartphone market will continue to roll. Surely, male tech junkies would be very thrilled to get their hands on these coolest smartphone features.

Flexible screens. Though smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, flexible screens will still make them cool and trendy. The first smartphone brand that has penetrated into this concept is LG with is G Flex that is scheduled to be launched in February. This curved smartphone from the Korean electronics giant runs on a quad-core 2.26GHz processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and uses the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. This smartphone also features impeccable front and rear camera resolutions and massive RAM and internal memory spaces. In addition, LG’s self-healing technology makes this curved gadget a really good buy.

Built-in projector. For sure, the limited screen size of smartphones robs off the excitement in watching videos with someone. Thankfully, men could get hold of a smartphone with a built-in projector feature. During the second half of 2010, Samsung welcomed Galaxy Beam with its projector feature integrated in the phone. This mobile-integrated projector could project images and videos of 50 inches, at 15 lumens. The projections are set in OHP or Ambience mode. Hopefully, more and more smartphone brands will offer this one-of-a-kind technology. Soon, you may bump into a smartphone that could function as a gaming console even without a television screen.

A6 chip. Without a doubt, Apple continues to wow gadget fans with its innovations such as the A6 chip featured in iPhone 5C. With this feature, fast and efficient running of the applications will not compromise the battery life. A6 chip allows iPhone users to do everything they want with their Apple gadget at a speed they never thought they would be able to enjoy. Your phone’s energy efficiency partner will allow you to enjoy and make the most of your gadget without getting low on battery. Surely, your fun and enjoyment will not be short-lived.

Ultrafast LTE technology. Long term evolution (LTE) is undeniably a much improved version of the earlier 3G technology. The latest smartphone models equipped with LTE technology allow the users to enjoy high-speed uploads and downloads. Apple’s iPhone 5C boasts of up to 13 LTE bands and a wide range of supported LTE carriers. Other leading smartphone models loaded with LTE capabilities include Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 920.

Indeed, the future looks very promising and ingenious for the world of smartphones. By choosing a smartphone with these cool features, men will surely get a treat they would love to brag about. Do you often access Youtube to watch favorite music videos too? When you are mobile have no chance to share the focus, you need to use flvto YouTube Downloader. This program allows you to convert any format of videos into mp3 easily and quickly. With this downloader installed on your phone, you save the time for not transiting the music through the desktop. Learn the detail at


Klone: Get Notifications On Your iOS Device

In this highly competitive world, a lot of Smartphone devices come into existence in the marketplace. It is all because of a number of operating systems like, Android, iOS and many others. Many of the people prefer to buy Android devices, while others buy iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. If you are making use of an Android based mobile phone, and also have an iOS based Smartphone device that you use alternately. Sometimes, when you do not have your Android Smartphone device with you and you are having an iPad or iPhone device with you and you have missed a message or call on your Android mobile device, then what you do in these situations.


In order to stay away from these situations, there is an app available for you, known as Klone. You can install this app on your device and it displays all your notifications on your iOS based device. This app needs both the iOS (Klone) and Android (Droid Sync) app in order to work. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Droid Sync will forward notifications coming on your Android based device to your iOS device in the form of push notifications. Features of Klone app are mentioned below:

Freedom to select either device

With this unique app, you can keep your mobile charging in another place or room or in your purse or bag and do not need to be concerned about missing out on messages or calls when you are involved with your iPad or iPhone device.

Acquire essential notifications

With this app, you have given a chance to select from a list of apps in order to decide on what notifications acquire mirrored to your iOS based Smartphone device.

Answer later if you want

Several persons play a more important role in your life than others. The same is true for notifications. Several notifications are more essential as compared to others. With this kloneapp option, you can determine whether you must require responding to that notification or neglect it for right now.

You can remain your notification, secure with this app as all the notifications are deleted in an instant manner, once they are transferred to Apple push servers. All logs are as well filter of content for any of your notification. So, get started with this to take all the possible benefits of it in an easy and quick manner. For more info, visit the official website of the company.


PicsArt – Professional Editing for Amateur Snappers

PicsArt is not a new app – it launched back in November 2011, back in the days when high-end smartphone cameras were a rarity. Slowly but surely though, as taking mobile images became as common as texting, PicsArt began attracting an army of followers, an army that is now some 120 million strong across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And it’s nothing more than the developers deserve, because this app really is as good as it gets.

PicsArt, more than any other app, has the power to turn amateur smartphone snappers into fully-fledged photography artists – a trait that has allowed it to develop into one of the fastest growing social networks, offering a platform for users to share, learn, and compete in contents.

The biggest thing to stand out about PicsArt is the vast array of editing options at your fingertips. There is so much to immerse yourself in here that you wonder how this is a free app and not a premium one.

Along with the standard options that you expect from rival apps, it lets you correct images, as well as giving you the option of adding clip art, text, and even drawing on images. You can also make collages of images – a great feature for pictures taken at a party or on holiday.

The simple to use interface makes editing an enjoyable experience, and custom and complicated edits are much easier to play around with than most other apps. To start editing, you can take a snap from within the app or import one from your camera roll. PicsArt also lets you import images from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Picasa accounts.

Photo discovery and sharing is solid and browsing images is very pleasing. This aspect of the app, however, is not what makes it so good. That comes from the control over editing images – something that, currently, no other app can match.

PicsArt is available free from Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Store and the Amazon App Store.


2 Important Things to Consider Before Painting Your House Exterior

In your effort to boost the beauty of your house, you might be interested in changing the paint of your house exterior. For this purpose, there is House painters Washington DC that is ready to help you painting the exterior of your house. It has become a clear fact that a professional house painter knows how to paint house exterior well so that you can expect a great result from a professional painter. Whether you want the exterior to be sprayed or hand brushed, you can simply entrust it to a professional painter.

However, before you have your house exterior painted, you need to consider 2 important things. The first important thing is to do a preparation work. This work plays a crucial role in achieving your desired goal because exterior painting cannot give a maximum result if the exterior is broken, damaged, or dirty. Paint will not be able to cover a surface perfectly unless the surface is clean and smooth. In this case, you might want to repair your exterior before hiring a house painter or ask your house painter to do some repair.

Then, the second important thing is to choose the most suitable color. It has been mentioned previously that house exterior can boost the value of your house. In this case, the color of house exterior should perfectly blend with your house design and surrounding landscape. You can take a look at examples on magazines to find ideas for your house exterior. This effort will enable you to have the right paint color.


ccGenie Review

If you are anything like me, you will both like and loathe email. You like it because it’s a must have communication tool and as big a part of your day as coffee, but you loathe it for how messy, unstructured and downright confusing it can be to use at times.

As a project manager (albeit for a small company), my work inbox is probably a much messier place to work than most peoples’ are. However, I believe that I have found a tool that will work for anyone that receives emails from a group of people related to the same project: ccGenie.

A friend that already uses the service recommended me ccGenie and, while it did seem like he was being rather biased in selling the concept to me, I decided to give it a go anyway – and I’m glad I did.

What Is It?

ccGenie is billed as a service that “makes your email work”. Basically, it takes all of the emails that are cluttering your inbox and organizes them so that they are easier to access, read, and share.

The concept is one that takes file sharing and combines it will email and a hint of social media to provide a single cloud-based platform for keeping email conversations, attachments, content, links, and contacts neat and tidy.

Why Is It Good?

I’m writing purely from a project management perspective here, but ccGenie is great for helping me collaborate with several different teams at once on an order. The tool is compatible with various file-sharing services and is fully accessible to anyone, regardless of location or device. This is obviously great for when I’m out of the office, as I can still access messages and contribute to a conversation on my smartphone.

All of the information is kept in context by ccGenie, which automatically places it into “rooms” based on what it is – documents, conversations, people, etc. This aspect of the service is what I love most and I’m guessing it would work great for personal use too, maybe if you were planning a party or something.

Do You Have To Pay?

Now here is the really great thing about ccGenie – it’s free! Signing up for an account couldn’t be any simpler; I got started by using my Google+ account, but there options to use LinkedIn credentials and email – both of which are probably just as easy.

If you’re like me and use Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, or any similar services on a daily basis, and are fed up with an unmanageable inbox, I suggest that you give ccGenie a try. I love it and I’m sure you will too.


Six Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for Your Business


Nowadays, more companies are relying on outside talent resources to get help with running their business. In most cases, they turn to consultants. A consultant can be a valuable resource and play a huge role in helping organizations meet their goals. Following are a few compelling reasons why hiring a consultant might be a wise move for your business.

1. Targeted Expertise

For most businesses, the main benefit of hiring an outside consultant is the knowledge they bring with them. In today’s internet age, it takes quite a few skills to excel with business apart from all the basics. For instance, businesses of all sizes, in every industry must learn how to optimize their web presence in order to increase visibility in search engines and boost traffic. Search engine optimization or SEO, is one of the many skills a consultant may offer to businesses in need. Whatever skill you’re lacking, assure that there is an outside professional who can provide it and prevent you from having to hire for it full-time.

2. Complements Staff

While the state of the economy often paints the picture of a massive job shortage, the fact of the matter is that many companies have staffing needs. Whether it’s due to a decision to downsize or a recent expansion, these needs can leave an organization strained and struggling to meet their productivity goals. Hiring a consultant gives you an opportunity to fill whatever staffing gaps you may have at the moment. Although it may be costly initiative, the right person can hold down the role of a part-time or even full-time employee until you’re ready to address your talent pool.

3. A Fresh Perspective

Running a business on a day to day basis is a grueling task not fit for the weak at heart. After a point, it’s fairly easy to find yourself burning out to degrees where your judgment isn’t as sharp as it needs to be. A consultant can offer that fresh set of eyes that helps your company view important matters with a clear, unbiased perspective. Maybe they notice errors that got by the editing team. Or perhaps they offer insights that never even crossed the mind of your marketing manager. In either case, their eye can help make critical observations that may be otherwise overlooked.

4. Improve Revenue

Every business needs money to survive, preferably a consistent stream of income that covers everything from payroll to marketing. It might seem counter-intuitive, but hiring a consultant can be exactly what you need to improve your cashflow. Depending on your needs, they might deliver the expertise to help generate a higher rate of conversions from your site traffic. Or perhaps they help you cut back on spending by deploying an email marketing program – spend less on marketing, earn more in your returns. A consultant can help you see a very favorable return on your investments.

5. Unlock Business Potential

Many businesses have a great idea, but just can’t get over the hump for one reason or another. Maybe they’re lacking the comprehensive strategy or execution needed to start seeing good results on a consistent basis. Business consultants are often at their most valuable when they come in and help clients realize their full potential. For example, they can assist you in identifying and improving specific areas of your company in need of the most help. They can also evaluate existing strategies and tactics to help determine whether they’re making an impact. From diagnosis of weaknesses to formulating extensive business plans, a good consultant can help you reach maximum heights.

Finding the Right Consultant

Hiring an outside consultant can end up being one of the best investments you make for your business. However, not all consultants are created equal. Some are highly reliable, efficient, and valuable. Others are sketchy at best, the type that could turn out to be a colossal waste of time and money if you make the wrong gamble. The bad apples in the bunch are responsible for the negative reputation the consulting industry has established over the years. In short, you have to be very cautious about who you hire to provide expert direction for your business.

Consultants come in a variety of forms. They are available as individual professionals or firms, the latter of which usually affords you the luxury to choose the expert that is best suited to accommodate your specific situation. They also come bearing expertise from email marketing to big data. A consultant can provide the type of jump that has your business gunning on all cylinders. Give the process it’s due diligence by evaluating the experience, credentials and reputation of prospective consultants before deciding on a suitor. You won’t regret it.

About the author

Francis Santos is the Marketing Manager for Benchmark Email. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach and holds a degree in Journalism. In addition, he is also the executive editor for separate popular news blogs. Follow him on Twitter: @emailfrancis


Our hearts, our minds, our doors are always open for that

The most effective poems for funerals specific feelings in regards to the loss of a liked one. There is an array of feelings during the grieving and mourning period. There are emotions of loss, unhappiness, grief, guilt, and abandonment. Usually in bereavement, these emotions might be felt simultaneously.

Poems are a preferred method to specific profound feelings in the human soul. Many individuals relate to its rigorously chosen phrases that may present their feelings with higher expression.

It’s possible you’ll wish to select poems that comprise themes of loss of life, hope, and encouragement inside its verses. Mourners will be able to relate to most of the words but on the same time they are going to be looking for comfort. There are numerous dying themed poems obtainable from the public area and are searchable on the web.

These poems are best to use as a result of the public area allows you to be able to use them freely without permission. Bible verses are additionally a very good resource for a few of the greatest poems for funerals. A well-liked verse is Psalm 23 which is read in many memorial and funeral services.

Psalm 23 is used most steadily at funerals because of the encouraging message it offers to the surviving household and friends. It’s a psalm that reveals the one who lived their life in religion is now in the home of the Lord forever. This brings consolation to mourners as a result of they’ve a glimpse of the happiness and peace their liked one is currently experiencing.

The most used poem for a funeral is “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Frye. Listening to words expressed via a poem may also begin the therapeutic process. During a time of loss we are sometimes confused, poetry may help floor our most inner feelings of grief and sadness.

You might also wish to take into account choosing a poem that hints on the character of the deceased. Moreover, there are themes in remembering the dearly departed and not to be sad they are no longer on the earth. You need to use the poem(s) you’ve got selected and incorporate it into the funeral program or have a pal or member of the family read it in the course of the service.


From the Ground to the Gas Pump

images (1)

In just one year, the U.S. harvested 4.9 million barrels of oil – per day – and imported 9.8 million barrels per day. [Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration] This rough stuff, known as crude oil, is turned into consumer-grade products: petroleum, kerosene, cooking or heating oil and other consumables. As consumer demand grows, companies strive to keep up by finding new sources and improving the output of existing ones.

 Many celluloid images have immortalized the image of the “gusher” – a substantial fossil fuel that has just been discovered. In real life, oil production is a bit more scientific, and in this blog, we’ll look at the mechanics behind the stuff we generically known as oil.

 Geologists work to locate the proper conditions for an oil tap: source rock, reservoir rock and entrapment. Previously this was done by interpreting surface features, surface rock, and soil types, and/or taking small core samples. Today, oil geologists examine surface rocks and terrain, using satellite images. Sensitive gravity meters, magnetometers (that can detect the smell of hydrocarbons, and seismology, are among the tools in an oil geologist’s toolkit.

 Oil Drilling Basics

 A boundaries survey and environmental impact study, if necessary, is the first step. This is followed by clearing the land, identifying a source of water, and digging a reserve pit. Holes are drilled to make space for the rig and main hole.

 Oil rig systems are comprised of: power systems, mechanical systems, rotating equipment, casing, circulation systems, a derrick, and a blowout preventer. Oil drilling consists of: setting up the rig, drilling down to a pre-set depth, running and cementing the casing. From here, after an extensive testing process, and final depth has been reached, the well is completed, thus allowing oil to flow into the well in the well is now ready for extraction.

 Currently, the U.S. Department of Energy (along with the oil industry) is developing new ways to drill oil, such as horizontal drilling techniques, which could enable oil to be reached in ecologically-sensitive areas.

The equipment used: coiled tubing units, wireline units, work-over rigs, and pumping units can become fouled over time proper maintenance requires routine cleaning to ensure proper operation and prevent maintenance issues. There are drawbacks to using caustic cleaners and solvents. Plant-based solutions that are environmentally sustainable and safe are currently available.

About the author

Blain Johnson has been studying the oil & gas industry for many years and seek to find an environmentally-friendly solution to extracting crude oil. To learn more about the author, feel free to connect with him on Google+. Source used for this article can be found at




Gaining Insight on Website Design

Web Design

Many people have a need for website design but do not know where to begin.  Whether for business or personal reasons, websites have become a necessity.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike have found a particular need for a website to list all of their product offerings.  If you fall into any of these categories, here are a few things to consider.

Professional Background of the Design Company or Design Professional
To hire a website designer blindly is not such a good idea.  You as the consumer need to take the time out to review the professional background of the design professional.  Review their credentials and any testimonials listed on their websites.  Take a good look at their website.  Note the design aesthetics.  It is important to keep mental notes on these things because it really makes a difference.  Look for design templates and a portfolio that displays all of their past projects.  This will help you to get a better idea as to whether or not the designer or design company will be the right fit for you, your project and your company’s endeavors.

When it comes to website design, the only way that you will get it done for free is if you do it yourself.  Take a look at your budget to better see what you can afford to spend.  If your estimated budget for the design of your website is well under $100, then you might need to consider working with a hosting company that offers affordable templates for consumer customization and use.  If you are more intrigued by hiring a design professional, you must realize that the fee for service can easily be upward anywhere from $200 to $1000 plus.  Sometimes designers charge flat rates or hourly rates depending on how extensive the project is.  It is also not completely uncommon for people to spend several thousand dollars for the design of their websites.

The Importance of Color
Studies have continually shown that a dash of color can make a significant difference in just about everything in life.  The color of an office, for instance, can have an inherent effect on the overall productivity of the staff. Another example is how the color of a suit can imply many things about the personality of an individual.  Finally, the colors used throughout your website can attract sales or detract from sales attainment. Remember, your website is the cyber face of your business or enterprise.  With this in mind, it is important to choose your colors wisely.

Take the time out to learn more about the connotations behind certain colors in both American culture and abroad. Sometimes a color that could signify detriment within the United States, could mean prosperity in other cultures.  Understand how certain colors can have a positive and influential impact on your target consumer.  Believe it or not, colors can inspire people to buy certain products.  It happens all of the time in department stores and can occur on your website as well.

When it comes to designing your website it is important to choose the right design professional or company.  You will want to make sure that the website personifies your personal or corporate motto.  If you are in the market for a website designer, visit


Stiforp’s Mobile Messaging Platform


Inside this one of a kind Mobile Media Platform…users can manage their very own Mobile App, Mobile Website, SMS Text Message Campaigns and they can also manage and schedule their posts on their favorite Social Networks feeds.

Cross-Channel marketing has evolved over the last few years and successful marketers are realizing that getting the THE RIGHT MESSAGE, to THE RIGHT CHANNEL at THE RIGHT TIME is a necessity in 2014!

There have been a lot of businesses making the mistake of blasting the same marketing messages across social media channels, email, and SMS at exactly the same moment. Users that receive the same message at the same time grow annoyed and opt-out rates of all methods of communication begin to increase significantly.

True cross-channel marketing is more than syndication, it’s SCHEDULING the proper messages out into the future to the different channels with their own messages to drive awareness and ROI.

Stiforp’s Mobile Media Management Platform allows for the user to login thru their mobile app and/or desktop and schedule out their Cross Channel Messaging Campaigns (sms texts, push notifications, Scheduled Social Media Posts, etc) with images, videos, text or links, and schedule it for the exact moment you want it be sent.

Messages sent thru Stiforp Mobile’s Media Platform have an avg read rate of 95%…Highest in the industry!

True cross-channel marketing can now be done in a flash and will not only save you time and improve your results, but most importantly will GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Here’s what you get:

  • UNLIMITED* contacts (cell phone numbers) can be loaded into your account for FREE
  • Send up to 5,000 SMS Text Messages* per month with one of our higher packages
  • We even have an UMLIMITED* SMS Package for the serious networker!
  • Multiple templates to use to make your SMS Texts and Push Notifications look professional and powerful
  • Lead source (Cell Phone Numbers) available to maximize your results!
  • The BEST SMS Marketing System in the Industry with Social Media integration.
  • PLUS a power packed Stiforp Mobile App with over 50 Features + Unlimited World Wide Push Notifications
  • Free Publication in the App Store which gives over 3 Billion People Access to your BIZ!
  • Unlimited Social Media Synching
  • Best training and coaching in the industry from some of the Top Mobile Marketers in the Industry
  • A one of a kind three tiered Mobile Messaging System with a 95% Read Rate!

BE where they ARE with FEATURES you need to grow your business.


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