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Xiaomi 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank Review – GearBest

1422296180591-P-2390853Portable chargers or power banks are pretty common these days relieving smartphone users from the everyday battery anxiety. There are some that can charge a smartphone to full capacity and also ones that are compact to carry. GearBest offers Top Power Banks at cheaper rate. At GearBest you can find various types of power banks like Portable, solar chargers, Wireless chargers, waterproof power banks… etc.

Click here to view all sorts of Power banks available at GearBest – A Website for Gadget lovers.

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has revolutionized how smartphones and mobile accessories are priced in the markets that they are present in. At $12.89, the 10,400mAh Mi Power Bank is one of the cheapest ones available and has redefined the category.

Housed in a nicely textured aluminium casing, the power bank feature smooth edges and is very ergonomic to grab. The surface is resistant to fading, water, and corrosion. Xiaomi claims that the Mi Power Banks have better charging conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors to optimize efficiency and durability.

Xiaomi is one among Top 3 Power Banks of 2015. You can order a Mi Power Bank from here.


Xiaomi Pocket 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

With Xiaomi one can experience fast charging / High Conversion Rate Backup Battery for iPhone 5 5S 6S 6 Plus Samsung Note 5 S6 Edge Plus HTC ONE M9 Tablet.


Brand: Xiaomi
Type: Portable Mobile Powers
Compatibility : Apple, Sony Ericsson, Tablet, iPad, MP4, iPhone 6S, HTC 8X, Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, Samsung, HTC Droid DNA, HTC, iPod, GPS, Samsung Note 5, Google Nexus 4/5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 4/5, iPad Air, Blackberry, PSP, Tablet, Apple, Samsung S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, iPad, NOTE, Sony Ericsson, HTC 8X, MP4, iPhone 6, HTC, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPod, iPhone 6, Samsung, Nokia Lumia 920/820, GPS, iPhone 6 Plus, Blackberry, Galaxy Note 3 N9000, PSP, iPhone 6 Plus, Nokia Lumia 920/820, Galaxy Note 3 N9000
Capacity (mAh): 10000mAh
Special Functions: Super Slim, Quick Charge, Long Lasting, Lightweight, With battery indicator light
Connection Type: Micro USB, One USB Output Interface
Battery type: Li-ion Battery
Color: Silver
Material: Metal, Aluminium Alloy


Input: DC 5V 2A
Output: DC 5.1V 2.1A

Dimension and Weight:

Product weight: 0.207 kg
Package weight: 0.250 kg
Product size (L x W x H) : 9.1 x 6.04 x 2.7 cm / 3.58 x 2.37 x 1.06 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 11.0 x 10.0 x 3.5 cm / 4.32 x 3.93 x 1.38 inches

Package Contents : 1 x Mobile Power Bank, 1 x USB Cable


Advantages of Shopping at “GearBest”

  • Wide variety of consumer electronics, gadgets and men’s fashion.
  • User-friendly page navigation for easy sign-up and online purchase.
  • Hot Deals of the Day: Enjoy online purchase at most attractive price deals.
  • Shipping direct to your door: GearBest provides FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on every single order. So all you have to do is shop, receive and enjoy your order in style.
  • Customer Protection: 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Warranty & Return: 360 day Free Repair Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support: Reliable, helpful and flexible, GearBest offers basic technical support over the lifetime of your piece of gear. Buy with confidence and enjoy the support you deserve.

Enjoy shopping at GearBest.


Miramagia: A Free Magical Farm Game for Everyone

Playing an online game is not only a solution to kill time but also a solution to relieve stress and boredom. When people feel excited, their stress and boredom is gone. One thing to consider before playing a game is to choose the most suitable game. There is a huge selection of games these days, giving game lovers an ability to find a favorite game more easily. As for folks who love farming, planting trees and raising animals, they can choose a farm game. Many online farm games are free, allowing game lovers to play their favorite game without spending a penny.

Amongst the many free online farm games, a fairy game like Miramagia is a better choice. It is a free magical farm game for everyone. Unlike conventional farm games that allow players to plant conventional plants and to raise conventional animals, Miramagia gives players an opportunity to plant fantasy plants and to raise fantasy animals. If you have been looking for a game that allows you to raise cute dragons, you need to choose this magical farm game. Players also have the ability to create new spells in their laboratory and then cast magic spells to get a special benefit. As an example, players can cast a magic spell to make rain in which the water can be used for gardening.

Further, eye catching graphics, special creatures, beautiful plants and a great storyline are what the game actually offers. The colors are beautiful and the graphics are detailed. Whether Miramagia is played on a desktop computer or compatible mobile device, its colors and graphics are captivating. Miramagia is truly a fairy farm game for everyone because the storyline fits kids and adults. Game lovers will soon love the game because through basic lessons that are provided at the beginning, they can easily know how to perform jobs and have fun with all magical plants and animals.


Fastest and Easiest Way to Unlock iPhone

iPhone 4S

It is more reasonable to get an iPhone with the contract from the carrier because it is more affordable. With the service contract, we can get the iPhone with lower price as the carrier subsidies the hardware price. Off course, we must obey the contract term and the hardware is locked only for the certain carrier. That won’t be a problem during the contract term but when the contract term is over, you may consider to change the service to other carrier due some reasons and it won’t be easy to do as the phone is locked.

It is no longer a secret that there are many people are not satisfied with the service package given by the carrier and they are willing to change to another cellular service but it is prevented with the fact that their phone is locked. It is true there are many sources on the net giving guideline and even step-by-step tutorial to unlock iPhone to make it ready to use any cellular service. Most of those sources require you to download and install a certain software. But you better careful about it. There’s no guarantee that using those methods can be successful and moreover, it can risk you to lose the warranty of the iPhone. You can be end up breaking your iPhone without any solution. If you are really want to unlock your iPhone, there’s one place where you can get the real solution and that place is It is the best iPhone unlocking service you can find on the net. It is offering the easiest method with the highest successful rate. Best of all, using this method you won’t lose the warranty of your iPhone.

There’s no hassle when you want to unlock iPhone through this service. Visit the website and you can order the unlocking online. The only thing you need to do is to send the IMEI of the iPhone to and the automated server will process it and send the unlocking code. Using the code, the iPhone will be easily unlocked and there will be no losing data or losing warranty, guaranteed! By far, this is the easiest, the fastest, and the most secure way to unlocked iPhone regardless any cellular service you use. This service is also offering the most competitive price. When you want to unlock iPhone, you can be sure there’s no easier and faster way that to count on!
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The Olanola Viral Blogging Competition: A Chance to Win a Free iPad or a VISA Gift Card

Are you interested in a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card? Well, you will need to enter the Olanola Viral Blogging Competition as the winner will receive a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card. So how do you enter the competition? Before entering, you need to know what Olanola is and how their blogging content distribution platform is going to be the next game changing viral content generator in the blogosphere.


As a new social platform, Olanola offers its users the ability to create and publish customized content while building an audience as well. While other platforms like Tumblr or WordPress offer the ability to create and publish content, they leave out the ability to attract visitors to actually read it. Olanola’s readers are able to customize the homepage to stream the most relevant content from around the web based on their own interests. The platform makes it easy to share cool and interesting articles with your friends and followers through integrated social functionalities and embedded tools like Facebook and Twitter. And we all know that material which is shared on social media has the best chance of going viral. Another huge bonus for content-creators is that they don’t need to worry about building their audience anymore as Olanola uses Ideal Media’s proprietary search engine that puts the creators content in front of its intended audience automatically. This presents a great opportunity as creators can use the platform to expose their work to a new global audience. Whether you are a blogger, publisher, content marketer, or alike, you can easily create custom content, publish it and engage with a built in audience through Olanola.


With all the abilities of Olanola, the Viral Blogging Competition is a great way to try it out for yourself while having the opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the chance of gaining a new audience. The benefits go beyond just winning a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card (although they’d both be pretty sweet to win, right?). If your work goes viral, you, as the writer, will become popular. Your influence will increase and the implications of that can be advantageous in many areas of your life – let alone your blog. Give it a shot – after entering the contest I assure you that Olanola will become one of your key blogging resources.


To enter the Olanola Viral Blogging Competition, you must go to to register. You will then be prompted to complete your profile by liking Olanola on Facebook and following Olanola on Twitter. After completing your profile, you will be prompted to write your first post. This original post should be shared on your Facebook and Twitter as many times as possible by September 12th in order to increase your odds of winning. To promote your entry to your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, Don’t forget to use the hashtag #olanolacontest. To read the official rules of the contest visit
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Online gaming – 3D browser game

Playing over the internet is a very popular way for people to spend a good part of their free time. Online gaming is not a new phenomenon, but it has surely evolved a lot in the last few years. It has gone a long way from the first word games played in IRC chat rooms to the 3D shooters and MMOs of today. I wonder – where will it evolve in the future?

My first contact with a high quality 3D browser game was in the early 2000s, when I had the occasion to drive a fancy sports car on Mars in a browser window. I remember how shocked I was by the incredible graphics of the game, running in a browser window. It was the beginning of a new era for me.

Until then the only internet game I played was Forsaken – a 3D FPS released by Acclaim in 1998. This game allowed its players to connect to another PC (if they knew the other computer’s IP address) over the internet and play multiplayer games. I couldn’t imagine how a browser game could be even better – but it was.

In the following years developers have released a whole bunch of browser-based games, each one with better graphics and sound, culminating (for me at least) in the 2010 release of Quake World, the browser version of the very popular Quake 3 Arena. For me (I was a huge Quake fan from the first one) it was the ultimate browser game, that I could play from wherever I wanted to.

A few years later (in 2013) I found an online game that was even better – it’s called Contract Wars, and was developed by a Russian team called AbsolutSoft. The team has managed to recreate the feeling of the CounterStrike games in a browser window, build a complete achievements and trade system into it, and allow the player to evolve. For me, again, it was a huge thing to find a game resembling, or sometimes even exceeding the quality of so many desktop games I liked before.

OK, I know, desktop games that make full use of the computer’s hardware capabilities will always have much better graphics and sounds. Yes, but they need to be installed (nowadays it’s a lengthy process, as we live in the days of Blu-ray disks), and a quick casual game is most of the times out of the question.

Today there is a game for fans of every genre out there, at least one that runs in a browser window. Players can choose a Realtime Strategy or a First Person Shooter, a puzzle or a hidden object, or even Online Progressive Jackpot Games that run in a browser window.

Where to from here, I ask. Did browser games reach the pinnacle of their evolution, or should we expect even more spectacular things to come?
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Self-ordering Kiosks – How Restaurants can Utilize Technology to their Advantage

In hospitality business overlooking even the minutest detail can cost immensely. Being in such a challenging field needs special technological prowess, so you can always have the edge needed. Accurate and efficient management of the guests, table, and orders is needed to offer an enhanced dining experience to guests. The self-ordering kiosks form a precise and accurate solution that drives your business forward at jet speed.


Channeling Resources

Reducing the staffing costs, improved customer service, utilizing resources efficiently can be brought about by the use of self-ordering kiosks. The kiosks meet the needs of customers who are looking for the convenient and user friendly self-service methods adopted by rental cars, supermarket check-out, and airline check-ins.

Self-service models are being expected both by guests and restaurant employees, as managing guests at peak hours can be quite harrowing for them. Better system integration, customer service, and table occupancy can be arrived at, when the self-service kiosks are installed.

Facilitating Better Service

Customers can browse restaurant menus and order for their meals without the need of a server or any staff member. They can easily skip the steps that take up their precious time and enjoy their meal in peace. Further, paying is also easy as they can pre pay using their gift card or credit card. Self-ordering kiosks form a highly potent tool for your restaurant that increase profits by taking up less time for serving customers and reducing the labor costs too. The method is fast, secure, and easy, and all your customers will be happy and adore it. You can visit to get more info.

Changing the Restaurant Atmosphere

Speed, usability, and efficiency are crucial to serve customers quickly and give them a good dining experience. The cloud based POS solutions enable an efficient and quick service, maximizing the revenue and enabling you to operate the restaurant in a better focused manner. You can also shift your attention to important aspects like providing tasty, sumptuous, and delicious food in a fast manner possible. The configuration displays are easy to understand and read, letting your staff pick out the menu items fast from a single screen.

Exceptional Features of an iPad Kiosk

With a self-serving iPad kiosk, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Help guests decide on the type of ordering they prefer like traditional or touch screen ordering
  • Streamline the food service by using an iPad menu alternative
  • The digital menu board display attracts passersby, thereby increasing your prospective customers
  • Easy payment options by synchronizing iPad POS software to the iPad Kiosk
  • Increases customer service and reduces the burden on the staff
  • The digital menu software is easy to set up and updates can be done at any time all through the day

Owning a restaurant needs a broader perspective on the entire operation so that you do not miss on the whole picture. The innovative kiosks empower you to execute even the minor details in a highly efficient manner, thus helping you make great strides in your business. Powerful insights and important information needed for improving your business is rightly provided by the kiosks.

Author Box:

David Lewis discusses about the enhancement of productivity that your business can experience with the help of self-ordering kiosks. To gain more insight and realize their importance, you can pay a visit to
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Google Nexus 360 – The smartphone of the future

Nexus 360 shapeshift Unveils a Futuristic Wearable Smartphone that’s Truly ‘Smart’

~ The Google Nexus 360 Concept Phone~, India’s largest gadget research website for mobile phones and personal technology has come up with the Google Nexus 360 concept phone, a creative visualisation that offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones, imagining how these devices will evolve in the coming years.  The idea is to showcase a concept that pushes the envelope when it comes to what is possible, but is still rooted in reality, and can become commercially viable in just 3-4 years from now.

Nexus 360 on wristSome of the key issues at hand

With the flood of mobile computing devices, users now prefer carrying a single device that can take on multiple roles and adapt as per needs. Next, wearable technology is evolving rapidly, but the approach is still very fragmented since most existing products can’t be used standalone. Device security and multiple notifications are two other areas that are often pain-points for consumers.


The approach

The idea then, was to come up with a concept of a single device that can tackle all these issues in one shot. For this purpose, the team factored in user suggestions, studied various prototypes and innovative technologies (from the likes of Molex, Dai Nippon Printing, Solicore and LG), some already available in today’s phones, to come up with an ideal yet achievable concept.


Key features – a conventional smartphone that transforms into a wearable



  • A phone that converts into a watch: use it as a conventional phone, or wear it as a wristband… with the full range of features available in both modes.
  • Flexible polymer OLED display: offers great usability and vibrant visuals.
  • Embedded Bluetooth headset: can be docked on the side of the device, and draws power from it for charging.
  • An integrated fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor: take care of security, health monitoring and sleep tracking. Integrated sensors and apps capture related data.
  • A tube camera that’s on your wrist: makes shooting easy, and allows snapping pics from different angles. The same high-resolution camera doubles up as primary camera, along with shooting selfies.
  • Always-on e-ink display on the side: makes sure users don’t miss out on notifications.
  • Designed for all-weather use: IP67-certified for resistance to the elements.

This design is an amalgamation of several successful smartphones and technologies that prevail today and takes their use to the next level. The Google Nexus 360 concept device holds relevance to smartphone users, enthusiasts, device designers, device makers, and design Institutions as well as global smartphone brands.

Why Google? chose the Google brand for this concept since the search titan has always been at the forefront of innovation, and has the flexibility to partner with a specific hardware manufacturer that can build to its spec.
Nexus 360 profile

Google Nexus 360 concept


Hardware specifications of the Google Nexus 360:

  • 5-inch Full HD resolution display but with a wider aspect ratio of 2.40:1
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, quad-core processor with clock speed of 2.5GHz
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB / 128GB storage options (non-expandable)
  • 16- Megapixel rotating tube camera with LED Flash and software Image stabilization and support for 4K Video recording
  • 4G/ LTE connectivity
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner embedded under the home button
  • Optical hart rate monitor at the back of the device
  • IP67 certified device



About is the largest gadget research & reviews site in India. It provides information and tools to help you decide which gadget to buy and where to buy it from. provides information on over 1,000 mobile phones launched in India every year, including specifications, pictures, videos, reviews, and the best deal for each. Over 30 million people visited last year and browsed over 150 million pages on the website to research gadgets.

Nexus 360 front and back
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Coolest Smartphone Features for Men

Mobile phones have already given way to the smarter capabilities and functionalities of the more innovative smartphones. These advanced functionalities introduce a whole new level of web browsing, multimedia entertainment and mobile gaming. With these smarter capabilities, your smartphones can be a pocket-sized version of your computer.

Indeed, two-way communication functions through calls and text messaging are already outdated. After the sneak peek that CES 2014 gave on this year’s new technologies and innovations, there is no denying that developments in the smartphone market will continue to roll. Surely, male tech junkies would be very thrilled to get their hands on these coolest smartphone features.

Flexible screens. Though smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, flexible screens will still make them cool and trendy. The first smartphone brand that has penetrated into this concept is LG with is G Flex that is scheduled to be launched in February. This curved smartphone from the Korean electronics giant runs on a quad-core 2.26GHz processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and uses the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. This smartphone also features impeccable front and rear camera resolutions and massive RAM and internal memory spaces. In addition, LG’s self-healing technology makes this curved gadget a really good buy.

Built-in projector. For sure, the limited screen size of smartphones robs off the excitement in watching videos with someone. Thankfully, men could get hold of a smartphone with a built-in projector feature. During the second half of 2010, Samsung welcomed Galaxy Beam with its projector feature integrated in the phone. This mobile-integrated projector could project images and videos of 50 inches, at 15 lumens. The projections are set in OHP or Ambience mode. Hopefully, more and more smartphone brands will offer this one-of-a-kind technology. Soon, you may bump into a smartphone that could function as a gaming console even without a television screen.

A6 chip. Without a doubt, Apple continues to wow gadget fans with its innovations such as the A6 chip featured in iPhone 5C. With this feature, fast and efficient running of the applications will not compromise the battery life. A6 chip allows iPhone users to do everything they want with their Apple gadget at a speed they never thought they would be able to enjoy. Your phone’s energy efficiency partner will allow you to enjoy and make the most of your gadget without getting low on battery. Surely, your fun and enjoyment will not be short-lived.

Ultrafast LTE technology. Long term evolution (LTE) is undeniably a much improved version of the earlier 3G technology. The latest smartphone models equipped with LTE technology allow the users to enjoy high-speed uploads and downloads. Apple’s iPhone 5C boasts of up to 13 LTE bands and a wide range of supported LTE carriers. Other leading smartphone models loaded with LTE capabilities include Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 920.

Indeed, the future looks very promising and ingenious for the world of smartphones. By choosing a smartphone with these cool features, men will surely get a treat they would love to brag about. Do you often access Youtube to watch favorite music videos too? When you are mobile have no chance to share the focus, you need to use flvto YouTube Downloader. This program allows you to convert any format of videos into mp3 easily and quickly. With this downloader installed on your phone, you save the time for not transiting the music through the desktop. Learn the detail at


Klone: Get Notifications On Your iOS Device

In this highly competitive world, a lot of Smartphone devices come into existence in the marketplace. It is all because of a number of operating systems like, Android, iOS and many others. Many of the people prefer to buy Android devices, while others buy iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. If you are making use of an Android based mobile phone, and also have an iOS based Smartphone device that you use alternately. Sometimes, when you do not have your Android Smartphone device with you and you are having an iPad or iPhone device with you and you have missed a message or call on your Android mobile device, then what you do in these situations.


In order to stay away from these situations, there is an app available for you, known as Klone. You can install this app on your device and it displays all your notifications on your iOS based device. This app needs both the iOS (Klone) and Android (Droid Sync) app in order to work. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Droid Sync will forward notifications coming on your Android based device to your iOS device in the form of push notifications. Features of Klone app are mentioned below:

Freedom to select either device

With this unique app, you can keep your mobile charging in another place or room or in your purse or bag and do not need to be concerned about missing out on messages or calls when you are involved with your iPad or iPhone device.

Acquire essential notifications

With this app, you have given a chance to select from a list of apps in order to decide on what notifications acquire mirrored to your iOS based Smartphone device.

Answer later if you want

Several persons play a more important role in your life than others. The same is true for notifications. Several notifications are more essential as compared to others. With this kloneapp option, you can determine whether you must require responding to that notification or neglect it for right now.

You can remain your notification, secure with this app as all the notifications are deleted in an instant manner, once they are transferred to Apple push servers. All logs are as well filter of content for any of your notification. So, get started with this to take all the possible benefits of it in an easy and quick manner. For more info, visit the official website of the company.


PicsArt – Professional Editing for Amateur Snappers

PicsArt is not a new app – it launched back in November 2011, back in the days when high-end smartphone cameras were a rarity. Slowly but surely though, as taking mobile images became as common as texting, PicsArt began attracting an army of followers, an army that is now some 120 million strong across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And it’s nothing more than the developers deserve, because this app really is as good as it gets.

PicsArt, more than any other app, has the power to turn amateur smartphone snappers into fully-fledged photography artists – a trait that has allowed it to develop into one of the fastest growing social networks, offering a platform for users to share, learn, and compete in contents.

The biggest thing to stand out about PicsArt is the vast array of editing options at your fingertips. There is so much to immerse yourself in here that you wonder how this is a free app and not a premium one.

Along with the standard options that you expect from rival apps, it lets you correct images, as well as giving you the option of adding clip art, text, and even drawing on images. You can also make collages of images – a great feature for pictures taken at a party or on holiday.

The simple to use interface makes editing an enjoyable experience, and custom and complicated edits are much easier to play around with than most other apps. To start editing, you can take a snap from within the app or import one from your camera roll. PicsArt also lets you import images from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Picasa accounts.

Photo discovery and sharing is solid and browsing images is very pleasing. This aspect of the app, however, is not what makes it so good. That comes from the control over editing images – something that, currently, no other app can match.

PicsArt is available free from Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Store and the Amazon App Store.


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