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Watch This App: Pomodoro Wear



Trying to get yourself into good working habits and/or need help focusing on tasks? Have you ever considered the Pomodoro Technique? Designed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, this is the method that encourages short bursts of sold work followed by small breaks. Typically broken into 25 minute sessions and 5 minute breaks, it’s found… Read more »

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Denon unveils its first receivers with extra-immersive Dolby Atmos sound

Denon AVR-X5200W reciever with Dolby Atmos

If you’re wondering just when you can envelop yourself in Dolby Atmos sound at home, Denon is more than happy to tell you. The home theater firm says it will launch two Atmos-equipped AV receivers, the X4100W and X5200W, in the US this October. Neither will be cheap, as the bleeding-edge tech implies. For $1,399, the X4100W delivers Dolby’s all-encompassing audio in up to a 7.1.2-channel setup (seven regular speakers, one subwoofer, two overhead); splurge on the $1,999 X5200W and you can add two extra speakers to the mix, whether they’re on the ground or the ceiling. Either will bring the media support you’d expect for that kind of outlay, including 4K video processing and media sharing over AirPlay or DLNA. That’s a lot of cash to shell out to add an extra dimension to your surround sound, but Denon is undoubtedly targeting very high-end living room setups — if you didn’t flinch at buying an expensive 4K TV, these receivers are for you.

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‘Father of the internet’ Vint Cerf explains how web addresses work

For most of us, browsing the web is pretty easy: type in a domain name, mash the enter key, and well, here you are. Behind the scenes, however, it’s a mess of IP addresses, numbers and international stake holders. Part of ICANN’s job is sorting all that out and making your web experience simple — and recently its players have been trying to reduce the US government’s influence on the organization. A little unsure how this power shift will effect you? Then read on: Google and internet progenitor Vint Cerf have teamed up to explain what ICANN is, how it’s managed and why its global changes are good for the future of the internet. You can see the full video (complete with meme references and funny pictures) after the break.

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Apple in Talks With Credit Card Companies Over Payment Solution, Could Launch Mobile ‘Wallet’ This Fall

applestore.pngApple’s talks with companies in the payment industry have been heating up in recent months, according to a new report from The Information. Apple executives have discussed launching a mobile payment solution as soon as this fall, allowing users to pay for physical goods with their iPhones.

Apple is currently speaking with credit card company Visa over a possible partnership, a move that would bypass third-party payment processors resulting in direct savings for retailers and customers.

Apple’s payment solution is said to work with a “secured element” within the iPhone, safely storing payment credentials. This secured solution may involve the “Secure Enclave” built into Apple’s A7 processor.

Apple has told some partners its system would involve a so-called secured element in the phones–a piece of hardware where sensitive information such as a phone owner’s financial credentials can be stored. The company also aims to run the system without giving up any control to wireless carriers.

The Secure Enclave, which was designed for Touch ID, is a coprocessor within the A7 chip that uses a secure boot process to ensure that its separate software is both verified and signed by Apple. It functions independently even if a kernel is compromised and contains a unique ID that is inaccessible to other parts of the system, keeping all data held within safe.

Apple’s interest in the mobile payment arena has been rumored for years, but gained renewed attention earlier this year when The Wall Street Journal suggested the company as working on a new mobile payment service. As previously detailed, the service is said to allow people to use their iOS devices to make purchases for physical goods in apps and on the web, as well as in retail stores.

The payment solution will most likely be built around iTunes, allowing Apple to leverage more than 800 million iTunes accounts, most with credit cards attached. It may also be tied to Touch ID, the fingerprint scanning home button built into the iPhone 5s and slated for inclusion in future iPads and iPhones.

In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that mobile payments were “one of the thoughts” behind Touch ID. He has also said that Apple is “intrigued” with mobile payments and noted there’s a “big opportunity on the platform.”

Earlier this year, Apple was said to be in talks with Paypal about a possible partnership and it has also sought out senior payments industry executives to take on roles within the company.


Accessory of the Day: Urban Armor Gear Case for Galaxy S5


Looking to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S5 with something that’s going to withstand more than the occasional drop? Check out the Urban Armor Gear case which features military grade protection against impact. Available in a half dozen color options, this one features lightweight composite construction that sees a resistant soft core housed inside the armor shell. It’s rough and tough looking and keeps your phone tucked away safely yet it doesn’t obscure anything. Indeed, your ports, speaker, volume, and other buttons are easily accessible. It looks bad ass, even in pink.

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Verizon set to launch the HTC One Remix July 24th

Back in May of this year Evleaks tipped out a device name, the HTC One Remix. Nothing about it seemed like it would be impossible or implausible. We saw the name and the device get a few leaks here and there, but didn’t pay it much mind until today. Why today? Simple, Verizon has officially announced the device and its launch date.

HTC One Remix Verizon

The HTC One Remix will be going on sale for potential and current Verizon customers starting July 24th for $99.99 on contract. The Remix will carry a 4.5-inch screen, Android 4.4.2, a 13 MP rear camera, 5MP front shooter, 16GB internal storage, micro SD support for 128GB cards and a 2100 mAh battery. The Remix will also carry along the dual front facing BoomSound speakers. You can also expect Sense 6 with Blinkfeed and many other apps on the HTC One M8. Verizon is also keeping with the dual front and rear Verizon logos like they did on the LG G3. Because, well, you know, they don’t want anyone to wonder what carrier you have or let you forget either.

In case you are wondering, it is pretty much an HTC One Mini 2. The small spec change that I see from Verizon’s announcement compared to One Mini 2 specs is a slightly smaller battery, going from 2110 mAh to 2100 mah. Seriously, take a look at the HTC pages for each: HTC One Mini 2 / HTC One Remix. THey didn’t really try very hard to change anything on the product pages.

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Uber’s back on Windows Phone minus some key features

If you’ve hailed an Uber ride on a Windows Phone handset, you’re aware that the you were beamed to the service’s mobile site rather via a full-fledged app. That changed today, as the taxi outfit returns to Microsoft’s mobile OS with proper software. This means users can lock in location, call for a ride and sort payments with a properly equipped handset. Uber’s app is missing a few key features though, as in-app fare quotes, sharable trip info and fare splitting are on the way soon. While that’s a bit of a bummer, the new version is available now for those looking to take advantage.

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Government reminds Comcast and Verizon not to lie

Cable Modem

If you’re like me, you’ve paid for a certain speed from you internet provider only to get a fraction of the promised bandwidth. The FCC is reminding those who control access to the interwebs to be honest and forthcoming with their advertised data with the Open Internet Transparency Rule. The decree requires providers to give you every bit of data on their broadband services needed to make “informed choices.” It also requires the disclosures to be “accurate and truthful,” covering network management (handling congestion, etc.), performance, terms of service, plan descriptions, pricing and fees. You know, to eliminate surprises down the road. Of course, spilling data on expected and actual speed figures are part of the lot as well. And the Commission urges you to keep a watchful eye on your service, reporting any discrepancies with advertised numbers. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s full statement on the matter awaits after the break.

“Consumers deserve to get the broadband service they pay for. After today, no broadband provider can claim they didn’t know we were watching to see that they disclose accurate information about the services they provide. The FCC’s transparency rule requires that consumers get the information they need to make informed choices about the broadband services they purchase. We expect providers to be fully transparent about the details of their services, and we will hold them accountable if they fall down on this obligation to consumers.”

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LG wants you to play games through your phone case

Puppy Pop on an LG G3

Are you an impulsive gamer? So impulsive that you can’t even wait to unlock your phone before you start playing? If so, LG is entirely willing to cater to that (frankly disconcerting) behavior. The company has just launched Puppy Pop, the first game designed to work with the G3′s QuickCircle case. It’s a clever demo of what that round case window allows, although it’s only a game in the loosest sense of the word. All you’re doing is matching as many puppy heads as you can before time runs out — it might do for a quick diversion at the bus stop, but it’s not hard to see this wearing thin over time. You can grab the app today if you’re curious, although you might want to wait for more substantial titles down the road — or better yet, unlock your G3 and make full use of the phone you paid for.

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Valve’s Steam Controller now has a thumbstick

It seems like every time we see Valve’s Steam Controller, it gets a little more traditional. First the company abandoned the gamepad’s ambitious touchscreen for eight buttons (a makeshift d-pad and the standard X, Y, B and A toggles) — now it seems to be trading in four of those for an analog stick. Both SteamDB and a user on the Facepunch forums pulled the above image the company’s latest Steam client beta, revealing a controller almost identical to the company’s current iteration save for the aforementioned change.

It’s not clear if the image is just a design or if Valve has actually produced prototypes of the new layout, but it’s not an unwelcome change: as innovative as the controller’s tactical pads are, we found they had a tendency to feel a little alien under the thumb. For most games an analog stick is a sufficient replacement for the d-pad it supplants, and it would also serve as an alternative control for folks who can’t stomach using the left touchapd for movement. While the nod to traditional controllers is nice, we hope Valve doesn’t slide too far into familiar territory — console gamepads already have that ground covered.

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